Legend of Lexi Part 5

By Xarth

Saturday morning found Lexi in my bed, pretty much just as expected. I felt her up some while I slowly came awake, and she pretended not to notice. Also as expected.

I noticed that she had a much baggier shirt on than usual for our weekend morning naughty play time. That didn’t alert my suspicions as much as maybe it should have. In the moment I just shrugged and flipped her shirt up to get it off her butt. I went wide-eyed afterward at the realization that she had no panties on underneath.

All I could do was stare, dumbfounded. I’d expected to get her panties off sooner or later, but I would never have guessed this is how it would go.

I caught the smirk on Lexi’s lips despite her best efforts to look forward and ignore me. It helped ground me back in reality. Sure I had my sister’s perfect little ass all nicely bared in front of me, and sure it rather pulled the rug out from under my expectations, but it was still Lexi I was dealing with, with all the good, bad, and impishness that entailed.

I ran my fingers reverently up her thigh and over her ass. I kept my touch light and teasing. Her deliberate lack of panties meant that I had a lot more leeway to play with, but it didn’t feel right to immediately explore these new boundaries right to their limits.

Instead, I went slow. I savoured the moment. I caressed Lexi’s thighs, hips, and back, with special attention paid to her ass. It took concerted effort to hold back, but I kept myself in check. Eventually I got her wiggling under my touch, seeking more. I responded with a gradually firmer fondling of her backside.

I straddled Lexi, settling in comfortably as I started to really lean in and massage her. I didn’t have to pretend I wasn’t after her butt this time. It was all about her ass. I continued to give some attention to her surrounding areas, but it was all focused on her pert little tushy.

Lexi’s breath caught a few times, and I got some quiet sighs and gasps from her. My careful progression to fully kneading her ass got some lovely reactions from her, small as they were. She got even squirmier when I spread her ass cheeks and experimented with rubbing my thumbs over the sensitive region between them.

Lexi’s butthole was as cute and perfect as I could have imagined. She seemed sensitive to it being touched, but I wasn’t yet sure whether her twitches were a sign of anxious enjoyment, or of seeking avoidance. For all I knew, she might not really have known either.

Until she gave me a clearer sign, I carried on rubbing her butthole, reveling in the freedom I had to play. I didn’t quite dare try to get a finger in, though I was very tempted. I circled and pressed, but stayed outside. Mixed with grabbing and rubbing her ass, I amused myself just fine.

Eventually I settled myself even lower, pushing Lexi’s legs apart so I could get right down between them. I caught her glancing back at me, but ignored her. I nuzzled her bum, giving little kisses and licks to her ass cheeks. She tasted good; clean and fresh, with just the slightest distinct flavour of her own that I’d previously tasted on her lips.

Again I spread her ass, this time for my tongue rather than my fingers. I kept my licks small at first, but they were quick and furious, getting longer and longer with every additional taste of her. Her little wiggles and sighs only encouraged me, fueling my new addiction to my sister’s butthole.

Lexi abruptly set her controller down and whirled her head around toward me. “Goddammit, Aiden.”

I paused, tongue mid-lick along her ass. It slowly retracted. “What?”

“You keep licking my butt.”

“Well… yeah.”

“You were s’posed to, you know, do other stuff.”

“Other stuff?”

Lexi squirmed and looked away for a moment. “I like when you play with my pussy, alright?”

“Sure. Makes sense.”

“And I wasn’t sure about taking my panties off. ‘Cause… I dunno. Just ’cause. But I kinda wanted to, and I wanted you to, like, play with me more.”

“Uh huh.”

Lexi balled up a fist. “And then all you want to do is eat my goddamn ass.”

I grinned. “You could have just asked.”

“It was obvious!”

“Was it? You’re kinda lying on your tummy. Your ass is way more visible. And it looks way too good to pass up.”

She flushed, a smile fighting for space on her lips. “Such a pervy brother.”

“That’s me!” I slipped a hand between her legs, below where I’d been playing. Her little slit was easy located by touch, and incredibly wet for me already. “You really could have just asked, though. I’m happy to help.”

Lexi looked like she wanted to retort, but thought better of it, bit her lip, and turned back away from me. She was getting what she wanted. Further arguing, fun as it might be, wasn’t really going to accomplish anything.

I got to keep on eating Lexi’s butt while rubbing her pussy. I alternated hands, using her own arousal to slick up her asshole, which both made it even more delicious, and allowed me to try probing deeper. She tensed when I tried to poke a finger in, but those reflexive contractions were getting slower and weaker all the time.

She took a pair of fingers in her pussy much easier. Unlike with her ass, Lexi was happy to get more action there, and was so wet and excited already that I could slip right in. She rocked her hips in a gentle motion, riding my fingers as they slipped deeper inside her.

I went back to aggressively eating Lexi’s ass as I felt the change in her. She was quivering with impending release, her pussy gripping my fingers tightly. I lapped at her butthole and finger-fucked her steadily while she moaned and wiggled, and eventually came under my diligent ministrations.

Lexi slowly recovered, body going still, breathing returning to normal. I kept up some soft caressing, but mainly just watched her.

“Better?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yeah. You do alright with some direction.”

I grinned. “That’s probably what I need. More direction to play with your butt.”

Lexi squealed as I smacked her bum. “Ow! No, you do that fine on your own. You need direction to do literally anything else, it seems.”

I used some leftover wetness from Lexi’s pussy to push a finger partway into her ass. “You might have a point.”

She glared at me, but in her relaxed, post-orgasm state, she didn’t tense at all at the intrusion. “You’ve got a problem.”

“I’ve got an obsession.” I kissed Lexi’s butt cheek while gently fingering her ass. “If you had the view I did, you’d understand.”

“If I were a pervy brother maybe I’d understand.”

“That too.”

I finger-fucked her some more, then sat up and tugged my boxers off. I’d pulled a Lexi on myself and gotten all horny and worked up, and was definitely getting to a point of needing to do something about it.

“What, you think you’re gonna fuck my ass now or something?” Lexi asked.

“That’s the plan,” I said cheerfully, with no expectation that she’d actually agree. I’d really only intended to grind on her until I came, but as long as she was going to bring the subject up, I’d take the long shot on it.

Lexi was quiet a moment, then, “Well you better damn well use real lube if you’re gonna do that.”

I stopped cold. “Really?”

“Yes really! You think I want you half-assing this?”

“No, I mean obviously lube, but… I can really, like, fuck your butt?”

Lexi squirmed. “Well, you probably need to cum, yeah?”

“I do.”

“And you have your weird obsession.”

“Not that weird.”

“So, like, you might as well, right?”

I tilted my head, considering what Lexi was telling me. “You want to try it, don’t you?”

“I’m totally indifferent. It’s just so you can-”

I leaned in over Lexi, accidentally dragging my erection along her butt, and kissed her on the cheek. “You’re still horny and want your brother inside you,” I whispered in her ear.

She elbowed me in the tummy and never looked back at me. “I’ll take back the offer. See if I don’t.”

I didn’t think she would, but I cut out the teasing anyway. I had to stop and ponder, which apparently was enough hesitation to make Lexi curious.

“What’s the hold up, not sure anymore? I wouldn’t have guessed you having second thoughts now.”

“Not at all. Just trying to think where I can get lube at this time of morning on a Saturday.”

Lexi stopped everything and slowly turned her whole body to face me. I absently checked out a better view of her pussy, but still had things on my mind.

“Are you fucking for real right now?”

I shook my head. “Not yet, alas.”

“You don’t have lube?”

“Why would I?”

“You… I… you…” Lexi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I can’t believe this nonsense.”

I shrugged, slightly embarrassed now. “There aren’t really a lot of opportunities where I need it, are there?”

Still with her eyes closed, “Fine. Top drawer of my dresser. You unprepared fool.”

I smiled, darted in for a kiss, then headed for her room. “Thanks, Lexi. You rock.”

“Yeah, I know,” she grumbled as I was on my way out.

I bounded down the hall, cock bouncing in front of me. An errant trail of precum smacked my thigh and stayed there. It was pretty damn stupid to be racing naked and horny for my sister’s room when I didn’t know for sure there were no parents lurking about, but I didn’t much care.

I had to dig through Lexi’s panties to find the lube she’d hidden away. I also found a vibrator on my quick sweep, and I suspected there might have been more to be found. However, it wouldn’t be right to pry into her private things just for my own curiousity. And, more importantly, her ass was waiting for me. I slammed the drawer shut and sprinted back to her.

Lexi was waiting for me. Not just still where I’d left her, but specifically awaiting my return. She’d ditched her shirt and adopted a face down, ass up position on my bed, presenting herself beautifully for me. In spite of my haste, I had to stop and just admire her for a moment.

I approached her much more calmly than I felt. I felt a full body ache of need and desire for my beautiful little sister. The adoration I had for her in that moment manifested physically inside me, making my actions wooden and drawing me in like I was under her thrall.

“You put your game away and everything,” I said softly in attempt to keep some control. “How romantic.”

“You’ve been too distracting. That’s all. I can’t play properly with you… doing stuff.”

“Uh huh. I’m sure that’s it.”

“It is!”

“I believe you.” I knelt behind her on the bed and casually ran a pair of fingers along her pussy. “I’m sure you’re crazy wet for totally unrelated reasons.”

“Ugh. I’m gonna regret this, aren’t I?”

“You most certainly will not.”

Lexi was ready for me, thanks to the work I’d put in already, but I didn’t risk ruining all that by going to fast. I got her butt nice and lubed up first, spreading it with my fingers and making sure to get inside her some too. Her hips rocked back a bit even just at that gentle penetration.

Grinding on her with my cock really got her going. She could protest all she wanted, but her pretense fell apart pretty quickly as I rubbed back and forth across her butt crack, teasing her little hole. She got all wiggly and made some cute, involuntary noises of desire and impatience.

“You gonna do it already or what?”

I smiled and spread her butt one last time to get a good look, then pressed the head of my cock to her butthole. “So impatient.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve got things to do today. Haven’t had breakfast even, and I’m getting… hungryyy…”

Her sentence trailed off into something like a surprised moan. Her ass took me even easier than I’d hoped, and I was inside her before she realized it. I stopped immediately, just in case, but I didn’t need to worry.

“Oh wow,” Lexi said. She clutched at the sheet beneath her, then released it. “That’s it?”

“Um… no? There’s more.”

“No, but I mean… I thought it was gonna hurt a little or something at first.”

“You were pretty well warmed up.”

“True. Pervy brother.”


Lexi bit her lip, then nodded to herself. “You can go deeper.”

I held her hips and gently pushed forward, then pulled back, then forward just a little bit more. She was tight, but not so much that I was worried about hurting her. I’d already seen that she could take my width. It was just a matter of working the rest of my cock into her snug little butt.

Lexi had her face turned on my bed such that I could see half of it. That was enough to watch the twitches of her lips and the way her visible eye rolled back when I sank deeper into her ass. I loved seeing the effect I was having on her, even while experiencing inverse but equally amazing sensations.

I expelled a huge sigh of contentment as I bottomed out fully inside my sister. Her butt had taken everything, the entire length of my cock, right down to my balls. It was so warm and cozy in her ass, and the way she gripped me when I pulled back was like she didn’t want to let me go.

“And you thought you’d hate this,” I said.

“I never said that.” Lexi bit her lip and clenched her hands into tight fists as I thrust a little harder. “And I definitely don’t hate it.”

“I knew you wouldn’t.”

“Sure you did.”

I got into a rhythm fucking Lexi’s ass. I held her hips steady, sometimes kneading and spreading her butt cheeks, but mostly just keeping her firmly in place for easy thrusting. She was very helpful about it, holding nice and still, only moving just a little to rock her hips back in time with mine. She could downplay it if she wanted, but there was no question she was loving this as much as I was.

Lexi closed her eyes and arched her back even more somehow, while always keeping her bum up in the air at a constant height. She alternated biting her lip and letting out soft moans and sighs. I was truly glad she liked it. It would have sucked if she didn’t, and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself. More than that, the pleasure she got, everything I could see and feel from her, it all made it that much more fun for me. Getting to bury my cock in my sister’s tight ass was physically amazing by itself, but getting that positive feedback from her amplified it to ridiculous levels.

It was undoubtedly the best morning ever. I’d already had the chance to play with Lexi for a while, to explore her ass in a way I wouldn’t have expected upon waking up, and now to leisurely fuck her up the butt and further my naughty claim on it. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that, excepting, possibly, more time.

It was just as well I couldn’t last forever. If I’d gone too long, I would have run the risk of wearing Lexi out, or chafing her butt and marring the experience. As much as I wanted to pound her ass for hours, I couldn’t resist its magnificence nearly so long, nor would it have been ideal in the grand scheme of things.

I kept fucking her until the very end, kept right on savouring every moment of being in my sister’s ass until I came inside it. There was a brief period of an even more magical experience, the bliss of cumming added to everything else, then came the gradual fading away.

I stayed inside Lexi for a bit afterward, even to the point where I could feel myself softening in her, then eventually pulled out. I lay down next to her, staring at nothing. She stayed right where she was a moment longer, then dropped flat to the mattress, curling up slightly while facing me.

“You really like making messes,” Lexi said softly.

“Didn’t make a mess. Very neat and clean.”

“Inside my butt’s a total mess. Don’t think I didn’t feel that.”

I grinned lazily. “But as long as you keep it in there, it’s not hardly a real mess, is it?”

She snorted. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Me walking around all day with a butt full of your cum.”

A thrill went up my spine. “Oh my god, I so would.”

“Naughty brother.”

“Bad sister.”

Lexi grinned back at me, then slipped an arm under her head and closed her eyes. I watched her a moment, then rolled my head to face the ceiling without really focusing on it. Her breathing was barely audible, but drew my ear as surely as an explosion would have. When I closed my eyes too, all I could see was her.

“Didn’t you say you were hungry?” I asked.

“Yeah. I am. I guess. Just maybe not that hungry.”


“Well… I dunno. I’ll get there. Eventually.”

I cracked an eyelid and peeked at her. Still just lying there. Still naked. Full of my cum. No sign of wanting to leave.

“Sure,” I said. “Eventually.”

We lazed around together for a while afterward. I got pretty hungry too, but I just didn’t want to move. It wasn’t even a matter of wanting to play with Lexi more, or to stare at her enticingly nude body, but rather just being with her, sharing our mutual secrets without having to say a word, and basking in her proximity.

We eventually got dressed and pretended like we were functional humans, but my day had begun and ended with Lexi first thing in the morning. The rest was a wash, except for the little thrill I got every time I saw her and thought of my cum still in her butt. I assumed she didn’t walk around with it all day, but I actually wasn’t sure about that.


Lexi and I kept messing around the next few days. Nothing on Earth could have stopped us, I think, other than perhaps a very large wall placed between us.

We spent a lot of time casually misclothed together, and hands sneaking places they shouldn’t was practically becoming ‘hello’ for us. I didn’t actually get to fuck her butt again right away. As much as she’d loved it the first time, she wasn’t giving me signals that she wanted it again, let alone actually telling me so. I still ate her ass out a few times and rubbed my cock on it in case that would work, but it didn’t go any further. Which was all fine with me. I was pretty sure it would happen again, and I was having lots of fun in the meantime.

I was chilling in my room one evening toward the end of the week when Lexi approached me differently than I was used to. She’d been getting to be quite well versed in luring me in when she wanted attention. Not that she’d ever truly struggled in that area, but since she’d begun to make a habit of showing off her tits or ass, or sometimes both, she didn’t run hardly any risk of being ignored.

This time was different. I was zoned out, reclining in my chair and playing a game, and instead of stretching out on my bed and ‘accidentally’ flashing me a little something, she sat firmly cross-legged on my bed, hands in her lap, staring fixedly at me until I acknowledged her presence.

“If this is you wanting to play, you’re picking an awfully strange way of going about it,” I said.

“It’s not,” Lexi said.

“Then what?”

“I hurt my butt.”

That got my attention. I paused my game and turned for a proper conversation. “From when we-”

“No. I had maybe a tiny little ache after that time.” Lexi flicked her hair. “So I thought, like, no big deal, right?”

“Um… I guess?”

“And I just wanted to experiment a little.”

“Uh huh.”

“And it fucking hurt!”

“Oh. Well that can happen. You used lube?”

“Oh course I did! Why would I not- nevermind. Just, like, how come it didn’t hurt when you did it?”

I cocked my head. “Well, you remember how I warmed you up for basically an hour?”

“You licked my butt like a pervy brother, sure.”

“I mean, I assume you didn’t warm up nearly so well this time.”

“Is that all?”

“Well… yeah.”

Lexi shook her head. “But it was so easy last time.”

“Yes, because-”

“I know, I know. Your weird obsession had some value. I get it.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d won or not, but I decided that I probably had. “Good. Glad to hear it.”

I went back to my game, but it turned out Lexi wasn’t done with me yet.

“It still hurts,” she said.

“Your butt?”


“Oh. Sorry.”

There was a pause.

“It felt nice when you licked it,” Lexi said in a hinting kind of tone.

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