Amanda and Anastasia

By RustedPantheress

I stopped at the entrance to the private bar. So few had heard of it, much less been invited, and here I was. Answering her call. Taking a deep breath, I stepped through the arch, hands clasped to stop quivering, glad my skirt hid the trembling in my legs, walking in that submissive way she loved so much. It was dark inside, empty except for her and the bartender. Pools of light spilled from the tables, their tops of sage green leather stewing in grandeur under the protective sheen of textured and tempered glass. The bar was one long strip of darkly glowing mahogany, interrupted only by her wineglass and ashtray. It smelled of old money and hidden power.

She glowed brighter and darker than the rest of the place. Her long platinum hair cascaded down her back, her blue eyes glinted as she watched my face trace the outline of her deep cut, dark pink, cheongsam. Anastasia knew I loved that dress style, how it showed off her massive cleavage. I never knew why she picked me. It started at a local BDSM club, where we both avoided the heavier activities, concentrating on the mental games instead of the physical. Why me? There were others submissives out there, more pliant, better lovers, than me. But here I was, feeling like a dirty little secret.

Her voice cut softly through the silence. “Come here, Kitty.” And so I went, stopping beside her seat. Her hands reached out, one to her glass, the other to my face. She had worn the lace gloves tonight too. “Do you know what today is?” I shook my head as her fingers caressed my cheek, curling softly to the back of my neck. “Six months ago we met for the second time.” That smile danced upon her lips as she withdrew her hand, and I fought the urge to collapse to my knees on the wooden floor at the sight of it.

“Jones,” she commanded. “The gift.” A small wooden box was placed in front of her and she lifted the lid. Inside… A sage green collar and leash, perfectly coiled. No. This was too much. Why me?

“Ana-” I began only to be cut off with a small slap. She grabbed my face, curling a thumb inside my mouth, propping open my jaw. Her fingers tightened across my cheek, two slipping down to my chin. And with that, she pushed me to my knees.

“You know what you are to call me, Kitty.” She glared, pushing my head against the side of her crossed knees. My throat closed, as it always had when this situation came around. Could I say it this time? I tried. I had to. For her.

“Mi… Mi…” Eyes tingling, my breath shortening as I imagined the not-so-pleasant punishments she reserved my misbehavior in play. How bad would it be this time? Trembling visibly, I dared. I put my hands on her stockinged thighs and ran them up to her hips, barely noticing how the high slit almost showed her panties. Her glare deepened as I locked my hands behind her back and then I pulled myself to her crotch, muffling my voice. “Mistress!” I nearly screamed. “Mistress, please! It’s too much!” The sobs began. “Why me? There are so many other pets, better ones than me! Why am I so important to you?”

The expected punishment came, her hand grasping the back of my neck… and left as the scruffing stilled my body and quieted me. This was bad. After the first time, she only scruffed me when I was truly bad.

“Kitty,” she said softly. “Amanda. Look at me.” I could barely lift my head, and sank back down to my knees, hands clasped in my lap. “Because I love you.” and she slipped the collar around my neck. “Now, be a good Kitty, my wonderful Amanda.” I could barely hear that, as she tightened it. Of course I would be a good kitty for my Mistress. My beautiful Mistress, who held my heart.

She pulled on the collar, brushing my lips across her thigh as she lifted her leg and brought it around my head. The tip of my tongue trailed along where her leg muscles met her buttocks, up the inside curve till my lips met the crease in her tight panties. The front of her cheongsam covered my head till she brushed it aside, and one hand stroked my hair while the other undid the ties on her panties. “Pull it off.” she whispered. I gently grasped the material in my lips and pulled back, watching as the now loose strings slid out from underneath her garter belt, inhaling the scent she left on it. It dropped to my lap, and I went back to her vagina, lips trembling in butterfly kisses against her labia. Her scent was so strong here, making my head swim. Such a place to make me content. I would be so happy, just to stay there and smell her. The pressure of her hand reminded me of my duties. My lips brushed up and down, my tongue flitting in and out as she moistened till the taste hit my mouth. My arms wrapped around her thighs, and I pulled myself in closer, flitting became darting and then my tongue stayed in there. Oh, how she loved it like that, as I made it dance and squirm, twisting it to bring both sides into play. Oh, how I love it like this, her taste and her smell hitting me at once, her gasps and moans almost timed with my breathing and her fingers convulsively grasping and releasing my head. It almost seemed to come too soon, her vaginal walls tightening around my tongue. I looked up, never stopping, watching her face as she pulled her tongue back inside her mouth and bit her lips to muffle her voice. She looked back down at me as the tightening finished with a gush of her fluids, her slightly glazed-over eyes brightening as I swallowed and tried to lap it all up.

The squeaking of a washcloth against glass reminded me that the bartender was there. Flushing, I tried to stand up, maybe convince Mistress that we should go to a different place, but she pushed me back down.

“John doesn’t care.” she said. “In fact, he’s probably planning out his D&D campaign.”

“Why ten dragons would work together is what I’m figuring out.” I heard from behind the bar. Blushing even more, I pushed my face back to Mistress’s crotch, inhaling the scent of her sweat and tasting the tantalizing remnants of her orgasm. I knew what was next.

Even knowing that, it still took me by surprise. Her clit started growing out, lengthening and broadening till it filled my mouth and I rocked backwards to keep it a comfortable depth in my mouth. How far that distance seemed, that length before my lips, when it was actually less than two inches of the most wonderful cock I’ve ever had. And inside my mouth sat almost five inches, five delicious inches topped with a head that promised so much ecstasy. I had been wet earlier, but now I feared that my skirt would be stained with my juices. A small whine traveled up my throat and I gently rocked back and forth, pressing my tongue against the underside of her cock, never breaking eye contact.

Why is it that her cock is the only one I enjoy like this? The thought passed through my mind as I felt my vagina tightening around nothing, my own climax building as I sucked Mistress towards her second. More small whines mixed with gagged gasps as I kept rocking my body, my lips traversing the length of her cock. I broke eye contact finally, looking towards my goal, getting closer, till I finally made it. My lips slammed against her base, my tongue darted out and licked that little nub where her clit was before it grew into a cock, and I screamed my orgasm as her length went into my throat. My tongue stayed at her clit, darting around it as she made little thrusts and twisted my head gently around her cock while I swallowed the head. I couldn’t stop myself anymore. My skirt and panties fell as I stood up and rubbed my clit hard as her cock began twitching in my mouth. I went back to sucking her off as the twitching increased, my second orgasm building as she neared hers. I knew it was here when she stopped me from going lower than the head, and she stood up, forcing me back to my knees. My tongue cupped around the tip as she came, and I stopped myself from swallowing her cum quickly, taking the time to savor the taste as I choked back the screams of my second orgasm. Sucking it all out without swallowing was difficult, but I managed to gather it on my tongue. I pulled away and opened my mouth, showing Mistress that I was savoring the meal she gave me before swallowing it. This taste was not as good, but for my Mistress I would drink her cock cum even out of a water bowl.

John placed two glasses of water on the bar and turned back to his thoughts. Mistress’s stare kept me from going for it, but her intent was apparent as she placed one glass against my lips. I drank, wishing it could only wash away the nasty aftertaste while leaving the good behind. She attached the leash to my collar, and pulled me up to my feet. My panties had fallen and bunched against the top of my boots, hidden underneath the pile of my fallen skirt. How Mistress remained erect and horny after two orgasms, I didn’t know. I was beginning to be tired, but still wide awake as she kissed me while her hands wandered my body. I found it rather funny that she a slight bit shorter than me while standing.

With a firm slap in my ass followed by her gripping my hips, she turned me around before pressing against me, her cock growing hot against my ass. “Kitty,” she breathed while nibbling on my ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mistress.” I breathed back. My hands covered hers as she massaged my breasts, a smile across my face from feeling her warmth and love. She sat back down, one hand still playing with my chest before dropping to my hips. She guided my hips down, seating me on her cock. I moaned as she entered me, almost seeming to glide into my vagina from how wet I was. She held my waist and pulled me up, dropping a hand to hover over my clit. I couldn’t help but glance at John, nervous at the thought of fucking Mistress like this in his bar. His only response was to slide a blindfold across the bar before bringing out a notebook and a set of dice.

Mistress tied it across my eyes, and I could only make out dim blurry shapes and light sources. Squirming, we shifted to more comfortable positions, my moans providing a counterpoint to rubbing cloth and squeaking leather. And with that she lifted me up and dropped me back down her cock, thrusting a slam. Again and again, I gasped with each one, loving how she filled me, how she kept one hand pressing my clit against her shaft. I could barely remember how nervous I first was, those six months ago. Pressing my hands against the seat, I lifted myself up, helping her with the thrusts, grinding slowly. She kept going, and as my trembling grew with my approaching orgasm, she swiveled the seat, propping me against the bar, going faster. I collapsed across the wood, and she stood up, managing to keep herself at the same height, thrusting harder, holding herself just enough off my back that her breasts brushed me as they swayed in counterpoint to her hips. She held a hand across my mouth, and put her lips against my ear.

“Let me hear you say it.” Her thrusting grew more urgent.

“Cu- ah ah ah ah- mmmm.. Cu-AHmmmm…” I could barely speak past the pleasure and the knowledge that both our orgasms were near. I could only pant and whine as the tremors began their surge, but still I tried, until that moment when they broke loose. “MISTRESS, CUM IN MEEEEE!” I screamed against her hand as I tightened around her, hands scrabbling for purchase on the smooth bar. She came hard, collapsing on top of me, her hands scratching me all over while she bit and tongued at my neck past her growls.

We both lay there, panting and sweating on the bar, relishing the moment. My first time as Mistress’s Kitty, not some preferred partner in a BDSM club. If you don’t realize how special such a moment is, then I pity you. I felt her growing soft, and her cock slipped out and shrank to wherever it stayed in her body. I didn’t want it to, wanted it to stay in me so I could feel it growing hard again.

John knocked on the bar. “Closing Time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” We both groaned and stood back on the floor. My panties and skirt easily came back up, and I nearly collapsed against Mistress. I didn’t want to leave, wanted to stay beside her for as long as we could. We just stood there, hugging. Until John interrupted again. “Anastasia, if you and Amanda don’t leave, you’re not getting an invitation to the next D&D game.”

Mistress smiled slightly. “Alright, John. Come along Kitty.” She kissed me again. “My bed is big enough for two.”

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