She likes to play

By BigB00tyBlondie

I like to Play… I like to play in the shower… I’ve been doing it since I was 18. It started with a toothbrush handle and then a hairbrush… As I’ve gotten older, I’ve reached for new thrills… I’m 30 years old, a natural blonde, pale skin with a thick ass. On this particular evening, I had been doing some yoga in my room…stretching out my tight hips and thighs. After a little bit of stretching, I began to feel turned on… I grabbed my ample ass and squeezed it a little bit.. and decided to head for the shower (even though my yoga session had barely started). Time for a different kind of stretch… I brought a small vibrator and some lotion.. actually cannabis skin salve that I love because it smells good, makes me feel relaxed, and makes my holes relax too 😉 In the bathroom, I looked for a few more things I’d need… some bottles of various sizes. I got 3. I stripped out of my tight yoga pants and grabbed a hand mirror… I squatted over it and gazed at my perfect pussy and tight little hole. My pussy was already starting to glisten with wetness. Getting into the shower, I enjoyed the hot water relaxing my body. After squeezing my tits a bit, I grabbed a dollop of the cannabis cream and lubed up my pussy, just sliding a little onto my ass. My finger lingered there and massaged my puckered hole. I turned the water facing away from me and began to play… first my fingers, just penetrating my pussy but I knew what I really wanted. My hungry ass was already starting to relax… I grabbed another dollop of cream and massaged it in, just poking my finger inside. It felt so nice to open up my tight little ass. I started to massage it more and more until I could easily slide one finger in. It was hungry for more and soon 2 fingers could fit just fine. In and out, In and out… I looked over and grabbed the smallest bottle. A travel shampoo I had picked up on my last vacation. I smeared some cream on it and started to position it into my little hole. With some resistance, I was able to slide it in. I wiggled it up and down as my ass stretched to fit it… It wasn’t enough though. Next I looked for the right medium-sized bottle. ( I guess I really should buy some more toys but.. that’s for another time.) I found one that should work, it was almost twice the size of the last one. I opened my little hole with 2 fingers again and again and applied more cream. I squatted down and began to work the medium bottle up into my ass. This one could barely fit… but it felt so good. My sphincter was stretching hard… This bottle was a little bigger than an average cock, although not as long. I pushed it in again then removed it, feeling my ass gape loosely around my two fingers. I pushed them in and out and then a third, feeling how spacious my asshole had become. I used 2 fingers from each hand to see how far my ass could stretch now… just imagining how much I’d love a cock inside it. My pussy was leaking juice all over at this point… I got my vibrator out and pushed it into my gaped hole easily and then into my still tight pussy. I turned it on and pushed it into myself while holding 2 fingers inside my ass. This could only satisfy me for so long because I knew what I wanted… more ass stretching. The final bottle was much larger, a thick conditioner bottle. I continued to open my ass with my fingers until all 4 could fit, just barely. Plunging them in and out, my ass began to gape much more than it ever had before. I couldn’t wait to see how much bigger I could make it. I turned the thick conditioner bottle upside down and began to squat over it… I lined it up to my now looser hole and began to slowly try to sit on it. My gaped butt still couldn’t take it. I grabbed a huge dollop of the cream and kept it in my fingers until they were pushed deep up into my ass, trying to not spill any until they were deep inside. I lubed up as much of the space as I could, feeling some of the cream ooze out of my open ass. It oozed out onto the bottle. Again, I squatted down, after stretching it a little more with my fingers. Finally, the bottle popped in. My sphincter was stretched as tight as could be and I moaned out loud as I finally began to feel full. This bottle was much larger than a cock, larger than anything that had ever been inside me before. I started slowly squatting down and then up and down, trying to stretch myself even more. I began to ride it slowly.. feeling my insides stretch around it and start to relax. I was able to get about 6 inches deep in my hole and it was about as big around… and I began to ride up and down, picking up speed as I got closer to cumming. I couldn’t believe I was fucking myself so hard with this big bottle. I pulled the big bottle all the way out just to feel my ass gape open. I turned and bent down, doggy style in the shower, turning the shower head towards me again… Next I grasped my ass cheeks and spread myself, letting the shower spray into my now loose hole. My dirty hole tried to pucker closed but still couldn’t and the hot water splashed and lapped at my pussy and into my now dilated ass. I shoved the largest bottle in one last time, hard. Forcing it into me as my once tiny hole stretched to take it… I sunk it in and then pushed it out with a thud. I turned around again and reached for the medium bottle. Now it slid easily inside of me. There was no resistance at all. It felt tiny. I shoved it in, no lube + grabbed my vibrator. Time to DP… the vibrator on my clit and G spot as my abused ass tried to hold this bottle. I pumped the vibe in and out of me, moaning again as I began to shake. I came violently, my ass spasming and squirting the bottle out of it… A layer of ass juice and cream came out with it (making me dream of when I’d get some real cum in my big ass). Once I stopped spasming, I began to finish my shower. There was barely any hot water left at this point so I quickly cleaned up.. wiped the bottles down, then dried them, and put them all away. I toweled off slightly and then squatted over the small mirror again… my poor ass was stuck gaping… It would flex and try to close but was still left about 2 centimeters open. My pussy still bright pink from the excitement. I rubbed a little more cream on my tired asshole to help it calm down… first with one finger around it, then 2 fingers sunk into it just a little. I fucked them in and out… Watching in the mirror, it gaped again as I pulled them out. All I could think about was how big it had stretched and how much I wanted to shove more things inside of it. I was missing real sex and I knew I’d have to do something about that soon. I pushed 3 fingers in again and pulled them out, admiring my loose gape… imagining how easily I would be able to get my hole fucked now. I finished drying off and got ready for bed… dreaming of the next time I would open my ass again.

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