Maiden effort

By Sammy_u

Sammy was looking forward to the holiday because there will be none at home. He was a paying guest and this was his day. He had kept everything ready and as soon as every one left he dashed down to the kitchen and sneaked into the servants room. He found the nightie there and stared longingly at it. It was a Friday and he knew that she had used it for 4 days. She washes it only once in a week and he was shivering with anticipation as he reached for it. His shivering hands took the folded nightie and covered his face. He inhaled the smell of her sweat and soft perfume filling him with her smells and gradually his shivering subsided. Very rarely does he get this opportunity since on Saturdays she washes it.

He again looked at it lovingly resisting the urge to open it and smell the private parts. He slowly removed his shirt and pressed it to his chest. His shorts fell down and he was standing there in his briefs with a throbbing cock. Suddenly he had an idea and quickly unfolded the nightie and almost reverently slipped it over his head. He was standing there in a woman’s attire and though the woman who owned it was well endowed, it was tight on his mans frame. He jutted his chests out but it still did not fill the dress. He cupped his small breasts and squeezed them. He slowly lifted his hand and brought his nose to the armpit. A strong pungent smell wafted up and he recognized her smells. She’s usually very sweaty by the time she finishes her work and he never missed a chance to inhale when she passed him by. He closed his eyes and imagined her in the nightie and suddenly he wanted to see himself.

There was a mirror in the dining room and he stood before it admiring himself. He heard a faint click and realized that it was the back door and instinctively rushed to the kitchen to see her entering with her key.

“Oh! Shit!” he thought; she had come early to finish her work.

As she turned she saw him in the nightie and for a moment was shocked. His face turned crimson red and he was rendered motionless by the sheer situation. He saw her shocked expression change into a smile and then laughter. As she guffawed his face was burning with shame and he slowly reached for his dress on the floor.

“No!” she heard her exclaim and watched her taking his dress and putting it into the washing machine.

“How long have you been doing this?” she asked him.

“A few weeks,” he said with his head hung in shame.

” Do you cum in them?”

“No. No. I just smell them. Only today I wore it. I am sorry.” He offered apologetically.

” Where do you smell them?”

He kept silent.

She stepped closer and slapped him hard on his right cheek; “Answer me when I speak to you”.

He pressed his palm to his burning cheek and said “The arm-pits the front and then the back.”

“Show me.” She said and as he looked at her she screamed, “Now!”

He slowly lifted his hands and moved his nose to the pits. “Now the front”, she said.

As he lifted the dress to smell the front he suddenly realized that his cock was throbbing inside his briefs. She looked at it for a moment and turned into the house locking the door and said, “Remove them.”

He removed his briefs, careful not to show her his erection, but she did not seem interested. She went inside without a word and came back with something rolled up in both her palms. She gestured him into the living room and sat on the Divan. She crossed her legs and asked him to take off the dress. He hesitated only for a moment, since his cheek was still burning. He fought to keep his erection down cupping it with both hands. She extended her right hand and opened it to reveal her panties. “Wear these,” she said. As he stepped into them he knew they were of good quality, and felt terribly aroused.

“Now kneel,” she ordered and gestured with her hands to her feet.

Sammy knelt in the panties and felt that his wildest fantasies were coming true. As he knelt she slowly unfolded her left palm, letting her bra fall to her feet. He looked at her face and understood the silent command. As she got up he slowly took it up and slowly with shivering hands brought it to his nose and felt his other cheek singing.

“I am mistress here and you don’t take any liberties with me. Understood.”

He nodded and got another slap, “You swallowed your tongue?”

He hastened to say, “Yes,” and she said, “You might as well address me as ‘Mistress’ “.

“Yes Mistress”, he said and watched her face glow. Sammy knew that she was enjoying every moment of the reversal in role and his submissive side was fully gearing up to the naturally dominant woman, that too lower in status to him. She took the nightie and put it over his head. She slowly removed her saree and he could see her braless boobs through the tight blouse. Her skirt was wet at the crotch and he knew the reason. She saw his look and rubbed her crotch over the skirt and proffered her hands, “Smell your Mistress.”

He leaned over on his knees and smelled her fingers. Just as he got the smell she pinched his nose and said, “Get me a coffee.”

Without thinking he ran to the kitchen and as the milk was boiling introspected over his situation. He slowly rubbed his cock as he thought about the situation. The panties and bra were loose on him but the straps were tight. He was aroused and at the same time afraid and ashamed. Yet he could not decide whether he was more ashamed or afraid but was sure that arousal was definitely at its peek. He heard the milk boil over, and as he tried to clumsily shut the hob heard her admonishing, ” You better learn to be a good maid or I am going to punish you.”

He went into the living room, trembling all over and saw her reclining on the divan. She raised her torso and commanded,” On your knees and remember whenever we talk or you offer me something you do it on your knees.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sammy was not surprised to hear himself.

He went on his knees and offered the coffee, which she took by one hand and raised her skirt with the other. He stared at her feet and legs and realized that they were beautiful. He had always noticed that despite her status she was a very clean woman.

” Why don’t you massage my legs?” she asked and he knew it was no request. She sipped her coffee and he crawled to her feet and started on her left foot. It felt soft to the touch and slightly wet, due to the covered slippers she always uses. As he earnestly massaged her legs she rested her head on her hands and looked at him. “So from today you are my maid and when we are alone you will do all the work here and your reward will be my smells.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And daily you will wash my undergarments and the nightie I wear here.”

“But..but,” he protested.

“No buts, you slut, just obey me or everyone will know of your kink and I’ll shift jobs and the blame will be on you.”

It was no blackmail because he knew he could refuse but he desperately wanted to continue the fantasy and he stuttered out,

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now you want to smell my feet?”

“Please Mistress,” he pleaded.

“Go ahead, but remember to lick them clean.”

He started with the right one and smelled between the toes. She wiggled her toes and he reveled in her smells. Then he turned to the right one and slowly took her toe in his mouth. He licked between the toes and then ran his tongue down her instep. When his tongue was hungrily licking her sole she slowly turned her feet and said,” Bite them softly over the edges.” He knew that she must have done some reading on pedicure. He softly bit her soles and over the edges of her feet. Soft tissues broke away and he swallowed them. This went on for 10 minutes and she lay relaxed with closed eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and told him, “Now to finish the work, you can start with the bedrooms and then the living and dining room.”

When he got up she lifted both her hands displaying her wet pits and told him, “And the reward lies here.”

As he tried to lift the nightie she said “ a maid should work in those clothes: go now sweet maid and remember I’ll check on you.”

Sammy took the broom and awkwardly walked to the bedroom. He felt constrained in her dress. Especially the bra; though loose at the front, the straps were cutting into his body. He swept the floor and increasingly got used to the dress. He gasped as he came near the full-length mirror. He couldn’t believe it and as he apprised himself, he couldn’t resist stroking himself.

“Playing the fool at work?” he jerked his head in the direction of the door and saw her standing there in her skirt and blouse, arms framed on the doors. He immediately went on his knees and begged forgiveness.

“No… you should know what it is to be punished. Come here and kneel by the bed and place your face on the bed and remove that nightie.”

He slowly slipped out of the gown and in bra and panties came to the bed and did as she commanded. She approached him and squeezed his ass over the panties.

“Umm you have a good ass.”

He looked at her from his awkward position and saw her hands going up and felt the two quick slaps to his bottom. Then she just lifted her skirt and in a crude fashion rubbed her left hand between her anus and brought her hand to his nose. As he inhaled the pungent smell he felt another slap and she reached over to squeeze his breasts through the bra.

“Good it feels like an adolescent girls’, but now for the punishment.”

He saw her turn around and walk out of the room after putting a towel over her breasts to cover them.His heart pounded in anticipation. He remained in his position and the waiting heightened his fear as well as his arousal. He badly wanted to stroke his cock, but was afraid she’ll catch him in the act. He couldn’t understand his fear or his desire not to displease her but thinking about it again made him desperate for her. He was confused and aroused and then heard her close the door as she reentered the house. She stepped in with a fairly big twig in her hands and he knew what it was for. She plopped down on the bed near his face and told him, “Roll down your panties.”

He did just that with his face still on the bed. She was swishing the twig as she talked. “Now with each stroke you will thank me and kiss my ass. Now start counting.”

“ONE,” he gasped out and kissed her ass and thanked her.

With five she was panting and he could see the raw desire in her face. She continued to fifteen and the room was filled with the smell of sex. She was sweating and her sweat dripped down to his face. She suddenly caught hold of his cock, and with each of the next five strokes, she slowly stroked him.

At twenty she stopped and got up pulling his face from the bed. Now he was kneeling before her and she commanded him to remove her skirt with his mouth. Her skirt was wet with sweat and he just wanted to suck her. He inhaled deeply and with his teeth pulled it down. As it fell to her feet she suddenly turned around with an order. “Kiss me.”

He kissed her on both her ass cheeks. “Lick them,” she commanded and he obeyed. She slowly rose one foot on to the bed and stretched her ass, but she had big buns and the rose still eluded him. She stretched her buns with her hands and commanded, “Kiss.”

He looked at her hole, which was red with a black ring. He shuddered and hesitated. She grabbed his hair with one hand and pushed his face in. He was smothered and she let go of his hair and again stretched her ass. His quivering lips went for the first kiss and without her asking he licked her there.

“Slut you are learning fast. Ummm..lick more make it all wet and clean. Before I finish with you, you’ll be begging for this.”

He silently worked on her ass and again desperately wanted to stroke himself.

“Now, use your hands to get more off your Mistresses Ass,” she said as she let go of her buns to stand akimbo. He stretched her buns with both hands and worked feverishly. After about ten minutes she collapsed on the bed.

“Go clean your mouth and come.”

Sammy rushed to the bathroom and rinsed his mouth. What he had done just then hit him hard and he unconsciously retched. He came back to see her reclining on propped up pillows with her legs spread wide.

“Kneel,” she commanded and Sammy collapsed to his feet. She reached over to stroke him and he knew she was merely keeping him hot to fulfill her kinky needs. She stroked his breasts and then put her hands inside the bra to pinch his nipples. He stared at her dark bush and silently suffered her taunts. He didn’t see her hands and only felt the pain as she slapped him hard on the face.

“Slut.Look at my face and not my cunt. You think I am your cunt ehh…Ill change all that slut. You will be my cunt. Look at you in bra and are a real slut. You will be my personal cunt. You can be my paying guest and also my maid and slut. Move your things to my house tomorrow and we’ll start working on you. ” She caught him by the jaw and squeezed his cheeks, “Will you or will you not.”

“Yes, Mistress” he gasped through.

“Good. Now you’ll learn to be a pussy licker,” She lay back on the pillows with her head resting on her palms and her pits invitingly staring at him.

“Not now slut only after you satisfy me and only if you do satisfy.”

With that she rubbed her left pit with her right palm and brought it to his face, He inhaled and closed his eyes and opened them only when he received the next slap with the same palm. “Now do your job.”

Sammy licked his lips and lowered his face to her pussy. He found his way through the bush and gave her one lick. He heard her moan and slowly parted her hair to reveal a pink hole with a snub nosed clit. He salivated and licked her there. “OooOoo..more,” she gasped.

He licked her outer fleshy folds running his tongue over them before slowly entering her. He played on her pussy till his tongue ached. He rubbed her clit with the tip of his tongue. Then unknowingly he searched out her anal hole and licked it. He moved his tongue on her skin to once again home in on her pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands and pressed his face on to her crotch. He gasped for air and felt her shudder against his face. He felt her spasms and feverishly licked her alternating with little thrusts inside. He felt her legs tighten around him and he waited patiently with his nose buried in her crotch. He felt a nauseating smell and couldn’t believe that he was aroused by it. When she released him, he felt something slimy on his face. She ordered him to clean her up and when he was done slowly fell back on the bed. She lay there for a few moments as he waited for her next command.

“Now finish your work.” She said as she rose and gestured at her skirt. Sammy picked her skirt up and she stepped into it. Sammy fastened it and got a stroke in his cock as reward.

“I’ll now watch over you and you better finish the work fast.” Sammy got up and instinctively reached for the nightie.

“Leave it, you look sexy this way,” she said.

The next hour was tedious work for Sammy and he had to do it in the bra and panties under her watchful eyes. When it was finished Sammy was tired and weak and she timed it perfectly to collar him with a belt. Then she removed her blouse to reveal her luscious breasts. Sammy on all fours with his leash looked up and she dangled the blouse in front of his face. He could smell the aroma and he craned his neck to get a whiff. She laughed at him and threw it to the corner of the room. “Go get it,” she ordered. Sammy got up and was immediately jerked back as she tugged at his leash.

“On your fours, doggy. And bring it back to your mistress after whiffing it without making it wet.”

Sammy looked at her bewildered and crawled on all fours to the corner of the room. As he reached it he heard her say, “Don’t pick it up, just smell it”.

He crawled to the blouse and lowered himself on his elbows to smell the crumbled blouse. He found her wet spot and buried his nose there inhaling deep. “Here doggy, bring it here.”

He slowly took the cloth between his lips and crawled back to her. She patted him on his head and took the blouse and wiped her breasts with it and also under her breasts and extended it to his nose. Just as he got a whiff she threw it to another corner. Sammy trotted there and repeated it. He yearned for her smells. Next she rubbed her cunt and then her ass. She repeated with her pits and the blouse was wet and Sammy’s knees were sore. She dragged him in side the bath and as she sat in the toilet Sammy knelt before her. She slowly raised her left arm and Sammy buried his face in there. She stroked his cock with her right hand and Sammy inhaled deeply. Then she shifted and Sammy obediently dived on her right pit. As he inhaled he heard the trickle and he looked up. She shifted herself and pissed into his aroused cock and he ejaculated and collapsed on her lap covered with her juices. Sammy was exhausted as he was led to the shower by her. The cold water hit him and her hug reassured him. She raised herself and led his mouth to her luscious breasts. He suckled like a child as the shower cleansed them both. When she was aroused he felt her pressure on the shoulders and slowly sank to his knees. His knees were sore but he knew that he’ll now be more on his knees with her. He dragged the bathroom stool to her side and she smiled as she placed one foot on to the stool. Sammy opened his mouth and approached her soaking cunt and thought about his change in status. He sucked here there under the shower and felt his sagging cock slowly getting up…

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