My First Time Shared

By vicky36b

Due to family reasons, our honeymoon was delayed for 6 months after our wedding, it was such a relief to eventually get on the plane from Manchester UK to Corfu in the Greek Islands. This was in 1977 when I was 23 and hubby, Steve, 24 years old, so quite some time ago.

Our accommodation was in a quite small taverna, which was run by a lovely Canadian lady and her Greek husband. Steve and I were totally tired out on our arrival, so first night was an early night, after the owners had prepared us a very quick meal along with a bottle of the local retsina, which was great.

Next morning we were up and about early for breakfast, which was taken on a spacious patio, including fresh eggs from the chickens which were running around the place. We had quite a long chat with the owners, and before long we were joined, at the next table, by a couple, similar ages to us, who had also arrived the previous evening. The four of us got on really well straight away, but hubby and I were planning to get out and about as soon as possible to go exploring the local town, so made our excuses and left the couple to take their breakfasts.

Hubby and I were out all day, returning about 6pm we went straight to the bar at the taverna, after a few minutes the couple we had met that morning over breakfast showed up, so we had a meal and further drinks with them, the four of us got on really well.

We took dinner with them another couple of times over the next few days, then on the last occasion we went on to the local disco for dancing and, of course, more drinks.

I had a couple of dances with Phil, the second dance being to a slower offering, and he didn’t hesitate to get up close and tight, his chest gently rubbing and pressing onto mine, and I already felt my nipples hardening beneath my thin cotton strappy t-shirt.

Phil must have noticed too, stepping back he looked down at my nipples poking at the thin cotton, his face broke out into a big smile, the only comment he made was ‘Nice ones!’ I thought he was rather cheeky, but that was OK.

After that dance, Phil and I walked back towards our table where Steve and Babara were chatting away together. As Steve looked up and saw us approaching, he too had his eyes fixed on my protruding nipples, ‘Well,’ he said, ‘you two have been having fun’.

Barbara, who was looking rather the worse for wear because of the strong drinks, managed to slur something like ‘Oh Phil just loves ladies nipples, surprised he didn’t have a grope on them’.

I was a bit surprised about that comment, but let it pass, sat down at the table and finished our drinks. Phil said it was about time that he took Babs back to their apartment, Steve and I had also had another drink by then, it was about 1.30am, so said we would walk back with them.

When we got back to the Taverna, Phil invited us in for a night cap of the local brandy, which seemed like a nice idea. Phil opened the door, Babs hanging onto him as she was about to fall over it seemed, he walked her over to the sofa, plonked her down, inside a few seconds she was pretty much passed out, eyes closed, out for the count it seemed!

Phil went to the kitchen area to get the drinks, Steve and I had got onto the bed, half-sitting, half-laying out. Phil soon returned with the drinks, I was quite surprised when he opted to join Steve and I on the bed instead of using the sofa. Oh well, I thought, maybe he didn’t want to disturb Babs at this time.

So Steve and I shuffled further onto the double bed, the two of us laying side by side, me on my right side, Steve facing me, laying on his left side. I was a bit surprised when Phil got laid out right close behind me, as he was apologizing for Babs getting so drunk, he was so close I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

Then totally out of the blue Phil said ‘Hey Vicky, how about making those lovely nipples go hard again?’ In one way I was a little shocked, on the other hand I felt quite complimented.

Steve did not saying anything at this point, not even a moment later when Phil put his hand on my left waist, just above my hip and the waist band of my skirt. Phil said to Steve ‘Do you think she’s OK with this?’ Steve replied ‘I dunno, might depend on what you do next’.

Phil glanced around behind him, obviously checking that Babs was still out cold on the sofa, then I felt his hand move from my waist, further around onto my rib cage. Pulling me slightly towards him, it was then that I felt his groin make contact with my ass cheeks, I could immediately feel a slight lump in his groin poking at me.

Still facing me, Steve looked down at my boobs, ‘Seems like what what you’re doing is working on her’, as i could feel that my nipples had hardened up again.

Immediately Phil’s left hand moved around and upwards, stroking and rubbing my left breast through the thin cotton, ‘Oh, it sure is working’ said Phil.

He played with my boob for a few more seconds, then his hand went down onto my left upper thigh, his hand then moving upwards and dragging the side of my skirt with it until the hem was more than halfway up my thigh.

Steve was still laying there in front of me, I was a bit concerned if this was going to go any further, he must have seen that look in my face as he said ‘It’s ok, it’s ok, lets just see how it goes, yes?’

I did not even reply, I was not sure what to say, and that lump in his groin had got an awful lot bigger and harder over the last few minutes!

Then I felt Phil’s hand rising further up my thigh, now grabbing my skirt so the hem was eventually right up around my waist, his lump pushing at my bum cheeks from behind me. He was still tugging it upwards, but I was laying on the other side of the skirt hem, he was trying to get the whole of the hem right up but it was trapped under my right thigh and hip as I lay on the bed.

And that was when I knew it was time to react, lifting my right hip slightly off the bed, Phil quickly had the whole of the skirt up right around my waist, so my briefs were fully exposed now.

Phil was now pushing harder at me from behind, his breath on my neck seemed to be fastening up, I felt and heard him unfastening his shorts, the belt undone and the zipper down, another little fumble and then I could feel the tip of his cock poking at me.

I was just thinking how nice this felt when I felt a hand tugging downwards at the left side of my briefs. I looked downwards, a bit surprised when I found it was Steve tugging at my briefs. He noticed me looking and he said ‘Its OK, Its OK, ssshhh, just lift up a bit’

As I lifted my right hip again, Steve pulled my briefs further and further down until they were down on my ankles, I think even Steve was surprised when I kicked the panties right off! Actually he did look a little surprised as he smiled and said ‘Good girl, good girl’.

Now I could feel the heat and hardness of Phil’s cock pushing between my lower bum cheeks, thought I still had my knees tight together. He was thrusting away behind me when I felt Steve take hold of my left knee, raising it up slightly, immediately Phil’s cock tip made contact with my labia, quickly starting to rub up and down the length of my pussy lips.

Steve was just laying there watching, his hand encouraging my left leg to rise even further, a huge smile on his face as his eyes fixed on what was happening between my legs.

For another 30 seconds or so Phil continued his thrusting, he breathing getting faster and faster, then he stopped, he shuffled down the bed a few inches, then his cock tip was right on my labia again, though not thrusting. ‘Are you going to put it inside, Phil?’ said Steve. ‘Can I? was Phil’s response, ‘will she let me?’ Steve said ‘Sure, you will be fine.’

Oh well, thanks for that Steve, I thought to myself, little did he know how much I was enjoying this!

Now that Phil had got into a more accessible position, I felt him thrust at me, just a little though. I felt his cock tip go just a little inside me. Steve said ‘It’s OK Phil, she’s OK with it’, then a very firm thrust from Phil and he was almost fully inside me.

He was now thrusting quite slowly, enjoying the feeling of his cock inside me, Steve was still just staring down between my legs, watching Phil’s cocking going in and out, felt to me like it was all in slow motion somehow. But it was a very exciting feeling, and I could now feel myself getting more and more juiced up by the second, it seemed.

Phil was still not fully inside though, I could feel his pubes against my bum cheeks, kind of tickling me on his slow, gently thrusts, until I pushed hard back onto him. I heard Phil groan as he went all the way into me, now his pubes tickling my anal area, his lower belly slapping against my bum cheeks, Steve saying ‘That’s it Phil, that’s great, she’s loving it, just loving it’.

I lifted my left leg even higher now, Phil had full access as he speeded up his thrusting, breathing faster and faster onto my neck and upper back, my juices squelching louder and louder as he sped up even more.

Then suddenly after only about 2 minutes of faster thrusting, one huge groan from Phil, well I knew he had come, maybe 2 big squirts inside me, then his cock slipped out, another 3 or 4 smaller squirts onto and around my labia. Phil then saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’, quickly jumping up off the bed and dashing off to the bathroom!

Well that didn’t last long. Steve was now kneeling up on the bed beside me, still staring down between my legs, holding my left leg up the air. ‘Oh fuck, Vicky, that was fantastic, I never thought you’d do that… ever!’

My panties were still on the bed, Steve reached over, grabbed them, telling me to put them back on. I told him not to be so stupid and to get me some tissues instead. He could not find any, Babs was still sparked out, Phil still in the bathroom, Steve passed me my briefs and told me to use those to wipe up down there… God, men are so hopeless at things like that.

‘So you didn’t mind doing that? Steve asked. ‘Well, you wanted me to, didn’t you?’ I said. He thought for a moment or two, eventually saying ‘But I never thought you would do anything like that!’

At that moment Phil came out of the bathroom, his shorts fastened back up now. ‘Oh, would you two like to drink your nightcaps now? I am sorry that Babs was so out of it, doesn’t seem fair somehow.’

Steve said ‘Oh don’t worry about it, next time maybe?’

Well ‘next time’ with Phil and Babs did not happen, for the rest of the holiday we barely saw them, at breakfast or at any other time. We were pretty convinced that Phil did not want Babs to know about what had happened that night, I guess some things are best unspoken, but it was great fun and absolutely no regrets.

In fact that was the start of our involvement with swingers and swappers, which has lasted for many years, way beyond our expectations!

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