Legend of Lexi Part 7

By Xarth

Lexi bit her lip. “Yes please.”

“Good to know.” I kissed her just above her clit. “Wasn’t sure.”


“Well… I dunno.”

“Because you seemed fine waking up inside me. Tryin’ to be all chivalrous or something?”

“… maybe.”

She ruffled my hair affectionately. “You goof. You know chivalry isn’t what I’m after.”

“No. I suppose there hasn’t been much call for it, has there?”

“Not really, no.”

I went back to licking Lexi, already planning in my head what I might do next time I could force myself to get up before her. There were interesting possibilities if I truly didn’t have to worry about her being upset. Not that I’d believed she would be, but confirmation was nice.

Lexi cooed and wriggled as I licked her more and more aggressively. I loved eating her out, and I loved making her cum on my tongue even more. Now that the novelty of licking her awake was fading, I wanted to finish her off and put a nice little cap on our early morning naughtiness.

She eventually came for me, giving me a last messy taste of her delicious pussy as her orgasm flooded my lips. I licked her gently back down to earth, then crawled up to cuddle with her.

I spooned in behind Lexi as she rolled onto her side. I was so hard for her, my erection all snugly pressed into her butt and demanding not to be ignored. There was going to be more fun, but I had something to ask her first.

“I could get used to this,” Lexi mumbled contentedly.

I slipped a hand under her shirt, pushing the material partway up her tummy as I located her tits by feel. “Nice, isn’t it?”


I kissed her shoulder. “Lexi?”


“I’ve been thinking.”

“That’s dangerous.”

“It really is. I love you.”

“I know.”

“I want you to be my girlfriend.”

She tensed. Her response was slow in coming this time. “Aiden, you know we can’t. I can’t date my brother.”

“Who said anything about dating?”

“You literally just did.”

“I said I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be together. We don’t have to date.”

“How exactly does that work?” The amusement was thick in her tone.

“You’ll like it, I think.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mmhm. Here’s my cunning plan.”

“Tell me.”

“We’ll be together, yeah? But we won’t tell anyone. We’ll be super sneaky about it.”

“That’s… already what we do.”

“Exactly. So it’ll be easy.”

“Then what’s the difference?”

“‘Cause then we have a bonus secret. And it’s official. Secret, but official.”

“Official, huh?”


“You know you’d be stuck with me then.”

“When have I ever not been?”

“And you wouldn’t be allowed to see other girls.”

“Why would I want to?”

Lexi shrugged. “Well, you went after your own sister. You’re obviously horny and out of control.”

I tickled her side where she was vulnerable, making her squeal and try to roll away. “You know that’s not what happened.”

“Do I?”

“You do.” I had to wrestle her a bit to get on top of her, pin her down, and kiss her properly. “I honestly love you, Lexi. Just you. I don’t care if no one else knows. Only we have to know.”

She chewed on her lip, eyes searching for clues in mine. “I do like it being our secret,” she said.

“I thought you might.”

“And it doesn’t really change anything.”

“That’s my point.”

Lexi booped my nose. “Ok. You win. You can be my boyfriend.”

“Actually, you’re my girlfriend.”

“Nuh uh. You’re my boyfriend. I called it.”


Lexi nudged my shoulder, dislodging my arm and allowing her to scoot out from under me. Her top didn’t cover her pussy when she stood up, which was very distracting.

“Good. Got that settled. That was too much work this early in the morning.”

“Tell me about it.”

She flipped her hair casually and turned toward the door. “I’ma go play some Zelda. You wanna watch?”

I was already staring at her swaying butt as I followed behind her. “Just watch?”

“Well… maybe you can find something to occupy yourself with.”

“Yeah. I think maybe I can.”


It took me a while to sneak in on Lexi again. I tried my best a few times, but now that she knew and could anticipate, it just wasn’t happening. She was as disappointed as I was.

The trick that ended up working was to do it on a weekday. She wasn’t expecting that, and so was in a nice, deep sleep when I padded into her room at perhaps the ungodliest hour I’d ever been awake. Or rather, that I was awake after having slept, rather than before I’d even gone to bed.

I was still careful and silent, since I’d been foiled before by Lexi being easily disturbed when she was expecting something. Even though I thought I’d beaten her this time and she’d be sleeping normally, I didn’t want to ruin everything by being overconfident. I needed my payoff for all this inhumane early rising nonsense.

Lexi was bottomless, as she’d been every night for weeks, so far as I could tell. Her dedication to maybe getting some action in her sleep was both hot and kind of adorable.

I’d been hard before even entering her room, just from the thought of what was coming. When it came to Lexi, it didn’t take much to get me going. Now, alone with her, staring at her pretty pussy while she dozed unaware, I couldn’t have been any more aroused. This was it. What I’d been striving for.

I spread Lexi’s legs as gently as I could, exposing her sweet little pussy for a nice, soft tongue bath. I loved licking her anywhere that was on offer, it was very nearly my favourite activity with her, and it was all the hotter doing it while she was asleep.

As much as I enjoyed the thrill of waiting for her to wake up to find my brotherly tongue buried in her, I very much hoped that wouldn’t happen this time. I just wanted to get her all soaking wet and ready for more. She reacted so nicely to my licking, even when she didn’t know about it. Her pussy knew what was up without conscious instruction at all.

Getting inside my angelically snoozing sister was trickier than licking her. I could be gentle and soothing with my soft, wet tongue, but my cock was hard and needed to go much deeper.

It was a struggle of self-control to push into Lexi so very slowly. No kissing, no fondling, no putting any unnecessary weight on her. Just sliding into her waiting pussy, barely breathing, and filling her up without waking her.

I had to fuck her so slowly, so gently. It was the kind of exquisite torture Lexi liked to visit upon me, only I was doing it to myself this time. I had good cause, sure, and I never doubted it, but I so badly wanted to pound the shit out of her and make a nice cummy mess. That would certainly wake her up and would ruin all my efforts, but boy was it tempting.

I was actually sweating and feeling some ache in my muscles by the time I got close. Despite not going hard or fast in any respect, it was a pretty physically intense time. Having to hold a careful position while giving steady, gentle thrusts into my sleeping sister was a workout all its own.

And it was all so very worth it in the end. I gave a happy, successful sigh than turned into a moan, my cock finally pulsing and spurting cum, finishing the sexy task I’d assigned myself.

Lexi’s breathing changed and her eyes fluttered open as my cum continued to flood into her. It only took a second or two before she broke out into the hugest grin I’d ever seen. She stretched out, lazily accepting the last of my cum while waking up.

“Almost had a perfect run,” I said, smiling back then giving her a good morning kiss.

She shook her head. “No, you nailed it. That was perfect.”

“You think?”

Lexi pulled in for another kiss. “I know. Feeling that last little bit, knowing what you’ve been up to…” She bit her lip and looked deep into my eyes. “It was amazing. Thank you.”

We kissed and snuggled some more, then I eventually made my way back to bed since I still had a possible hour or two of sleep I could sneak in before having to actually start my day. I probably should have guessed what Lexi had in mind, but I was running a bit of a sleep deficit for the night and wasn’t quite thinking everything through.

When I awoke again later on, it was with my cock firmly ensconced in Lexi’s ass. Not only had she managed not to injure herself playing with her butt this time, but she’d fully buried me inside, and was grinding on me to such a beautiful wake up call. The sort of wake up that she was much more practiced at giving me than vice versa, though not one that she’d ever done with her ass quite like this.

Lexi was facing away from me, giving me such a beautiful view of her grinding her bum around on my cock. She bounced on it a little, but only softly until she knew I was awake, at which point her bouncing got a whole lot harder and more fun.

Her hand was busy on her pussy, probably working her clit if I had to guess, while she rode me to my second orgasm of the morning. She came before I did, but there was barely a stutter in her rhythm as she kept anally milking me for the sexy mess she was after. Her bum eventually got a nice, big load to match the one in her pussy, which delighted her to no end, judging by the smile on her face when she finally turned around.

We didn’t really have time for cuddling at this point in the morning. We were running ourselves pretty late and needed to get moving. I took the time to appreciate Lexi pulling a fresh pair of panties up her legs and snugging them cozily to her messy holes, but then I really had to get moving.

Lexi wasn’t even done yet. I was in the bathroom trying to get ready when she waltzed in like she hadn’t a care in the world, dropped to her knees, and scooted as close between me and the sink as she could. She yanked my boxers down with no preamble at all, the only clothing I’d yet managed to don, and started sucking on my soft cock like we hadn’t had sex in months.

I couldn’t say no to her. Not even knowing how close we were pushing our time. Not even with the risk that our parents would wonder what the hell was keeping the both of us this morning. One look into her big, adorable eyes as she sucked on me was enough to dispel the very notion of trying to stop her.

I somehow managed to shave while getting frantically sucked off by my horny little sister, but I had no idea how I didn’t cut myself repeatedly in the attempt. As soon as I’d finished I had to lean on the sink for support. Lexi was working me hard and making my legs go all funny.

Lexi wanted another mess of cum, and she got it. It wasn’t as nice a load as the first two of the morning, but her ferocious assault on my cock still got pretty good results. She had a nice mouthful as she stood back up.

“You gonna swallow or what?” I asked as she leaned against the sink where I’d braced myself moments ago.

Her mouth remained closed, cheeks slightly puffed out. She shook her head.

“Spit?” I asked.

Another shake of her head.

Lexi’s eyes rolled back as her fingers slipped into her panties and found her clit. She rubbed herself with all the frantic horniness that she’d just finished showing on her surprise blowjob.

I shrugged and pushed her top over her tits. There’d be no reasoning with her at least until she came. Might as well give her a hand. Or two.

I ran my fingers over her pussy from outside her panties, while she continued hard-focusing on her clit from within. I played with her tits with my other hand, sometimes leaning in to kiss and suck on them some, though I couldn’t help myself from spending more of my time watching her face as she neared orgasm.

Her mouth was full of my cum. As were her pussy and ass. Her eyes were rolled back so far I was afraid they’d get lost. The noises she made even through her firmly closed lips would have had my cock twitching on any morning except the one that had seen me cumming three times in such quick succession already.

It was a thing of beauty to watch her get herself off.

Lexi finally brought herself to a hard, shaking, leg-weakening orgasm. She only swallowed the cum in her mouth as the last of her pleasure receded, sucking in large breaths as she stabilized.

I held onto her until I was sure she wasn’t going to fall over. She beamed at me and wrapped her arms around my neck for a long, loving kiss. Her tongue was still pretty cummy, but she mostly kept it to herself.

“We’re gonna be so late,” I said.

“I know. Worth it though.”

I nodded. “I’m inclined to agree.”

Lexi smiled even wider. “I had my brother’s cum in my pussy, my butt, and my mouth all at the same time.”

“I noticed that, yes.”

“He’s the bestest secret boyfriend ever.”

“Good to know.”

“And this gives me another sexy secret.” Lexi gave me a quick kiss. “Only for me and you. No one else.”

“You like your secrets.”

“Don’t you?”

I had to admit, they were pretty great most of the time. “You know, I really do.”

“Thought so.”

Lexi kissed me again, another long and deep one while pressing herself sensually against me. I held her to me, running my hands everywhere, but I knew we had to pull ourselves together.

“We’re so late.”

“I know.”

“You need to stop kissing me.”

Lexi grinned, gave me a last quick peck, then flounced away. She stopped and half turned at the doorway. “You could just stop kissing me, you know.”

I looked down to her butt, panties molded to it and showing the cleft between her ass cheeks, then up to where her breasts were still showing since she hadn’t fixed her top, then to her beaming face.

“Sometimes I really can’t,” I said.

Lexi giggled and finally pulled her top down before prancing down the hall. I followed her, watching her swaying butt for the brief time before we each went to our separate rooms to get dressed.

I had to agree with her, in my own reciprocal way. She was the bestest secret girlfriend ever.

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