By John22247

Your wrists are tied to the headboard, thick ropes knotting them together, your knees pressed up to your elbows, exposing both your ass and pussy. The scent of the massage oil lingers in the air. Your eyes flicker to my smile. I look smug, satisfied as I survey the handiwork I did while you dozed. I pull a black silk blindfold from under the bed, holding it over you in one hand, the tip teasing across your ass, tickling your pussy, the silk wetting slightly from touching you there. The end of the blindfold slides across your legs, teasing up your belly, twirling around and around your breasts…

I lean in close and give you a wink before tying it tightly across your eyes. You whimper softly. You can see nothing. You feel a pair of headphones placed over your ears, and feel surprise for a moment. You’ve never seen me do this before. Soft music starts playing. Coupled with the headphones, it’s enough to drown out any sound of me moving around in the room. You realize you have absolutely no idea where I am, and the thought suddenly scares you.

The first strike comes with no warning whatsoever. You feel the crop bite into your exposed ass, striking you hard. You can only feel the blow. You can’t see, or hear anything. You have no idea that I leaned in after and examined the bright red mark approvingly. You feel another strike on the other side of your ass. You shriek, and squirm but the bonds are far too tight. You can barely move. The crop tickles your asshole, teasingly caressing it. You tense, afraid of feeling a strike there where you are so exposed. The next hit surprises you, flicking across a nipple. You whimper, squirming again. You suddenly feel something press against your ass. A fingertip, slowly caressing. You can feel your pussy soaking the sheets underneath you as I tease your ass. My finger slowly slips inside it, as it does the crop bites into your pussy, smacking it lightly. Even at the light hit, your hips buck, and your ass clenches my finger.

You imagine that I’m probably laughing, but you can’t know for sure. My finger slips out of you and is replaced with a thin dildo. It twists as I push it inside you. No–your breath catches in your throat–it’s clearly a vibrator. The hum filling your ass is driving you crazy. Your pussy and nipples ache for touch. You feel a cold drop of water hit your nipple. No, you scream silently–not like that–the freezing ice cube presses against your nipple, which instantly hardens. You moan and thrash against the bonds. The ice cube trails down between your breasts, down your belly…down lower. You frantically twist in the bonds. It’s too cold. You think I couldn’t possibly –the ice hits your clit and your whole body goes tense. All you know is the feeling of the vibrator in your ass and the ice on your clit.

I slip the ice inside your pussy and give your clit a smack with the crop. You can’t imagine possibly being any wetter than you are right now. You wonder for a brief moment if you could cum just from the different sensations rocking your body. the ice melts quickly inside your soaking hot pussy. You feel the tip of my tongue flicking across your clit, followed by the bite of the crop across a nipple. As I suck your clit into my mouth, you feel a clothes pin clamping down hard on your breast, right next to the nipple. Another suck, another pin, this one on the nipple. another suck, another pin. Repeated for your other breasts, six total one on each nipple, one on each side. My tongue withdraws. You feel the head of my cock pressing against your soaking pussy, the vibrator still deep in your ass. You moan, not knowing the smile it brings to my lips as you pointlessly try to scoot yourself forward onto my cock. I oblige, ramming it into you, practically knocking the wind out of your lungs as the shock of it filling you makes you gasp. I ram into you again. And again, fucking you hard, without mercy or remorse. You feel your orgasm building, and know you’re going to cum soon.

Just as you feel yourself reaching the edge, I yank all six clothespins off your tits with one pull of each hand. You literally scream, as the pain and orgasm wash over you at the same time. You slump in the restraints thinking you couldn’t possilby endure more. But I’m not quite finished. You feel my cock still pounding deep into you, with each thrust growing wilder. My hand tightens around your throat and even through the headphones you can hear me roar as I cum inside you, shooting deep and hot into your dripping cunt. I pull myself out.

You feel the headphones lift away from your ear for a moment. “Enjoy the rest of your nap,” I whisper before letting the headphone down, leaving you still tied, on soaking sheets with me cum dripping out of you. You smile.

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