Unlocked door

By redgryphon

Hot water rains down on me from the shower head. I quickly shampoo and rinse and work a thick conditioner through my waist length dark auburn hair. Clipping the slippery mass on top of my head, I notice movement outside the open bathroom door. Through the crack between the glass shower doors I see the figure of a very large man. A thrilled shiver runs down my spine. I’ve been dropping hints since he moved in down the block but I didn’t expect him to just walk in like this. Liking the idea that he is watching me, thinking I am unaware, I decide to put on a little show. I slather my body with a creamy scented body wash, making sure to linger on my large breasts. I moan softly when my fingers slide against my tingling nipples. I shave my legs, underarms, and my pussy. I rinse the cream off and stroke the wet folds wringing another small moan from my throat, knowing that he’s watching me. I unclip my hair and start to rinse the conditioner from my coppery strands. When the water runs clear, I turn off the tap and squeeze the water from my hair. I make sure not to let him know I have seen him and when I open the shower door and grab a big fluffy towel he sinks further back into the shadows in the hallway.

I dry my body and gently squeeze the excess water from my hair, again clipping it up on top of my head. Thin tendrils curl damply around my face. I smooth scented lotion all over my body making sure to lean over and give him a good view of my pink pussy. I stand up and quickly apply a small amount of makeup, just liner and shadow in coppery browns to make the green of my eyes sparkle and a little mascara and clear lip balm. He is still watching me and I wonder when he will make his move. I hang the towel to dry and step out into the hallway not surprised that I don’t find him waiting for me there. Curious to see how far he will take this, I step into my bedroom and pull a black lacy bra and matching panties from the dresser. Putting them on, I slip on a pair of impossibly high black leather stilettos. I can see a shadow lurking just outside in the hall. I unclip my hair and shake it loose into damp waves and curls, flipping my head upside down to fluff and separate the curls. My curvy ass is pointed directly at the door to give the best possible view and when I stand up I squeal in false surprise to find myself drug roughly up against a hard male body.

I struggle a little just to keep up the charade, twisting around to face him. Strong hands grip my upper arms while my much smaller ones press against his thickly muscled chest. The soft cotton of his tee shirt stretches tightly around biceps like tree trunks and tucks into the narrow waist of a pair of well fitted dark denim jeans. He smells so good I want to melt into his body but I hold back. I want to follow his lead. He quickly shoves me up against the wall proving that my instincts to be submissive are correct and his aggression is really turning me on. He drags my hands up above my head and captures both of my wrists in a steely grip while staring hotly into my eyes. I open my mouth to speak, to protest, something, and his lips come down on mine with punishing force. I struggle a little but only enough to press my tingling breasts more tightly against his chest while his free hand slides down my body and grips my ass, pulling me against the obvious bulge in his jeans. I whimper a little and start to kiss him back tentatively, meeting his questing tongue with my own.

My compliance seems to turn him on and he growls against my mouth, using his big body to make his strength and control very clear. His free hand strokes up and down my body claiming every inch of me as his. He tilts his head back for a moment, meeting my eyes with his. His hand relaxes slightly on my wrists and I take the opportunity to free them only to slip them around the back of his neck and pull him back down to me for a kiss so electric it almost feels like my hair is standing on end. I slide my hands over his shoulders and down his chest and belly to tug the tee shirt out of the waistband of his jeans. He takes the hint and quickly peels it off over his head. My mouth waters at the sight of the curves and bulges of his torso. I kiss a path down his chest while slowly sinking to my knees. I caress his thick erection through confining denim, kissing my way up and down the length. I can feel the heat radiating from his body. I look up at him with liquid green eyes and when he gently brushes my long hair back from my face it is at direct odds with the dangerous image he presents.

He steps back just a bit and reaches for the button on his jeans. I am already wet and the anticipation has me squirming. The zipper comes down and I can see that He’s not wearing anything else. When the jeans sag down to his knees his enormous erection springs free and I whimper a little. It is hugely thick and throbbing visibly, a pearl of fluid appearing on the tip has me licking my plump pink lips. I decide to continue with my submissive posture and deliberately clasp my hands behind my back. I lean forward and kiss his upper thigh, trailing my tongue closer and closer to his groin. He gently cups the back of my head guiding my tongue to his testicles. His other hand presses his dick up against his belly so he can watch me lick and gently suck the tender skin. I linger there for several minutes before looking up to catch his eyes, making sure he watches me lick up the underside of his cock. He releases it and tangles his big fingers in my coppery curls while I run my tongue around the head, tasting the precum collecting there. I lick my lips, making them slippery and he slowly thrusts forward, sinking deep into my eager mouth. I can feel him bumping against the entrance to my throat and I’ve only taken half of him! I make a hungry sound low in my throat and push forward slowly swallowing him deeper until my nose brushes the thatch of hair at the base of his cock. He thrusts slowly but firmly in and out of my throat, pulling back only long enough to allow me to breath. My tongue swirls crazily, wanting to feel and taste every throbbing inch of him.

Suddenly he pulls back and lifts me to my feet, kissing me gently. He quickly strips off the jeans, socks, and shoes, in what seems like one single motion. I stand there quietly, waiting for him to make the next move. Just watching the play of muscle under his skin and the feral grace of his large body makes me intensely excited. He moves toward the bed, never breaking eye contact. Slowly, I do the same, sliding the straps of my bra down over my shoulders. I stop just within arm’s reach of him and unclasp the bra, letting it fall to the floor. His low growl thrills me and I step past him to climb onto the bed on hands and knees. Thinking he will follow me onto the bed I begin to turn only to feel strong hands grip my hips to hold me in place. He strips the panties down my thighs and I lift my knees so he can whisk them completely off. Strong fingers caress the rounded cheeks of my ass, stroking and kneading them before sliding down to pull my thighs far apart. I lean forward, letting my upper body rest on the bed. Callused hands travel over my creamy pale skin in firm strokes, making it clear who is in control and that thrills me even more. I am so open and exposed in this position.

Finally he reaches the spot I have been desperate to feel his touch. He parts my folds and finds the hard little bud of my clit first with his finger and then with his tongue. I moan softly, the sensations both gentle and intense. I can’t believe how close I am to an orgasm and he has barely touched me. He continues to attack my clit with furious strokes of his tongue, sliding first one thick finger and then two into my dripping wet opening. After a moment he changes the angle of his thrusts pressing firmly against my g-spot with every stroke. Not every guy knows that trick and that’s a shame because just a few strokes later I cum hard; hot fluid wetting my inner thighs. The pleasure is so intense that my whole body shudders with every gentle lap of his tongue against my clit. Aftershocks are still wracking my body when he climbs onto the bed, pulling me down onto my back to lie beside him.

His scorching kiss makes me shiver and I can taste myself on his lips. My slender fingers stroke his shoulders and I drop kisses on his cheeks and chin and down the thick column of his throat. I feel him turn my hips toward him and lift my leg high up over his rib cage. He guides the broad mushroom shaped head of his erection to my pussy, slowly entering me. I bite down gently on the corded muscle between his neck and shoulder as he fills me; so thick and so deep. Our bodies press tightly against each other and our mouths fuse together as if to share souls.

I squeal softly when he grips my hips roughly and pulls me upright on top of him. I rise up to my knees and ride up and down grinding my clit hard against his pubic bone. His large hands slide up my ribs to my big breasts and tight tingling nipples. He guides one to his lips, kissing it gently and licking the hard peaked tip before sucking it hard into his mouth. My hips buck wildly as my climax approaches and my moans rise in pitch along with the intensity of the pleasure until I shatter on a silent scream with my head thrown back and my back arched. He grips my hips hard and thrusts up into me roughly, my internal muscles clenching tightly, rippling up and down his shaft.

Finally my body quiets and he gently rolls with me, again pressing me into the mattress on my back. He kisses me softly and pulls out of my body. I know he hasn’t cum yet and I wonder what he is doing but my questions are soon answered when he presses his hard cock, still wet from my pussy, against my tiny asshole. I pull his lips down to mine and raise my thighs high up on his torso to give him easier access to my ass. He is so thick that I wonder if I will be able to accept him.

He pushes harder and the muscular ring of my anus slowly opens to allow him inside. I shudder and pant, and finally feel his pubic bone come to rest against my pussy. My hands grip his massive shoulders and I whimper softly when he starts moving slowly, long strokes deep into my unbelievably tightly stretched ass. It feels so good. I move with him pressing up onto his impaling member, clinging to his shoulders. He growls against my neck and suddenly I find wrists pinned to the mattress on either side of my head. He stares into my eyes, letting me know who is in charge even as his thrusts become faster and rougher. With every demanding thrust, he grinds hard against my pussy, against my throbbing clit.

He can tell I’m very close to cumming again so he moves even faster, his whispers telling me to let go, to cum on his cock, to cum for him. His words set off the fireworks and my cries ring off the walls as I climax, so wet, my back arching and my vision going gray at the edges. I shudder uncontrollably and every hard deep stroke draws another gush of hot fluid from my dripping pussy. Finally I feel him tense above me and with a low groan He fills my ass with thick hot jets of cum.

Our bodies slow and eventually come to a stop, still joined together. He rolls to his side, pulling me close, sliding out of my ass but remaining pressed close against me. His arms wrap around me tightly and I giggle to myself when I realize that he is dozing. Suddenly feeling absolutely exhausted myself; I cuddle up even closer to his warm chest and flip the sheet over us. I’m not sure where this will go but at the moment I am feeling extremely relaxed and pleasantly drained.

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