My beautiful young slave was stretched out on her stomach on the bed, as naked as the day she was born – unless one counts the elegant bejeweled collar encircling her neck, or the thick padlocked leather cuff snugly fitted to each wrist and ankle. A large, heavy, silver chain connected each cuff to an attachment point just underneath each corner of the king-size oak-framed bed. her back was spotted with numerous splotches of intensely-hot wax, essentially forming a red-and-green connect-the-dots puzzle upon her well-tanned skin. A pair of black cords led from the control boxes between her thighs to the vibrating eggs buried within her, with only a thin membrane separating the small, powerful bullet-shaped devices. The bed protested and the chains clattered as she twisted and pulled against the bonds, the natural reaction of her body to the nearly-painful hot wax upon her and the highly-pleasurable buzzing deep within her.

I sat across the room, watching My slave with rapt attention, My ears absolutely thrilled by her gasps and moans as My longtime friend Mistress Kyoto continued to drip more and more scalding red and green wax upon the bare back. On occasion, the velvet-clad Dominant would reach between the slave’s legs, dampening Her gloved fingers with My slave’s copious secretions and eliciting a louder moan or perhaps even a soft cry of passion. As She continued the slow torment and teasing of the restrained young woman, My eyes would often go to Her body, admiring Her flawless Japanese figure within the black form-fitting dress. Given the dim candlelit atmosphere, Mistress Kyoto seemed extremely mysterious, even dangerous, due to Her mirrored sunglasses with the lenses in the shape of a cat’s eyes.

Mistress Kyoto’s slave knelt before Me, her black-painted lips sealed tightly as she serviced Me, tantalizing Me nicely with her double-pierced tongue. I looked down at her and watched her for a moment, her eyes meeting Mine. she smiled, a pleasant gesture which was aesthetically absolutely obscene given how much of My anatomy she held within her small mouth. Having been graciously pleasing Me for quite some time, I was sure that her mouth was tired, her jaw sore, yet she continued to work obediently, happily, occasionally humming softly to herself in those brief moments when I could feel the very top of her hungry throat. her hands gently massaged My thighs and stomach, adding a nice tactile “enhancement” to the overall situation. I returned the “enhancement” as well, stroking her head and helping to keep her lengthy raven-colored strands away from her ghostly-white face. After a few whispered words of encouragement, I returned My attention to the action on the bed.

Despite the herbal aromas emanating from the oil diffusers and the scented candles scattered throughout the large bedroom, the scent of sex was quite evident. I was very intimately familiar with the perfume of My slave’s passion, and Mistress Kyoto’s beautiful slave was certainly getting a noseful of My own arousal. Being nude herself (with the exception of a rather wide leather collar and a wolf-themed slave ring), I was certain that the ghostly-pale slave before Me was adding her own excitement to the atmosphere of the scene.

I closed My eyes for a few moments, leaning back in the chair, My hands falling to My thighs and simply enjoying the moment. Mistress Kyoto’s slave took My hands in hers, squeezing them gently as she continued to bob her head back and forth, her tongue being applied with the tender skill of an artist’s brush. With My eyes closed, My slave’s gasps and ragged breathing seemed even louder, even more intense. Just faintly against the rest of the scene’s soundscape, I could discern the noise of the twin vibrating eggs buried deep within her body.

I smiled to Myself, for never had I had My slave experience objects in both her lower passages simultaneously, and I eagerly anticipated reading her report – a required report of each new event she experiences while in My care. And, never had I been in any way pleasured by anyone but her while she was in My presence.

When I opened My eyes, I could see her looking directly at Me through lust-clouded eyes, even as she winced from another drop of burning wax falling upon her unprotected body. There seemed to be a hint of a smile at the edges of her dainty mouth, but then she moaned loudly as Mistress Kyoto reached between her legs once again.

Indeed, I looked forward to the next report.

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