The mission part 2

By Scorpio44a

A car took the sisters and me to Ivan’s dasha outside the city. We were met by an older woman who said, “I will translate your wishes to them. I will not interfere.” She led the three of us to a lavish bedroom suite. Within a minute I spotted three cameras. I knew we were being recorded. Probably there were cameras all over the house. “Tell them to strip, please.” I said. They stripped. I said, “Take their clothes out of this room and bring me some ropes, please.” The woman did as I asked. When she returned with ropes I had them divided into three piles. Then I said to the woman, “Please help me bind them to the corners of the bed.” She helped. Soon both were tied to the corners of the bed at the foot. I asked the woman to show me around the house. She took me on a tour. I found everything I needed to know about: food, bathrooms and just how big the house was. I noticed she didn’t take me to the basement. Our intel had let me know there was a dungeon in the basement. We ended the tour back in the bedroom. I looked at the woman and asked, “Did Ivan tell you to obey me?” “Yes. Whatever you want.” “Good. Take off your clothes.” “I am old and scarred. You do not want to see me without clothes.” “Do it, please.” She undressed. She was right; she was scarred and older than the two young women tied to the bed. I had her lie on her back on the bed. I tied her hands, one to each post at the head of the bed. I then released Pet and said, “Make her cum.” The woman said, “She doesn’t hear you. My hands are tied so I cannot sign.” I grabbed Pet’s hand and led it to the woman’s snatch. I showed her what I wanted. She smiled and began stroking the woman’s pussy. I untied Two and led her to the woman’s breasts. I bent and sucked on her breast. It was obvious that, sometime in the past, her breast had been mistreated to the point of leaving scars that disfigured the areola. I helped Two to bend near the woman’s breast. She got the idea. I left them to their tasks and went to the kitchen. I made a sandwich and got a beer. I brought back water and glasses. Back in the bedroom I watched as the two young women pushed the older woman to her first orgasm. When she came I backed Two and Pet away from her. I gave them water and they drank. When three minutes had passed I put them back at the woman. Two face first into the woman’s pussy and Pet at her breasts. When she came the first time she whimpered and took a couple of deep breaths. Before the second orgasm her body was soaked in sweat, her breathing was irregular and she squirmed on the bed. As she was overtaken by her orgasm she moaned loudly and thrashed on the bed. I pulled Two and Pet away from her. They got water and three minutes rest. Pet was positioned between the woman’s legs and went immediately to work, using both her mouth and hands. I took Two to the kitchen and got some food for her and Pet and more water. We took the food and water back to the bedroom. When the woman came for the third time she was begging for Pet to stop. I pulled her off the woman and had her sit and eat with Two. When the three minute rest was over I undressed and climbed onto the bed wearing only a condom. The woman looked at me and asked, “Why fuck me when you have two beautiful women available?” “Because I can.” I lifted her legs and slid inside her. I motioned to Two and Pet and they came to the bed, one standing to one side and the other on the other side. I bent their faces to the woman’s tits and they sucked her. As I stroked in and out of her I watched her face. She had surrendered to her passion and lust. All she wanted was that next orgasm. Her chest mottled. Her breathing became ragged and her back began to arch. She was close. I pulled out of her and pulled Two and Pet away from her breasts. Her eyes went wide and she wanted to beg. She bit her own lip and didn’t speak. “If you do everything I ask for, you can have more orgasms. When you took me on the tour you missed at least one room, the dungeon. I want you to open it and take us there.” She nodded. I untied her and she got off the bed. I gently pushed Two and Pet before me and they followed the woman. As one might expect, the dungeon was in the basement. The woman opened the door, turned on the lights and stepped to the side. She didn’t want to go inside. Another gentle push and all three women went inside. From their reaction to the room I knew they had been there before and the memories were not pleasant. Against one wall there were five wooden high backed chairs. I pointed and they sat. For the next few minutes they watched as I prepared the room. When I was ready for Two I motioned to her and she came to me. I positioned her on a cross, lying on her back, legs spread. Her arms were not bound at all. When she was in position I placed a cloth over her eyes. Then I moved some things near her and positioned a hose a foot or so above her open pussy. I turned the water on so it dripped, one drop every second or so. The water was cold. Two flinched when the first few drops hit her. Then she relaxed. I faced the woman and Pet. “Are you thirsty?” I asked. “Yes.” The woman answered. “Ask Pet.” She made motions and Pet nodded. I said, “The only water available is in her pussy. Drink all you want.” She made more motions. Pet moved to Two and lapped at her wetness. When she had lapped at her sister for a few minutes she backed away and said something to the woman. She translated: “Thank you, Master.” The woman moved to drink from Two and when her mouth touched her Two moaned. I prepared a table for Pet. When it was ready I motioned to Pet and she came to me. I helped her onto the table and positioned her so her legs were spread and bent at the hip and knee so her pussy and ass were both open to invasion. I had found a selection of dildos and anal plugs while I got things ready. When Pet was securely in place and strapped down to the table I tilted the table and positioned a powered dildo in her pussy. The control allowed me to regulate the amount of vibration the dildo transmitted into her. I set it as low as it would go and still vibrate. The woman watched as I prepared and began the process for each of my two playmates. She waited to see what I had in mind for her. “When the first one has an orgasm I want you to go to the kitchen and prepare a meal for all four of us. Before you go I want you to bend at the waist.” She watched as I lubed a red butt plug. She bent and I inserted the plug. “Is that painful?” I asked. “No, Master. I like it. Thank you.” She stood and watched the two younger women being stimulated. I moved between them, changing the stimulation but never letting it stop. I inserted a small butt plug into Pet and moved it around so the powered dildo in her pussy pressed against the tissues between it and the butt plug. I moved to Two and adjusted the stream so it was forceful and warmer. The stream was directed to her clit. Even though she was strapped to the cross she could be moved about half an inch. When I shifted her the half an inch the stream hit near but not on her clit. After a couple minutes I reduced the flow, made the stream a trickle and cooler. I walked the three steps to Pet and pulled the butt plug out of her. I replaced it with a slightly bigger plug and I increased the vibration intensity. Her hands pulled at her nipples and twisted. The older woman had not moved. I picked up a vibrating dildo about six inches long, turned it on and slowly inserted it in her puss. When it was completely inside her I asked, “When I let go of the toy, you are not to allow it to fall out. Grip it with your muscles, not your hands. Can you hold it inside?” “Yes, Master.” She said. She did not sound confident that she could hold it in. I wasn’t after success, just the focused effort. Within a few minutes the water had pushed Two to her orgasm. She was vocal, moaning and panting loudly as she came. I looked at the older woman and said, “Go make dinner, please. Remember, don’t let the dildo slide out.” It was almost comical watching her walk out of the dungeon while concentrating on holding the dildo inside. I moved to Pet and removed the plug from her ass. I inserted an even larger plug to replace the one I had just removed. I increased the vibration of her dildo. I removed her hands from her tits and put them above her head. Her face was still covered so she could not see anything I was doing. The cross she was strapped to was well made and allowed for me to adjust her position easily. I had positioned her flat on her back when I first put her on the cross, with her legs bent and her cunt and ass quite exposed. With the larger plug in her ass I lowered her head until her mouth was perfectly placed for me to comfortably fuck her there. I stepped into position and touched her lips with my cock. At that touch she opened her mouth and allowed me to slide inside. I rocked a little and she began to suck and use her tongue to stimulate my cock. As I got hard I increased the vibration in her pussy and she came again. The vibrations didn’t stop and I kept fucking her face. When I went too deep she gagged. I pulled back a little when she gagged and she sucked harder. Again and again I pushed in deep enough to gag her. Again and again she sucked me back inside, until I pushed completely inside her mouth and into her throat without gagging her. By then I was ready to unload into her mouth. She sucked hard and swallowed everything I gave her. I turned the vibrator up to it’s highest setting and stroked her clit with my fingers. My cock was limp in her mouth as she came again. Limp or not her lips and tongue kept working on my cock. The woman reappeared in the doorway. She was flushed and trembling. “Have you cum?” I asked. “Yes Master. Three times.” “Did the dildo come out of you?” “Yes, Master.” The look on her face said she expected to be punished. I smiled and motioned her close to me. She walked to me, being careful that the dildo didn’t slide out again. “Catch it in your hands.” I said. She bent at the waist and the dildo slid out and into her hands. It was shiny with her juices. I pulled out of Pet’s mouth and said, “Feed it to Pet. Let her taste your juices.” I moved to Two. The water was shut off. I used a towel to dry her legs and pussy. She said something and the woman translated it as “Thank you.” I unstrapped her and helped her stand. We moved to Pet and I removed the dildo from her pussy and her blindfold. The butt plug stayed. She was unbound and we helped her stand. The dildo that had been in the older woman was still in her mouth. I said, “Tell Pet she can keep the dildo in her mouth or she can take it out and put it in her pussy.” The woman made gestures and Pet slowly took the dildo from her mouth and inserted it into her pussy. We followed the woman upstairs to the dining room where a wonderful dinner was ready for us. None of the women would sit until I instructed them to do so. Ivan followed a procedure that had subs sit on the floor, never at the same status level of their Master. Pet had trouble eating. The dildo vibrating in her pussy was such a distraction that eating wasn’t her focus. I watched for a while, then went to her, inserted a finger inside her and flipped the dildo to “off”. She grabbed my hand and kissed it. When we finished eating I sent all three into the kitchen to clean up. I followed and watched. It was clear that when they were not being used as sex objects the two sisters worked around the house. The four of us went to the living room when the kitchen was clean. I pointed at the couch and Pet and Two sat there. I pointed the older woman towards a wing-backed chair. I sat in the other wing-backed chair. I looked at the older woman and asked, “Ivan gave these two names. What does he call you?” “Mother.” She said. I was surprised. Would he leave his mother with me like this? “Are you Ivan’s mother or is that just what he calls you?” She laughed. “He calls me that because I take better care of him than his mother ever did!” “Good! Mother, tell the sisters I want them to tell me some things about Ivan. I will ask questions and they will answer. Some of what I ask I already know the answers. If they lie to me they will be punished.” Her hands moved and both younger women paid attention. When she stopped I said, “How long has it been since Ivan used you sexually?” Mother gestured and when she stopped Two answered, in Russian. Mother translated, “Five days for Two and three days for Pet.” “When he used you did he fuck you?” Mother got the answers and translated, “Pet was fucked in all three places. Two, only in her ass.” “Did he hurt you during that encounter?” “Yes.” The answer was firm. “Ivan likes inflicting pain.” Mother didn’t even ask the sisters, she just answered. “The damage to your breasts, was done by Ivan?” “Yes, Master. He punished me for burning his dinner.” Her face held her emotions suppressed but I heard the anger in her voice. “Would you rather I fucked your ass or your pussy?” Pet answered by putting her hand to her pussy and looking at me. Two also picked her pussy, but with words. Mother didn’t answer for herself. “Mother, you didn’t answer.” I said. “You already fucked me. I thought you wouldn’t want to do it again.” “Do not assume. Tell me which you choose, please.” “My ass, Master.” “Please go back to the dungeon and find a bigger butt plug for me. Bring it and a tube of lube to me.” She stood and started to leave. “Oh, It might be a good idea to get three or four towels for us to sit on. Ivan might not like that we’ve been bare on his furniture.” She said, “Yes, Master” and left. Pet and Two sat quietly, looking at the floor in front of them. I wondered how Shannon was doing with her assignment. Mother returned with towels for us to sit on and towels to clean the places where we had been sitting bare. After the larger butt plug was in place she cleaned my seat and hers. Pet and Two cleaned their seats. I asked more questions about Ivan. I stayed away from asking directly about his businesses. I did ask about some of the people they had been used by. Ivan lent their services to many of his business associates, but usually only after months of successful transactions. I said, “Pet, I want you to suck me and play with me until I am hard. When I’m hard I want you to ride me. I want you to cum while you ride.” Mother translated into gestures and pet moved into action. She had only slipped once letting me know she could hear. She kept the secret well that she could hear. Her skill as a cocksucker was not a secret. When I was plenty hard she helped me position myself on the couch and she climbed aboard. I told Mother to turn the vibrator back on. I instructed Two and Pet to fuck me, trade places and fuck me some more. They traded places about every ten minutes. When they traded places we changed positions. Eventually, I came, inside Pet. As soon as I pulled out of her Two attached her mouth to her sister’s cunt and sucked her to another orgasm. The pill I had taken helped me regain my hardness quickly and I went behind Two and held her ass in my hands as I filled her cunt. Mother moaned when she came and seconds later Pet moaned as well. I slid in and out of Two for a long time. While I slid in and out I played with her clit. She and Mother came again before I left my deposit in Two. I pulled out of Two and Pet used her mouth to clean my equipment. Then, she cleaned her sister. “We need a shower.” I said. I told Mother to shut off her vibrator and she walked us to the shower on wobbly legs. All four of us fit in the shower and got good and clean. They dried each other and dried me when we were done. Still nude, we went to the bedroom and discovered that the bed was good for two, crowded for three and impossible for four. “Mother, do you have an alarm clock?” I asked. “Yes, Master.” “Good. Set it for four hours from now. Take Pet with you to your bed. When the alarm sounds bring her to me and take Two back to your bed. We need to all be up by eight-thirty in the morning.” She took Pet by the hand and left. I took Two into the bed. We snuggled together and I gave her one more orgasm before we went to sleep. I couldn’t rub her clit directly anymore. It was too sensitive. So… I reached inside her and rubbed her g-spot. She soaked a towel when she came. Then, we went to sleep. I woke when Mother woke Two and pulled her from the bed. I opened my eyes as Pet crawled into bed with me. A few seconds later I was back asleep. When Mother woke me she said, “It is seven. You asked me to wake you.” I threw back the covers and pulled her onto the bed. “On your knees, please. Tell Pet to get me some lube quickly or your ass will hurt for days.” Pet was moving before Mother stopped gesturing. She came back with a tube of lube and she applied a liberal coating to Mother’s ass and my cock. Then she climbed on the bed and held Mother’s ass cheeks wide for me. It didn’t take long for me to fill her ass with my morning load. I thanked her for having such a fine ass and we showered together, quickly. Two and Pet were clean and dressed by the time I was ready to go. We left Mother in the dasha. Shannon greeted me with a smile and a warm kiss. Ivan thanked me all through breakfast. He didn’t go with us to the airport. Five hours later we landed in Germany and transferred to a different plane. The voice in my headset announced that we were in final approach to Andrews Air Force Base. I woke Shannon and we got ready for the debriefing. As we walked out the back of the C-130 Shannon hooked her arm in mine and asked, “How soon?” “Less than a week.” “He did his best, you know.” She said. “And how good was his best?” “He had me three times. I convinced him that the next time he uses the pill it will work even better.” “Liar! The pill you gave him was the little white pill, wasn’t it?” “You know it. The little white pill that his stomach acid ate the covering off of and released a slow acting poison. Ivan the international killer has been killed and he doesn’t even know it.” In the limo headed for Langley I thought about going back to Russia and finding Pet and her sister. They could be useful back here in the States… and fun too. By the end of the debriefing I knew I wouldn’t go. At the hotel I was given a room key and a note. The note read, “Room 1182. No cameras. No clothes. No alarm clocks.” It was signed, “Shannon.”

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