A new lesson Part 3

By MPowered

By this point neither of the girls were in a position to do any talking. I’d never actually seen a real, live, sixty-nine before, and it was an amazing sight which I doubt I’ll ever forget. Not that I’m likely to ever forget any of this!

Both girls were tonguing each other fiercely, with moans coming out thick and fast. Cathy was lying on her back, pushing her face into Becky’s groin, while Becky lay on top of her. Becky lifted her head and started rubbing Cathy’s pussy with her hand, then put her tongue back into position and kept going. “Mmm, baby, you’re going to make me cum,” Becky moaned, lifting her head for a moment before diving back into her work. Her groans came faster, and her pants became louder, until she finally came again.

Cathy still hadn’t come, but seemed in no hurry. “That’s pretty much how it was that night, although it was I who came first then. And second! I was glad that my room was pretty much at the other end of the house from everyone else’s, apart from ‘Sarah’s, and I just hoped that we hadn’t been loud enough to wake her up. After that night we tried staying with each other every second weekend, and got to know a lot more about each other and what we liked and didn’t like. That was when we first started talking about this – we were lying in bed one night and talking about people that we would have sex with if we could – the usual Hollywood people – and then Becky said ‘what about teachers?’ and I thought about it, and said ‘only one’; she asked ‘does he happen to teach history, because if he does then he’s the only one on my list as well!’ which we both thought was really funny but then we imagined that you were there with us, and it was so hot …”

“And now here I am with you. Is it hot?”

“Oh yes, so hot – much better than I ever thought. And I’m ready for you to make me a woman – Becky has got me all warmed up now.”

“Cathy, you already are a woman. You don’t need this. I don’t want you to do anything you might regret later on.”

“The only thing I might regret is not doing this when I had the chance. Believe me Mr K, I want this. I want you to do it to me.”

With her consent, I was all ready to go. Watching the two girls go at it had got me hard again, and I couldn’t wait to take my second cherry of the day. Becky had grabbed another condom, and tried doing something she’d always wanted to do – put it on with her mouth. It was a little funny and didn’t quite roll down all the way, but it certainly looked impressive, and felt a whole lot better than the normal way of putting one on!

Cathy was still lying down on her back, so I got up and hovered above her. I kissed her deeply, rubbing my cock against her midriff and pelvis as I did so. When our kiss broke, I looked deep into her eyes. She nodded once, and smiled – not without a little hesitancy.

I looked down her lithe body, scarcely believing that she was giving it to me. Becky was positioned alongside our groins, and had reached over to help spread Cathy’s legs wider apart. “Do it to her, Mr K,” she encouraged me, needlessly. I lined myself up, then slightly entered her, pausing just at the entrance with only my tip inside. I looked back up at her again, seeing her biting her lip in anticipation. “Just do it Mr K – love me! Make me yours!”

That was the last green light that I needed. Looking straight into her eyes I drove forward into her, stopping at the blockage. “This might hurt a bit,” I mumbled as I pulled back, and then drove in with all my force. I went straight through and into her, seeing her wince and emit a shriek of pain as I did so. Ignoring it, I pulled back and pushed back in several more times, and her pain began turning into something else as I began hearing the moans that told me she was enjoying herself.

I leaned down and began kissing her again, lightly, on the mouth, eyes, nose, and cheek. Her arms went around me and pulled me closer so that her lips could lock onto mine. I drove back and forth into her like a piston, then stopped altogether and pulled out. She let me go and looked at me, as if to say ‘what are you stopping for?’

Instead, I lay on my back and gestured to her to get on top – always a better view! She swung her leg over me and straddled my hips, before lowering herself down onto me. She had a bit of discomfort but it was definitely easier than the first time. Leaning down over me, her breasts were brushing my chest as she pushed down and upon top of me. I reached up to grab them and massaged them as she moved up and down.

Becky seemed to have disappeared for a short while, but then she popped up and grabbed Cathy’s face to begin kissing it. She edged her body closer to mine, then quickly pounced and flung her leg over my head to position herself on top of my face. I hadn’t had a chance to really look at her pussy until now, but I had to admit that it was extremely well made. The tiny patch of wispy blonde hair above it certainly seemed to draw attention to the hairless slit below. I thrust my tongue into her and began tongue-fucking her, as she kissed Cathy and Cathy fucked me.

My hands were clutching Becky’s waist, pulling her closer into my face as my weary tongue soldiered it – it certainly hadn’t had such a strenuous workout for quite some time, and was beginning to ache towards the back of my mouth. But this was no time to be thinking of that kind of ache – the only ache I was interested in was the ache in my balls, which Cathy was doing her best to relieve.

Becky came again for maybe the fourth or fifth time that day – I was losing count – and finally seemed to be tired out. She almost fell off me and lay back on the bed beside me, utterly sated but purely contented. This meant that my view of Cathy riding my cock was no longer obstructed. She was enjoying herself, feeling the different sensations on her clit as she adjusted the angle at which she drove down onto me. Her small breasts moved only slightly as she rebounded, with her cute erect nipples making the most movement. I moved my hands up to take them, and squeezed both nipples between my fingers before rolling them gently.

Cathy’s heavy breathing quickened in pace and deepened in scope, as she worked towards her long awaited climax. I released her nipples and instead grabbed her back, pulling her down onto me to crush her breasts into my chest as I kissed her. My hands moved quickly down to her butt and pushed down to increase the pressure. Cathy’s whimpering was audible every time her body moved up and her mouth released a little pressure on mine. If everything else that had happened up to this point were the major battles of the war, then this was going to be the tactical nuclear weapon that ended it; I could feel the rising pressure in my own groin as my own, second climax of the day approached.

The odds of both partners in any encounter such as this coming at the same time are pretty remote, but we got pretty close. Cathy wrest her head away from mine, held her upper body up and added more support to her downward thrusts by using her arms on the bed as pistons, then announced in a guttural voice I’d never heard her use before “oh my God, I’m cumming!” before emitting several shrieks of pleasure that almost pierced my eardrums. About halfway in I’d had enough, and could no longer hold back – I erupted within her, trusting the condom to catch everything but honestly not even thinking about it at the time. I felt great, I was on top of the world and a gorgeous 19 year-old was on top of me.

She just lay there, rocking slowly back and forth above me while allowing the spasms to diminish. Lifting her head to look into my eyes, she told me what I’d known for several years now: “I love you, Mr K.”

“No more Mr K business, Cathy. From now on I’m Charlie – and I love you too.”

We kissed again, with less passion but more tenderness than any other kiss we’d shared that day. When we parted, Becky swooped in to kiss both of us in turn. She got up, went to the small fridge hidden within the cabinet in the corner of the room, and returned with the bottle of wine Cathy had bought earlier. We each took a glass and sat back, leaning against the wall, sipping our drinks.

“So,” Becky said, when the silent contemplative period had become too much for her, “would you say that’s definitely the best lesson you’ve ever taught, or what?”

I pretended to think about it. “Well,” I eventually conceded, “what I will say is this – it’s certainly the best lesson I’ve taught yet.”


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