A New Lesson Part 1

By MPowered

I had taught Catherine for two of the past three years, and she had been an exceptional English student. Once she left school I had hoped that we would keep in touch, but after the final exam I heard nothing from her. School resumed and I picked up more students, including her sister, but I was never able to find one that I’d enjoyed teaching as much as she.

Halfway through the year, her sister Sarah informed me that Catherine would be back for several weeks after her first year’s mid-year exams were completed, and that she wanted to catch up with me over lunch in the city. School holidays were about to start so I made plans to meet her during the week in a nice, quiet tavern on the viaduct.

Cathy was waiting at a table outside the bar when I arrived, and it took me a moment to recognise her. She had been a slim girl with brown hair which sometimes had a hint of blonde, her petite build on a slightly taller than average body, with small breasts which had never really attracted much notice. On the few occasions I’d seen her out of uniform I’d been interested to note that she never flaunted any part of her body, unlike so many of the other girls her age; she’d always dressed demurely and sensibly.

The girl who stood up from the table to greet me was still slim, but otherwise almost completely different. Her hair had been dyed a very dark black, and she was wearing tight blue jeans and a small red top with a plunging v-neck, which failed to cover her midriff. She also appeared to be wearing a push-up bra, putting a quite delectable cleavage on display through the deep neckline of her blouse.

She’d also changed a lot from the nervous girl, lacking in self-confidence and plagued by self-doubt, that I had known when I’d first met her. Cathy’s first time away from home for any longer than a week had forced her to become more self reliant, and I was delighted to see that she was blossoming into a confident and self assured young woman. She still had some way to go, though, expressing doubts in her ability to cut it academically out of school. I did my best to reassure her, reminding her that university was a huge ocean compared to the fishpond of high school. Being over 18, and away from home, presented a huge number of opportunities as well as potential dangers.

“That’s one of the things I’m worried about,” she said.

“What? Getting drunk? I’m sure Orientation was a blast! As long as you make sure that you are drinking sensibly and with people that you know and trust, I’m sure you’re entitled to a little license. Safety lies in numbers.” I took a mouthful of beer, briefly reminiscing on some of my own drunken escapades while at university.

“No, it’s not that. Its something else … but hard for me to say.” The nervousness and self-doubt that I had spent years trying to remove began to show in her face as she looked at me with uncertainty.

“Cathy, I’ve been your teacher for three years, and I’d like to think that for at least some of that time I was your friend as well. I’d certainly like you to see me in that light. Whatever you want to say, you can say it.”

“Well … there’s this boy at the dorm. I like him a lot but he never really seemed to notice me until the end of term. Now he’s always around and just before I left he asked me out, but – I don’t know …”

“You don’t know if you want to go out with him?”

“No, I do! I just don’t know how to act.”

I looked at her with a measure of surprise. “But you’ve had boyfriends before.”

Her eyes darted away in embarrassment, as a faint blush began to colour her cheeks. “No, I haven’t. I’ve never had a boyfriend before.”

“But at the ball…?”

“He was just a friend. I’ve never actually been asked out by anyone before, and the whole thing just makes me so nervous.”

“Well, I guess that if you like this guy then you can always say yes and see what happens from there.”

“That’s what worries me. What does happen from there? What if he wants to … you know … do it?”

The blush which had began deepening for the past minute now became a full body flush.

“Well…” I said, taking another, larger, mouthful of beer as I thought over what to say, “I guess that you are old enough to make your own decision on that, aren’t you? Remember that you hold the power here, and don’t do anything unless you’re comfortable with it.”

“Yes, but … I … don’t really – what if I’m no good? I don’t know what to do! What happens when he finds out that I don’t know? What will he think?”

My eyebrows had risen in shock but I quickly dragged them down before she looked at me again. “You’re a … that is, you’ve ah … never had sex before?”

“No, I haven’t even kissed a boy before. What if I’m a terrible kisser?”

I chuckled. “Cathy, everyone starts out like this. Remember that there is a first time for everything, and this guy may well be quite inexperienced as well …”

“No, I doubt it. He’s always got a girl with him – actually, these past two weeks is the longest amount of time I’ve seen him without a girl on his arm.”

“Hmm, maybe he isn’t the best guy for you to involve yourself with then, Cathy. Okay, forget I said anything. Look, I’m sorry but I guess this is just something that you have to learn by experience!”

“Yes, but how do I learn it before I have to do it? I don’t want our first kiss to be a disaster! Why don’t they teach this sort of thing at school?”

“I’m sorry Cathy, but it wasn’t in the curriculum! Besides, who would teach it – could you imagine Mr McDonald taking the class?” I chuckled at the thought – the teacher I’d named was not a favourite of the younger women on staff, who felt a little uncomfortable around him for some reason, and I’d learned several years before that this feeling was shared by most of the female students at our school as well.

Instead of laughing, which I’d hoped she’d do, Cathy looked extremely serious. “No, I can’t. But I know which teacher I’d want taking the class.”

“Who, Mr Roberts? He’s married now, unfortunately. As is Mr Nixon. And Mr White has left, so there aren’t too many hunky teachers left for you to …”

“I’m talking about you, Mr K! Have you been blind all these years?” She stood up from the table and then leaned forward on it, looking intently into my eyes. “I’ve had a crush on you since Year 11. I used to daydream about you kissing me, and then look up to see you looking at me. I want you to teach me so that when I get back I’ll know what to do.”

I was almost speechless, but soon found some words.

“I… ah… well, Cathy, you see … that is, I feel honoured that … but I …”

“Sir, you said when I left last year that if I ever needed any help with anything that I could rely on you. Well, I need your help now. Please? Don’t let me down.” Her hands clutched each other in that universal symbol for begging or pleading, and her face adopted soulful puppy-dog-eyes, little Orphan Annie kind of look which was almost impossible to knock back.

“I know that’s what I said, Cathy, but this wasn’t what I had in mind!”

“Please! I’ve already booked a hotel room for the night. Mum thinks I’ll be staying at Becky’s tonight so she won’t miss me. I bought condoms from the supermarket, and a bottle of wine for afterwards, and -”

“Cathy, look, I -”

“Don’t you like me? Is that it? Do you think I’m too ugly? I’m too skinny, aren’t I? My breasts aren’t big enough. I don’t have blonde hair. That’s it, isn’t it?”

“No! Cathy, you are … gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Of course I like you, I like you a lot, and if I was ten years younger I’d -”

“Well you’re not, you’re ten years older and I need you. You’ve never let me down before, please don’t do it when I need you more than ever!”

By this stage Cathy was almost on her knees, and her voice was getting more and more agitated. A few of the other patrons in the restaurant were beginning to look towards us with interest; they could not have heard what we were saying, as we were at least several tables away and the background music being played from the bar was too loud, but they could see that there was some disagreement going on. I had to get out of there so I could calm Cathy down and get this thing resolved. Pushing my chair back from the table, I stood and took the bill from under the salt- and pepper- shakers where our waitress had left it.

“Look, Cathy, let’s leave. I’ll pay for the meal, we can go to this room you’ve booked, then we can discuss this privately. After that I’ll speak to the manager of the hotel and get you a refund for the room, and we can forget this ever happened.”

And so we left. The hotel was not too far away, and we got there in next to no time – thankfully, because the walk took place in utter silence. I have no idea what the receptionist thought, seeing the two of us head towards the room with no luggage at all. Hopefully she would have assumed that we’d already been here a while.

The room itself, on the second floor of the hotel, was small, with nothing but a queen size bed, a small set of drawers, a writing desk and a cabinet which I presumed held the TV and, if we were lucky, a mini-bar. The place reminded me of some of my old university dorm rooms, apart from the size of the bed. It had been made with the top folded over, as they always seem to do in the movies, and what appeared to be a mint in the middle of the folded area.

As we entered the room, Cathy headed straight for the ensuite and closed the door behind her. I thought I’d give her a bit of time to get herself in order, and after a quick inspection of the room I headed for the window to check out the view. Not too great really – we were directly opposite another hotel, so the view consisted of several rows of windows set in a cream coloured wall. After several moments I heard the bathroom door open.

“Okay, Cathy, let’s talk about this. You see …” I was turning to face her as I spoke, then stopped in a stunned silence.

I noticed several things simultaneously, but two things stood out. The first was that we were no longer alone – Cathy’s best friend Rebecca, whom I’d also taught for several years, was here as well. Becky had gone down to the same university as Cathy to study, although she was in a different course and lived in a different place. The other thing I noticed was that both the girls were standing just outside the bathroom door in their underwear.

Cathy was wearing a black half-cup bra, which seemed to boost her A-cup breasts up and together, and a matching black pair of panties, tightly hugging her tiny waist and slight hips. Becky is smaller than Cathy but with a much fuller body, long blonde hair and a fairer complexion. Her underwear was white, although with a similar design to her friends’; a half-cup bra presenting her C-cups, and a matching pair of panties with a little lace on the sides.

I realised that I was staring, that I hadn’t said anything for several seconds, that my mouth was wide open and that I was totally aroused by the amazing sight before me.

“Please do this for us, sir,” Becky said softly, stepping slowly towards me. “We both want to learn how to please a man, and we both want to pay you back for being the best teacher we ever had. We thought that this would be an ideal way for you to teach us something else, while enabling us to thank you at the same time.”

By the time she’d finished speaking, she had reached the place where I was standing, still rooted to the spot. She pressed her body into mine on my left side, and started kissing the left side of my face as she finished speaking, rubbing her body up against my side.

Cathy quickly followed her and began mirroring her actions on my right side. The two moved closer and put their hands on the bottom of my shirt; Becky began unbuttoning it and, once she was finished, Cathy pulled it back. They both then began kissing my chest, and rubbing my considerable stomach.

I still hadn’t moved, and couldn’t believe what was going on. Any inclination I might once have had of stopping this had now completely deserted me. I slowly realised that I was not only going to have sex with my favourite student, I was going to have sex with my two favourite students, both at the same time. Upon arriving at this decision, I was finally unfrozen. I shrugged out of my shirt and put an arm around each of the girls, then kissed the tops of their foreheads.

“Does this mean that you’ll do it?” Cathy asked, looking up at me with her hopeful puppy dog eyes.

In reply, I took her in my right arm and kissed her full on the lips. After a few moments, as she allowed the shock to dissipate, she allowed her lips to open and permitted my tongue access deep into her oral cavity. Despite her concerns, I found that she wasn’t a bad kisser at all. I became aware that my other arm was now free, so I began running it up and down her back, from her bra strap down to her panties and then back up.

Meanwhile, I felt my belt being loosened, as Becky began to undo my trousers. Still kissing Cathy, I slipped my shoes off as Becky slid my pants down to the ground. As I stepped out of each leg, she unrolled the sock from each foot and placed the sock inside its respective shoe, which she then placed neatly next to the window.

I let Cathy go and took Becky in my arms, lifting her from the floor and then kissing her as I had kissed her best friend. I was immediately aware that Becky had a lot more experience in this than Cathy had; she was a much more confident and assertive kisser.

“When did the two of you decide to do this?” I asked them, when I finally paused for breath.

“Cathy has wanted to do this for years,” Becky replied. “We used to joke about what would happen if one of us got with you, and how the other would take it. We talked about it a lot at New Years, and then some more when we went down to university, and then finally decided that there was nothing stopping us now that we were out of school and no longer your students.”

“But both of you together, like this? Doesn’t that make things a little uncomfortable for you, or awkward?”

“Oh no,” Cathy replied, “We’ve both seen each other naked plenty of times. We’ve had lots of sleepovers during the past few years.”

The two girls giggled when she said the word sleepovers, leading to my next question: “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

They didn’t reply verbally; instead, Becky turned to Cathy and the two reached for each other, folded the other into their arms, and then began kissing. Their mouths open, every so often I could see the flick of a tongue from one mouth into the other. Their hands wandered all over each other’s bodies, working their way up from the small of their backs, across the shoulders, down the sides and back to the centre of their bra straps. Almost simultaneously the two girls unclasped their friend’s bra. They stopped kissing and turned to face me. As one, they shrugged their bras off over their shoulders and onto the floor.

I couldn’t think of anything at all to say. I just keep looking from one girl to the next, and then back again. I’d had no idea just how hot these two girls were! Rebecca was a blonde bombshell but she’d always seemed to dress down in the ugly terracotta uniform we’d made them wear at school, and Catherine had always seemed too slim and angular to be a sex goddess. But now… I quietly revised my theory about Rebecca’s breasts; now I could actually see them, I realised that they must in fact be a full D cup. They were so round and full, almost too big for the tiny body they blessed. Cathy’s were much smaller, her nipples tiny buttons atop two slight rises, but they were perfectly proportioned and well rounded.

After realising that I was still too stunned in a state of shock to do anything, the girls walked over to me and, taking an arm each, led me to the bed. They sat me on the edge and then pushed me back, so that I fell back onto the pillows at the head.

The next thing I was actually conscious of was my underwear being tugged at. I looked down and saw the two girls kneeling on the floor, one either side of me, caressing my upper thighs with their small, delicate hands, the cool, silky smooth feel of their skin doing nothing to alleviate the heat of my loins. As I watched, the girls took a side each of my briefs and slowly pulled them down, keeping their eyes firmly on the erected tent in the middle. It didn’t take too long for the centre pole to be freed, and at that moment I knew that Cathy was definitely a virgin – her eyes were wide open in shock, as if she had never before seen what she was now seeing. Becky seemed less impressed. I am only average sized in that department so I guessed that she may have experienced, or at least seen, a more endowed man than myself. But I have nothing to be ashamed of and as everyone knows it’s not the size of the tool but how you use it that is important.

With my underwear on the floor I was now completely naked, my groin being worshipped by two nearly naked teenaged girls. Becky began planting little kisses all over my dick, giving the head a quick flick with her tongue when she kissed the tip. She then urged Cathy to do the same, and I groaned as Cathy followed her friend’s instructions and took the tip of my penis into her mouth. She opened her mouth wider and sank lower down on me, and then I could feel her inexperienced tongue gliding along the underside of my shaft.

Becky was still whispering in Cathy’s ear, and Cathy now released me and got to her feet. Becky’s mouth quickly replaced her friend’s, and while Cathy had been good, Becky’s obvious experience was immediately apparent. Cathy watched her friend for a moment, and then made sure that she’d caught my eye before cupping her own breasts in her hands. Cathy’s hands moved down and forward to allow the forefinger and thumb on each hand to grasp at one firm, erect nipple each. Her tongue darted out and ran across her lips as she continued to tweak her nipples, rolling them like she was rolling a cigarette or something. She released her hold on herself and then ran her the palms of her hands slowly down the sides of her breasts and further, down her hips until they stopped at her outer thighs. Her fingers hooked under the sides of her panties and then slowly drew them down. She leaned forward as she pushed the underwear down her legs, giving her small breasts the benefit of gravity to help form a delectable cleavage. Cathy daintily stepped out of her panties and looked up at me, still hunched forward, and brought her upper arms closer together to push her cleavage out further, making it deeper. Her hands came back up and once more took a grip of her nipples, before she let go and stood upright again.

Completely naked now, Cathy climbed up onto the bed and crawled up alongside me, then bent down to kiss me full on the lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth and began to wage a war of conquest against mine, which I was glad to struggle against but also to ultimately lose. She broke the contact and raised herself back, manoeuvring a breast into my mouth as she did so. My mouth immediately captured it and my tongue began battering the nipple into submission, as Cathy gasped in shock and then quickly pulled away. She sat up on her haunches next to me, then looked back at Becky.

The blonde was kissing and licking all around my groin area, but now she stopped and looked back at her friend. She nodded once, and then returned to the job at hand. (Or was it the job at mouth?) Cathy moved closer to me, sat upright, lifted her right leg and presented me with the most gorgeous shaven snatch I had ever seen in my life. It hovered above my face for a second or two as her right knee touched base on the other side of my head, then she lowered herself down onto my face and my tongue immediately went back into action.

I gave her everything I had, licking away like a cat at a saucer of cream. My hands ran up her smooth thighs, then around to her buttocks, kneading and clenching the tight, firm, smooth flesh there. I could feel Becky gently massaging my dick with one hand, and kissing the skin around the general area, but it felt so far way – my main focus was now on giving Cathy the best eating out of her life.

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