The Morning Routine

By allabelle

” Mm, yes, yes!” she moans as she orgasms hard, holding my head to her pussy. When she’s finished, she sinks back on the couch and pets my head gently. “You really know your way around a pussy, my pet.”

I smile shyly and duck my head down to plant a quick kiss where her thigh meets her pussy. “What can I say, mistress? You inspire me.”

She hooks her fingers around my collar and tugs on it so I have no choice but to look up at her face. “Now that you’ve agreed to be my full-time pet, I need to explain your daily routine to you, do you understand?”

“Yes mistress, I’ll try my best to follow every request you have.”

“Excellent.” She gets up and bends down to fasten a leash to my new collar. “Follow me to the bedroom, on your hands and knees,” she instructs. “You will never walk beside me in this house. Any time I lead you somewhere, you will crawl behind me.”

I gulp. “Yes, mistress.” I can feel the slickness dripping out of my pussy at her commands.

She smiles at me. “Good girl. Now,” she continues as we reach the entrance of the bedroom. “You will not be sleeping in the bed with me. Not at first, at least. Perhaps if you are a very good girl, I will upgrade you. For now, you will sleep at the foot of my bed, on a futon.” She nods at the futon in question, folded up in a corner of the room.

“On weekdays, I will be woken up at seven in the mornings, so that I can be at work at nine. You will crawl under the covers and wake me up by licking my asshole. When you come to wake me up, I expect to see the futon kept away and coffee brewing in the kitchen. I recommend that you wake up by six forty-five, so that you will be able to complete all those tasks and get yourself ready for the day before you wake me up. You may wake up earlier than that, and any time before seven is your own personal time.

“Now, when I wake up, one of the first things I like to do is have my morning piss. I’d like to do it in bed, right into your mouth, but as you are a rather inexperienced piss drinker, we can start with you on your knees next to the bed as I either stand over you or sit on the bed. We will work our way up together, my pet.”

I blush. “Thank you, mistress.” To show my appreciation for her consideration, I crawl forward and kiss the tops of her feet.

She smiles at me. “That’s nice, sweetie. Now, after my morning piss, I will make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. You are to have everything ready, meaning my mug filled with water, and the toothpaste already on my toothbrush. As I brush my teeth, you are to continue licking my asshole. This is because I like to have my morning shit before I take a shower, and you are to loosen my asshole for me to speed up the process.

“As I have already told you, after brushing my teeth I will go to take a shit. I will sit backwards on the toilet in order to make it easier for you to hold my ass open. When I am done, I will require you to clean me. You may use toilet paper, or if you feel so inclined, your tongue. There is no compulsion here for you to do anything you are not comfortable with, and if you ever decide to lick me clean you will be rewarded greatly.”

I look up at my mistress to find her staring at me intently, and my heart fills with love at how thoughtful she is even in her domination. “Yes, mistress, thank you.”

“After my morning shit, it is time for my shower. You will be responsible for cleaning me. First, you will wash my hair, then soap my body. I want you to pay special attention to my underarms and tits. Do not touch my pussy and asshole when your hands are soapy. After you rinse me off, I will sit down on the shower bench and allow you to lick my pussy and ass clean.”

She tugs on my leash at this point to make sure that I am paying attention. “This is the only way my pussy and ass will be cleaned, do you understand me? Soap is too harsh and unnatural. You will take this responsibility seriously.”

I gulp and nod. “Of course, mistress. Your perfect body deserves only the best.”

She smiles down at me. “That’s right, pet. Now, in addition to cleaning me, you will also be responsible for making me cum in the shower.

“After my shower, you will dry me with the towel before drying yourself. Then, we will head down for breakfast. As I eat, you will kneel under the table. You will keep your lips on my pussy at all times, and only lick me if I tell you to do so.”

“Yes, mistress, I understand,” I murmur.

“You will then help me get ready by dressing me, and if I have to pee again you will take care of that. After I leave the house, you will be responsible for cleaning it and running errands. For the rest of the day, you will be free to pursue any activities you please. But you may not touch yourself and you may not cum without my permission. Understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

She smiled down at me. “Good girl. I think the evening routine can wait till later, don’t you? I feel like I need to pee…” she trailed off, widening her stance slightly.

I grin at her naughtily and sit up so that my mouth can reach her pussy…

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