Men are like cars Part 2

By xtcnymphette

I’ve practiced this bit’ she panted.

‘ Pull the foreskin back and tease the tip gently, use your other hand to cup and tease his balls with your finger tips and nails. Tell him all the time how much you want it and how big it is. Men are like cars, remember and they love to hear how powerful their motors are and how thrilling they are to ride.’

Her hand feigned touching the imaginary balls and her finger tips caressed Pia’s panties.

‘He may like you to kiss and suck his cock, all men love it. Kiss it gently with tiny wet kisses and then slide your tongue over it from balls to tip and then blow warm air across it before putting it in your mouth. All the time tease his balls and stroke his shaft and make noises about how big and hard it is.’

Helen bent over, kissed the cock tip gently, and slid her lips over it then taking it into her mouth and sucking.

‘I’ve practiced this too!’ She said as the mouthful of dildo left her lips.’ It’s the next bit that I’m unsure of.’

She lay back on the bed and slid off her panties lifting her pert buns as she snapped them off her ankles and spread her legs.

‘Can you put it in me, I’m too frightened to do it myself.’

Pia took the dildo and turned on the vibrator running the tip across her moist opening and settling it there until she began to moan and the moisture flowed freely. She put the tip on her clit until she screamed out.

‘ If you run the tip of a man’s cock around the moist area of your pussy and tease your own clit with it until you feel super wet then guide it in between the slit and just hold it there for a bit until you feel your pussy swirl around the hard smooth head.’

Helen guided the end of the dildo to her folds and felt the vibrations stimulate her pleasure further as she brushed her clit repeatedly. She moved the thick head down to her opening and rested it in the entrance letting the vibrations ripple through her and evoke a steady dribble of wetness.

‘Ooooooh that feels good, I think I’m going to like it inside me.’

‘That’s good Helen. Get into the habit of telling him how good it feels and how big and hard he is and how much you want him inside you. And if you feel like screaming, he’ll love you for it even more. What do you want Helen?

‘OOOOH Yeah Pete I want your BIG HARD COCK INSIDE ME!’

‘Oh God It’s feels so good Mmmmmm.’ Pia turned off the vibrator and began to push the dildo into her tight virgin cunt. She winced a little and tensed.

‘Its ok, it will hurt a little but then it’ll feel so good you wont notice it.’

Pia pushed the dildo past her hymen and saw the traces of pink dribble from her pussy. The dildo was a large one and stretched her untouched pussy lips as she began to feel it slide deep into her she began to shake and shout deliriously about how good it felt. Pia let it sit deep in her and then turned on the vibrator and she shivered and moaned as her pussy shot off squirts of juice. As Helen’s excitement rose Pia began to move the dildo slowly in and out of her distended cunt getting gradually faster and then slamming it into her as she bucked to take as much into her as possible. She came wildly and almost perpetually with only brief moments where she would scream and beg Pia not to stop. When she calmed Pia asked her to stand and bend over the bed.

‘Guys love it from behind and you will too it goes so deep.’

Pia paused briefly and kissed Helen’s sweet round ass. Blowing her pubic hair apart and licking a clear pathway for the dildo which she slid it into her again and in a few moments she was back to screaming the house down. Pia was so horny that dribbles of wetness rolled down her inner thigh. She stopped fucking Helen with the dildo and let her calm herself a little pulling the dildo from Helen. She stood up and quickly and removed her own yellow silk bikini panties and lay back on the bed and ran the vibrator around her own pussy until the tingles erupted.

‘Pia I’ve never noticed how pretty a pussy can look when it’s shaved. Do you think Pete would like me more shaved?’

‘Honey he will love you all night if you scream like that God you’re making me so horny I want to fuck you.’

Pia inserted the vibrator backwards into her pussy leaving the gleaming dong end poking out of her cunt as if the cock was her own. It vibrated inside her and she shivered and began to pant and moan.

‘ Guys love you to ride them, I want you to imagine I’m your Pete and ride me.’

She pulled off the rest of her clothes and straddled her eagerly guiding the dildo to her pussy and slid the now familiar cock back into her velvet wetness. She began to ride her as Pia bucked against the cock that also slid into her. As Helen shivered, she held out her hands and fondled her magnificent breasts and as both women came Helen collapsed on top of her with the dildo half buried in both, still vibrating. They kissed wildly. Helen had never kissed a girl before. Pia’s sweet lips really turned her on and the hot cock inside them vibrating and triggering waves and waves of orgasm until both were exhausted. Their eager hands fondling each other’s breasts tenderly.

‘Mmmmmm that was amazing.’ Both were a little bit embarrassed although Pia had done so many so called lesbian sex scenes to titillate men that she quite enjoyed the change. AS for a sex free holiday well a dildo wasn’t a real cock and Helen wasn’t a real lesbian lover. Helen was first to break the awkward silence:

‘ Oh boy Pete’s going to have the best time on Saturday night.’ Pia agreed and offered to help Helen shave her pussy before Saturday night. She invited them to a dinner party and to use the spare bedroom for the weekend’s deflowering.

A couple of hours later that day Pia had a phone call from Pete and similarly he wanted to talk to her urgently and arrived on her doorstep shortly after Helen had gone to work for her afternoon shift. They went to the kitchen and he started to tell her frankly how much he wanted to fuck Helen but didn’t know what to do. Pia was amused but had grown use to this naive couple virtually living with her and sweet Pete had done some man about the house handyman jobs for Pia several times and spent a good deal of his time gibbering like a lunatic on the occasion when he had encountered Pia topless sunbaking by the pool.

‘ I’ll help you but you mustn’t tell Helen Ok, Come with me to the bedroom.’ She led him up the stairs to her room and they sat on the edge of her bed next to each other facing the large open window. The bed was untidy from Pia and Helen’s earlier activity but Pete seemed nervous and didn’t seem to notice the assorted underwear and clothing strewn around the room.

‘Give me your hand.’ Pia guided his hand to her breast.

‘Caress it and pinch the nipple gently.’ He obeyed and as she guide his hand under her top and bra she felt the wetness creep into her panties again.

‘She will tell you she wants you to touch her or if she doesn’t just tell her how much you want her and if she doesn’t push your hand away or ask you to stop, you touch her panties. I have a feeling Helen will want you to touch her judging by how she has been the last few days. You have to encourage her, she doesn’t want to feel like a slut because she is letting you touch her a woman wants to hear that she is sexy, she wants to hear that she is wanted, she wants to know if she is turning you on. We’re very communicative beings. We want to be told we’re pretty, we’re hot! We want to hear how much you want us. Tell Helen how much you want her and how horny you are!’

She guided his fingers to her growing wetness beneath the brief fragment of cotton hemline and showed him how to massage her clit. In a few moments, she was shivering; she was still horny from her session with Helen. She was aching for a cock aching for his touch any mans touch. He smiled with pride as she came another time and Pia reached out her hand to his pants and felt his cock swelling inside them. Pete was over horny. She eagerly unzipped him and fondled his cock. Surprisingly he didn’t explode on contact, he just got bigger and fatter.

‘Oh God Pete you are excited. I want you to do something for me. I want you to jerk off and when you feel your going to cum stop and take a breather. Here I’ll show you how it’s done.’

Pia grasped his cock, slid and slid her nimble fingers over it until she felt him begin to throb then released it. She did this four or five times each time between got longer and one times a small droplet of thick cum trickled from him.

‘Helen doesn’t want it to be all over in five minutes so when you feel yourself about to cum distract yourself by making her cum instead. She’ll love it if you kiss her pussy and gently run your tongue over her clit. If you stop for awhile you’ll get better and better at pleasing her and believe me if she’s wet and hot you are going to get the best fuck ever.’

Pia leaned over and took his cock into her mouth, and sucked him voraciously slurping loudly as his cock throbbed under her wet lips and skilful tongue, her fingernails clawing at his straining balls.

‘Do you like how the wetness feels on your cock? Pete, I’m not going to give you an orgasm you have to do that yourself. You can jack off while I masturbate. Just watch and listen and you’ll be fine.’

‘Oh God yes he moaned.

She released his cock and slowly removed her clothing in a slow striptease while he gazed at her shivering with desire shredding his cock and then stopping to allow the throbs to subside. When she was naked she lay back on the bed her legs spread and began to caress her slick pussy. Pia felt her pussy erupt in wetness licked her lips as he shredded his excited cock and moaned.

‘Ooooooh it’s so good.’

‘It gets better!’ Pia panted. Imagine how wet and tight Helen is. Virgin pussy hot for you aching for you to cum inside her Mmmmmm do you want to cum in Helen’s pussy?’

He slapped his cock and rammed at his fist like a wild man Pia was writhing in pleasure her own tight lips squirting juice that dripped down her ass crack. ‘

‘OOOOHY it’s so good, so good.’ He shouted and clutched his cock hard. She shook and squirmed lancing as deeply inside herself as she could with her fingers. She saw him throb and then he began a slow stroke that built to frenzy.

‘I want you to cum on my tits Pete. Save your first orgasm for inside Helen but for me cum over my tits so I can see your face when you cum. ‘

She knelt on the bed facing the window and Pete came towards her his cock throbbing uncontrollably now. She cupped her tits, and fondled them as she pointed his cock towards her firm round tits. His moans increased as she touched his cock once more and quickly and gently kissed the tip. He felt his explosion building in intensity he panted and slapped at his throbbing cock. He screamed:

‘OH YES! Oh God I’m Cumming. It’s so good, oh it’s good yeeeeeeeeeah.’ Watching a man’s face contort in pleasure as he sprayed her tits never ceased to excite Pia. She had made a zillion hours of video where that had been the outcome and whilst she personally loved the feel of cum exploding in her pussy or mouth the tit spray still turned her and her fans on. Pia smiled sexily watching his throbs and felt the hot spurts shoot across her exquisite tits and then she began her own tingles and shivers as her fingers engineered her own sweet explosion squirting wetness between her thighs.

‘ Oh God it’s so big so hard. sooooooo Good Oh yes, yes cum on me give me your cream ooooooh more, more.’

His cock pumped years of desire onto her and she shivered in delight at his cock pulsed endlessly over her petite beauty.

They both collapsed on the bed not touching but next to each other. Pia began to realise what she had done.

‘Pete do you still want Helen? Only this wasn’t meant to happen quite like this I…’

He put his finger to her lips to silence her.

‘ Like a million men I’ve always wanted to fuck you, I spent hours fantasising about you jacking off at your website but yes I really do want Helen, even more than ever. You are the best friend a guy could ever have. She kissed him sweetly, they collected their clothing, and he went home. Pia tried not to think about how embarrassed she would be when she next saw the two of them together but when they paid her a surprise visit with flowers and champagne the next day she felt better. She wasn’t sure whether they both told each other about their time with her or just that they were both thankful for the detailed lessons that both thought they had received. At any rate, they were super keen to spend the weekend at Pia’s.

‘Pia, Pia Pia! Daddy daddy it’s Fairy Pia.’ The excited little girl raced to the door to greet her neighbour followed sheepishly by her father.

Pia had visited Lexy and Steve every day since they had met in the supermarket. Pia had taken care of Lexy while Steve went out and attended to his IT business. He ran a network administration consultancy and helped business’ from home mostly which allowed him to be with Lexy most of the time and he was able to call on his and his late wife’s parents when he had to go away for longer periods. Pia gave Lexy swimming lessons and taught her music and played endless fantasy games and dress ups using Pia’s lingerie and makeup to dress up like fairies. She adored her and Lexy couldn’t wait to see her each day. Steve thawed a little when it seemed Pia was not like the countless do good-er women who wanted to get him re married or just wanted to get him in the sack.

Steve had trouble in that department. He had dated only one very attractive woman since his wife’s passing. She was in her mid thirties and while she didn’t’ quite have the mother or sister relationship with Lexy that Pia had she was nonetheless a nice lady. That all ended when they tried to have sex. Steve just couldn’t get it up, and nothing they did turned him on he was as limp as a dishrag and felt so unmotivated to turn on his partner that the affair ended without either speaking to each other again.

Steve had only managed to get hard recently and it embarrassed him to think of the circumstances. After her sessions with Peter and Helen, Pia was a little worn out and encouraged Lexy to take a late nap so she could be fresh for when her father returned from his appointment across town. Pia had not been in Lexy’s room before as they had mainly played in the yard, pool and lounge room. The room was vibrant and colourful with purple walls and mobiles and motifs hanging from the ceiling and a bed strewn with soft toys and gorgeous toddler girl outfits. Pia helped Lexy change into her nightie and tucked her in bed and lay beside her stroking her and cuddling until sleep came. Pia dozed off too for a little while and when she awoke it was dark outside. She got out of the bed and noticed a light coming from the crack in the curtain. She pulled the curtain aside and saw an amazing site. Lexy’s bedroom window looked straight into the room Pia slept in. The large window provided an uninterrupted and detailed view of everything happening in the room.

It suddenly dawned on Pia that the reason Pia had come up to her in the supermarket that day was because she had seen her playing cello and dancing in her underwear. It must have been Steve’s quick thinking that turned her sexual gyrations into a fairy dance for the innocent child. So Steve must have seen too. What else had Steve seen? Pia left the sleeping child and walked down to Steve’s office and looked out the window. From here she could see whether the bedroom was occupied or not. Steve was getting a pretty good service from his neighbour by day a willing babysitter by night an erotic dancer and live sex show. He may have seen some of the daytime fun too. As she hurried from the room she bumped the computer and it woke from it’s screen saver to reveal a browser and favourites list; at the top of the list was ‘ this was Pia’s own site. This guy was a subscriber. ‘Oh well so much for the girl next door innocent routine she was determined to seduce him now or perhaps she already had.

Steve returned later that evening and Pia had bathed and fed Lexy and they had played games for a few hours. Pia loved being a mother and felt the kind of biological craving that is probably colloquially called ‘clucky’ whenever she was with Lexy, the warm bubbly inexplicable feeling of love for a child. What had started out as a sex free holiday was getting emotionally complex she thought as she said her good byes to Steve and Lexy. She had invited Steve to her dinner party on Saturday night. Steve was definitely on the menu. Over the past few days he had begun to look at her differently. She didn’t know whether it was the relationship with Lexy or the fact that her clothing had become increasingly skimpier and more seductive or even his Internet and voyeur activity but he was definitely looking at her as men look at beautiful women, how Pia was accustomed.

Dinner was a formal affair with all of Ralph’s best silverware and china. Every course a gourmet delight, fries and nuggets for the littlest guest and French Champaign. Pia dressed in a skin-tight white silk dress. The halter stretched tightly around her firm round mounds and separated them in their braless glory. She wore no underwear at all her slick pussy freshly shaved and the tight dress clinging to her curvaceous hips like a second skin the hem of the dress long enough to cover her but short enough to elicit sighs from male onlookers when she bent or reached. As much as Pia loved lingerie she knew that nothing says I want you more than a panty-less date. Helen too looked like a supermodel her fulsome breasts cupped deliciously in a new bra that she had bought whilst shopping with Pia. Hints of the baby blue satin and lace cups could be seen peeking from the low cut mini dress she wore. Matching blue bikini panties clung to her sensuous young hips and pert buns. The fabric was already damp because she had masturbated before arriving.

The fact that Pia was an excellent cook seemed to make for a perfect evening; three courses with wine and cocktails satisfying her guests and loosening the conversation even from the two shy lovers and the standoffish Steve. The conversation was light and humorous with Lexy staying awake past ten o’clock providing entertainment dressed in her prettiest party dress with a pair of fairy wings made especially for her by Pia from stockings, wire coat hangers and glitter. When Lexy finally looked drowsy Pia cuddled her lovingly and then carried her to a guest room down the hall followed by her doting father.

‘ She really loves you Pia. I don’t blame her either. Is there anything you can’t do? You can cook, love kids and they love you, you play cello and dance and run your own business and look like a goddess.’

‘ How did you know I played … you did see me the first night I came here didn’t you that’s how the whole fairy queen thing happened. That’s what you told Lexy didn’t you?’

‘It’s ok don’t be embarrassed it was an accident I just happened to be in Lexy’s room when you arrived and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And and I, I…’

‘What’s wrong Steve? It’s ok I’m use to men watching me it was just little Lexy I was worried about. ‘

‘It’s just that since Rachel passed away I haven’t been able to you know Um get it up until I saw you that evening. I was so excited I thought I’d finally started to get back to normal and then I found your website and it happened again I was so happy that I could feel normal and be excited by a pretty woman again well at least one pretty woman. Will you forgive me for being such an old grump I was afraid you wouldn’t want to know me because I was one of your sleazy old subscribers that jerk off to your videos.’

Pia smiled and stood up and took Steve by the hand.

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