A Movie Night Turns Naughty

By xxxHotnHorny69

Christina had a lot of friends that happend to be lesbians. Everyone thought this was strange but her. One of her friends was a lesbian named Bonnie. She was a boy-ish looking lesbian. She’s about 5’5″ tall, with short spiky dark burgundy hair and blue/grey eyes. She had her eyebrow and tongue pierced too. She was a chubby girl, but Christina loved that about her.

They started hanging out more and more often, becoming closer and closer. Bonnie would joke and make comments about Christina sexually. Christina was about 5’6″ tall, blue eyes, light brown hair, the most beautiful face around, a 36dd chest and weighed about 145 lbs.

Needless to say, Bonnie’s comments were accurate. Especially since Christina was always prancing around in tight low cut shirts and short skirts. One night Bonnie invited Christina over to watch movies with her. Christina was a little nervous at the thought of this because she was beginning to feel very strange when she got around Bonnie. She thought things that she wasn’t used to thinking. Bonnie made her very curious. And she kind of liked it. So she decided to throw caution to the wind and go and be open minded and have some fun.

When she got to Bonnie’s house, Bonnie was waiting with hard ciders and she was wearing a t-shirt and little shorts. Christina felt so out of place because of course she wore one of her little sexy outfits. Bonnie looked her up and down and Christina could tell she wanted some of what she saw. Bonnie said “Why don’t you come inside, and I’ll give you something more comfortable to slip into.”

“OK” said Christina. Christina went inside and followed Bonnie to her bedroom. Bonnie went to her dresser and pulled out a little tank top and a pair of even smaller shorts than she herself had on. “How are these?” she asked.

“They’ll do ok” answered Christina. Christina started to get undressed right in front of Bonnie thinking nothing of it. She happened to glance over at Bonnie and saw that she was staring very hard at her young clad in only a pair of thongs body.

“OH, sorry!” said Christina. “No problem!” replied Bonnie with a smirk on her face. After Christina got dressed, she followed Bonnie into the living room, grabbed her hard cider, and settled down on the big extremely comfortable black leather couch. “So, what movies are we going to watch?” said Christina.

“Oh, you’ll see.” said Bonnie with a devilish grin on her face. Bonnie sat down next to Christina and put her arm around her. “Get ready to be amused and strangely aroused!” said Bonnie. Christina gave her a puzzled look, but didn’t get alarmed or anything, because Bonnie could be a little strange at times. Christina looks at the screen, and realizes that this tape is definitely a porno.

“Amused?” Christina says. “Just watch.” answers Bonnie. On the screen a scene comes into focus. Christina does a double take when she realizes that it’s 2 men completely naked, fondling each other.

“What on earth are we watching?” says Christina.

“It’s gay male pornography.” says Bonnie. “For some reason, it turns me on so bad, I use it when I masturbate, I thought you might enjoy it, since I know how much you love pornos.” Christina said “Well you’re right, I do love porn, but I don’t know about this.”

“Just keep watching!” said Bonnie.

So Christina turns her attention back to the television, amazed at what she’s seeing. She watches as the 2 men suck each others hard glistening cocks. They talk so much shit to each other it is very amusing. The men then switch positions and grab some lube. One man bends the other over and talks some more shit to him and then fucks his companions tight little asshole.

And as he’s pounding away on screen, moaning like crazy, Christina notices that her pussy is beginning to feel very warm and very moist. She looks over at Bonnie and sees that Bonnie is practically drooling. Christina says “You were right about the strangely arousing part, my panties are getting soaked!”

Bonnie looks at wide eyed and says “so are mine, what should we do about it?” Christina replies, “I don’t know about you but I need to relieve some of this tension that’s building up. If you don’t mind, I’m going to slip my hand into my shorts and rub my clit. It’s so swollen and wet. It’s practically calling my name.” Bonnie laughs and says, “Sounds like a good plan to me, I think I’ll do the same.” So Bonnie and Christina both stick their hands into their shorts and go to work on their own clits. “You’re not watching the screen.” says Christina.

“Neither are you.” relied Bonnie. “Oh yeah! It’s just, I can’t stop thinking about how great it would feel if it was your hand rubbing my clit instead of my own.” said Christina “I was thinking the same thing. How about we switch? You rub my clit and I’ll rub yours?” said Bonnie. “OK” Christina reached over and pulled aside the leg to Bonnie’s shorts and panties, at once getting her fingers soaked from Bonnie’s dripping cunt juices. “Wow” said Christina “You’re as wet as I am, I didn’t think that was possible!” Bonnie slides her hand down the front of Christina’s shorts feeling her hairless mound, sliding down to her swollen hardening drenched clit.

“Good God! Your slit is like a river!” said Bonnie. Bonnie began trying to rub up and down Christina’s slit, but the shorts and the thongs kept hindering her attempts. She reached up and slid both of them off in one swift movement. Leaving Christina’s lower half completely exposed. Christina took her lead and slid her hand from Bonnie’s crotch, reached up and took off her tank top, leaving her completely naked to Bonnie. “Look at how hard my nipples are.” said Christina “You see what you do to me? You’re making me crazy!”

Bonnie continued to rub Christina’s slit, from her tight pink asshole to her swollen red clit, back and forth, just lightly driving Christina nuts. Bonnie then began kissing Christina’s neck, slowly moving down her chest, kissing all around her nipples on her tits, teasing her nipples with her hot moist breath, but not actually touching them. Christina began to wonder if she was going to go crazy from the anticipation her nipples were experiencing, and imagining what she could do to the rest of her! Bonnie finally licked her right nipple very very lightly, sending shivers all over Christina’s body. “OH god baby that feels like heaven” sighed Christina.

“That’s nothing, you just wait!” said Bonnie. Bonnie did the same to her other nipple, lightly licking it. Then she sucked on it a little, and nibbled it, causing a moan to escape Christina’s lips. Bonnie moved back to her right nipple and did the same thing. Her hand that is on Christina’s pussy is completely soaked, and she brings it up to Christina’s lips. Christina takes her fingers into her mouth and sucks and licks them dry. Bonnie then leans in and kisses her very passionately, sucking on her bottom lip, savoring Christina’s juices. “Jesus you taste so good.” said Bonnie. “I want more!”

And with that said she slowly kissed her way down Christina’s neck and chest, pausing at each nipple to give them little nibbles, kissing down her stomach and down each thigh. Bonnie grabs Christina’s legs and puts them up on her shoulders, kissing the insides of Christina’s thighs, exhaling her warm breath on them, making Christina quiver with desire. She very lightly licks up Christina’s sopping wet slit, while she rubs Christina’s nice round ass cheeks. She smacks the side of Christina’s ass, and spreads her lips apart with her other hand. Bonnie pauses for a second to look at the beautiful shaved pussy that is before her.

Christina’s twat is literally dripping onto the couch, which earns her another smack on the ass. Bonnie takes her smacking hand and rubs it on Christina’s lips, collecting moisture, she then inserts her finger into Christina’s pussy very slowly, while licking her clit at the same time. Christina moans with pleasure “oh baby that feels so good. Please make me cum. I’ll do anything you want. Just make me cum so hard!”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna take care of you hunny.” says Bonnie. Bonnie shoves another finger into Christina’s dripping wet hole, and begins to finger fuck her like no one has before. She gives her clit a tongue thrashing while she does this, licking up and down and side to side, lifting her hood way up to expose her clit better. She sucks on it and fucks her harder and faster and Christina starts to moan very loudyly. “I’m gonna cum” says Christina “It’s almost here, fuck me baby, fuck me!” Bonnie doesnt need any mre encouragement. She licks and licks and sucks and fucks her swollen pussy even harder and faster than before.

Christina is practically screaming with the build up of her orgasm. “OH GOD YES BABY FUCK ME YES! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING! EAT ME, YES, GODDAMNITT I LOVE HOW YOU EAT MY PUSSY! OHHHHHHHH GOODDDDDDDDDDD OHHHH JESUS!” Christina starts bucking wildly, Bonnie can barely keep her fingers inside of her and her tongue on her clit, but she manages. Bonnie can feel Christina’s pussy squeezing her fingers from her orgasm.

She pulls her fingers out and puts her mouth over Christina’s hole, just in time to get a mouth full of hot delicious liquid. She swallows and rams her tongue up into Christina’s pussy, only to cause another orgasm. Christina screams again “OH YES BABY FUCK ME OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSS! YEAH YEAH OHHHHHHHHHHH” Bonnie keeps her tongue inside Christina and rubs her clit with her finger, sending wave after orgasmic wave through Christina’s body, making her shiver and shake. Bonnie lets go of Christina’s clit, and takes her tongue out of her pussy, and begins to lick Christina’s lips clean, as Christina comes down from her orgasmic high. When Christina can finally form a coherent sentence she says “I’ll never look at gay porn the same way again!”

“Thanks!” says Bonnie. “What about you? You didn’t get to cum! That’s not fair!” says Christina.

“That’s ok. I have more videos! You recuperate for a little bit and we’ll fool around some more.” Said Bonnie.

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” replied Christina.

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