It’s Always Been You Part 2

By rowdygal22

Before she could finish, Sara’s lips were on hers. The kiss was so gentle that Laura wasn’t sure if it was even real. Am I dreaming?, Laura thought. Just then, Sara opened her mouth a little wider, inviting Laura in. Even if this was a dream, she wasn’t about to let it go to waste. Slipping her tongue just barely inside of Sara’s mouth, it was the most amazing feeling that she’d ever experienced. The taste of her was addicting. Sweet. Sensual.

Sara moaned so quietly that if it wouldn’t have been for the complete darkness, Laura might not have heard it. She slid her hands down to grab Sara’s hips and pull her closer. Against Sara’s mouth, Laura whispered, “Are you sure?” Sara’s response was to begin backing Laura into her bedroom, their mouths never leaving each other. The backs of Laura’s knees hit the bed and she sat down, looking up at her best friend, the one person she had always been in love with. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. Sara’s gorgeous eyes were the deepest shade of blue that Laura had ever seen, they were full of desire.

Laura just slightly raised Sara’s shirt, kissing the tops of her hips, along her lower belly. She could hear Sara’s staggered breathing and it turned her on even more. Sara pushed Laura back onto the bed and climbed on top of her, but having wanted this for so long, imagining it a million different ways, Laura wasn’t about to give away the upper hand. She rolled them over so that Sara was laying underneath of her dazed, breathing hard, a little unsure, and never looking more beautiful. With just a look, Laura tried to show Sara how much this meant to her, how much she meant to her. She smiled as she ran her thumb along Sara’s jaw and then along her lower lip. She’d never been more mesmerized by the feel of another woman.

~Part 6~

No one had ever looked at her the way that Laura was looking at her right now. It was as if Laura could see inside of her very soul and loved her without hesitation. She never planned on kissing Laura when she was driving back in the middle of the night. She just wanted to tell her that she was sorry and that she never knew Laura felt that way about her. But as they were standing in that dark hall and holding onto one another, Sara began having the realization that the love she had for Laura was stronger than just friendship. She cared deeply for this woman in her arms. And once Laura started apologizing, Sara didn’t care about the consequences any longer.

Now, Laura was kissing her with a gentle passion that no man had ever shown her before. She could feel Laura’s hand on her side, her thigh between her legs, and her breasts pressed against her own. Laura was restraining herself. Sara could tell in the way she was holding onto her breath, how she was nearly shaking from desire. Deciding that she wanted everything that Laura wanted to give her, Sara pulled her into a deep, tongue-massaging kiss and began grinding her hips up against Laura.

Getting the exact response she wanted, Laura moaned into her mouth and started to take the lead. She pushed Sara back further onto the bed and began pulling off her own shirt. Sara watched in awe as she saw Laura’s tight stomach and perfect breasts. Never in her life had Sara looked at another woman like this and felt desire. All of these feelings were new, but not unwanted.

When Sara started to take off her shirt, Laura’s mouth went dry. After wanting this woman for 4 years, the reality of finally having her in her bed, stripping, was surreal. Sara was beautiful. Before she had a chance to take off any other articles of clothing, Laura pushed Sara back again and began kissing her. This time with a little more urgency. She began massaging Sara’s nipples outside of her bra, gaining an appreciative sigh from her. As she started nibbling and sucking at her neck, she slipped her hand down Sara’s stomach and hesitated above the top of her pajama pants. For the first time since Sara kissed her, Laura thought that maybe they were going too far. Maybe Sara wasn’t ready for this. She pulled back and looked in Sara’s eyes, asking in silence if this was alright. If Sara was ok with where this was going.

Without a word, Sara placed her hand over Laura’s and slid both their hands inside of her panties. They both moaned on contact. Laura couldn’t believe how wet Sara already was and it made her crazy with desire knowing how hot she had made Sara.

Laura had a much softer touch than Sara was used to. It was gentle, but strong and sure at the same time. Fingers sliding along the edge of her pussy lips, Sara was going crazy.

“Please, Laura, I need you.”

Breathing heavily and starting to ride Sara’s thigh, Laura whispered, “What do you want me to do, baby?”

“I want you inside me. Now.”

Not wanting to disappoint Sara in her first time with a woman, Laura decided to show her everything that she was missing. She began rubbing circles around Sara’s clit, eliciting a deep, uninhibited moan from her. Laura started shifting her weight to move down Sara’s body, kissing along her neck and collarbone. Her breasts, stomach, inner thighs. Then, as Sara could hardly take anymore teasing, Laura’s wrapped her lips around Sara’s clit as she slipped two fingers inside of her. Her hips thrust upwards as Sara couldn’t hold back any longer. “Ohhhh, yes, fuck baby!”

Laura flattened her tongue against Sara’s pussy and licked up and down, drawing every ounce of sweet honey from her. She continued licking as Sara began to come back down from the peak, then she moved back up to kiss her. Sara could taste herself on Laura’s tongue and was amazed at how good the combination of herself and Laura tasted.

As Laura looked at Sara with a goofy, satisfied look on her face, she couldn’t help, but fall completely in love with her. She had just given Sara an amazing orgasm and was happier than she had ever been. She kissed her again, putting all of her love into that kiss.

“I love you, Laura.”

At this, Laura opened her eyes, not believing what she just heard. She was worried that Sara would regret what had just happened, but…love? “What?”

Sara laughed quietly, “I said I love you, you idiot. I don’t know exactly how this is all going to work or what happens next, but I know I love you. I’m IN love with you.”

With Laura leaning down to kiss Sara and seal the deal, she said “I’m in love with you too, beautiful” against Sara’s lips.

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