Legend of Lexi Part 3

By Xarth

I resisted a little longer, but only a little. In spite of the further trouble I expected it to cause, I couldn’t control myself for ever. I swooped both hands downward in synch, grabbing firm handfuls of her ass and holding there just for a moment. I moved away again, back up to her shoulders, still awaiting a delayed reaction that just wasn’t coming.

She wasn’t going to say anything? Interesting.

Lexi was very clearly aware of what I was doing. She couldn’t possibly miss it. Plus there was the tension in her muscles, and the way she stared a little too fixedly at her game. She was deliberately hiding her reactions as best she could, but wasn’t entirely succeeding. Her efforts only made me want to try harder and get something out of her, even though any word from her was as likely to put an end to the fun as anything.

Nothing about it was strictly rational. Nothing at all.

I rubbed Lexi’s back, taking incrementally longer and longer breaks to fondle her bum. I grew daring enough to venture along to the sides of her breasts as well. If she hadn’t been lying on them, I might have gone even further.


I paused, hands halfway onto Lexi’s butt. I slid them a down a little more and snuck in a last squeeze, just in case.


“I think I’m gonna go grab breakfast now.”


Lexi turned her game off, wiggled out from under me, and fixed her shirt as she sat up. She grinned crookedly at me, and as I looked down at myself, I belatedly realized my cock had slipped out the front hole of my boxers at some point without me noticing.

“See, you shoulda wore pants,” Lexi said gently. She reached over and calmly tucked my erection back into my underwear for me.

“That, uh…”

“Must be very embarrassing having your penis fall out like that.”

Lexi gave my cock a squeeze through my boxers, then kissed me on the cheek. I stayed frozen, kneeling right where I was, but followed her with my eyes until she was out of the room. She stayed long enough to put her controller away and turn off the tv, then padded out without so much as a glance my way, but the smallest, most knowing of smiles on her lips.

After she was gone, it still took a few moments for me to shake myself into action. First thing was to stumble over to my door and make sure it was firmly closed. Next thing, drop the boxers. Then, naturally, fall back into bed naked and horny, and wrap my hand around my hard, pulsing cock.

Lexi’s brief, soft touch was fresh on my skin and in my head. She’d grabbed my cock so decisively I couldn’t have managed a protest if I’d wanted to, and being honest, I really wouldn’t have wanted to.

My head was full of my sister as I jerked off in me bed where she’d been lying so shortly ago. I thought of her scantily clad body, the way she felt, how she’d let me play with her.

I wanted more. I wanted her hand wrapped around my cock again, to feel her stroking me. That brief touch had been such a tease.

It was so easy to imagine Lexi doing more. To picture her sneaking back in, kneeling next to me in just her panties, giving me a look of mock disapproval even as she reached for my cock. I so badly wanted to let her jerk me off. Thinking about what it would feel like just wasn’t the same as experiencing it. Not even close.

The door opened while I was still lost in my incestuous daydream. I hadn’t been listening for anyone approaching, and usually I could at least expect a knock first, even if it was the classic parental knock where they didn’t give me enough time to hide whatever I was doing before opening the door.

Lexi poked her head in a mere fraction of a second after I’d pulled my blanket over my lower half. Her eyes flicked toward my hastily covered erection, but I didn’t think she could see it. Not that it mattered. She knew what I’d been up to. Along with her having already seen my cock slip out, me covering myself wasn’t accomplishing a hell of a lot.

“Mom wants you to come down,” Lexi said in a professionally casual tone. “We’re all gonna have breakfast together.”

“We are? Why?”

“Dunno. Just telling you what she said.”


“Should I tell her you’re busy?”

I glared at Lexi. “No, you ass. Just… ugh.”

A smile escaped her otherwise perfectly controlled lips. “Shoulda jerked off faaasteeerrr,” she said in a sing songy voice.

“Not helping.”

“I know. But it’s fun.”

“Well can you just, like, let me get dressed then?”

“Yeah, I guess I could.” Lexi grinned even wider. “Don’t take too long, or I’ll be back.”

“I believe you would, too,” I muttered as she left.

Jamming my cock into a pair of pants really sucked. It sucked even more trying to arrange it somehow so my boner wasn’t obvious. But it was necessary, thanks to my darling sister. In more ways than one, even.

I made it through breakfast ok. I started out eating fast and without tasting much of anything, with the idea that I could escape again as soon as possible, but that didn’t work very well. Lexi and I kept meeting each other’s gaze. That was all it took. Knowing what she knew, being reminded of it several times a minute, none of that was helpful. I softened somewhat, but not entirely, thanks to her presence.

It got worse toward the end because Lexi started giving me deliberate little smiles. I didn’t know exactly what they meant, but the uncertainty didn’t help any, it just made me imagine possibilities.

I escaped back to my room afterward. I wasn’t quite as horny as before, but still felt the urge to jerk off. It wasn’t quite clear whether I should bother or not, given that I was all dressed and everything now, but I was leaning toward doing it anyway. Luckily I still had my pants on when Lexi popped by again.

“You’re going to make me think you’re trying to catch me with my pants off,” I said.

“Maybe stop taking ’em off then?” Lexi replied with a casual shrug.

“You want me to masturbate with my pants still on?”

“Hey, man, that’s all up to you. I have nothing to do with that.”

“You kinda do, actually.”

Lexi grinned crookedly. “Perv.”

“Did you need something?”

“Nah. Not really. Guess I should probably give you some, uh, alone time, huh?”

“That’d be nice.”

“Hell, maybe I should go play with myself too.”

My cock twitched at the thought of my sister with her hand down her panties. “Maybe you should.”

“After all, someone wouldn’t stop feeling me up this morning.”


“Kinda gets to me after a while, you know?”

“Yes. I think I do.”

“I bet.”

“Well have fun.”

“Yeah. You too, I guess.”

I began questioning what had just happened after Lexi was gone. It all seemed pretty straightforward, in one way, but in another I couldn’t quite reconcile that we were both, presumably, about to masturbate while thinking about each other. Unless she was just teasing or something, which was possible. I, certainly, was going to jerk off to my sister. Whether she did or not was up to her.

It was an odd state of affairs, at any rate.


My only other questionable interaction with Lexi that day-as if more were needed-came that evening. I was, initially, watching a movie with Mom and Dad. Or, rather, I was watching, Mom was flitting back and forth doing other things and asking me what happened while she was gone, and Dad was fighting his evening battle with falling asleep in his chair. Generally a losing battle, as it was this time.

So despite there being three of us ostensibly watching, I was the only one to take note when Lexi slipped in to join us. I didn’t think anything of it at first. She just sat and behaved herself, rather deflecting my attention away again.

Lexi crept closer on the couch with such small, sneaky movements that even though I caught the individual shifts, she was practically right next to me before I realized that she had a purpose in mind. I gave her a curious look, but she stared evenly straight ahead at the tv until I gave up. I knew she was looking when she thought I wasn’t, but I didn’t challenge her on it.

She leaned in against me, just gently, not with her full weight. I said nothing. I remained mute when her hand crept up to my head and she started running her fingers through my hair.

It might just have been her version of carrying on whatever it was we’d been up to that morning. Maybe it was just something she felt like doing. I couldn’t imagine it was totally innocent, not with the context of what had been going on between us, but I wasn’t yet convinced that it was anything I needed to stop. It didn’t hurt that it felt really nice having her play with my hair.

“You sure you wanna be this close when Mom comes back?” I whispered.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Lexi whispered back. “M’not doing anything wrong.”

“Sure, but this isn’t something you normally do either.”

“So what? It’s cute.”

“Is it? Not suspicious, you don’t think?”

I was forced to concede, however, that judging by Mom’s expression when she came back in, Lexi and I probably did look cute together. Outwardly innocent too, it seemed. Good enough.

Lexi stuck around and cuddled for a while, then flounced off again on some schedule known only to her. Maybe she’d just been trying it out or something. Testing the water on being subtly naughty when it wasn’t just the two of us.


I smiled to myself the next morning upon waking up with Lexi next to me. Her bare legs were the first things I saw, meaning that she hadn’t done a damn thing about dressing more appropriately. That was fine.

The hell with everything else; it was fun first thing on a weekend morning. If she was gonna keep coming in like that, I was going to enjoy it.

I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes again. I reached a hand out to my sister’s calf and gently ran it up and down her lower leg. That was all I did for a while, other than listen to her play, as she’d turned the volume up once I’d awakened.

As I allowed myself a slow, lazy waking up process, I gradually scooted my way to where I could let my hand travel up Lexi’s thigh, and eventually her butt. She didn’t outwardly react as I fondled her ass, not that I’d expected her to.

It was only when I finally sat up and took a full look at Lexi that I realized her panties were, in fact, the only clothing she had on at all.

“Where the hell’s your shirt?”

Lexi shrugged “Where’s yours?”

“You know I don’t sleep with one.”

“I do. So why should I wear one if you aren’t gonna?”

“You’re a girl.”

“Good catch.”

“You have boobs.”

“You can’t see ’em.”

It was true, in a technical kind of way. Since she was lying on her tummy, I couldn’t actually see her tits, other than the barest hint of side boob. Still, though.

“What about when you want to leave?” I asked.

“Dunno, really. Guess we’ll figure that out at some point.”

I didn’t really believe that Lexi had nothing in mind. She wouldn’t have just walked in topless without some kind of plan or agenda.

Her top was on the floor by the bed, as I belatedly spied. So she hadn’t come from her room like that, and she could probably reach it and slip it on without me actually seeing much of anything. Although I could ‘accidentally’ kick it out of reach, if I wanted. That was a thought.

“Pretty soon you’re not gonna be wearing anything at all,” I said as I ran my hand up Lexi’s bare back.

“And wouldn’t you love that.”

“I might.”

“You would.”

I grinned and grabbed her ass. “Ok, I would.”

“So I really couldn’t do that.”


“No. Look at how handsy you get when I’m just lying here being good.”

“Excuse me? Good?”

Lexi stuck her tongue out at me over her shoulder. “Yes, good. Not now, obviously, but most of the time.” She turned to face front again. “I can only imagine what you’d try if I was lying here naked.”

A thrill ran through me at the thought of it. I shook my head to try and clear it, which didn’t really work.

I shifted again, moving to straddle Lexi as I had the day before. I rubbed her back with both hands, going slow and firm like I was professionally massaging her. Though, rather unprofessionally, I snuck little feels of her side boob as I ran my hands over her soft skin.

“I can’t believe you’d think such things of your own brother,” I said.

“Oh you can believe it.”

“So harsh.”

“Fair as can be, dude.”

“I guess we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

Lexi tensed beneath me. “We will?”

“Yes. For science.”

I slipped my fingers into Lexi’s panties with the intent of pulling them down. She reached back and gave one of my intruding hands a vicious slap.

“None of that, now,” she said.

“Ow. Not nice.”

“You’re trying to steal my panties.”

“Well… yeah.”

I grumbled to myself and went back to massaging Lexi, while she in turn went back to pretending to ignore my decreasingly subtle groping of her ass and the sides of her tits. I tried pulling her panties down a few more time, but got slapped again with unerring accuracy.

If I really wanted to, I could strip Lexi anyway. If she truly had to fight me off, she’d have to roll over, and in that case I’d be in a no-lose kind of scenario. That wouldn’t be right, though. If she wanted her underwear left on, then on it would stay.

Mine however…

My heart sped up as I slipped my boxers off. This was very nearly as risky as stripping Lexi, and without any of the immediate feedback from her that would have let me stop before committing.

I was so hard, and precum was leaking from my erect cock. I looked down at my sister, so very nearly naked below me. She was entirely right about the things I might want to do to her, under the right circumstances. She tempted me so badly.

I had no idea if Lexi knew that I was naked or not. She hadn’t looked, so far as I’d seen, but she might well have guessed what I was up to, since I’d been squirming around awkwardly behind her. She hadn’t said anything, though.

Either way, I was going to try. Just to see what I could get away with. I rubbed Lexi’s back, returning to my regular pattern, carefully keeping my cock away from her at first. It wasn’t easy.

Slowly, so slowly, I lowered myself until I was just pressing against her butt. She tensed at the feel of my cock, though I still didn’t know whether or not she knew it was free of any covering. I didn’t get slapped, at any rate.

I kept rubbing her, getting her back to a relaxed state before sitting down more firmly. I wedged my cock between us, sitting it firmly in the faint cleft in the middle of her panties. That made her tense right back up, of course, but by proceeding slowly I kept things more or less balanced out.

Although, really, in spite of her tension, I couldn’t say for sure that I wasn’t doing exactly the sort of thing she expected me to. It was unclear which of us was in control of the situation, if indeed either of us were.

I rocked my hips ever so gently, testing her reaction. She didn’t say anything about it or swat at me, which was encouraging.

It felt really nice grinding on Lexi’s butt. I was glad she wasn’t stopping me, because once I’d started I really didn’t want to quit. I rubbed my cock back and forth, sliding on the smooth material of her panties, slowly pushing them deeper into her butt crack.

Lexi was actually getting better at ignoring me the longer I went. Possibly she just couldn’t help reacting to the initial shock of it. Admittedly, I could understand how feeling her brother’s cock rubbing on her ass for the first time might not be something she could take in stride. Now that she’d adjusted, I’d hardly even know anything was amiss, if I wasn’t fully the cause of it.

I kept rubbing her back for the pretense of it. I was much less thorough and consistent about it now that I was so very distracted. My sister’s butt and getting off thereon were shutting everything else out to a distant secondary priority level.

I was getting more and more worked up. I was so hard, so needy, smearing precum all over Lexi’s panties. My thrusting was getting a little out of control, though it helped to grab her hips and hold them firmly while I kept grinding on her.

Lexi’s attempt at pretending I wasn’t doing anything was an absolute joke by this point. Her face was buried in the bed, a game over screen on the tv, controller barely clutched in one hand. She was even lifting her hips, just a little, just enough to push her butt back against me.

I thrust against her ass harder and more desperately as I got close. I was nearly there, but it took some extra effort to finish off since I wasn’t getting quite the physical stimulation I would have with my hand. It was way hotter using my sister’s bum, but not quite as practical as jerking off, or actually being inside her, if I dared to imagine it.

That last thought was what did it. The thought of actually fucking Lexi’s ass instead of just grinding on it was enough to make me cum. It was so wrong to even contemplate, yet it thrilled me so much more than I could have expected. She’d feel amazing, I knew she would, and the sheer ridiculous, forbidden hotness of actually getting inside my own sister like that…

I grunted and gave a few last, sporadic thrusts as I came all over Lexi’s bum. Her panties and lower back got thickly streaked with my cum. All that pressure from my balls exploding delightfully from my shaft and making a total mess of her skin and sole article of clothing.

It wasn’t at all clear to me what to do in the aftermath. Lexi’s ass was a cummy mess thanks to me, and I was still naked and straddling her. For her part, she’d hardly moved at all.

“I think you died,” I said.

Lexi took a few seconds to respond, slowly pulling her head up and refocusing on her game over screen on the tv. “So I did,” she said faintly. She settled her elbows for support, took a fresh grip on her controller, and resumed play.

I stayed where I was for a moment to see if she really was going to carry on like nothing had happened. It seemed that was exactly her intent. I carefully dismounted her, then sat beside her for a while, casually running my fingers up and down her back, steering clear of the small lake of cum around her butt.

Eventually I got up and got dressed, not much worried about whether Lexi would peek or not. It didn’t seem all that important anymore, for some reason.

“I’m gonna see about breakfast,” I said. “You want anything?”

“No thanks. I’ll probably be down shortly.” Lexi looked my way just for a second. “I need to shower soon anyway, before your cum gets all dried on.”

I felt my face warm at the acknowledgement of what I’d done, but there was no accusation in Lexi’s tone. Just the hint of a smile on her lips that could have been either teasing, or just amused at the circumstances.

“I might have made a bit of a mess,” I admitted.

“Yeah you did. I’m almost impressed.”

“You are?”

Lexi shrugged. “In an odd sort of way. Or is that too weird?”

“It’s fine. Probably. But, uh, that was fun, anyway. Thanks, I think?”

Lexi’s grin broadened into almost a real smile. “Rather naughty of us, wasn’t it?” she said softly.



I went out for a while, through late morning and most of the afternoon. I was back for supper, but found that no one was around, let alone making anything. Undeterred, I set about making something for myself. I had no idea what anyone else’s plans were, and I was getting hungry enough not to have any interest in waiting to find out.

Lexi was home, as it turned out. She’d just been off somewhere being quiet when I returned. She found me while I was only in the beginning stages of figuring out what to make.

“You’re back,” she said.

“I am.”

“Not nice to run off on a girl after messing her panties like that, you know. Very uncouth.”

“Oh. Well I certainly didn’t mean to be uncouth. Couthness is very important to me.”

“As well it should be.” Lexi hopped up to sit on the counter nearby. “What ya making me?”

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