Legend of Lexi Part 2

By Xarth


“Fair enough.”

I couldn’t really complain too hard about Lexi being weird. I’d started it that morning. There was no arguing that. And it genuinely was pretty nice getting a casual back rub while chilling together. Even better, it almost certainly meant she hadn’t taken my morning weirdness as being anything to worry about. She wouldn’t be reciprocating otherwise.

For a time, it was all good. Great, even. Getting to hang out and game like I’d wanted to anyway, but with the added bonus of getting a thorough, if unfocused, back rub. I only had to start questioning everything again when Lexi slipped her hands under my shirt.

“Ooh, you’re really tense,” Lexi said. “I couldn’t feel that before.”

I declined to mention that I’d only tensed up specifically because she’d gone under my shirt. I had enough to deal with trying to figure out why she’d done so.

There was a reasonable chance this was some kind of slow-played payback. That maybe she knew my intentions had been somewhat less than honourable when I’d rubbed her back, and she was getting some kind of revenge now. Or, on a more hopeful note, maybe she was just messing around, emulating me on the assumption that I’d been doing likewise. Or it could even be something like she genuinely was just rubbing my back and thought that my shirt was interfering.

It was so hard to know what to do when I couldn’t tell what Lexi was thinking. So I did nothing. It seemed safest.

She kept right on going. My shirt got pushed up further and further to the point where I lifted myself and let her roll it right up to my shoulders. I wasn’t sure that was wise, but I was really kind of getting into it. As long as I ignored the question of her motives, it was extraordinarily pleasant.

I got so accepting of Lexi’s back rub that I let it soothe and relax me, and let all my concerns about it drop away into the background. I was also rather unprepared for her suddenly hopping off me and exiting the room. I watched the doorway for a moment in case she was coming back, but it remained empty. I bemusedly tugged my shirt back into place and carried on by myself. Even though that had been my initial intent, it wasn’t quite the same anymore.


Lexi returned as normal the next morning like nothing had happened. She snuck in and settled in on my bed on her tummy, wearing only panties and what appeared to be the same cami top as yesterday morning. She got Zelda going, and was soon fully absorbed in it.

I was glad things hadn’t changed, but I also would have liked if she’d worn pants. Even a more modest pair of panties would have been nice. The ones she wore this morning were smaller and silkier than I was used to seeing on her, molding to her butt and not covering nearly enough of it to keep me from checking her out.

I feigned dozing for a while, using the time to stare at my sister’s tight ass. Not a healthy or helpful option, but it was what it was.

Eventually, if only to stop my own perving, I stretched and carefully extricated myself from my covers, which was somewhat tricky just because of how Lexi was pinning them down on one side. I cunningly hid my morning boner by lying on my tummy next to her and watching her game.

“I was wondering when you were gonna move,” she said.

“When I woke up.”

“You’ve been awake for a while.”

“Not this again.”

“Look, dude, I know when you’re awake. It’s not a big deal.”

“Bah, get out of here with your witchcraft.”


I shrugged, conceding defeat. “Fair enough.”

I laid where I was, agonizing over the knowledge that my erection was unlikely to go down if I kept it pressed against the mattress, nor indeed if I kept lying so close to Lexi. Subtly grinding my hips both helped and didn’t, for different reasons.

There really wasn’t much chance of me staying good forever under the circumstances. I definitely couldn’t just start massaging Lexi while fully erect though. That was insane far beyond even the boundaries I’d already pushed. I slipped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, keeping my back to my sister until I was out of sight.

Upon my return I was in a much better state, still kind of horny, but on a much more manageable level, and without a telltale erection to give me away. I tried to play it cool as I positioned myself next to Lexi again and lowered a hand to her back.

Neither of us said anything as I rubbed small circles, then up and down Lexi’s spine. I casually rubbed her back like it was no big deal, like it was something we’d always done.

I took a cue from Lexi and slowly pushed her top up, exposing more bare skin above her panties. I didn’t dare push it quite as far as she had mine, but I got plenty of warm, smooth skin under my palm and fingers, and still she didn’t say a word about it.

I half wished she’d balk, just a little. Just enough to keep me in line. Because as it was, I wasn’t sure I could stop. There was something truly fascinating about touching my sister like this. In an ostensibly innocent way, that in reality was nothing of the sort. I felt guilty that she didn’t know what was going on in my head, but not quite guilty enough to stop on my own.

It was one of those times when I should maybe have been more careful what I wished for. Although, admittedly, it was entirely my own damn fault.

It was a stupid move. No way around it. I was just horny enough to be an idiot, take things that little bit too far, and very nearly ruin everything. In this case, all it took was grabbing Lexi’s butt.

Her facade of ignoring me dropped immediately, and she whirled her face around toward me, lips frozen in a shocked gasp. I stared at her for a long few seconds, still cupping her ass, then jerked away.

“Sorry! Sorry. Shit, sorry. Fuck.”


Her voice was a mix of surprise and confusion. I didn’t dare look right at her again. I stood up, facing away from her, very much wishing I’d thought to get dressed before now. Standing in my underwear was not making the moment any easier.

“I know, I shouldn’t have done that,” I said. “That was my bad. Totally. I really… I just… I’m sorry.”

“Well you don’t have to freak out that bad about it,” Lexi said.

I almost smiled at the gentle chastisement, but wasn’t ready for that yet. “I don’t?”

“No. You caught my surprise, mostly. I didn’t really think you’d do it.” She paused. “But after yesterday… I kinda knew it was a possibility you’d do something like that.”

I cautiously turned to face her. She’d paused her game and was sitting up cross-legged.

“You knew?” I asked.

“Kinda. I suspected. But, like, I didn’t think I was right.”

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“I told you. I didn’t think I was reading it right.” Lexi shrugged. “And if I was, I kinda wanted to see what you’d do.”

“Well, uh, I’m kinda confused now, then.”

Lexi chewed her lip thoughtfully. She studied me with big, searching eyes. “You know, all those times I saw you looking at me… I thought it was just looking.”


“I thought there’s no way you’d be looking the way other boys do.”

I flushed, fully ashamed of myself. “‘Cause I’m your brother.”

“Yes, partly that. But, like, I didn’t think you saw me that way. Didn’t think it occurred to you.” She waved a hand at me. “Always being topless. Changing around me and stuff.”

I looked down at my almost-naked body. “Wait, really?”

“Well duh.”

“But… but… it’s my room! You’re the one always coming in wearing hardly anything.”

“‘Cause you hardly wear anything. I thought it was fine.”

“So did I.”





We both stopped for a second.

“I can’t tell if we’re still arguing,” I said.

“Were we arguing?”

“I can’t tell that either.”

Lexi nodded. “Fair.”

I looked down at myself again. “I’m gonna put on a shirt.”

“Also fair.”

I threw a shirt on, then sat down next to Lexi, but not too close. I still wasn’t sure where we stood.

“So, this is a whole thing, huh?” Lexi said.

“Seems so.” I tilted my head slightly. “Was my lack of clothes really a problem?”

“Not a problem, exactly. But it made me look sometimes. And made me feel things I didn’t necessarily want to, you know?”

I nodded. “Oh boy do I know.”

Lexi smiled slyly. “You were totally checking me out too, huh?”

“Constantly. Some days, it was like you wanted me to look at your butt.”

She giggled softly. “I really didn’t think you’d care. You know, ’cause you didn’t care about what you wore around me. I liked being able to wear whatever around you. It was kinda fun.”


“Well, you know, a little naughty, but not in a way that would really mean anything.” She shrugged. “But I guess I was wrong about that one.”

“Yeah. Kinda.” I shrugged back. “But then, I guess I got it pretty wrong too.”


“Yeah.” I scratched my head. “So, uh, what do we do now?”

“You’re asking me?”

“I am. I was really hoping you had something.”

“Not so much.”


I took a moment to consider our position. Somehow when I imagined disaster scenarios, or scenarios where nothing went horribly wrong, this particular set of circumstances never came up. I was unprepared for a reality where Lexi and I both felt some inappropriate things for one another.

“Well,” I said slowly, “I guess we probably need to start by wearing more clothes around each other.”

“Oh. Yeah, that makes sense.”

“And the back rubs weren’t ever a good idea.”

“Probably not.”

“And maybe first thing in the morning visits aren’t so great.”

Lexi nodded with reluctant acceptance. “‘Cause of your boners.”


“What? Isn’t that why?”

“Partly, yes. But that shouldn’t be your reason. You weren’t supposed to see them.”

“I mostly didn’t when you were awake. But I’ve come in often enough when you’ve got a little tent going under your blankets.” Lexi grinned crookedly. “That’s part of how I know when you’re awake, actually. You shift a little to hide your erection.”



“Well then.” I coughed awkwardly. “I didn’t know that either.”

Lexi shrugged. “If it helps any, they never really mattered one way or the other to me.”

“They didn’t?”

“Nah. I know it happens to boys. And I knew for sure they weren’t over me, ’cause of how you were asleep and all.”


“Although… actually no.”



“No come on, what were you going to say?”

Lexi had gone a bit red. Her sudden reluctance and shyness really made me want to know what she could possibly have cut herself off from saying.

“It’s kinda bad,” she said.

“So?” I spread my arms. “So is this whole morning.”

“Ok. Yeah. Fine. I just, like, I sometimes thought about maybe… touching it.”

I sat back a little. “Oh.”

“I didn’t or anything. Just thought about it. Just ’cause it was there.”

“Yeah, no, I get it.”

“That’s not too weird?”

“Lexi, I grabbed your butt. I didn’t just think about it, I did it.” I shrugged. “So no, you’re not any weirder than me.”

She nodded. “Ok.”

“Which is not to say that either of us should be having these thoughts in the first place.”

“That’s the problem alright.” Lexi sighed heavily. “So… pants time, I guess? For both of us?”

“Um… yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

“Yeah. Probably is.”

Lexi left to go get changed. I tried to resist the urge for one last peek, but still snuck a glance at her butt before she was out the door.

What an emotional mess this all was.

But at least we could be responsible adults about it. We could behave ourselves and dress and act properly, even if we’d needed a little nudge to remind ourselves of it.


As prim and proper as our behaviour was over the next week, which was to say adequately so, something didn’t feel right about it to me. Lexi and I made sure to always be dressed around each other, the same as we would around anyone else. We also lapsed into polite formality at times when speaking to each other, though that had more to do with trying to crack each other up than anything else.

It took a few days for me to realize that I just wasn’t seeing as much of her. She was still around, still present at meals and stuff, but not in the same way. She didn’t, for instance, come to my room hardly at all except for one evening when she asked if she could come in and play a game. I didn’t think about it at the time, but that might have been the first time in years that she’d actually asked instead of just wandering in and claiming my setup if I wasn’t already using it.

I thought about talking to Lexi about our situation again a few times, but didn’t quite work up to it. We still needed time to settle, or whatever, and technically things were going the way we wanted them to. Kinda. Sorta.

It took me by surprise when I woke up the next Saturday and found Lexi lying in my bed, playing Zelda in her shirt and panties like nothing had changed. I briefly considered the idea that I’d traveled backward in time somehow, then concluded that was insane. I blamed my sleepy brain.

“You forgot pants,” I said.

Lexi didn’t hesitate even slightly. “You forgot a shirt.”

“I was sleeping.”

“Yeah. Without a shirt.”

“I’m in bed. This is how I sleep. I thought I was going to be alone.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because… you haven’t been around as much.”

“Yeah. And that sucked.” Lexi shrugged. “So I’m here again.”

“In your underwear.”

“An’ a shirt. I remembered mine.”

“Thank goodness for that,” I muttered. I shifted a bit so I could see the tv screen. It didn’t distract me from Lexi’s butt nearly enough, but it was an attempt. I was trying. “You know you’re gonna make me stare.”

“Not making you do anything. Tempting, perhaps.”

“You’re… are you doing it on purpose.”

Lexi sighed. “No, not really. I just… I got up, and I really wanted to come play Zelda. Then I was just outside when I remembered that I wasn’t s’posed to come in without pants. I didn’t want to turn around and have to come back again.”

“It’s not that long a journey.”

“No, but, like, it sucks, Aiden.”


Lexi paused her game and half turned around toward me. “This, Aiden. This whole thing with us. I felt all week like I couldn’t just come in anymore. I didn’t like that feeling.”

“You still can. Anytime. Just… with pants on.”

“Yeah. Not the same, though.”

I blinked slowly. “That’s a deal breaker for you?”

“It’s a symbol.”

“A symbol?”

“Of our self-oppression.”


“And I mostly really didn’t want to go back for them.”

“Again, not that long a walk.”

“More of an emotional trial than a physical one.”


Lexi tilted her head and made direct eye contact. “If I turned around, I might not have come back.”

“Oh. Is it that bad?”

“I dunno. Kinda. I never ever felt like I couldn’t be in here before. Never felt like there was a problem between us. I don’t like it.”

“Yeah. Me either.”

Lexi chewed her lip and fidgeted a moment. “So, like, an amnesty morning? Or something?”

“I don’t feel like I’ve been given much of a choice.”

“You could kick me out.”

I shook my head. “Never.”


Lexi went back to her game. I went back to staring at her butt. Somehow, I wasn’t entirely convinced we’d made the correct decision.

I eventually sat up, mainly just because it made it harder for me to absently check out my sister. She glanced at me as I rose, then turned away again when I stopped making such a disturbance.

“You’re welcome to get dressed if you want,” Lexi said.

“I have to even though you don’t? Not hardly fair.”

“You don’t have to. Just saying you could.”

“Well… not just yet.”

“No?” Lexi was quiet a moment, then giggled to herself. “Oh, right, morning wood, huh?”

I flushed slightly. “It’s not that funny.”

“It’s a little funny, though. I mean, boners, right?”

“That’s what constitutes humour for you?”


“You must be so popular with the boys.”

Lexi gave me a funny look. “Did you just call me a slut?”

“What? No! Because of the, you know, laughing at dicks. And such.”

“Uh huh.”

“You know that’s what I meant. Don’t be difficult about it.”

“You’re right, I do.” Lexi grinned at me. “See what I mean about it being funny?”

I rolled my eyes, but she was already looking away again. As revenge, without really thinking it properly through, I smacked her butt. Just a quick, light slap.

Lexi gasped in indignation. She fixed me with an accusing glare, but I met her gaze neutrally and serenely.

“Rude!” she said.

“Or is it funny?”

“Nope. Just rude.”

“It seems we have some differences of opinion this morning.” I slapped Lexi’s butt again.


“What? Amnesty morning, right?”

“That’s not how that works.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It isn’t.”

“Oh.” I raised my hand yet again, but Lexi swung her fist and connected solidly with my thigh before I could spank her. “Ow!”

“Amnesty morning,” she said calmly as I rubbed my leg where she’d hit it.

“Now who’s abusing it?”

“Both of us, I guess.”

I continued to rub my leg, though it honestly didn’t hurt after the initial jab. It was an excuse to keep my hand to myself, which wasn’t the worst thing. In spite of my playfulness about it, I had genuine concerns about Lexi’s attitude this morning, and indeed my own possible reactions.

The flip side was that I was happy to have her back. It didn’t feel right always waking up undisturbed, no scantily clad sister-butt to guilt over. Didn’t feel normal. That was probably a sad indictment of my life, in some respects, but it was what it was.

Just to see what would happen, I slowly moved my hand toward Lexi again. I didn’t go for more spanks or anything, but rather simply set my hand on her back. Just let it lie there, gentle and unassuming.

“You’re kinda pushing it,” Lexi said.

“I know.”

“I might have to go get dressed.”

“You say that like it’s a threat, even though it’s exactly what I wanted this whole time.”

“Is it, though?”


Lexi gave me a disbelieving glance, only for a second. I knew I wasn’t making a compelling argument at the moment, but it genuinely wasn’t my fault she’d shown up in her shirt and panties this morning.

I moved my hand just a little, drawing the smallest of circles with it. I rubbed in gradually broader strokes, waiting for a reaction from Lexi. It was unclear even to me why I was pushing my luck like this. Why I would risk it. But then, it was unclear too why she’d returned without being properly dressed. There was probably some truth to the explanation she’d given, but I couldn’t imagine it was the whole truth.

I pushed Lexi’s shirt up her back, baring the lower half of it to be rubbed directly. She bit her lip very noticeably, but didn’t turn or say anything. Just let me massage her.

Once I’d started, I couldn’t easily stop. Regardless of what my original goal had been, either in theory or reality, I was sucked in by something much less than innocent. Lexi’s warm skin under my fingers, so silky smooth to my caresses. The subtle tensing and relaxing of her muscles, the small, barely audible gasp I caught only because I was listening for something, anything.

I grew even bolder, far too daring for my own comfort, really, but being horny could do that to me. I moved to my knees, swinging one leg over Lexi to straddle her and get a better angle. My erection was all the more prominent from that position, and I was careful not to drop too low and poke her with it. I really hoped she wouldn’t turn around, which was probably a good indicator that I should stop.

Instead, I kept pushing. I rubbed Lexi’s back with both hands, sliding her shirt incrementally further up toward her shoulders. It was barely covering anything, though since she was on her tummy, she wasn’t actually indecent or exposed. Kind of.

Her panties looked even smaller, tighter, and less appropriate with so much of a gap. Nothing but bare skin to either side; long, stretched out legs one way, the soft line of her spine the other. Her butt tempted me more than ever, barely covered and so easy to reach.

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