Girl friend? – Girlfriend? Part 2

By HunterShambles

They found a taxi rank and waited a few minutes until a free one appeared. Soon they were back home and safely inside with their new clothes.

“That was such fun, that poor woman assistant went grey when we came out, she knew we’d switched clothes, although I bet she didn’t think we’d swapped knickers as well.”

“I know, isn’t strange pulling on warm knickers.”

Sarah snorted and sat down on the sofa.

“Let’s swap knickers again, ready, one, two, three, go,” Sarah stood and nodded

They swiftly raised their skirts and pulled their panties down, handing them to each other and pulling them on.

“Ohhh that’s nice, warm and moist, you little tease.”

“You too, mmmm, to think that’s been next to your pussy, yum yum.”

“Want your pussy licked?”

“Oh yeah, you?”


“Get them off again then, in fact let’s take everything off.”

They stripped quickly and knelt on the floor instinctively forming a sixty nine position on their sides. Raising a leg they moved in and began to lick and suck, finger fuck and kiss each other.

Twenty minutes later they lay back on the carpet, coated in each others juices, they reached for each other and held hands, basking in the afterglow of their orgasms.

A light played across the curtains, and a car bumped onto the driveway.

“Shit, it’s Dave and your Mum and Dad, they weren’t supposed to come back tonight, quick get dressed.”

They hauled on clothes and sat together on the sofa reading magazines as the others tumbled in, bags and cameras were deposited around as they all talked together.

“Bloody idiots, they should have known about the new rules that’s going to ruin everyone’s weekend now.”

“Hi hun, surprised to see us?” Dave bent and kissed Sarah’s lips, then licked his lips, and sniffed her mouth. A puzzled expression on his face.

Sue raised an eyebrow, but Sarah lowered her eyes.

The conversation raged around and the two girls were able to piece together that the organizers had forgotten to get some legal permission and so the event had to be cancelled late in the afternoon.

Sue announced that she was tired and was going up for a quick shower then bed, she said her good nights, but as she turned to go through the door, Dave blocked her way and kissed her lips quickly and again sniffed the air. This time his face registered recognition of the taste and smell and he looked from Sue to Sarah and back again. Sue pushed him gently and left, running upstairs.

She entered the bathroom and locked the door. Half an hour later with a towel wrapped round her she padded to her room. Entering she was surprised to see Dave sitting on her bed. He placed a finger to his lips and she nodded. She closed the door behind her and threw the towel off her and onto the bed beside him. She reached for her dressing gown and pulled it on. Hands on hips she stood in front of him.


“Why do you smell and taste of my wife’s pussy?”

“Do I?”

“You do and I think therefore the delicious smell and taste on her, is you.”


“So are you a Les and did you seduce my wife?”

“Try it the other way round buster, she seduced me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.”


“Got you there big bro. not expecting that were you?”

“I don’t believe you, she always wants sex, she’s always wanting me to make love to her.”

The door opened and Sarah stepped into the room, she eyed the pair warily.

“Hi, ok, everything tickety-boo?”

“Well not quite, your husband thinks I’m a closet Les and have been shagging you senseless, trying to convert you to be my bitch.”


“Yes really.”

“Hmm and what did you say?”

“I said you were the seducer, but I enjoyed every minute of it, had you not come in I’d have then told him I was ready to be your bitch.”

“I see, Dave, what do you think?”

“I smelt you on her and I smelt her on you, so you can’t deny it.”

“Well let’s not deny it then, Sue and I made love all day, except when we were shopping and oh at the pub, so now you know.”

“But why? why did you do it, aren’t I enough? don’t I satisfy you?”

“Darling, of course you satisfy me, you fill me up with that lovely prick of yours, but sometimes I need a women’s touch, I’m sorry, I should have been more honest with you.”

“So do you want a divorce or what?”

“Silly boy, why would I want to divorce you, you’re sexy and I need you too much to let you go.”

“So how can you want her as well?”

Dave jabbed a finger in Sue’s direction

“Because my darling, there are some things only a woman can do, and I love the taste of pussy, especially your sisters.”

“I can’t share you, I won’t share you, it’s either her or me.” Dave glared at Sarah, then turned to Sue,

“What about you, which way do you swing, are you bent or straight?”

“Whoa Dave, that’s very nasty intemperate language, but to answer your question, I don’t know. You see up to today I’ve never had sex with anyone, I was a virgin, although technically I suppose I still am, as I’ve never had a man. So I’m a little confused myself but based on today I could happily spend a lifetime licking pussies, but maybe I’m missing something not having a man inside me.”

Sarah stood with her mouth open, realising what Sue had said.

“Sue, I didn’t know, I am so sorry, I never ever thought that you wouldn’t have had sex before, I’m gobsmacked to think of what I’ve done.”

“Oh please, spare us the shock and pain speech you fucking whore, you shagged my sister because you fancied her, be honest about that.”

Dave’s face had reddened and flecks of saliva burst from his lips as he spoke. He clenched his fists and puffed out his chest, clearly really agitated.

“Dave, don’t: I can take care of myself, I’m a big girl now. Sarah, I loved every minute of it, I really did, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Dave, if you think that about Sarah you don’t deserve her, you’re angry and confused and I don’t blame you, but don’t think Sarah’s all at fault, I willingly went along with her in this, I loved it, I felt so happy and I never ever thought it would cause a wedge between the two of you, I wasn’t thinking properly. I’m sorry Dave, I really am, but it’s happened and it can’t be undone.”

“So what are we going to do now?” Dave sat on Sue’s bed and hung his head down tears rolling down his face. He began to sob loudly, his shoulders heaving. Sue sat down next to him and put her arm round his shoulder, Sarah sat the other side and did the same. Simultaneously they reached for his hands and held one each. Dave sobbed uncontrollably and the girls leaned in to hug him and hold him tight. They rocked him gently and his hands tightened in theirs. He talked between sobs,

“I love you so much Sarah, it hurts. I love everything about you, your hair, your eyes, mouth everything. Please don’t leave me, please, I couldn’t bear it without you, please, please, please…”

“Shhhh, Dave, it’s alright I won’t leave you, I want to be with you forever, please darling stop crying, come on stop now, that’s right, that’s good.”

Sue kissed Dave’s cheek and tightened her grip on his shoulder, as his sobbing slowed.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said, I’m so angry and confused, I love you so much, I…”

“Shhh, Dave it’s ok, I deserve your anger, I lied to you and I shouldn’t have, I was so worried you’d leave me, I couldn’t bear that, honestly.”

Sarah kissed Dave’s cheek and gripped his hand tighter.

“Oh God, what will Mum and Dad think?”

“Oh I forgot, one of the reasons I came up was that your parents have decided to go to the Henderson’s party after all, they’ll not be back til late, or early in the morning, according to your Dad.”

“Oh! ok, so no worries then.” Dave sniffed and pulled his hands free, “Sorry need to get my hankie,” he ran his hands over his jean pockets to locate the tissue. Finding it he delved into his left pocket. The girls sat up and took their hands off his shoulders. Dave blew his nose and wiped his face.

“So Sarah, how or when did this start?”

“Dave, do you remember me telling you about Julie, my friend from school, we grew up together, well it started then, and went on until I went to Uni, I lost touch with her and well until today I never wanted or needed another girl. Today however, I realised just how much I wanted a women’s touch, and how beautiful your sister is. I couldn’t help myself, she just blew my mind. I’m sorry you had to find out this way, I should have told you, so sorry.”

Sarah’s lips trembled and she hung her head. Dave put his arm round her and hugged her.

“So my little sister, how about you, do you love my wife?”

“Dave Yes without hesitation, yes I do, very much and I love you too. I hate myself for coming between you, but it was and will remain one of the most enjoyable and happy memories I’ll ever have. Well up until the point when you found out. That hurt, the look on your face as you realised, you were crushed. My dear, dear brother, I hope I’ll never have to relive that awful moment ever again. I have betrayed our trust and love and for that I can offer no defence.”

Sue looked Dave in the eyes,

“I got between you and your wife and I can only say it was lust and need and desire. You said Sarah was gorgeous and you were right and for a tiny moment I had it all in the palm of my hand. I can fully understand how you feel around her and I am jealous of your relationship with her. I love you both very much and I am sorry for the hurt and pain I’ve caused.”

“Oh Sue,” Sarah cried before bursting into floods of tears and holding on tightly to Dave.

He put out his hand and pulled Sue to him, she curled up beside him and his arm came round her shoulder and he hugged her close.

“Well this is an odd situation, here I am with the two most gorgeous women in the world and they’re both in tears. If it wasn’t for that I’d be the happiest man in the world.”

The girls sniffed and giggled, they sat huddled together for a while, then Dave giggled and looked into his lap. The girls followed his gaze and were startled to see the outline of his cock pressed against his trousers.

“Have you got a hard on?” Sarah gasped.

“Yes I have, and I am proud to say so, I have my gorgeous wife one side and my beautiful sister the other.” he beamed at them. “I am confused, but not angry, but I am horny as hell. Confession time: Sue I used to watch you undress then toss myself off, and now your dressing gown’s open and I can see your tiny perfect tits through the gap. Sarah I can feel your perfect boobs against my side. Tell me one red bloodied male that wouldn’t get a hard-on in my shoes?”

“How the hell did you see me undressing, you perv?” Sue slapped him gently as she looked down at the gap in her gown.

“Ahh that’s for me to know and you to wonder, needless to say, you’re a beautiful women and were a beautiful young girl. It’s because you have a bare pussy that I keep on at Sarah to get hers done. I loved the sight of you naked and thanks for the flash earlier. You really are one sexy sister. However, this one gets me hard in seconds and even with tonight’s disaster I am so glad I married Sarah, she’s one in a million.” He hugged Sarah harder and kissed her hair.

“What can we do about this, I want you so much, but I want Sue in my life, what do we do?”

“Sue’s my sister and I want her in my life too, I won’t let her go, no matter what. She’s always been part of my life and that will never change. If that means I have to share you with her, then so be it. I can’t be without either of you. However, no creeping around, this stays in the open, if you’re going to see Sue, I want to know, and I think it would be best if you met at our place, that way we can all be adult about things. Is that acceptable to you both?”

“Dave are you sure about this? It’s a big ask from me to you, are you sure you can handle this?”

“What’s to handle, I love you, I adore my sister, what’s the problem?”

“Dave, I love you and I love Sarah but I don’t know that I can actually, you know..”

“Make love to Sarah with me around?”

“Yes, it would be awkward, unnatural, I don’t think I would be comfortable knowing you are around and on your own, it wouldn’t be right.”

“But you did today, and if you’re honest with yourself can you stop wanting to see Sarah, or make love to her?”

“No I can’t, but I really don’t want to upset or destroy you, I love you Dave, I am so confused,”

“Sarah, do you want to keep seeing Sue, make love to her, be with her?”

“Yes I do Dave, but I want you too, I want to know when I need you to talk to, to help me you’re still going to be there. I’m being greedy I know, I want my cake and to eat it too.”

“Okay, so what if I tell you that I want Sue too, I’ve lusted after her for years, I was attracted to you initially because you’re very much like her, sorry Sarah, but it’s true, I would like to make love to my own sister.”

“Bloody hell, that came out of nowhere, I feel flattered and hurt. Flattered you think I am, are, was as beautiful as Sue and hurt for the same reasons. You bastard, so fucking me is also the fantasy of fucking your sister.” Sarah’s eyes flared.

“At first, yes to some extent, but you were real and different and not Sue and I came to really love the difference, the real woman, the real Sarah. You were never a substitute honestly.”

Sue sat on the bed looking at Dave, she had never suspected his infatuation with her. Never thought he was watching her, lusting over her, wanking at her undressing.

“I feel used and dirty, I’m just a pawn in your dirty sex games, what the hell were you both thinking involving me in your tawdry little fuckfests. Aren’t you both happy now, look at stupid little Susie, look what we did with her, we fucked her over good, we had her down and dirty on the floor. You bastards, you cruel, insensitive arrogant bastards; I hate you both.”

Sue went to stand and felt herself pinned down by Dave. She tried to struggle, her dressing gown opening more revealing her tiny breasts and hardening nipples. she pushed up against Dave who held her tightly.

“Whoah, whoah, Sue, this is no game, we’re not using you, we love you too much. believe me sister, I tried hard not to let my sexual feelings for you surface for a reason. I can’t bear to think of you withdrawing from my life. Sue believe me, I never would have said anything to you or come on to you, it’s only because of today, I wanted to clear the air and get everything off my chest. I love you Sue, truly, deeply and always. Please, please don’t go, talk to me and Sarah, we can work things out, Sue listen, I love you and I want to be the perfect older brother, that’s all. I love you so much.”

Sue stopped struggling, and Dave relaxed his grip, he moved away from her, allowing her to sit up and adjust her dressing gown. She smiled, Sarah and Dave smiled at her.

“Whap!” her hand came round and caught Dave full on the side of his face, he swayed backwards and his hand went to his jaw.

“Fuck, that hurt, but I expect I deserved that.”

“Yes you did you bastard, how dare you wank off to me undressing, how dare you say you want to fuck me, and as for you,” Sue swung round and raised her arm to Sarah.

“Go on Sue, do it, I deserve it, I really do. I used you today for my own gratification. You were perfect, young, beautiful, tender and with the nicest tasting pussy I’ve ever had. I lied, by the way, I had loads of pussy at Uni until I met Dave, and found his cock more satisfying. Truth told until today no pussy came close to Julies, until you. You’re better than her in every way. I love you and for a taste of that succulent pussy I’d crawl a hundred yards over broken glass. What could be more satisfying than a brother and sister with a perfect cock and cunt.”

Sarah drooled out her words and sat on the bed with her legs crossed, squeezing her thighs together.

Sue’s hand swung and connected with Sarah’s face and the loud slap jerked her head sideways. Sarah’s head swung back and a red hand print showed on her face.

“Fuck, that hurt, but it was worth it, it was worth all the pain for all the pleasure you gave me today, you know what I’m cumming in my pants that was so horny, and I want your pussy in my face and your brothers cock in my pussy, I want it all.”

Sarah stood and tore her clothes off, then attacked Dave, tearing at his shirt and jumper. Sue stared, then without thinking began to unbuckle her brothers belt, snapping the popper on his jeans and dragging the zip down. She pushed him backwards and tore at the legs of his jeans, dragging his pants with them.

She pulled his pants, jeans and socks off and threw them away, gazing at his short stubby erection, pre-cum oozing from the slit on his circumcised cock head. Sarah had his top off as Sue pulled the cord on her dressing gown open. she pulled the gown off and dropped to her knees in front of her brothers cock.

Sarah arrived seconds later and their lips met in a kiss that took Dave’s prick into their mouths, tongues and cock head colliding. Dave grunted and lay back overcome with pleasure. His fantasy of fucking his sister was a close as coming true as it ever would be. Sue and Sarah took turns to hold and suck his cock, until Sarah sat back and looked at Sue.

“Go on get on it, fuck your brother, do it.”

Sue stood and straddled Dave’s lap, lowering herself down onto the upright dick held in place by Sarah. She felt his cock head on her lips, at her opening, then inside her. She felt him fill her up and she sighed in pleasure, Sarah had, meanwhile, moved her hands up to Sue’s tits and was massaging them gently, a third and fourth hand joined in. Sue rose and fell in ecstasy, then Sarah’s nipple came to her lips and she gratefully sucked it into her mouth, rolling her tongue round it.

A devastating orgasm shook Sue and she thrashed and rolled as Dave’s prick pushed deeper into her. She felt herself falling and Sarah held her as she slithered off of Dave’s prick. sliding down to the floor, she watched Sarah take her place. Standing she placed her hands over Sarah’s shoulders and onto her breasts, joining Dave’s to massage and pinch and squeeze the delicate hills and hardened nipples.

Sarah turned her head and licked Sue’s nipple as Dave drove into his wife. Sarah’s climax was loud and noisy, and Dave held off as long as he could. As Sarah rolled off him, he grabbed his dick and punished it with his fist. Looking down at the two women on the floor he groaned and directed his cock at them. A stream of cum erupted from his cock head and he sprayed the two girls with his semen, he jerked and spasmed as his cock erupted with spurt after spurt. Finishing he sat back on the bed and grinned.

Nothing was said, the two girls stood and walked to Dave, sitting next to him on either side. Wrapping his arms around them he cradled them to him. He kissed each on their spunk covered faces as they nuzzled closer.

“we can work this out you know, we can.”

“Fuck, we’d better, I want to do that again,” said Sue, kissing Dave on the lips.

“Mmm, you bet,” said Sarah, turning Dave’s head to kiss him.

Sue leaned over and the three kissed as one, sharing tongues.

They clung together, then Sue touched Sarah’s breast, Sarah, ran her hand over Dave’s chest and Dave’s hand reached for Sue’s boob. They lay back and enjoyed just touching each other. Dave’s cock began to stiffen and the girls touched him and felt it spring fully erect.

“God! I hope your parents are really late back,” said Sarah, kissing Dave.

“Me too,” said Sue, running her hand over Dave’s chest, and back down to his cock.

“Do you think it’s possible for me to be able to kiss both your pussy’s at once?”

“Well that’s got to be worth working on.”

“I’m wet just thinking about that.”

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