Anal by Way of Massage

By Harv

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Much spring yard work had been accomplished, showers had been taken and some beer was being consumed on the sunny deck. The temperature was a bit lower than we like but with the direct sun, it was quite comfortable.

I took my leave for a minute and returned with the massage table and began setting it up on the deck. Kate loves to get massages. She squealed a little delight but asked what if someone drops by. The deck is on the rear of the house and quite private, I told her and said that I would lock the front door and no one would even know we were home.

I told her to get naked and get up on the table and I would go get the oil and lock up. When I came back she was laying there naked on her stomach. The sun was fully shinning on her still winter white skin. I loved the look.

I put down the massage oil and the other things that I had brought out unnoticed. I started my usual routine of rubbing and kneading her scalp and then moving to her shoulders where I started using the oil. Working my way down from her shoulders to her back and then down her left leg.

I took my time and enjoyed the light mewling noises that she makes. I had slipped right past her buttocks. I worked my way back up her right leg and then started in a nice deep massage of her buttocks, really working into the muscles of her ass.

That process kept her cheeks opening and closing and showing me her tight little asshole and lower portion of her pussy lips. I always work the entire butt and once I had fully massaged both cheeks very well, worked my way deeper between them. I could not help but hold them apart and stare momentarily at that little hole. I bend over and lowered my lips to her asshole and kissed it gently and then began lightly licking all around and over the little bud.

Kate just lay there and made a few more gentle noises as I did this and kept licking as she finished relaxing. The more I licked the more I firmed my tongue and started to let it slip inside her just a little at a time. I love doing this, and make no apology for it.

As I kissed and licked, I let my hands continue to rub her cheeks as I held them open around my face. When I finally had my tongue reaching as far as it would go inside her, I retreated.

I turned and reached into the bag that I brought out and removed a medium sized butt plug. It is black, fairly short in length but quite thick at the largest part before retreating to a narrow neck.

I rubbed a liberal amount of oil on the plug and ran my oil hands all over her saliva covered asshole. Spreading her cheeks with my fingers, I began to rub and touch the tip of the plug to her hole. I felt just a little tensing from her and rubbed gently for a little longer, letting her return to her full comfort.

I told her to relax and enjoy as I started to push the tip of the plug inside her. I worked the tip in and out going deeper with each stroke. Her hole looked very sweet as it continued to relent and allow the plug to go further. I heard a small groan as the widest part was reached. Giving her time, letting her cheeks close around the plug and my hand, I rubbed her cheeks with my free hand and told her how much l loved her.

The plug resumed its strokes in my hand and I opened her cheeks again and gave it a bit more pressure. What a site! The wide portion breaching her hole and nearly being snatched out of my hand as it sank fully into her and a moan escaped her mouth.

I released her cheeks and worked my way up her back again. When I reached her head, I told her it was time to flip over, and helped her do that without losing balance on the table.

I worked my fingers all over her face and resumed my massaging down over her body. What a wonderful feeling to touch, rub and massage her tits and nipples with the slippery oil. I did not indulge too long and worked my way down her body, left leg and back up the right.

When I got back to her nice soft vulva, I worked her outer lips a lot before I even started to part them and touch her inner lips and clit. As her lips did part, the fluid there was amazing.

Certainly there was no need for more massage oil there! The juice was literally trickling out and down over the base of the plug in her ass.

As I rubbed her the sounds were just amazing to listen to. She is not usually very vocal and said nothing this day, but the sounds were indescribably. I loved rubbing all the way down between her legs and moving the plug a bit as well.

I was getting a bit impatient and selfish feeling. As you can imagine my hard cock had been dripping pre cum all over the deck and table for a long time now.

I wanted to make this about her, at least for now. I started to play a bit more seriously with her clit and bent to lick and suck it and taste her sweet flow. I could feel her start to tense and her legs began that familiar twitching.

With her clit between my lips, my tongue flicking at the tip and my hands wrapped under her touching the plug, she tensed completely and came with a wonderful full body shaking. Though she was very sensitive, she put up with my need to lick as much juice from her pussy as I could get.

I resumed some light massage of over her stomach as I watched her breathing come back to normal. Her eyes opened and she beamed a wonderful smile, saying, “I guess you would probably like me to roll over again?”

I smiled as I kissed her deeply and then helped her roll onto her front again. She lifted up a bit as I slid a cushion under her midsection. I wanted to, but could not, spend more time massaging her and went right between her cheeks.

More oil was dribbled there around the plug and I began to move it around and slowly and carefully began to remove it from her hole.

The plug now cast aside, my fingers closed in on her hole and one slips slightly inside and circles the inside just a bit. I cannot help myself and my mouth follows, kissing all along the inside of her cheeks until my lips touch her anus and kiss that wonderful bit of flesh that is so unlike anything else and my tongue slips sinfully inside.

Just a bit more of that and a lot more dripping of my cock and I have to be inside her. No need for more oil, she is slick with that left from the plug, from the juice that leaked from her and I take a couple of quick strokes of my cock and spread the pre cum all over it.

Climbing up on the table between her legs, the table shakes a bit and I slide my cock up between her cheeks as I hold them. On my knees, I can look down and see the head of my cock touch that sweet hole and as I lean forward just a bit, watch it start to push its way inside her. I have to put my hands forward to catch my weight. I lean on her shoulders, put my mouth beside her ear and tell her how much I love her as my cock slides deeper into her ass until it is fully inside and my balls are pushing her pussy lips apart.

Of course we know that the incredible feeling of slick tightness and the eroticism leading up to this event. I could tell you that I then pummeled her ass for an hour before filling her with my cum. The fact is that I lasted about 30 seconds and came screaming like a wild animal and collapsed on her back.

There were some nice times after a bit of a recovery but that is a different story and a different fetish.

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