Men are like cars Part 3

By xtcnymphette

Let’s continue this conversation in the dining room I have a feeling Pete and Helen are otherwise occupied.’

They left the guest room and returned to the dining room. From the room down the hall the sounds of moans filled the evening air.

‘Ooooooooh Pete Mmmmmm that feels so good I’m sooooooo wet for you.’

As they returned to the dining room and began clearing away the dishes Pete had finally slid Helen’s overheated panties aside and entered her. Her squeals of pleasure provided an amusing and erotic background to Steve and Pia’s conversation.

‘ You know Pia it wasn’t until I saw both of those kids come to see you that I realised you were coaching their sex lives and not just a slut who fucked everything that walked/ You really are quite special and it sounds to me like your advice is working.’

‘Ooh God Helen your pussy is so wet so tight Mmmmmm you feel so good to fuck!’

‘Oh my god, you saw me with Helen and Pete. I was just trying to be helpful, you know seeing as sex is something I know a bit about.’

Steve ran his eyes down the exquisite vision before him. The tight white dress hugged her superlative curves and revealed her luscious long shapely legs, the perfect globes of her breasts clasped tightly in the wisp of halter, the line of the dress following the sumptuous curve of her hips and pert ass.

‘It’s taken you until now to wonder whether I’m wearing any panties hasn’t it? And as a subscriber you’d know that if I’m not wearing any then I am usually expecting to have sex.’

She walked towards him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly. The effect of the kiss was unexpected. Both felt an overwhelming tenderness and the little bubbles of joy that accompany love. The kiss lasted an eternity with neither party wanting to spoil the moment with foreplay. Steve’s hand caressed her slender waist and then dropped to feel her sexy ass cheeks. She was either wearing a string or this was the most open invitation he had ever had. His cock was already firm and his heart raced as the kiss became increasingly passionate. They ground together knowing the brief fragments of cloth that contained their sexual passion were dangerously close to being ripped away. Neither could wait. Neither sought the foreplay that had been the feature of Pia’s attempts at sex education for virgins. Down the hallway a triumphant couple had orgasmed simultaneously with Helen riding Pete’s rock hard cock to the explosion that screamed the house down.

Steve pulled Pia hem upwards from behind while she unzipped and liberated his throbbing giant. She guided him to her sopping opening and felt him stretch her tight opening with his magnificent cock. She spread her legs to take him deep and let him lift her petite frame onto the dining table. His thickness triggered a flood of excitement and his length found her cervix with an urgent grunt, She wanted to scream ‘Fuck me with that beautiful cock’ and he wanted to call out ‘God you are so fucking tight and wet.’ But instead the tenderness of their kiss silenced their erotic talk and immersed them in a tender, breathless exchange of wild sweet lips and tongues accompanied by gentle caresses and his cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy squelching loudly. She ached for him inside her and her orgasms were tender shudders and shivering exclamations of pleasure. She came whispering in his ear:

‘Oh my you feel so good don’t ever stop!’ they fucked like that for half an hour before Pia whispered into his ear: ‘ Lets go to the bedroom I want to make you so happy.’

He silently pulled his distended cock from her pussy and they held hands as they climbed the stairs to her room where she undressed him and then peeled off her tight dress. She kissed him again and they felt the warm sensation of skin against skin as they fondled each other. He caressed her magnificent breasts lovingly she ran her fingernails across his swollen balls. She kissed her way down his chest flickering her tongue over his nipples until they became erect and then suckling them. She wanted to tease him slowly but the moment she grasped his cock in her hands she pulled it towards her mouth and swallowed it deep swirling her tongue around it. Her expert lips soft caresses and eager pumping brought him close to the edge. He pulled her off him.

‘I want to cum in your pussy so bad girl.’

He forced her to the bed and kissed her again covering her slender neck with kisses then suckling each of her firm tits until she was writhing in frustration and excitement. When his mouth found her naked pussy he fell upon her folds like a thirsty traveller. He kissed her labia like he had her lips and she quivered sexily. His tongue slid between the folds and toyed with her sweet hot clitoris until she writhed and shivered in a series of orgasms that this time let loose her screams and shouts. His fingers lanced at her G-spot expertly as his enthusiastic and accurate tongue elicited more orgasms from her. Just when she thought she could cum no more he stopped and turned her over so that she crouched in the doggie position. He covered her sweet ass cheeks with kisses and licked the trickles of wetness that fell in droplets between her thighs.

His cock was inside her before she could think. She loved it from behind and her appreciation filled the night air. When she had cum too many times again he pulled from her and guided his slippery cock to her asshole. She wanted him there too and he forced his hot cock into her tight asshole effortlessly then alternated between short bursts of fucking her hot ass and slow deliberate pussy fucking. When he finally let her go from his hot cock she guided him to lay on his back and began her ride by dripping all over his cock without touching it with her hands. When it entered her again she quickly whipped him into a frenzy bouncing on his cock at first slowly and tenderly and then like a wildcat.

He was close. She felt his throbs increase and the size of hi already huge cock swell and ripple inside her. He sensed it and lifted her onto her back and resumed fucking her front on with her legs wrapped around his waist. He slammed into her until her orgasm began then slowed his paces as her pussy contracted around his thick cock. Then he pushed deep inside her as the inevitable eruption filled her pussy. His cock pumped two years of denied passion into her. He held her close and his cock deep as waves of endorphins passed over them both and the sighs and breathless whispers found solace in each others embrace, each others touch and each other’s pulsing throbbing organs connected tightly together as he shot her pussy full of his cum.

Pia nestled in Steve’s arms and looked into his water filled eyes.

‘ You know Helen wasn’t the only virgin here tonight. I’ve been fucked by a lot of men and a few women too, but that was the first time I’ve ever been made love to. I can’t believe I’m saying this… I love you and I love the way you make me feel.’

‘ I feel it too, and yes I think you’re right it does feel more like love than sex.’

‘You know Helen and I have a theory. We think men are like cars. I just happen to love the classic model with baby seat in it.

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