Come again?

By smithjohn1919

If there was ever any question as to who put the “fire” into fiery redhead, her name was Christie. There is a funny bit of truth to the first time that I met Christie. I was at a bar and grill with some friends of mine when I saw her friend Sandra. Sandra was a tall, but typical California blonde. She laughed with a gaping smile. Her eyes were a lighter shade of brown. She was thin with well purchased and installed tits. She was a mark and she was going to be mine. That is, Sandra was going to be mine until Christie spun around in her chair. I left my table of friends and made way to Christie. I had a few drinks under my belt, so my approach was ill planned and not very thoughtful. I explained to Christie that I had seen her friend from across the bar and had planned to hit on Sandra. However, when I saw the beauty that was Christie, I knew that my aim was off and I had to go for red over blonde. For whatever reason, Christie bit the bait. Months later, Christie and I had tried nearly every sexual deed that I thought she was willing to do. I knew that she was not prude being that I became privy to the knowledge that she had lived in a sensual lesbian relationship. I did expect that she was somewhat reserved in her willingness. It may have been that our relationship was still in its infancy and it may have been my overbearing sex drive, but Christie seemed to prefer the missionary position unless I directed otherwise. There was only one time that she offered herself to me in another position. It was the night that I knew she would be up for some fun. Christie was a wonderfully slender five feet six inches tall. Her naturally wavy hair framed her face in a way that accentuated her high cheek bones and full lips. Her green eyes set in contrast to her fair skin and she had just the perfect amount of light freckling on her nose. Christie’s long, thin neck constantly begged to be kissed and teased, and it set a perfect path to her large, well-rounded breast. Her tits were a gorgeous sight to behold and her nipples hardened at the lightest of touches. Her stomach was cut in a way that created a perfect V leading to her pink center. Her pussy, for lack of better phrase, was… delicious. All of which was set atop thin, but muscular legs that often found away to wrap themselves around my head. Missionary clearly was not on Christie’s mind on a certain Saturday after a night on the town. We left the bar and made it back to my apartment. I lived alone, so there was not an inch of my place where we had not fucked. We, in the primitive and carnal sense, fucked for lack of love in our earliest days together. That Saturday was not making out to be any different. We were barely through the front entrance of my place when she peeled out of her top. I watched, standing still behind her, as she walked into the living room. I grinned with the newly found knowledge that she was wearing her sexiest lingerie. I could see the length of her red, lace teddy as she dropped her shirt to the floor. My dick hardened immediately. In past conversations, she had complained about the discomforts of lingerie, but she apparently set that aside for the evening in the interest of being sexy. Sexy she was. I watched intently as her hips appeared under the high hip line of the teddy. The red lace disappeared into her ass until she bent down to slide her jeans down her thighs and off of her legs. She still had not looked back to see me. She knew I was there and she knew that she was in for a fucking. Christie she her clothing completely by the time she reached the back of my sofa. She leaned forward and placed her elbows into the top padding. “What do you think,” she asked coyly as she glanced back over her left shoulder. I had removed my shirt and pants in quick fashion and stood several feet behind her with a raging hard on. “What do you think,” I answered with the same question, but held my cock in hand. We exchanged grins as I approached. I suspect that Christie anticipated that I would simply shove my cock into her. I was tempted to do so. I wanted so badly to fuck her. I wanted to pump her until she was filled with cum. I restrained and dropped to my knees instead. My hands lay flat to the lower parts of her ass. My right thumb tugged her teddy aside and she widened her legs as the tip of my tongue found her soaked pussy. I reached as far as I could with my tongue to meet the underside of her clit then licked her full length. After several dowsing licks, I was intoxicated by her sex. Then, I pushed my tongue into with deep thrusts. I felt and tasted her become wetter as she moaned with approval. I knew that Christie had been licked by men and women before, so I was pleased with her moans as it reassured me that I was making her feel as good as she liked. I licked her and fucked her with my tongue with more intensity than I had ever done to anyone before. It must have been that intensity that guided my next action. I allowed my thumbs to migrate from the edges of her pussy to the insides of her ass cheeks. I spread her ass open and moved my mouth to her puckered hole. I felt her tense up with reaction to the new sensation and she lightly giggled, “What are you doing?” I could only think to ask, “Have you not ever done that before?” She explained that she had not, so I asked if it was okay. She said that she was willing to give it a try, so I returned my tongue to her ass. I did not dive right back in. I had just learned that she had never before had her asshole licked, so I flicked and teased at first. I licked in tight circles before attempting to push my tongue into the rim of her ass. Her asshole was so tight and relentlessly un-giving that I realized something special. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” I rose up just enough to see up the length of her back and to her head as she buried her face into the top of the sofa. I thought it cute how embarrassed she became at the breach of the subject. I remember smiling from ear to ear as I stood up behind her. “You didn’t answer the question,” I said coyly with my right middle finger circling in the same pattern my tongue had done around Christie’s virgin ass. Her asshole was still slightly wet with spit as I pushed the tip of my finger into her. She clenched immediately and finally answered, “No.” I loved the idea of being the first to bury my cock into her ass, so I slowly pushed my middle finger into the knuckle. I could feel her asshole pulsating with tension and a lack of ease. “Can I fuck you in the ass tonight?” I asked. I figured that the worst she could say was no and I would still be able to dump my load into her luscious pussy. “MMM,” she moaned with my finger in her ass. I could feel that she still was not relaxing to my finger and I knew the answer before she gave it. “Not tonight, Baby. I think I need to get used to it before we try it.” I appreciated her desire to restrain from extreme pain in her first experience, so I did not push the issue. I just continued to push and pull my finger in and out of her virgin ass. My hard on was too much to handle. My cock throbbed with the anticipation of fucking her, so I grabbed it with my left hand and guided the tip to her pussy. She was soaked, so I entered her without any resistance. The full shaft of my cock buried into her in a single motion. The position, standing behind her with my cock in to the hilt and my finger still inside her ass made for a funny angle that stressed my wrist. It was nearly painful for my arm, but I dare not remove my hand. Instead, I began to pump in and out of her slowly. Christie was a wonderful sight. I looked down as her wavy her bounced over the lace back of her teddy. The thong portion of the lingerie began to slide back into position, so I used my left hand to move it aside completely. Suddenly, I felt her asshole open up. She finally relaxed to the sensation of penetration, so I took it upon myself to shove in my ring finger as well. She tensed back up in response to the second finger, but then I realized that she was cumming. Her pussy clenched and released against the edges of my cock and I nearly came with her. She moaned and pleaded, “Fuck me. Fuck me.” She was so sexy in the raunchiness of the moment and I could not help, but pull my fingers out of her ass and grab onto her hip. I jolted forward and pounded into her. My hips bounced off her ass as I pumped and she continued to cum. I slammed and fucked her until her breathing returned to normal and her shivers subsided. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed, “That ass thing was awesome.” She was quick to point out that she still did not want me to fuck her in the ass that night, but I had opened her mind to it. I don’t know what came over me, but it seemed like the right time to ask. “How kinky are you feeling tonight?” My hard cock was still inside her as far as it would go, so that might have been the cause of her answer. “What did you have in mind,” she questioned with a moan. With that, I pulled my hips back and withdrew from her pussy. She whimpered a little in full protest for pulling out of her. I answered with, “Go to the bedroom,” and she complied with my request. I followed behind her with just enough distance to watch her ass sway from side to side. Her thighs crossed over the other as she walked like she had cum running down her legs. I could not wait to get her on the bed, but I had something different in mind. We reached the bedroom and she stood at the side of the bed. “What did you have in mind?” She repeated the unanswered question. I simply responded with, “Do you trust me?” That is one of the most awkward questions that one nude person can ask another, but she answered plainly. “Yes.” That was all that I needed to hear. I kissed her with a long and smooth kiss and turned away from her. She sat on the edge of the bed as I walked to my closet. “What are you looking for?” she questioned as I dug around in the bottom of my closet. Her question was answered when I turned back around. “What the hell is that?” she asked as the black leather straps dangled from my fist that clenched a seven inch dildo. “It’s a… uh…” Had I overestimated her kinkiness? “a strap on.” “What do you need a strap on for?” she asked either ignorantly or naively. I answered her query with a nervous laugh, “It’s not for me… it’s for you…” There was a long pause before the kinky request registered with her. “You want me to put that on?” There was an appropriate amount of surprise in her voice as I declared, “If I can’t fuck you in the ass, can you fuck me in mine?” Her jaw dropped open just before she smiled a massive smile and a new light found her eyes. “I never would have guessed…” she started. “Are you gay?” she questioned. I didn’t want to kill the mood with explaining an exchange of power rather than homosexuality, so I explained that it was simply a fetish. She had once told me that her fetish was mid-thigh boots, so I figured that she would understand; and she did. Christie stood up from the bed and took a step toward me. She reached out to the apparatus and took it from my hand. She looked at it, then at me and gave me a long kiss. I felt her free hand reach down and wrap around my still hard cock. She could feel how much the thought of her fucking me turned me on, and that may have been what helped her in her decision. “How does this thing work?” she puzzled as she pulled away from the kiss and held out the tangled strap on. I explained that she just needed to put it on like a pair of panties then tighten the straps. I explained it as I helped her untangle the harness and step into the straps. She and I tugged the harness up over her thighs and to her hips. She tightened one side as I tightened the other. It was on. I looked down over the course of her body. The black leather stood out against her white skin. “How does it feel?” I asked her to check on her comfort level. Her reply was interesting and a little funny as she said, “So this is what it’s like to have a dick.” She and I laughed a little before continuing to kiss. “So, should I fuck you from behind?” she asked and I was a little more turned on in the fact that she seemed to be getting into it. “Yes.” I crawled onto the bed and stayed on all fours. I was exposed and vulnerable to her protruding, rubber cock. The bed moved as she crawled up behind me. Then, I reached to the night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube. I produced a liberal amount into my hand and reached back to rub it over my ass. My hand rubbed up and down over the entry to my ass with the hopes to provide enough wetness to be fucked. “Put your finger in your ass,” Christie commanded as she spread my ass open. “I want to see what it looks like.” She was hot and I was horny. The formula was right as I pushed my middle finger into my ass the same way that I had to hers. Christie reached past me and grabbed the lube. I dropped my head to look down between my legs. Just beneath my hard on, Christie stroked hers and coated it generously with lube. “Baby,” I paused for acknowledgement, “let me back up onto it.” I wanted to avoid the initial penetration from a woman that could not feel the dildo and had no real knowledge of what it was like to be anally penetrated. She agreed and I pulled my finger out of my ass. Christie lined the tip of her cock up with the opening of my ass and I began to push back lightly. I sucked air in deeply as I tried to relax. It had been a long while since my former girlfriend had fucked me, so I was out of practice. The head of the dildo popped into me roughly and I bounced away from Christie. I could feel my ass clinching and loosening before I relaxed again. “Are you okay,” she questioned with concern. I answered by pushing back onto her again. This time, the head went in smoothly. My asshole gave way to the fleshy dong and I pushed back to her until it disappeared into my ass. I felt Christie’s hips make first contact with my ass and I paused. “Fuck me.” Christie did not have to be asked more than once. She grabbed tightly to my hips and pushed forward. I felt her pull lightly at the harness with her body and push into me again. She fucked me in short, choppy motions. She was clumsy with her new cock and she realized it after only a few minutes of fucking me. “I can’t do this,” she stammered, but was met with my begging. “Please don’t stop. I’m going to cum so hard.” “I don’t want to stop, baby. I just can’t do doggy. You are too tall. Can you lie down?” I slowly pulled off of her and allowed my knees to slide downward until I was lying flat on my stomach. My hard on pressed into the mattress and nearly made me cum. Christie then began to lie on my back. I reached back to guide her cock back to my hole and it found its mark in a single slide inward. Christie lay with her body weight pinning me to the bed. I felt her hands slide under my chest and hook under the fronts of my shoulders. I could feel her hard nipples poking me in the back as her knees wedged between mine. Then, she returned to pumping me. “How does that feel?” she questioned as I moaned. I couldn’t help myself. I whimpered and moaned as my cock pushed into the mattress. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” My moans-turned-screams motivated Christie to fuck me even harder until my cock rubbed itself into the sheets and forced my orgasm until I ran dry. Christie kept humping my ass until my orgasm subsided and I asked her to stop. I left her cock in my only for a moment as I reveled in the feeling of her heaving chest pressed into my back. We both marked how awesome that was and Christie lifted herself from me to pull the dildo out of my well stretched asshole. We both chuckled a little in the afterglow of a good fuck and I was relieved that Christie was not completely put off by my kinkiness. We kissed deeply and I helped her out of the harness. Then, with our exhausted bodies entwined, we fell asleep at my declaration that next time would be her turn.

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