Legend of Lexi Part 6

By Xarth

“Did it? I thought it was just a weird obsession thing that I-”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m admitting it, alright? Would you just please, like… you know.”

I smiled, unable to help it turning into a bit of a smirk. “Would you like me to make it feel better?”

“Yes please,” she mumbled.

“Well you’ve come to the right place.” I held up the controller. “You want to play?”


We got situated into what was definitely one of my favourite positions. Lexi stretched out on her tummy, naked from the waist down, focus firmly on her game until I did something to change that. I nestled in between her legs, getting all the access to her sweet little ass that I could ever want.

Lexi’s poor butthole was a bit tender. After some initial testing, I kept my fingers well away, and soothed it with the very gentlest of licks and kisses. She was on edge at first, but began to relax under my dedicated care.

As she was salved by my tongue and saliva, some of the sting seemed to gradually fade away. I got firmer and deeper with my tonguing, really spreading her cheeks and getting my face in there. Her ass was so damn addicting, I couldn’t have maintained a delicate, professional touch if I’d wanted to.

Lexi was enjoying herself too, now that I’d taken care of her initial pain. She was getting all wiggly the way she did when I made her horny but she didn’t want to show it too obviously. When I checked her pussy, it was all wet and ready for fun.

I fingered Lexi while eating her ass, getting her all worked up. Of course, I got myself pretty horny too. I eventually had to take a quick break to ditch my bottoms and let my hard cock run free.

In the brief time I had my back turned, Lexi had rolled over and was watching me as I turned around again. My gaze swung from her face down to between her immodestly spread legs, then back again. I shrugged and repositioned myself to eat her pussy instead of her ass. I was flexible when I needed to be.

“You got your cock out,” Lexi said after a few minutes of letting me lick her wet little slit.

“You noticed.”

“What do you think you’re gonna do with it, hm?”

“Nothin’. Was getting uncomfortable, is all.”

“Uh huh. Well you can’t fuck my butt.”

“I know.”

“It’s still sore.”

“I’m aware.”

“So you can’t.”


I licked Lexi some more. I had a feeling she wasn’t finished, but she tasted really good, and I was enjoying myself. She’d say whatever it was in her own time.

“It’ll just have to be my pussy,” she finally said.

I finished a last lick almost comically slowly, then stared at her. Fuck her pussy, huh? I couldn’t very well say no to that. I’d been ready for the usual grinding on her, or maybe getting jerked off at some point. This was better. Far better.

“Well, if it has to be,” I said with all due solemnity, “who am I to argue?”

“Who indeed?” Lexi murmured.

My licks transitioned upward into a soft trail of kisses and nuzzles leading to Lexi’s mouth, which I gave some extra attention. Kissing her properly put my cock just about level with where it needed to be, which was a double bonus.

This was probably what she’d been angling for right from the start. The way she bucked her hips to rub all over my cock, the way she kissed me back, there was no way her suggestion had been anything like as casual or out of necessity as she’d wanted it to sound. Taking things even further back, I could only assume she’d been in a particularly horny mood anyway if she’d tried fucking her own ass in the first place. I’d have to subtly remind her at some point that that was my job.

I started grinding back against Lexi, needing more of her rubbing on my cock. She was so slick against me, so tantalizing. Her pussy was also a much more natural fit than her butt, in some ways. My cock could practically navigate on its own, Lexi’s body was doing such a fantastic job of coaxing it in.

I slowed my movements, but let our bodies do what they wanted to do. My cock found her entrance and the head slipped inside just as smoothly as if we’d done this thousands of times before.

Lexi clasped me tightly and tried to wiggle me deeper, but she was stuck beneath me and didn’t have the right leverage. I kissed her firmly as I obliged and thrust into her.

Her pussy accepted me eagerly. It was tight and wet, like her ass in some ways, very different in others. Regardless of the minutiae, it was a simply wonderful feeling to slip deeper and deeper, and eventually bury my cock inside. It felt so right, so very amazing.

I pulled my head back enough to look at Lexi’s face. She was the reason. Sure she felt good physically just goddamn everywhere I’d touched her, tasted her, and been inside her. But that wasn’t all of it. It was that she was Lexi. My sister. The person I trusted and knew best of anyone in my life. The one I spent so much time with and still never got tired of. Sex with her was on a whole other level from just the physical act of it.

I could only hope she understood she was spoiling me. That every new experience we shared was another step that couldn’t be taken back. Just as I had become helplessly addicted to her ass, so to could I develop other obsessions. From just the feeling of her pussy gripping the full length of my cock, I was pretty sure I’d found a new one.

At the same time, it was quite possible Lexi knew exactly what I felt with her. Her fingers were digging into me enough to hurt, her eyes were rolled back, and her mouth open in either a pant, or just waiting for me to kiss her again. Her oft feigned indifference or dismissiveness of my desire for her had always clearly been a game of sorts, but I hadn’t considered that part of her coyness might have been an emotional layer of defense. A way of maintaining control not just over me, but over herself as well.

Or maybe it was just fun, and I was reading too much into things.

“You’re staring,” Lexi chastised lightly.

“Sorry. Couldn’t help it.”

“You have a bit of a problem with that sort of thing, don’t you?”

“Around you, sure.”

Lexi rolled her eyes, but her lips betrayed a smile all the same. I kissed her and rocked my hips back and forth, making her moan into my mouth. She grinded back on me even more energetically, as well as squeezing her pussy around my cock and doing just amazing things down there.

We were a little uncoordinated and still figuring things out, but I enjoyed every second of it. Every move, every touch, whether dextrous or fumbling, held its own special magic. Every meeting of our eyes in between kisses contained some small communication.

Lexi tugged at my shirt, forcing me to move even less smoothly for a moment while I helped her get it over my head. I responded by pushing her top up over her breasts and leaving it there. I didn’t need it off, just out of the way. Her hands clutched at bare skin now, sometimes rubbing over my chest when there was room. I fondled her tits right back, then lay closer to her so that our chests could press together.

I fucked Lexi harder, getting just as much an increase in vigour from her as she matched my energy at every step. I wanted more, and harder, and deeper. If anything, her desire might have been all the greater.

In a sense, it was a bigger thing for her. It was probably a more significant difference for her between me being in her butt or her pussy. If I felt those exquisite little differences on my end, I could only imagine how she experienced them.

“You’re gonna make a mess again,” Lexi whispered as she nipped at my earlobe.

“Eventually, sure.”

“Inside me.”


“Bad brother, always messing me like that.”

“I could cum somewhere else.”

“And make me clean it up? Rude.”

I smiled, then turned my head to meet her mouth, pulling my ear away from her and replacing it with my lips. I nipped back at her bottom lip as revenge for her toothy excursion.

“I could cum in you again,” I said.

“Bad brother.”

“But only if you want me to.”

She looked at me, a faint wrinkle on her brow, a slight pout on her lip. I held her gaze evenly, or as evenly as I could while constantly thrusting into her tight little pussy.

“Please?” she said.

I nodded, kissed her again, and lost myself in her, in so many ways.

I didn’t worry about holding back from cumming. Not if she wanted it. I just let it happen naturally.

Lexi’s nails dug into my flesh as we came. She buried her face in my neck. My cum exploded inside her, into her already soaked pussy, making just the sort of mess she’d alluded to. The mess she wanted.

If I’d thought cumming in her ass was special, this was something else again. I wasn’t sure that I preferred one or the other from a physical standpoint, but emotionally I knew this meant more.

I rolled to the side, Lexi followed, clinging so close that I didn’t slip out of her right away. We held each other in a warm, loving embrace, and I slowly softened until my cock slid out of her on its own. It was a bit gooey, but most of my cum remained inside her.

“It’s better when the mess is inside,” Lexi murmured, slipping a hand between her legs and cupping her pussy.

“Is it?”

“Mmhm. Tidier.”

I snorted softly. “Sure. Tidy. That’s what it is.”

“And secret.”


“Yeah. No one knows. But I do. I can feel it.”

“Tidy and secret, huh?”

Lexi smiled and kissed me. “Don’t look all befuddled. I like having you cum in me, ok? ‘Cause it’s yours, and ’cause it’s naughty.”

“But mostly because you don’t have to clean up right away, right?”

She giggled. “Sure, yeah, that’s the main thing.”

“Thought so.” I wrapped my arms around her, nestling my chin against her shoulder. “I love you,” I said.

“Love you too, Aiden. And your perviness. And messes.”

“I’m serious.”

Lexi pulled back to look at me. She sighed gently. “Me too. Really. But, like, we can’t date or anything, right? You remember that?”

“Of course I do.”

“You’re my brother.”

“Got it. Doesn’t mean I can’t love you.”

“Siblings can love each other.”

“And kinda wish you were my girlfriend.”

Lexi pursed her lip. “See, you’re pushing it.”

“Just saying.”

“Yeah. I know.” She shrugged. “But I’d take you being my brother over my boyfriend any day.”

“Really?” I thought about it. “Yeah… yeah, you might be right.”

“Of course I am.”

“Only ’cause you’re a pervy sister though.”

Lexi mock-gasped. “Am not!”

“Are too.”

“I’m just… trying to deal with your perviness. You’ve corrupted me.”

“Oof. That’s no good. Guess I better stop cuddling naked with you, and licking you in fun places, and making messes, and-”

“Whoa, now, let’s not go crazy here.”

“No, no, you’ve got such a good point.” I extricated myself from Lexi’s clutches and started gathering clothes. “I need to be much more prim and proper. Set a good example.”

Lexi sat up. Her shirt slipped partway down over her tits. “Dammit, Aiden, come back to bed. You can lick me all the fun places you want.”

“Ooh, tempting. But I actually gotta take a wicked piss.”

Lexi collapsed backward, shaking her head. “Ugh. Changed my mind. And here I thought you had class.”

“Really? Maybe I do. Everyone pees, you know.”

“You don’t gotta say it and ruin the mood like that.”

“There’ll be other moods.”

“Will there though?”

“I’m pretty confident.”

My confidence was well justified, too. By the time I got back, which wasn’t all that long, Lexi had her shirt pulled down and was lying on my bed playing Zelda. She remained fully bottomless, long bare legs and pretty little bum all exposed and waiting for me, not to mention the pussy full of my cum that I knew she hadn’t done anything about.

I wasn’t quite in the mood to really start something again just yet, but I was happy to sit and play with her while she played her game, and kind of just see what happened.


Lexi and I were more inseparable than usual over the next little while. It was getting to a point where we almost couldn’t be in the same room without one of us sneaking some naughty feels. If we were in my bedroom, or otherwise confidently alone, those sneaky feels graduated to fondling, making out, getting half or fully naked, and various forms of sex.

It was pretty great, essentially.

Lexi had become less patient about waiting for me, especially in the mornings. I started waking up to find her already slowly stroking my cock when one of her hands was free. Once she figured I could take over naughtiness, she’d usually adopt her more passive, stretched out on my bed pose.

It probably shouldn’t have surprised me when I woke up one weekend morning and found she’d been less patient than ever. As I cracked my eyes and tried to sort out my bleary senses, I found that what I was feeling was Lexi already astride me and grinding gently with my cock firmly buried in her pussy. She was focused on her game, not fucking me very hard at all, but moving enough to immediately place it as the best wake up call of my life.

On that occasion, I didn’t take over. I didn’t make any move to. Nor, indeed, did she seem to care if I did. She had her hands and attention free, and I got to wake up as slowly and luxuriously as a boy could ever ask for.

Wake up sex got worked into Lexi’s rotation, much to my delight. She still did a lot of casual jerking off, bottomlessly waiting for me to wake up and play with her, and on one notable occasion when I’d been too deep a sleeper, actually sitting firmly on my face and not getting off until I licked her out.

All of that was on top of whatever other games we felt like playing at other times. Those were great too, but mornings with Lexi had taken over even more a special place in my heart than they’d occupied before. She made waking up fun.

Quite surprisingly to me, it was Mom who made me think harder about Lexi and me. Not that she meant to by any means. In fact, she started off my scaring the shit out of me.

“I think Lexi’s seeing someone,” Mom said.

Luckily, she wasn’t looking at me, as I’m sure my face was a horrifying mix of confusion, fear, and jealousy. I forced myself to rein it in and get more information before I panicked properly. I wasn’t even sure if I should panic because Mom was suspicious of us, or because Lexi was interested in someone else.

“You think so?” I asked.

“You haven’t noticed how different she’s been?”

“Uh… no? She’s just Lexi.”

“Maybe you don’t see it. But lately she’s just been so… happy, I guess. In good moods all the time.”

“Sometimes that just happens.”

“To teenagers?”


“She’s kind of reminding me of when I met your dad.”

I flinched. “Ok.”

“I wonder if she’s in love.”


“First love.” Mom sighed. “So beautiful, so fragile.”

“You’re freaking me out a little, Mom.”

“Sorry.” Mom ruffled my hair affectionately. “You’re not seeing anyone, are you? I shouldn’t just talk about your sister, I guess.”

I shrugged and hoped it looked casual. “Not as such.”

“No? And you don’t know of anyone Lexi’s seeing?”

“She hasn’t told me about any boys at school or anything,” I said carefully.

“Maybe not, then,” Mom said thoughtfully. “Could just be a big crush or something too, I suppose. But if I had to put money on it, I’d say she’s really into someone. Someone she hasn’t talked about.” She paused. “You don’t think it’s a girl, do you? And she doesn’t want us to know?”

I almost laughed at how wrong and right she was at the same time. Instead, I put a hand on her shoulder and somehow maintained composure. “Mom, she might just want her privacy. She doesn’t tell any of us everything.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Mom pouted. “I want to know what’s going on with her, that’s all.”

“I know, Mom. But teenagers, right? What can you do?”

Mom tilted her head. “I know you think you’re being funny, but just wait until you have a couple. See how you like it.”

“I plan on not having any. Saves the hassle.”

“Uh huh. We’ll see.”

I patted Mom patronizingly on the head. “Sure we will.”

“Things happen, Aiden.”

I thought of Lexi, my little sister, the girl I was in love with, having sex with every day, and wanted to spend all my free time with. The one girl who should never have been in the running for any of that.

“Now that I believe,” I mumbled absently.


In all the years Lexi had been sneaking into my room first thing in the morning, I didn’t think I’d ever returned the favour. I’d never had a reason to, for one, and she was so consistently an earlier riser that I wouldn’t have had much of a chance anyway.

It took a very deliberate effort to wake up early enough on the next available Saturday to beat her to it. It was an ungodly early hour for a weekend, but hopefully worth it.

No one else would be up yet, so I had no fears about padding over to Lexi’s room in just my boxers. It looked suspicious as hell, but I had to be seen for that to matter.

Lexi was still asleep, which was good, because the effect would have been somewhat ruined otherwise. I closed the door, approached her bed, and just watched her sleep for a moment. Something I so rarely had a chance to witness.

I painstakingly pulled her covers out of the way without disturbing her. She lay on her side, which was inconvenient, but was made up for by her not wearing any panties. I smiled at her half-naked, comfortably dozing form in the dim light. I couldn’t imagine why she’d think it would come up, but I was about eighty percent sure her bottomlessness was for my potential benefit. That or she’d really started to enjoy dressing that way thanks to our messing around.

I had no idea how to urge my sleeping sister onto her back without waking her, other than just try to physically move her and hope for the best. Some careful, gentle pressure eventually did the trick. I thought she was going to wake up once she’d rolled, but after waiting and watching for a couple minutes, I decided I’d either gotten away with it, or she was better at faking sleep than I was, and that seemed unlikely.

With all the tricky parts out of the way, I got to savour the most purely fun phase of my plan. For the first time I got to wake Lexi up by playing with her instead of vice versa. I felt her up a bit through her shirt, but that wasn’t what I was really after. No, I wanted her pussy.

Licking Lexi out was one of my favourite things anyway. Sure I didn’t get a reaction from her this time, but I often didn’t while she was awake either. In this case, I had the bonus anticipation of not knowing exactly when she’d wake up, that thrill of switching roles, and the exciting uncertainty of not being entirely sure what she’d do about it.

I licked and sucked gently on Lexi’s pussy, though with increasing fervour as the taste of her and my own naughtiness got me all horny. Even before she moved, I could tell when I’d finally awakened her. It was my first chance to understand what she’d meant about knowing when I was awake. There was something just simply different about her when the change happened.

“What are you doing up so early?” Lexi murmured, her fingers finding my hair and running through it lazily.

“I thought that was obvious.”

“Just couldn’t wait, huh?”

“Kinda that. Kinda other stuff.”


I kept rubbing Lexi, teasing her clit with my fingertips while we talked. “I thought it needed to happen.”

She gave me a sleepy, crooked smile. “I’m a little surprised you didn’t take the chance to do something… naughtier.”

“If you’d taken to long to wake up, maybe.” I kissed the inside of her thigh. “But then, I’d feel a little weird about taking too many liberties.”

“Well don’t feel bad. Take liberties.”

“You weren’t wearing panties on purpose, huh?”

“For almost two weeks now.” She sighed. “Always hopeful.”

“I’ll have to try harder in future.”

“Yes. You must.”

“So if you woke up and I was inside you…”

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