I call on Lynn

By boxlicker101

I Call on Lynn Lynn is a beautiful, voluptuous young woman whose last boy friend left her for Ally McBeal or someone who looked like Ally. Some people do stupid things even when they have it made. Lynn enjoys living and loving and I enjoy making love with her. The last time I called on her she came to the door completely naked, with her large, beautiful titties pointing at me. I caressed her and hugged her and kissed her passionately on her warm, full lips. We hurried off to the bedroom with me removing my clothing along the way. Seconds after we arrived in her bedroom we were both completely naked and in her four-poster bed. Lynn lay on her back and I took one luscious titty in my mouth. I kneaded it with both my hands and licked the nipple. I switched back and forth between the beautiful twins, kneading and licking. Lynn purred with contentment at what I was doing. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of one beautiful globe as I could into my mouth, clamping my lips tightly but gently around the soft flesh. I applied gentle suction while licking the nipple and tracing the areola with my tongue. Lynn was purring louder now, and I took the other succulent globe into my mouth, and repeated the sucking, licking and tracing. Lynn’s purring became even louder. I could see her gorgeous pussy squirming on the bed and I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy juices lubricating her love hole. I alternated between her beautiful titties, licking and sucking on them. I licked the soft channel between her twin towers, with one of the beauties pressed against either of my cheeks. Then I began licking my way down her voluptuous body. Lynn continued purring and lubricating and then she panted “Lick my pussy.” I moved to comply with her request. Lynn’s pussy juices were so abundant that some was almost running out of her adorable love hole. I licked them off the edge and then began to lick up the juices inside. I squirmed my tongue into her delightful hole and devoured all the delicious juices. Lynn was still purring contentedly although a bit raggedly now, as she was moving toward cumming. She still had a long way to go though, and I wanted to delay it until after I had spent a long time eating her pussy. Much as I love feeling and hearing a woman cum, I enjoy eating her pussy so much that I like the climax to take a long time. I slowly licked around the upper edge of her love hole, and then started on one of her outer lips. I planted butterfly kisses on Lynn’s left outer pussy lip, while my tongue traced the groove between the inner and outer labia. I covered the lip but did not go on to her sweet little clit. I would concentrate on that adorable love button later. Linn was humping her pussy into my face and her purring was becoming louder and increasingly ragged. She was really enjoying what I was doing, about as much as I enjoyed doing it. I moved my attentions to her right outer pussy lip and planted more nibbly butterfly kisses. My tongue traced the groove on the right side, pausing sometimes to harvest the nectar her pussy was secreting. Lynn’s upper thighs had rotated outward, totally presenting her beautiful pussy to me. She was strongly humping her delightful organ into my face, her ass almost lifting completely off the bed with each thrust of her pussy. Lynn’s purring had changed to moans of pleasure and she was begging me not to stop. I had no intention of stopping but I believed the time had arrived for me to concentrate my attentions on Lynn’s lovely clit. I clamped my lips around her precious love button and began sucking. My tongue was tracing the contours of her clit, and Lynn’s ass bucked even harder as she started to cum. Her howls of pleasure were music to my ears and the heady aroma of her cum juices were a bouquet to my nose, and I knew they would soon be a treat to my taste buds. I love everything about having a woman cum while I am eating her pussy, especially when she cums as enthusiastically as Lynn. When she climaxed, Lynn grabbed my head and pressed my face tightly against her delectable pussy, which is exactly where my face wanted to be anyhow, with my mouth still tightly holding her clit and my tongue still wrestling with the man in the boat. Lynn’s climax subsided and she released my head. I rewarded myself with the fresh cum juices that were dripping from her adorable love hole. I know that Lynn gives head as well and as enthusiastically as she gets it. We lay side by side on the bed while she regained her strength and then she reached down and began to fondle my cock and balls. My cock stiffened at her touch. Lynn got up on hands and knees and began to lick my crotch and my balls. I keep that whole area of my body clean shaven because it is more pleasurable for women to lick me there when the skin is smooth, and shaving makes my skin more sensitive to their tongues. Lynn moved over to kneel between my legs and licked the whole area of my crotch from my balls to my ass, then the underside of my ball sack. She gently took one of my balls, inside its sack, in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. Then she did the same for the other ball. My cock was stiff as a baseball bat, and was rubbing against Lynn’s cheek and nose while she tongued my entire scrotum. When she finished with my balls, Lynn moved back to kneel beside me, then leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her lips. Lynn nibbled gently, with her lips only, on my cock head, while her tongue toyed with my piss hole. She slowly moved her lips down my cock, taking more of it into her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue caressed the shaft as she slowly enveloped it. She continued to engulf my cock until her tongue and lower lip were rubbing against my pubic hair and her nose was caressing my balls. Then she slowly backed off, pumping my cock with her lips and caressing it with her tongue, until my cock was out of her mouth entirely. Both Lynn and I enjoy it immensely when I eat her pussy. We both enjoy it immensely when she sucks my cock. However, Lynn prefers taking turns rather than 69ing. She believes that she and I can both derive more pleasure from her sucking my cock if she can concentrate on that, and not be distracted by my tongue in her pussy. Likewise, if I am eating her pussy, we can both concentrate better on deriving pleasure from that if she doesn’t have her mouth full of my cock. I can’t argue with her logic so we don’t 69. She does use the 69 position to suck my cock though, because my upward curve matches the interior contours of her mouth. Besides that, both of us like it when I fondle her ass. Lynn leaned forward again and engulfed my cock in her magnificently talented mouth. Her lips caressed my shaft as it entered the chamber of pleasure and her tongue caressed it while it was in there. Once her lips reached the base of my cock, her tongue continued its gentle massaging, and squeezed me gently against the inside of first one cheek then the other. When she lifted away from me, her lips once again suctioned the shaft slowly while her tongue pleasured my cock. I believed that one more prolonged stroke like the first two would cause me to fill her mouth with my cum. I told her this, and she refrained from that last stroke. When I was a younger man, she could have sucked me off, and drunk my cum, and I would have been ready for the next round of pleasure in a matter of minutes. At my current age, however, it would have taken me much longer, and we both preferred to save my cock for what we anticipated would be the next round of pleasure. I got up, my cock still hard and wet from her saliva. Lynn got onto her hands and knees on the bed. Each of the four posts had a rope fastened to it. I tied the loose ends of those ropes tightly but gently to her ankles and wrists. She would have been able to pull herself loose but only with difficulty. Then I piled all the pillows under Lynn’s waist so her beautiful and voluptuous ass was presented to me for our mutual pleasure. I went to the bathroom for soap and warm water and thoroughly washed and rinsed the cleft of her ass. I left the basin of water handy because I would be needing it later. Her adorable little rosebud seemed to be winking at me in anticipation of what was to happen next. I spread Lynn’s asscheeks and started licking at the top of her cleft. Her skin was smooth and soft and a pleasure to my tongue. She was starting to purr already and that was a pleasure to my ears. I licked my way slowly down the insides of both asscheeks, anticipating the great pleasure waiting for both of us when my tongue penetrated her adorable rosebud. Lynn was anticipating it also and her purring was getting louder. I licked on one side of her rosebud, then I lifted my tongue over the puckered area to the other side, and licked her there, all the way around and started back up the side again. Lynn started squirming her ass against my face, much as her pussy had been squirming before. One of the reasons she wants me to tie her down before I start pleasuring her ass is so I can control the action. She knows I will stretch out my tonguing so we both get the most pleasure out of it but sometimes she gets impatient, and wants me to hurry and get to the best part. I wanted to get there too. I pushed her up higher on the pile of pillows and moved my hands to come up from between her legs. I spread her asscheeks from this lower angle and Lynn was positioned perfectly for my probing tongue. I pressed my lips against her delectable rosebud and pressed my tongue forward. This brought a sigh of pleasure from Lynn. I moved my hands closer together and applied more tension to open the sweet hole a bit more, then wedged my tongue inside. This brought a louder sigh of pleasure. I probed in deeper and started pressing my tongue against the sides of her hole. Lynn’s purring had again turned to moaning with pleasure She pushed her ass against my face to get my tongue in as far as it would go. I pushed it in to the maximum and began oscillating my tongue against the sides of her ass. Pleasurable though it is to eat out her ass, there is one problem. When my face is wedged tightly between her asscheeks it is hard to breathe. I kept my tongue going as long as I could, but I finally had to withdraw it. Lynn gave a slight murmur of disappointment, but she wasn’t really too unhappy. She knew my tongue wasn’t through yet, and that soon there would be something a lot bigger in her ass. After catching my breath I continued licking Lynn’s rosebud, using broad strokes of my tongue. I licked up and down and sideways across the puckered hole, and sometimes I made brief probes into the hole itself. Lynn continued expressing her pleasure through moans and sighs and comments on how much she enjoyed what I was doing. I knew, though, that the time had come for me to use my cock, which was now hard and throbbing. I let go of her asscheeks, pulled on my condom and slathered on the KY Jelly. Then I greased Lynn’s ass, which was now squirming in pleasurable anticipation. With the fingers of one hand I separated the sides of Lynn’s rosebud. The other hand guided my eager cock into the object of its lust. I made the first penetration and she sighed with pleasure. Then I began rocking slowly back and forth, and with every forward motion I thrust my cock deeper into Lynn’s beautiful ass until I was all the way in, my balls slapping against her pussy with every forward stroke. Lynn was pushing her ass back against me to aid the penetration. She was ecstatic and ready to cum. Lynn likes to cum twice, at least when we are ass-fucking, so I washed off my fingers, which had been in her ass, and reached around her to fondle her lovely clit. As soon as I touched that sweet love button she started to cum, howling again in pleasure while her arms and legs thrashed as well as they could against the ropes. I continued fondling her clit and fucking her ass until Lynn climaxed with one great spasm of her pubic area. I waited a few minutes until her breathing returned to normal, my cock still all the way in her tight, beautiful ass. I scooped the delicious fresh cum juice out of her pussy and licked it off my fingers. It is so tasty that I never let it go to waste if I can help it. I pulled my cock most of the way out of her, applied more KY Jelly, and thrust it back in, all the way to the maximum. I like to feel my balls slapping against her pussy when I fuck Lynn in the ass. She likes it too, the deeper the better. I continued fucking with slow strokes into Lynn’s lovely ass. She started pushing back to meet my strokes and to get my cock all the way in. Lynn was purring again, building to another climax. I would cum, eventually, also, but at the slow rate I was going, it would be a long time. I was in no hurry because Lynn’s beautiful ass is one of the nicest places I know of to have my cock. Lynn was purring louder, almost moaning with pleasure. She was thrusting her ass back at me harder now, trying to get me to speed up my strokes. Her legs were pistoning into the bed, giving her ass a variety of sensations, and doing the same for my cock. I increased my speed and now she was moaning. I could feel my own climax approaching and I wanted both of us to cum at the same time. Lynn’s whole body was active, her arms were tugging at the ropes; her head was bouncing in the same rhythm as I was maintaining and her ass was gyrating and thrusting back at my cock. I knew it was time for both of us to cum so I reached around her body and began gently squeezing her darling clit in time to my fucking strokes. After a few squeezes Lynn started to cum, howling with pleasure with her arms and legs thrashing against the ropes again, and her ass bucking wildly against me. I fucked faster into her lovely ass and my cum spurted into my condom. Lynn climaxed with a loud grunt and a leap against all four of her restraints. After she was through cumming she sprawled, exhausted, on the pile of pillows. I sprawled on top of her, my cock still in her ass but working its way out as it softened. We lay there together for a while, our love-making over for the day. Eventually, I got up and untied her ropes. Her wrists and ankles were not chafed because we always use the softest of ropes. We showered together, punctuating our washing with many affectionate pats and hugs, then I kissed Lynn so long and left. I am already looking forward to the next time we get together.

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