Legend of Lexi Part 4

By Xarth

” Who says I’m making anything for you?”

She clicked her tongue and shook her head. “Not even a dinner in it for me. Boy do I feel used.”

I tilted my head and gave her a Look. “Are Mom or Dad around?”

“Nope. Gone out.”


I stepped over to Lexi, pushed her legs open to make it easier to get close, then kissed her. I kept it short and soft.

“Well. That’s better, I suppose,” she said.

“Glad to hear it. What would you like?”


“For supper.”

“Oh. Right. Uh… I dunno.”

“Anything you want.”


“Provided I know how to make it.”

Lexi returned the Look I’d given her earlier. “That’s a much less amazing offer. So, what, sandwiches or Kraft Dinner?”

“Ouch. I can make more things than that.”

“Name twenty.”

I grinned. “You set an impossible standard for cheffery, you know.”

Lexi tossed her hair in an impressively haughty manner. “I’m pretty high maintenance like that.”

“So it would seem.” I considered the issue for a moment. “Maybe I just gotta take you somewhere.”

“To eat?”


“Like a date?”

“Um… maybe?”

She shook her head. “Nuh uh, dude. Not falling for that one.”


“You’re my brother.”

“I know. I caught on a couple years ago. You act like I’m slow or something.”

“You can’t date your sister,” Lexi said, speaking very slowly and enunciating carefully.

“Well… that’s the conventional belief, sure.”

“No dating. No way.”

“Huh.” I folded my arms. “You’re awfully firm on that question, considering it didn’t even officially come up.”

Lexi shrugged. “It would have come up sooner or later. A boy cums on your ass, all of a sudden he wants to get all romantic and shit.”

“I… you…” I scratched my head. “Do I dare ask how many times that’s been an issue?”

“None yet. But only because I’ve been proactive.”

“Ah. I see.”

I only kind of saw, in fact. I also wasn’t sure whether to be hurt or not that Lexi emphatically didn’t want to date me. I was pretty sure that wasn’t even what I’d asked. At worst, I’d maybe kind of asked her on one date. Maybe. I wasn’t even sure about that. The rules got pretty fuzzy in cases like this.

“So we’re still stuck with me making something, are we?”

“Maybe. Could be fun. You could be, like, a sexy chef guy. Or something.”

“Could I?”

Lexi shrugged. “Enh… probably not. But I’m willing to be surprised.”

“I’m not getting a hell of a lot of support from you, you know. Lotta criticism flying around. Maybe I don’t want to cook for you anymore.”

“Then… hm. Guess we order pizza?”

“I dunno.”

“Order pizza and snuggle with a movie?”

“… you have my attention.”

“Thought I might. Lemme look up the number.”

And so, once the pizza arrived, Lexi and I settled into exactly what she’d suggested. We cuddled really damn close on the couch, too close to easily eat our pizza, as it happened. Not that that stopped us. It just meant we had to eat carefully, and that occasionally one of us would feed a bite to the other in a cutesy kind of way that was nevertheless Not Like A Date.

The cuddling only intensified once we’d finished eating. There was nothing anymore to distract us from us. The movie certainly wasn’t more alluring to me than my sister’s warm, cozily snuggled body. Not even a contest.

We pretended, of course. Acted like we cared about something other our dangerous proximity. I was pretty sure we didn’t make eye contact the whole time, even while I was slipping hands under her shirt, or she was wiggling around in my lap.

We more or less settled down after a while. Still close as could be, but having somewhat established ourselves. I was amusing myself with an arm casually wrapped around Lexi, hand firmly embedded under her bra. She was a little more subtle at first, but that subtlety went out the window when she started undoing my zipper.

I glanced at Lexi, but she was staring straight ahead, apparently oblivious to me except for her cunning little fingers digging for my cock. I leaned back and waited to see how it was going to play out. I had my suspicions.

Sure enough, Lexi slowly, carefully pulled my cock free from my pants and underwear. I was so hard for her, and I smiled at the sharp intake of breath I caught when she wrapped her hand around my pulsing shaft.

What followed was about the most decadently frustrating experience of my life. Lexi stroked and teased me about as glacially slowly as was possible without being frozen in time. Her hand barely moved at times, and at others only her fingertips slid across my sensitive skin, hardly touching me at all. She kept me crazy horny without ever giving me even the hope that she might finish the job at some point.

I couldn’t even do anything about it. If I said anything, if I did anything, she might just stop. I had no idea what she was thinking, what she might decide she did or didn’t want. I had to just let her play with me however she wished. That was what she did for me, after all. It wasn’t even just in my bed anymore. Not with my hand cupping her tit right there in the living room.

It did make me wonder if what I’d been doing was quite the same tease for Lexi as what she was doing to me. I didn’t think it was. Certainly not on purpose at any rate.

Either way, Lexi was in no hurry at all. She played with me so slowly, and was still at it when our parents got home.

I swore as I heard the front door open. I had to disentangle my hand from Lexi’s bra, then try and stuff my poor, overly-teased cock back into my pants. Lexi, thinking a little more clearly, just threw a blanket over our laps. It meant we were still sitting a little too close together when Mom and Dad came in, but at least we weren’t being obviously handsy or horny.

Dad took over his chair for the evening. Mom went to get changed, then flitted back and forth between joining us and taking care of something she’d just thought of. The usual.

I was happy enough that neither of them thought to comment on how close Lexi and I were sitting, though admittedly it might not have looked so bad without the context of knowing what we’d been up to.

Lexi’s hand strayed to my lap a couple times, despite me trying my best to go soft. I couldn’t even reprimand her too overtly without attracting attention I very much didn’t want. Glaring at her accomplished very little.


Our weekday schedules ate into our naughty time a bit. That issue didn’t come close to dissuading us entirely.

It was only a few mornings later when Lexi entered the bathroom while I was mid-shower. I wasn’t expecting her to be quite so brazen, but there wasn’t really any reason why she wouldn’t.

I felt a tad vulnerable standing naked behind the shower curtain while she stood at the sink. I’d been unclothed with her in the room many times before, but never because she’d deliberately walked in on me. She didn’t make any obvious attempts at peeking, but it would have been easy enough if she’d wanted to.

I got halfway hard just from knowing she was there and wondering what she was up to. She didn’t even really have to do anything to turn me on.

Eventually I had to give in and dry off. I stayed behind the curtain, reaching around it to grab my towel, only stepping out once I had it wrapped around my mostly dry body.

Lexi was applying moisturizer to her face. All outward evidence suggested she didn’t care at all that I was in the room too. I knew that to be false.

I took a quick moment to admire her tight top and panties combo, keeping her modest to an extent while also highlighting some interesting areas. There was some tantalizing cleavage on display the way her top sat, and when I stepped next to her I could still see it in the mirror.

“You couldn’t wait for me to finish?” I asked.

“You were taking forever. I have things to do.”

“That’s never been a problem before.”

“Not that you know of.”

“I think you just wanted to perv on me in the shower.”

Lexi turned her face toward me, eyes all big and innocent. She distracted me so masterfully that I didn’t notice her hand moving to my towel until it was already dropping to the floor.

“Oops,” she said.

“So clumsy of you.”

“Really though. Still waking up, I guess.”

I got even harder. Standing naked next to my sister, knowing she could see my arousal, it fed back on itself and only got me increasingly excited.

Lexi kept her hand near my waist while only using her other one to fuss with her appearance. She was just stalling, I assumed. Using any excuse to stay right where she was. And, indeed, she soon wrapped her fingers around my cock.

My eyes rolled back and I bit my lip at the feel of Lexi holding my nearly full erection. She was so casual about it, though less so than our evening cuddling with a movie. And she wasn’t quite so much of a tease this time either. She just held me at first, but with a firm grip, and when she started moving it was very nearly like a real handjob.

It was tricky fighting for space at the sink without dislodging Lexi entirely. I didn’t want to risk making her let go of me. But I too had things to do, and I needed to get ready for them sooner than later.

It was quite a fascinating experience brushing my teeth while Lexi jerked me off. I felt uncoordinated enough to have been embarrassed by it under any other circumstances. In this case, I felt somewhat justified.

She was still going when it came time to shave, which turned that into a slow and careful exercise. It would be all too easy to cut myself while Lexi played with my cock.

As soon as I’d finished everything and was finally able to just lean on the counter and enjoy my handjob, Lexi released me and took a step toward the door. I caught her with a speed that impressed even me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked.

“Gonna go get dressed.”

“You’re just going to leave me like this?”

Lexi looked me up and down. “You can dress yourself, can’t you?”

“That is so not what I meant.”

“And what exactly did you mean?” she asked, flashing those overly innocent eyes at me again.

“You did this to me last night too.”

“Made you dress yourself?”

“Teased me. Got me all excited. Then didn’t finish the job.”

Lexi shrugged. “Not really my fault last night. Couldn’t go jerking you off with the ‘rents hanging around.”

“No, that’s true. What about now, though?”

She looked down at my erection that was pointed right at her. She chewed thoughtfully on her lip. “Well…”

I released Lexi as she grabbed my cock again. She stroked it with much more purpose, with the full intent of getting me off quickly. It was so very different, in an amazing and wonderful way. Unlike her teasing, this was pure bliss and would actually make me cum. I could feel it already.

We stood together in a state of near-silence while Lexi jerked me off. Her tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth in an adorable expression of concentration. I let out the occasional soft grunt or sigh of pleasure.

“You’re gonna make a mess when you cum,” Lexi said.


“Can you reach a towel or something?”

I could have grabbed a towel. But I was just horny and stupid enough to grab something else instead. I reached for Lexi and took hold of her panties. I pulled them out, away from her body enough to get my intent across.

“Oh my god, you perv,” Lexi said breathily. “That’s not what I meant at all.”

Despite that, she jerked me even faster and more intensely. Her eyes locked on my cock, waiting for its explosion. Her breathing had become heavier, much like mine.

When I came, she thrust her hips forward and aimed me right for the gap between panties and skin. My cum hit her in thick, gooey streaks that dripped down toward her pussy. She milked every little bit of it from me, even wiping the last of it off with the edge of her underwear. I eased her panties back into place, trapping my cum within them.

“You happy now?” Lexi asked.

I grinned. “Very.”

I pushed her back against the wall and kissed her firmly. At the same time, I slipped my hand between her thighs and pressed my palm hard against her panties over her cummy pussy. I held her like that for a moment, then broke away.

“You’re the best, Lexi.”

I left her standing there breathless, confused, and horny.


Lexi was waiting for me in my room when I got home that evening. She wasn’t even playing Zelda and pretending like she didn’t care if I showed up or not, but instead was on her phone while waiting and put it away as soon as I showed up.

“Wasn’t very nice of you this morning,” she said.


“Leaving me like that.”

“Now you know how I felt.”

“Hey, I jerked you off this morning.”

“That’s true. And it was lovely, thanks.”

Lexi flushed. “Well… you’re welcome. But then I had to go to class all worked up, and with my panties all messed, and-”

“You didn’t change them first?”


I grinned. “Bad girl.”

“Shut up! It’s your fault.”

“Only partly.”


I shrugged, not too bothered either way. “If you say so.”

Lexi bounced off the bed. “Glad you’re admitting it.”

She moved to leave the room, but I stepped in front of her. She didn’t try very hard to get around me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Lexi tossed her hair flippantly. “Probably to go masturbate, since I have to do everything myself around here.”

“Is that what you think?”

“Kinda, yeah.”

I smiled crookedly and pressed my hand to her pussy, much as I had that morning. Her jeans prevented me from getting a particularly good feel this time, but it still got a reaction out of her, which was the main thing.

Lexi stood nice and still for me as I knelt in front of her, undid her pants, and pulled them down her legs.

“Glad to see you changed your panties since you got home, at least,” I said.

“Had to. They were getting all dry and gross. Thanks to you.”

“Can’t blame me for that,” I muttered. “I don’t control how cum works.”

I pressed a finger to the front of Lexi’s panties. I located her slit by touch and rubbed up and down on it. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling some moisture through the material. She really had been waiting for me. However, as soon as I tried to pull Lexi’s panties down, I got my hands swatted again.

“I’m getting some seriously mixed signals here,” I said.


“Were you not just complaining that I wasn’t getting you off?”


“Well I’m trying.”

Lexi shifted her weight from foot to foot. “I’m not quite ready for that.”

“For what, me touching you?”

“No. Taking my panties off.”



I threw my hands up. “What do you want from me then?”

Lexi considered the question. “I have a few ideas, actually.”

I followed her lead as she guided me to stand, then took my pants off. It seemed easier to go along with whatever she had in mind. I didn’t know what was with her reluctance for panty removal, but it might just have been one of those things that didn’t fully make sense. Sex and emotions could be like that.

Lexi made me lie back on my bed. I was in the beginning stages of getting hard anyway, and she accelerated the process greatly when she straddled my waist and practically sat on my cock.

She had grabbed a controller beforehand, and casually started up her game while rocking very gently back and forth on top of me. I grew harder beneath her, and I had to press on her butt a couple times so she’d shift enough to give me space to grow.

Her grinding got a little firmer and more intense as she made better and better connection with my erection. Eventually I slipped out the front of my boxers, giving her free rein of my exposed cock. She reached down to touch it a few times when she had a free hand, but mostly just kept grinding.

I was stuck, it seemed. Somehow that just kept happening to me. It wasn’t a bad thing by any means, since I was getting my sister’s panty-covered pussy rubbed all over my cock, but it was at a slower pace than I would have chosen.

I had Lexi’s butt to stare at and play with to help amuse me, and I took full advantage of that. It wasn’t quite enough to get past my arousal and desire for something a bit more. Something faster or harder. Something more than a decadent, sensual tease.

Or, dare I think it, something along the lines of Lexi riding me for real.

That was probably too much. Maybe. Possibly. I wasn’t quite sure either way. But just the thought of it was worryingly enticing.

I was kept pinned and ruthlessly teased for quite a while. Lexi eventually came on my cock, which was kind of fun and interesting. It made her lose her rhythm and go nearly still for a moment afterward, but she soon got right back to her slow, excruciating pace rocking back and forth on me.

Only when she came a second time did Lexi finally get off of me. Her panties were visibly soaked as she turned around and took a look at me.

“That looks kinda painful,” she said, gently poking my angrily erect cock.

“It kinda is,” I agreed. “You like doing that to me, don’t you?”

Lexi shrugged. “You coulda said something.”

“And that would have worked.”

“I dunno. Maybe.”

Her game stayed paused and forgotten as she settled into playing with me instead. Either she could tell how needy I was, or maybe she just realized how long she’d been grinding on me, because she didn’t fuck around too long with me before getting to a solid grip with her hand and jerking me off with smooth, rapid strokes.

“I was never sure if it was a myth,” Lexi said as an afterthought. “Blue balls, or whatever. If it was just a ploy, or actually a problem.”

“Probably a little of both. Depending on the situation.”

“Probably.” She looked at me with a slightly raised eyebrow. “Do your balls hurt too?”

I actually felt a little embarrassed by the question, silly as that was. “Ah, yeah. They’re actually where the pain tends to be. Kind of an ache to them.”

“Like you need to cum really badly?”

“Yeah. But, uh, they probably still won’t be happy afterward.”

“Oh. Teased you too much, huh?”

“Kinda, yeah.”

Lexi smiled apologetically. “You really could have said something.”

“Yeah, well… I didn’t want you to stop.”

Her cheeks coloured softly and she ducked her eyes for a moment. “I see.”

Lexi kept jerking me, getting me close. I was almost there when she abruptly leaned her head in close, opened her mouth, and took part of my cock inside. I didn’t last long at all in her warm, smothering mouth, with her lithe, wet little tongue wiggling around on me.

I had a ridiculous amount of cum for her, thanks to the time she’d spent working me up. My balls contracted over and over in a simultaneous huge wave of relief, and a mild repeating pain. It was both wonderful, and not something I particularly wanted to experience again.

Lexi swallowed most of my cum, but didn’t quite manage all of it as fast as it was coming. She choked a bit toward the end, and had a bit of a messy chin when she sat back up. There was a rogue streak on her shirt where some had dripped.

“Damn, you did need that.”

I nodded. “Yep.”

“Feel better?”


I wiped Lexi’s chin with my thumb, then offered it to her. She hesitated a second, then sucked it clean.

“Not a bad taste, at least,” she said, still eyeing me a bit oddly.

“Glad to hear it.”

“Uh huh. You’re just lucky. ‘Cause if it had been too gross, I wouldn’t have been doing that again.”

I almost made a smartass comment about how she was implying she would do it again, then wisely decided against it. Too risky. Too much at stake.


Lexi and I got more comfortable than ever with each other over the next few days. I got to wake up to her playing with my cock a couple times, and she took another cumshot in her mouth after jerking me off again. She still wouldn’t let me take her panties off, but I got my hand inside them to rub her off on one occasion, and anything to do with her tits seemed to be fair game still.

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