The Blizzard Part 2

By NotAThrowAway

I gestured to the makeshift bed we had created. An exaggerated bow accompanying my words.

“Ladies first. I’ve heard that these blankets are quite warm despite their appearance, so we can probably take off our coats if you want.”

She smiled at me. Seeing as we were both on our hands and knees it was impossible for her to perform a curtsey, the usual response to such a knightly gesture. She opted for a simple dip of the head and a badly faked royal British accent.

“Thank you very much kind gentleman.” Reverting back to her normal voice she continued as she began taking off her coat, “I agree that we won’t really need our coats, but you better go first. Seeing as we’re pretty much doomed to snuggle here, the person next to the fold is the one who’ll be the big spoon.” She raised an eyebrow, “Unless you want me to be the big spoon? I can’t imagine that would be comfortable though.”

Briefly eyeing the enormous mounds trapped in her sweater, I imagined it would be plenty comfortable to have them pressed against my back, though our height difference might cause some other problems.

Now with a raging hard-on in my pants from my overly vivid imagination, I declined her offer.

“I’ll take being the big spoon.”

I wasn’t sure how I was going to hide what felt like a steel rod in my pants, but I forced myself to climb into the blanket. It was rough and a little crinkly, but wasn’t as uncomfortable as I initially thought it would be.

I lifted the blanket to allow Mom to slide underneath before releasing it to fall over her. I pulled my hips back slightly, hopefully keeping her from noticing my erection.

As she slid underneath, it was evident we were going to have to press ourselves closer, the blanket was just a bit too small. Mom began wiggling her body back, accidentally rubbing her ass all over my crotch.

I knew I was busted, there was no way she couldn’t have felt it.

“You know,” She said, turning her head slightly to look at me, “If you move your arm out of the way it might be more comfortable.”

A puzzled expression appeared on my face.

“My arm?” I looked at her, “My arm isn’t in the way.”

My left arm was propping up my head and my other was resting on my hip.

“Yeah it is, right by my butt, dummy.”

I realized what she had mistaken for my arm now. I quietly responded to her.

“That’s not my arm…”

She slowly turned away from me as a deep crimson creeped its way onto her cheeks and ears, barely visible in the dying evening light.


* * *

Eventually we began talking once more, moving past the small bit of embarrassment while positioning ourselves. We used our coats as pillows, and I slipped my left arm under her neck and the right was around her waist. To an outsider, it might look like we were an intimate couple, but this was simply the most comfortable position for us to lay in under the blanket.

Despite the circumstances, I couldn’t help but notice how wonderful Mom smelt; it was hard to describe, but she smelt womanly, a smell I could never tire of. Because of this and the intimate position we were in, it was inevitable for me to get another erection, but Mom was understanding, never mentioning them. However, I noticed that she hadn’t moved herself away from them either.

It was now completely dark, save for the dim glow of a small orange light on the dash that we kept on by leaving the keys in the ignition. Mom had just finished telling a story from her work.

“Anyway, that’s enough about me, what about you Marc? I know we talked yesterday, but how’s university going? Classes good? You met any special lady friends?”

“University is fine, like usual really, all the classes are boring and you wouldn’t want to hear about them. As for girls? I’ve met a few, but no lasting relationships.”

“How come?” she asked, “When I your age, a lot of my friends were with the people they’d end up marrying. Is it just different now?”

“Mom, you’re only 17 years older than me, it’s not that different. It’s just that once I get to a certain point in my relationships it always seems to fall apart.”

“Fall apart? What do you mean?”

I sighed, “It’s not really my fault but it’s kinda embarrassing.”

She giggle a bit in my arms, “I’m your mother; nothing you say to me should be embarrassing.”

“Yeah, well this would be.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it that’s alright, but trust me when I say that whatever you think is embarrassing doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

I sighed again, this would be the first time I had told anyone about why I wasn’t in a long term relationship.

“Okay… Just so you know, my problem isn’t picking up girlfriends, I’m fairly normal when it comes to that, it’s just that when it comes to the… you know… doing the deed…”

She cut me off.

“You mean the sex?”

“Yeah, when it comes to… sex with my girlfriends, well… it’s just that it’s not really comfortable during sex for them.”

I held my breath waiting for my mother’s response, but it was clear she didn’t get my meaning.

“I’m not sure I understand. Are both of you relaxed enough before sex? As a girl if you’re nervous you’re vagina can contract. That might be uncomfortable for them. And are you making sure to use a condom? Or at least lube? That could help.”

It was strange hearing my mom speak so frankly about sex, we did have the talk when I was younger, but she mostly let Dad do the talking, seeing as we were both guys.

“No… it’s just, well, you felt it earlier… I’m just too big for some girls…”

Mom wasn’t responding, so I continued.

“Some girls want someone big, so it’s not like I’m not getting any girls at all, but most of the girls who do like it big aren’t really girlfriend material. I just enjoy them for the night and occasionally hand out with them later. The normal girls that I like to date tend to freak out when they see… it… for the first time. Then when they struggle to get it in and only feel pain, well, that’s about when we break up.”

After a brief moment of silence, Mom spoke up.

“If I were you, I would think twice about the ones who do like your size.”

I was confused by her advice.

“How come?”

“I think you’d be surprised by how they behave once they’re in a relationship. I was one of those girls in high school, most of the guys just thought of me as a slut, but once I met your father,” she reached down and held my hand, “and once I became pregnant with you, I straightened out.”

I could hardly believe it. My mom, the kindest and most loving person I knew was once like the people that I avoided getting together with?

“But Mom, Dad didn’t have to deal with women being afraid of his penis.”

“You’d be wrong with that one dear, he didn’t have it quite as bad as you seem to, but needless to say, there was a reason I hooked up with him in the first place. The horse-hung freak and the huge-tit slut; we were quite the couple. After our first few times in bed I began to realize that he was actually a nice guy and apparently he saw the same in me. Other kids didn’t think it was quite as romantic, but the exclusion from them was worth it in the end.”

She began petting my hand that was wrapped around her waist.

“After all, I ended up with you and your sisters.”

My mind was stuck on a particular part of what she said.

“You were bullied in high school?”

She took a deep breath.

“I don’t know if I’d call it bullying per se, but it was close to it. I started having sex at a fairly young age and the other girls didn’t like it. At that point my tits were already starting to get big, so they just saw me as a slut. I guess I just went with it because it was the best way to feel good. My self-esteem was at rock bottom and it made me feel wanted while I was having sex. Your father changed all that for me, he took me out of the cycle of self-hatred. That’s why it’s so hard to start seeing others again. When all people look at you and see is a pair of tits… Your father could always cheer me up, but nobody else does that for me. They either slobber over my tits or try to run away from the fat old woman…”

Her breaths had become erratic. I could tell she was about to cry, so I interrupted her.

“Mom! Look at me!”

She stiffened up at my commanding tone before, twisting around to face me. It was apparent that my mother had some serious self-esteem issues, ones that had begun showing up again once she tried getting back onto the dating scene. I needed to give her a helping hand. In the dim glow around us I could see that she had a small amount of tears forming in her eyes.

“You have to stop!”

My harsh command temporarily halted the advancement of her tears.

“You’re being completely unfair, to yourself and all other women out there! It’s awful that you keep talking about how ‘ugly’ you are and how people fixate on your tits. I can hardly think of anyone more beautiful than you. Hell, I’m not even just talking about your body. You’re the kindest, funnest person I know, you raised me and Emily in the best home we could have asked for.”

A new round of tears was welling in her eyes, but I hoped that these would be ones filled with happier emotions and not the previous self-loathing ones.

“You say that Dad helped to cheer you up right?” She nodded slightly, “Well since he can’t do that anymore, let me. If you ever feel down, if you ever need someone to talk to, whatever he did to help you, ask me instead.”

Immediately after I finished, Mom began sobbing. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged her back as she buried her face into my shoulder, trying my best to ignore her softness and keep myself from ruining the mood.

Unfortunately, the male body isn’t as discerning when it comes to female contact, entirely ignoring our blood relation as my dick began hardening in my pants. By the time Mom’s sobbing had finished, I was sporting one of the hardest boners of my life, a consequence of having a beautiful woman hanging onto you for emotional support.

She finally pulled her head back, staring at me with her moist blue eyes.

“Thanks, honey.”

She used her arms to pull herself towards my face, placing her lips on my own. The softness of her lips was extraordinary and by the time we separated, I could feel a change in the atmosphere around us.

After only a brief moment of staring into each other’s eyes, our lips met once more, this time both of us rushing forward to meet. A passion had emerged, one that ought not to be between a mother and a son, but one that had appeared all the same.

My hands naturally wandered to my mother’s rear, but I quickly pulled them back up, worried that it could shatter the wonderfully raw air between us. However, I immediately felt one of my Mom’s hands leave my back, reaching to place my own back onto her butt.

We continued on like that, long enough I didn’t think it would end. Minutes passed as our passion grew. Later, and much to my chagrin, Mom pulled her head back to separate our lips. Her next words changed my momentary despair into the highest of delights.

“You know Marc, there was one thing your father did that would always cheer me up…”

Her voice had transformed, now dripping with sensuality. I could feel a lone finger tracing the bulge in my pants as she spoke. Even the most bumbling of fools would know what she was implying.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “I mean, I totally want to, but… Are you sure about this…?”

It was a feeble defense, perhaps the last shred of my rational mind trying to exert its will. I could only hope that it wouldn’t succeed as I peered into the depths of my mother’s eyes.

A sly grin came over her face as she placed a firm hand over my rod.

“I’ve never been more sure in my life!”

With that, we both rushed forward, our lips connecting as our passion erupted again. Our tongues intertwined, as our longings were realized.

I was using my hands to feel my own mother’s glorious ass, revelling in its perfect mix of softness and firmness, evident even through the tight fabric of her jeans.

A wave of excitement rolled through me as I felt one of her hands tugging at my belt and the zipper of my jeans. Feeling her clumsy fumbling with the buckle I quickly reached down and undid the buckle, allowing her full access to my crotch.

We tossed aside the blanket, too inflamed by our desires to notice or care about the now even lighter chill.

Mom took the lead, rolling on top of me while continuing to kiss. Finally she broke us apart, a smile plastered on her face as she began crawling backwards. Her enormous breasts dragged across my body, a heaven in its own right, until she halted her retreat at my crotch. With a grin that wouldn’t look out of place on a kid receiving a new toy, she quickly unzipped me, before wrenching down my jeans and underwear at once.

Because my dick had hardened down the leg of my jeans, when she pulled them off, it naturally sprang up, nearly hitting her in the face.

“Oh my god!” She laughed “No wonder I thought it was your arm!”

I couldn’t help but grin, even with the problems it caused, it always felt good to hear a reaction like that. I had measured myself at being just over 8 inches long, though I felt like I was a full inch longer I was so aroused. My cock’s real size came from its girth. I have above average-sized hands and even I could just barely touched my middle finger to my thumb around my shaft if I squeezed tightly. My head was just a little larger, the real problem for most girls

“Mmm,” she moaned, licking her lips, “I can’t wait until this is inside me.”

I throbbed extra hard at her words, veins bulging as her petite hands wrapped themselves around my shaft.

Her cute pink tongue snaked out from her plump red lips, tracing a warm path up the length of my cock, leaving a trail of spit that rapidly cooled in the chilly air. It was wonderful, and as she began pumping my shaft while licking around my glans, I couldn’t help but moan in response.

“Oh fuck, Mom!”

She paused, looking up at me with a grin as she began rapidly jerking me off with just one hand.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll get there…”

I could only grin back, my initial trepidation gone, replaced by the desire to fuck my own mother. My desire was temporarily satiated by her extraordinary dick-sucking skills.

I used our coats to prop myself up, allowing me to watch as Mom continued her ministrations. She was stretching her jaw to the absolute limit as she began to take me into her mouth. It was unavoidable that I’d feel her teeth, but she always opened wider on contact. This was leagues above the performances of other girls I’d been with, who felt like they were going to bite off part of my dick, if they could fit it in their mouth in the first place.

Mom choked and slobbered over my dick for the next couple minutes, giving me the most pleasure anyone had ever managed before. Her eye contact was fiery hot, and feeling her moan as she rubbed herself through her jeans was beautiful.

She finally came up for air, a small strand of spit connecting her to my cock.

“Mmm, I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

The strand broke as she began crawling up my torso.

When she was face-to-face with me, I surprised her, pulling her into a tight hug and mashing her enormous assets against my chest. She was trapped, unable to move as I held her in the tight embrace and forced her lips against my own. I could have stayed there forever, enjoying the plush curves of her body as she melted into my embrace.

With a small effort, I flipped us around, a small yelp coming from my mother before she ended up beneath me. I broke our lips apart to look down towards our touching crotches, blocked by the fabric of her jeans.

She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, using both hands to try and push off the pants. With a herculean effort, she finally managed to wiggle the pants off her lush hips and round bottom, leaving only a small pair of white panties separating our sexes.

I took the initiative this time, crawling back to allow me to pull the panties down, revealing a well-trimmed bush and beautiful pussy lips. The folds looked delicious and were covered in a sheen of juices. I could hardly wait to see what it looked like with my dick in it.

I quickly pulled the panties and jeans completely off her legs, before crawling back on top of her, back in position.

I looked up at Mom, the excited grin on my face reflected on her own.

“You ready?” I asked.

She started running her hands over my body as she responded.

“Fuck yes!” she said, surprising me with her eagerness, “I’ve wanted this for years!”

She wanted this for years? I wanted to ask her about what she meant, but there were more pressing matters at hand, such as my cockhead pushing apart her pussy lips.

I groaned as I felt my tip gently begin its intrusion.

She was wet, wetter than anyone I had ever fucked before, and with her juices, the copious amounts of spit, and my admittedly abnormal amount of precum, my entrance was far smoother than I expected.

The car filled with the sound of Mom’s sensual moans, undercut by my occasional involuntary groans. She was tight, but in the most pleasurable way possible.

After I was a few inches in, I felt her hands push against me, causing me to stop.

“Just give me a minute baby,” She moaned, “I haven’t had such a big dick in years. I just need some time to adjust.”

Happy to oblige, I leaned over, filling the time with deep kisses while I gently palmed her enormous breasts. Even through the thick bra and sweater I could feel her nipples, fueling my lust as I continued to feel her up, her moans a bit quieter, but just as sensual.

“Alright baby, fill me up now, I’m ready!”

With her petite hands no longer blocking my way, I slowly began pushing in and pulling out, moving deeper inch after inch. With a soft bump, I soon found myself nudging against the back of her vagina. I looked down to see I only had about an inch left to go; she had taken me deeper than anyone else.

“I think that’s as deep as I can go. How does it feel?”

Judging from her continuous moaning, I guessed it would be a positive answer.

“Holy shit! It feels so fucking good baby! You better start fucking this tight little pussy!”

With her encouragement, I pulled back out, careful not to go too fast, but far faster than my slow beginning. Once I was nearly out, I quickly pushed back in, eliciting a loud moan from Mom as she began to massage her breasts.

I began to slide back and forth, in and out, picking up speed. I soon found a pleasing rhythm, moving fast enough to cause my mother’s titanic tits to heave up and down on her chest. I watched their hypnotic motion, rocking and swaying under the tight grey sweater, until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I placed my hands on the massive mounds, digging my fingers into the soft fabric of her bra and sweater while squeezing the pliant flesh underneath.

“Mmm, fuck, squeeze my huge tits Marc! Squeeze your mom’s fat titties!”

Mom was really getting into our fuck, so I started increasing the length of my strokes. I felt myself bumping against her cervix, but judging from the multitudes of “Oh yeah!” and “Just like that!” I kept the action going.

Her voice was getting louder and she soon peaked, yelling as she came around my cock.

“Oh yes! Fuck your mommy’s slut pussy! Grab my huge fucking tits Marc! Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuck!”

She wrapped her legs around my back as she came, forcing my full length into her now spasming pussy. Her legs were quivering as she began to buck her hips, stirring my length around inside her.

It felt like I was going to bite through my cheek as I clamped down to stop myself from cumming. I could usually last at least a half hour in bed if I was seriously trying, but fucking my own mother and her amazingly sexy body was making me cum far sooner.

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