Gemini’s ghosts

By Cherona

Aimee was bending over, with a plastic bag in hand picking up dog poop when a pair of tanned, muscular male legs came running up the drive behind her. She’d had to wake up an hour early to get her sister’s dog Jake walked and beat the traffic to her end of town. And of course, Jake headed straight for the neighbor’s yard the minute they’d started their morning run. Aimee’s sister, Anna had called in a rush the day before to ask her to dog-sit Jake, their golden retriever. Anna and her husband Jeff were flying over seas to Europe, on the spur of the moment. Jeff had some business there and Anna couldn’t stay behind for some reason. Anna assured Aimee she would make all the arrangements with the neighbors so they knew Aimee would be house-sitting. All Aimee had to do was pick up a key next door with Mrs. Jenkins. Anna had said, come and sleep in our guest room, swim in our pool, drink our wine, watch our dog. In other words, Aimee thought, Anna was really saying to her, you are single and can drop your poor excuse for a life and come and baby-sit our life so we don’t have to pay someone to do it. Aimee twisted the bag outside in and tied it. The muscular legs approaching were attached to a matching body that was tall, dark and ripped. She eyed the man whose yard she was standing in while holding a bag of dog poop. So much for shaking hands with him. Shit, Anna had been holding out on her. She’d told her the neighborhood was full of retirees. Aimee was getting ready to say something when Jake yanked the leash out of her hand and rushed the man. “Jake!!! Damn it Jake.” Aimee cussed. “What?” he answered. The man looked truly annoyed with her. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ll try not to prolong this. He is just saying hi.” Jake had his paws up on the man’s stomach. His muscled, sweaty stomach led to hips a girl could wrap her legs around. Aimee snapped herself out of it. “Oh I know. It’s just…” She started. The man looked at her rather intensely and then glanced Anna’s house. “Awkward, I know…” He finished her sentence for her. “Look I better get going.” “Oh, okay,” Aimee answered a little disappointed. She wanted to talk to him a little longer. His legs and chest were glistening with sweat from his run. Dark springy covered his chest and trailed down into his shorts. She licked her lips and looked up to his face. He had been watching her tracing his hair patterns with her eyes. And he looked just a little mad about it. “Here, take Jake. I’ve got to go,” he said. He almost threw the leash at her before stalking off. Aimee started off to the road thinking he was either uptight or gay. She passed the mailbox and read the name, Jake Morris. What else should she expect from a man who had a dog’s name? After one very long day, with two long commutes and another very long dog walk, Aimee decided she would rev up the hot tub. As she wandered her sister’s house, she decided that it really was a nice house– enough bedrooms for one extra and an office, a small garage and an enclosed hot tub and pool. When she’d called, Anna had been full of news but had been telling very little of it. She had alluded that everything wasn’t quite right but said she would explain when she and Jeff got back. Anna also said Jeff had put the house up for sale and wouldn’t say why. It was the perfect house for a new couple starting out. Aimee asked if it was haunted and Anna just laughed and told her it was something like that. As long as it wasn’t haunted, Aimee was thinking about buying the house herself. About midnight, Aimee grabbed a glass of wine, stripped down and padded out the hot tub wrapped in only a towel. She turned the dials and managed to get the jets running. She flipped the outside light off and lit a candle near the tub. In the cover of darkness, she slipped naked into the foaming tub. The house wasn’t far enough outside of the city limits to really see the stars well but a few shone through the smog and the haze. When she looked back on it later, Aimee was never sure how long it was before she heard and saw something move in the bushes. Where she had been lethargic from the wine and the long day, she was suddenly alert. She wondered wildly about her Anna’s comments about the house being something like haunted. “Who is it?? Jake?? Get over here.” Aimee whispered in the dark for the dog. “Shhh… That is what I am working on,” a voice answered her from of the bushes. “What? Oh, it’s you.” Aimee watched Jake, the man emerge from the bushes. She couldn’t really get up out of the tub. Jake, the dog had finally come to investigate. He wagged his tail at the intruder. “Is Jeff around?” Jake asked. He nodded toward the house. “Oh, no. I’m sorry. He’s in Europe.” Aimee said. “Good, that’s great.” Jake said. He was heading toward one of the doors of the screened enclosure. Aimee was trying to figure out how she was going to stand up, get her towel and open the screen door for him when she saw him slip a key from the ledge over the door and let himself in. “I didn’t realize that key was there… ” Aimee sat back and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Yeah. I guess Jeff didn’t either.” Jake said. He walked over to the hot tub. “Would you like to come in?” Aimee asked, thinking the offer was a little belated. “Yeah. I would.” Jake answered and pulled off his t-shirt. He kicked off his running shoes and peeled his shorts off. Aimee sipped wine with a raised eyebrow and watched the man strip down to the skin completely unashamed and slip into the tub beside her. He was even better looking naked with the candlelight washing over him. “Wow. You aren’t shy, are you?” Aimee said and took another sip of her wine. “You’re drinking?” Jake asked. He moved close to her. “Yes, wine,” she answered him. Aimee wasn’t shy but she wasn’t ready to walk naked across the pool enclosure to offer the man a glass of wine. She handed him the glass instead. “Would you like some?” she asked. Jake took her glass and sipped it. Then, handed it back. She sipped again and he bent and kissed her earlobe. Aimee turned her head and kissed him. He tasted a little like wine and little like toothpaste. She liked the idea that he brushed his teeth before coming over. The kiss ended with the hot tub’s cycle, the bubbles fizzling to a stop around them. For a moment Jake and Aimee were quiet while she watched him. He really was a damned fine looking man. It just figured that Anna had been holding out on her by not telling her about her neighbor. “Hold on Jake, I’ll hit the timer again,” Aimee told him. She set the wine glass down on the side of the tub and climbed up on one of the benches and reached for the hot tub dials. Aimee closed her eyes and tried not to think about her naked ass in the air as she bent and turned the dial. The tub hummed to life and Aimee didn’t hear Jake come up behind her. He pulled her by her hips back down into the tub. “You are gorgeous, you know that?” Jake held her body to his in the center of the tub. His mouth was on her ear. His hands were all over her, on her stomach, breasts, thighs, pushing her back against him. Aimee wanted to tell him he wasn’t so bad himself but his hand slipped down to her pussy and he found her clit and rolled it between his thumb and finger. Aimee thought, Oh fuck it, he probably knew he was beautiful. She moaned instead. Jake pulled her legs apart and then plunged his cock into her pussy from behind. “Oh Jake…”Aimee moaned. “I know… I know. I’ve been thinking about doing this since this morning,” Jake told her. “I wanted you too, Jake,” Aimee said. Jake moved her with him and put her hands on the side of the tub. “Hold on to the side and put your knees up here, baby,” he said. Aimee was on her knees on the perimeter bench of the tub holding the side for balance. The water was shooting around her and the point where they were joined was just above water. Jake gripped her hips and pushed up into her slowly, leisurely. “When I saw you this morning bent over in my yard with your ass in the air I wanted to drag you into the house and fuck your blond little brains out,” Jake told her. Aimee moaned and pushed her hips back to meet him. “Oh yeah…” Aimee moaned. “Lean forward and put your weight on the side of the tub and arch your back,” Jake told her and pulled out. “I want to see you with your ass in the air again,” Jake said. Aimee followed his lead and was bent over the side of the hot tub, with her ass in the air. She held her breath as she felt his mouth start to lick her pussy and travel up to the top of her crack. His hands gripped her cheeks, squeezing them and pulling them apart. He held her ass open and she could feel his breath and the night air on her backside. Her senses were heightened by the fact that she was wet all over– outside and in. Aimee was biting her bottom lip, completely unsure of what to do next when she felt his tongue circling her asshole and press into it. “Oh my god, Jake… ” Aimee said. She wasn’t sure whether she should crawl away or push back into his mouth. Since it felt incredible and she was starting to melt, she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart for him. Jake worked her little bud open with his mouth a little more aggressively before pulling back. He gripped her hips with both hands. “Anna, you are so hot,” Jake said. “Ohh. Yeah.. WHAT??” Aimee exclaimed. Jake dipped his cock into the hot tub and then began pushing into Aimee’s ass. “Anna… baby, I missed you…” Jake groaned as he pressed up her tight backdoor. “What… awww.. fuck! Jake?” Aimee exclaimed. Aimee’s mind was trying to assimilate everything that seemed to be happening at once. His cock was invading her virgin asshole and he thought she was her sister, Anna. Anna– who really was holding out on her. Big time. Aimee wanted to find a way to resist him but couldn’t find seem to find the muscular center to do it. His cock hurt and at the same time, it didn’t. She wanted him to stop and at the same time, she really didn’t. “I know Anna baby. I know,” Jack answered her. “Your ass is so fucking tight tonight, Anna.” He pumped slowly, pulling out a little and then pushing in further with each stroke. She was like a glove gripping his cock. Jake was slowly wedging himself up her ass. Before long, he was in her ass to the hilt. Aimee whimpered a little. Having him up her ass was an incredible turn on. She felt virginal and nasty all at once. And it seemed like his cock throbbed back there. “C’m here baby,” Jake said. He pulled her back up against him and turned around so she was sitting on his lap, her ass impaled on his cock. He gripped her hips and she sat slightly between his legs. His cock was felt foreign, solid and so present in her ass. She needed to do something. If he didn’t move soon, she was going to go a little crazy. She constricted her ass around his cock and thought to herself, oh yeah. That’s exactly it. “Ahh… I can’t believe you are so tight tonight,” Jake whispered in her ear. “Wait a minute. Why are you so tight tonight? Aimee looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled. “Hmm. There is a very good reason for that Jake.” She tightened her grip on his cock with her ass and then released it. Jake was looking at her, scrutinizing. “And what… ugh…. is that reason?” He asked. He could barely talk when she did that. He wondered where she learned that little trick. She was beginning to really milk his cock with her ass. “Well, why do you think Jake? Maybe because I’m not Anna?” Aimee answered. She watched his face over her shoulder. “Oh no. Oh fuck!” Jake started to push her off but she gripped him again. He wanted to push her off his cock but her ass was like a constrictor. Anna’s ass had never felt like this. “No! No, don’t stop. I mean, I kinda like it.” Aimee wiggled her ass on his cock. “Who the fuck are you?” Jake demanded. “Anna’s sister, Aimee.” She answered moved her hips in a circle. “Wait. Stop moving a minute. The twin?” Jake said. He sounded a little horrified. His cock in her ass was like a loose tooth she couldn’t keep her tongue away from. Aimee started to milk him again. “Yeah. That’s me,” Aimee murmured and moved on his cock a little, fucking him. “Mmmm. And, oh yeah, Jake?” “What?” he answered. He was relaxing a little, it sounded “Are you going to fuck me tonight?” Aimee asked and moved her ass in a small circle. “Do you still want me to?” Jake asked. “Oh yeah, definitely,” Aimee answered. “Then yeah. I’m going to fuck you. As soon as possible and as hard as possible,” Jake said. The water gave her buoyancy and he pushed her up and pulled her back down on his cock. He held her hips and started to change positions again. “Aimee baby, I’m going to turn around again and you get on your knees like before,” Jake said. Aimee bent over the side of the tub, her knees on the bench with the front of her thighs pressed against the side to brace herself. Jake gripped the side of the tub and began to pump in and out of her ass. Aimee grunted as his speed increased until he was pounding into her ass. She supposed the cliché of his balls beating up against her could have been a reality but she couldn’t tell with the waves of water from the hot tub washing out over her. What she could tell was an orgasm was starting to build at the base of her spine and was spreading through her legs. What sent her over the edge was feeling Jake’s cock jerking as he came deep in her ass. When Anna and Jeff came back, Aimee bought their house. Anna’s ghost and all.

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