Suzie’s anal dream

By Christy20

Suzie wiggled in her sleep and changed side. She was having a rather restless sleep owing to a very lively dream which seemed to have been stirring her senses in a very disturbing way. The only thing that covered her nakedness was a white lacy underwear which left nothing hidden and most of it was tucked inside her moist slit. Her curly black hair covered her face and mouth, her joined palms were between her sweaty thighs and she was breathing heavily through her half opened mouth. She was curled up on her right side and her 36 C milky breasts were squeezed between her arms and the pillow. Her marvelous swollen nipples protruded like ripe berries and many bloated mauve veins had made their appearance around and on top of her pinkish aureoles.

She was dreaming of herself being in the middle of a large white tent dressed as an oriental belly dancer. Her long black hair was adorned with many thick platinum chains which were attached to a golden tiara studded with a large sapphire in the middle; four rows of a pearl necklace embraced her swan neck and the earlobes were pierced by long diamond earrings. Bracelets and rings of every type covered both forearms and all fingers respectively.

From waist up to neck she was naked, having only her nipples cupped by metallic edges which ended in large horse-hair tufts, while a crystal clear red ruby was fitted in her navel. She wore transparent crotch-less sea-blue muslin bloomer trousers gathered at her knees which left her shaved pussy and asshole totally exposed. Around her ankles she had silver chains embellished with sweet-sounding little bells and was barefoot.

There were four men of mixed origin- Bedouins? – dressed in white Arab robes, sitting comfortably on huge red puffy pillows decorated with fringes and folklore themes. The men had their faces covered with yellow silky masks and she could only distinguish their hungry piercing slanted black eyes which savagely scrutinized every curve of her 28-years-old body. At the end, she couldn’t help noticing that they were completely naked from waist down to feet, exposing lewdly their long circumcised dicks which hung lazily between their legs like languorous snakes.

Sounds of an airy oriental music began to fill the atmosphere and Suzie, without second thought, started to move her body following the divine rhythm as if she were in trance. She was swaying her hips slowly, extending and waving her hands up and down, twisting her wrists left and right, in a very artful manner. Although she wasn’t fat-5’6” tall and 134 pounds- she couldn’t stop sucking her stomach in, all the time, making her breasts rise like two armed intercontinental ballistic missiles out of their silo.

She completed a few spins around herself and then, she turned her back to them and began shaking her naked ass left and right while her hands were lifting and playing with her ebony hair. As the tempo of the music grew quicker, she went on flexing and loosening the muscles of her ass cheeks, bobbing her curvy hips according to the rhythm, causing them to tremble so much as if they were being electrocuted. After playing with her muscles for some time, she cupped both ass cheeks with her palms and began to rotate the pelvis, without moving the legs, making sure to extend her ass as much as she could.

It didn’t take her too long to get on all fours. She spread her knees apart and went on moving her body, back and forth, as if she was making love from behind. Then, she put the right side of her face on the floor and raised her butt up in the air, exposing her glistening holes to full view. Her hands were working overtime, running up and down on each ass cheek, rubbing and parting wide open each hole, kneading and pinching the aroused flesh of her warm orbs.

A few minutes later, she lay on her stomach, spread her thighs and bent her knees. By grabbing the ankles with her hands and arching the back, she started moving the pelvis up and down, letting out passionate whimpering moans, pretending that someone was nailing brutally her butt down to the floor. Having amply demonstrated her flawless technique and intentions, she got up, turned around and faced them once more.

She straddled her legs and then, by rocking her hips and bending her elbows, she threw her head back and started revolving each forearm around the other, leaning backwards at the same time very slowly. Her glistening pink slit opened impatiently, as if it were a cabbage-rose which couldn’t resist relishing the early morning dew as soon as possible, and by the time her hair touched the floor she reverted her movement, bringing belatedly her body back to its initial position.

She formed a triangle with her hands over the head and began to swing her tits in such way that the horse-hair tufts started to rotate, drawing large circles in the air like big airplane propellers. A big smile of self-assurance carved on her face when she noticed what tremendous impact her performance had on them.

Long slender fingers were stroking passionately fleshy ‘royal scepters’ of different lengths and girths, while big shaggy wrinkled bags were being filled with musky sticky semen to the limit.

There was one organ which really stood out not only because of its length but also for its shape as well. It was 10 inches long, 3-4 inches wide and extremely inclined to the left like a boomerang. The swollen head was dark red and very broad reminiscent of a mushroom’s top and the main body was streaked with huge veins which threatened to explode in any minute.

Such was the beauty and might of that ‘Colossus’ that it had completely blocked her entire view! Taking her eyes off it was something out of the question because the ‘one-eyed’ monster had overwhelmed her senses with extreme ease, like a royal cobra its prey, by way of sheer mesmerism. She knew she had to taste and feel it deep inside her. No matter how painful it could be, she just wanted it in every hole. She silently swore in her mind to be its eternal slave.

Immediately she got on all fours and crawled her way towards to it, licking the lips and swinging her heavy tits. She placed herself between the stranger’s thighs and ran her red hot tongue from his right knee all way up to the pubic hair. The stranger removed his hands and locked the palms behind the back of his head, leaving her the ‘field of operations’ completely free.

Filled with immense awe, she embraced the shaft of his monstrous cock with the delicate fingers of her right hand and began jerking it off slowly, making sure not to cover the head with the skin each time she guided her hand upwards. She lowered her head and went on licking greedily the hairy heavy balls, looking straight at his eyes at the same time. At some point she felt hands exploring and kneading her ass cheeks but she was so consumed in ‘paying tribute’ to the object of her passion that she wouldn’t care less.

The stranger’s testicles were big and tight like boiled eggs and it was difficult for her to put one in her mouth and suck it as deep as she could. Nevertheless she stretched her mouth wide open and managed to accommodate only the half of his right testicle- it seemed to be the smallest of the pair – inside, and having achieved her aim, she began sucking it with great pleasure, filling her throat and lungs with precious masculine sweat and testosterone.

While she was busy sucking that delicious hairy orb someone had completely parted her ass cheeks and a very agile snake-like tongue was licking and tickling her tiny asshole, forcing her to sway her ass left and right in delight. As it wasn’t enough, there were hands playing with her tits and fingers rubbing feverishly her oily fleshy pussy-lips, making her juices run like streams along her shapely thighs at a rapid rate.

Her right hand was squeezing and jerking hard his wide shaft and she couldn’t stop playing with his balls, licking and kissing, putting in the mouth and sucking, one after another, countless times. His balls were dripping saliva as she was constantly bathing them with her tongue like a conscientious mother-cat her kitten.

She decided to tease him a bit and playfully put the bridge of her nose under the membrane of his testicles. Looking straight at his eyes with her soliciting green eyes, she raised her face splitting his shaggy bag in two and went on rubbing her nose tenderly along the membrane for some time. Then, having her chin stuck on his balls, with extreme piety, she took his throbbing cock and placed it along her face, covering that way, her mouth, nose, forehead and part of the right eye, longing to indisputably display her unconditional submission to his will.

Someone spat in her opened asshole and two united fingers penetrated her anal rim violently. She sighed and her scarlet lips immediately imprisoned the cock’s swollen head. The fingers went deeper into her rectum, exploring and broadening the virgin path with difficulty. She groaned in her throat but she kept sucking the purple head greedily, not wishing to let it off her mouth even for a second. During that time, someone else was rubbing his cock furiously on her right sole, sliding it all the way from heel down to toes and then back again, letting out short ecstatic moans of unimaginable pleasure.

She giggled because it was tickling her and started jerking off the shaft again, lapping and nibbling teasingly at the bulbous head while the two fingers kept ramming her helpless back door with amazing speed. It seemed that her anus had relaxed somehow because the stranger was working them in and out, like pistons, inexorably burying them up to the base, without meeting any serious resistance.

Opening her mouth as much as she could, she engulfed a few inches of the monstrous cock and began bobbing her head up and down, panting like a bitch in heat, cramming her mouth with the hard flesh to the point of suffocation. At that point, someone straddled her ass and inserted the head of his cock into her abused asshole. She tried to turn her face to see what was going on but the other man locked her head, with both hands, and forced her to continue her bobbing movement on his dick.

The second man had stabilized himself by grabbing her hips and was shoving deep his slim, but long, dick into her ass, without paying any attention, forcing her to bang her face on the first man’s stomach with every thrust. It was as if someone was brutally ramming her tiny ass with a candescent iron, ripping apart every obstacle in its path, setting ablaze her stretched ass walls, trying to reach the depths of her soul with a single stroke.

His spiky balls were constantly hitting her soft ass cheeks like medieval twin flails and his long crooked nails were firmly hooked on the tender flesh of her hips like raptor’s claws. She continued bobbing her head and sucking the throbbing flesh obediently, looking pleadingly at the stranger’s black eyes, with tears running from the corners of her eyes; but when the second man managed to vanish all eight inches of his slim dick inside her anus, she removed the dick from her mouth and yelped her heart out.

The first stranger, deeply discontented by her action, grabbed his dick and began slapping her on the face with it. With eyes closed, she opened her mouth and stuck out her red tongue, accepting the rain of hits on her tongue, cheeks, nose and eyes with great endurance, while the second man kept inserting and withdrawing his burning dick, all the way inside her butt, with powerful single strokes.

Suddenly, the third stranger, who was rubbing furiously his dick on her sole, climaxed with a deep groan, flooding her pedicure delicate toes with a sudden cascade of his thick cream; and that was exactly what made the second man withdraw his slim dick, from the depths of her asshole, and spray her trembling back orbs with his precious fluid, leaving big stains of steamy white semen all over, as a token of sincere gratitude.

Leaving a sigh of relief, thinking that her troubles were over, she took a horsehair tuft and started to caress the first man’s dick by brushing the testicles, underside and head, pretending to be cleaning up the ‘dirt’ like an old-fashioned caring housewife. Soon, the tickling became unbearable and the stranger took her swinging tits in his hands and put his cock in between, in order to soothe his throbbing itchy flesh.

She cupped her tits from the sides, pressed them together, encircling and squeezing his hard-as-rock shaft between her veined soft flesh, and began sliding them up and down, trapping the swollen purple head between her chin and throat. It was exactly then when the fourth man decided to claim his share and wasted no time in doing so. He rode her marvelous buttocks and plunged his fat dick deep inside her sore anus, stretching her ass-walls to the limit.

Apparently, the brutally concerted attacks on her rim hole, perfectly executed and well timed, served a twofold purpose: to obliterate any remaining ‘obstacles’ in her canal and prepare the way for ‘Mr. Big’ himself! Oh yes! She was well aware of it by now… That’s why she kept pushing promptly her pelvis back , meeting the stranger’s thrusts halfway, filling her butt with his thick rod, broadening her ‘horizons’ as much as possible… She was doing all for HIM!

While she was breast-fucking the huge inclined pole, she concluded that she needed more lubricant on it, so she started spitting on the head, using her smooth titty-skin to apply the saliva all over its trunk. After a few powerful thrusts inside her warm nest and lots of resounding slapping on her trembling ass, the fourth man drew out his confined cock, with a loud pop, and emptied his loins, aiming straight at the center of her gaping hole, soaking that way her brutalized opening with the very thick crust of his treacle cargo.

With hot semen still oozing from her puckered asshole, she stood up, turned her back and straddled the first man’s legs. She stabilized his dick with her shaking right hand and lowered the body, bringing her back door into contact with the slippery blunt head.

She tried to fit it inside but it appeared that its girth hopelessly exceeded the proportions of her hole by far. Without losing her heart, she kept pressing her pelvis against the head, clenching the teeth and parting wide, as much as possible, her ass cheeks with both hands, in a desperate effort to create some more room.

Although she was struggling hard to pass the head through her hole by pushing back and grinding her hips left and right, trying to find the proper angle, it remained wedged there and wouldn’t move at all- obviously, the defender of her virtue (the sphincter itself!) was too reluctant to give up without getting involved in a honorable fight first.

Her face was glistening with perspiration while she was testing different stances by bending her body in all possible directions, swiveling the pelvis and balancing on one foot and lifting the other, but to no avail. She even tried to sit boldly on it but the only thing she managed was to add more pain to her inflamed opening.

So, the only one who ought to ‘cut the Gordian knot’ and bring relief to both, had to be him. He abruptly lifted her legs in the air, throwing her off balance, and pulled her backwards. Her body, without support, obeying to gravity force, collapsed like a house of cards and sank down heavily. The ram-bow of his awesome siege machine pierced her tight anal rim by way of brute force, scattering its sturdy defenders to the fourth winds, proudly gaining valuable territory for its owner.

Her eyes rolled upside down and a scream of agony, which literally emptied her lungs, filled the tent, as 4 inches of steel flesh violently overfilled her narrow path in no time. If she had to cope only with the length and width of that monster, things would be much easier but there was an annoying factor which she hadn’t considered at all. Due its anatomy, not being straight but inclined, the main body entered her rectum at an odd angle, stretching her delicate membrane twice as much as she would normally expect- as if it tried to make a detour by forcing its way through the side walls.

The man pulled her on his chest, joined her raised legs, supporting them by putting his right forearm underneath the bent knees, and then went on moving his pelvis fast up and down, feeding her overstuffed butt with more of his flesh. She couldn’t stop squealing like a pig in a slaughterhouse, as the pain in her guts was so immense and absolute that felt as if someone was pouring melting iron inside her bowels, skinning them, at the same time, with burning pliers.

Sometimes he would stop his movement, giving her time to catch her breath and wipe away the tears with the back of her hands, but then he would redouble his efforts, without showing the slightest sign of mercy, sending her existence once more to the plane of sweet pain. Not that she would complain. Not at all! The initial pain had subsided somehow and a nice warming feel had started to overwhelm her senses, stimulating nerve centers that she was totally unaware of.

She was lying, whining and moaning, on his chest, with eyes closed, body sliding back and forth, wobbling tits following the rhythm and joined ankles swinging left and right in the air, in complete abandon for so much time that seemed like an eternity. As for his part, he was wedging his glorious pole into the depths of her battered guts, keeping her legs in the air and groaning like wounded ox inside her right ear hole, with such ferocity and exorbitant speed as if there was no tomorrow. The way in which he was consuming such enormous quantities of energy in so little time, like an atomic jet machine, was simply outstanding but it was obvious he wouldn’t last for long; so, she felt it was time to give him a respite and take over the initiative.

With half of his cock still buried in her anus, she supported her upper body by putting the hands on either side of the man’s torso, stabilized the heels on his knees and arched her back, forming a bridge over his body. She began rocking her pelvis very fast up and down, with face turned back at him and mouth wide open, impaling vigorously herself on his thick mast to the point of risking a severe rip of her entrails. Sometimes she would stop abruptly her movement and sit on his dick, using a seesaw motion, in order to cram her butt with at least 7 inches, or more, of his throbbing flesh and then rotate her pelvis lewdly like a Babylonian courtesan, roughly milking and strangling it with her powerful ass muscles.

The man started to breath with difficulty, puffing and gasping like an old cargo train in a steep climb, and it was evident he was closing to his goal, when, suddenly, he got up and sent Suzie sprawling on the ground. For a moment she looked back at him in great disbelief but then she lay obediently on her back, showing him her naked womanhood like a submissive primitive female.

He squatted before her and brought her knees to her chest, gazing intently at her stretched anal hole which was throbbing like a sea anemone- a motion caused by the surrounding muscles which were desperately trying to close the seemingly endless gap. While he was deeply engrossed in watching the hypnotic motion of her inflamed rim, she grabbed his slippery dick with both hands and drove it impatiently back into her forbidden path.

The man, finding his lost composure, grasped her ankles and began stabbing her ass with long powerful thrusts, shoving his bulky shaft up to the base and slamming his huge balls on her tender buttocks with vengeance. She was laying there, in the dirt, completely helpless, like a cheap whore, biting her lips… her face convulsed with pain… most of her body in the air…legs spread wide open… knees nearly touching her ears… tits upside down… engorged nipples tickling her neck… nails scratching the very flesh of her buttocks…

Beep… Beep… Beep… The alarm clock went off as loud as police siren. Suzie got up and shut it off with a punch. She sat on the right side of her bed, rubbing her eyes and being at a complete loss. If only she could find out why she had a sore anus…

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