BDSM at Boarding School

In this boarding school the director uses very harsh correction methods with the female students. Elsa is going to check it on their meats.

At that evening hour, Elsa was walking fearfully through the lonely corridors of the gloomy building. Minutes before the janitor had informed her that Don Gabriel, the director, had sent for her to call his office, she was scared to death. The young woman had been hearing all kinds of rumours for months about what it meant “to be called to the principal’s office”, because among the students of the boarding school there were perverse stories about what was happening in that place, especially about the “touching” and other things. It seems that Don Gabriel was fond of using the whip or the whip with the wayward students. It might or might not be accurate, but the mere possibility of the headmaster laying his hand on her made her young body shudder. Elsa was one of the nerdiest and formal students at school, so at the moment she had never had to make the dreaded visit to the principal. This was going to be his first time.
Don Gabriel had his house in a building apart from the school and separated from it by a grove. It seems that in the past it had been a convent or something similar, and now the director used only a couple of rooms in the vast building, the rest were empty. Usually, the boarding school girls never went there, there were no other teachers or junior staff, so Elsa didn’t come across anyone the whole way. Finally, when he got to the building, he entered it and with a shrunken soul, he walked the long, dark corridors in search of the dreaded office.
As she walked, Elsa kept thinking about the director. Don Gabriel was an intimidating character who caused rejection and disgust in the students. When he arrived at school a few months before, Elsa had been warned that he was a dirty old man of the worst kind, those disgusting teachers. They glance at you and accidentally “rub” the students taking advantage of their superiority. For this reason, and although she was quite beautiful, Elsa had done her best to remain inconspicuous.
Thus, the young woman always wore her hair tied up, her skirt as long as possible, and her blouse well buttoned up. Besides, she used to hide the prominence of her breasts with cardigans and other accessories such as scarves and coats. On the other hand, inside the school, he never took off his glasses even though they did not favour him at all.
However, all these attempts to look like an eyesore were of no use to him since Don Gabriel noticed that at the age of eighteen, the girl was a real beauty. Consequently, he fixed his attention on her and watched her closely for weeks to catch her in a foul. Finally, after much noticing, he succeeded. Thus, as soon as he had the excuse, Don Gabriel took advantage of the occasion and ordered the young woman to go talk to him as soon as the classes were over. To do this, and while the entire school was having dinner in the dining rooms, Elsa would have to go to her office, a discreet place away from annoying witnesses.
Don Gabriel waited for his victim in his den as a spider waits for a fly. The man of more than fifty years had a hard and steely face, he was not bad looking. Still, his features revealed at that moment hidden sadism, especially when he knew that the beautiful Elsa would soon be in his presence and entirely at his mercy.
– Go ahead, he answered dryly when he heard the knock of a knuckle on the door.
Elsa poked her head out shyly.
– I… I had sent ?.
– Yes, come in and close the door from the inside.
Elsa didn’t like a hair about having to lock the door, but she obeyed without thinking. Don Gabriel was sitting at that moment behind his table. He was writing something, but he did not look up from the papers or invite the young woman to sit down so that she remained standing in the middle of the office, not knowing what to do. Elsa stood with her legs together, not knowing where to put her hands. Looking all over the place, at the shelves full of books, the old bulky and dark furniture, and the windows with the blinds drawn. The room was lit only by a lamp on the table, but much of it was dim. Elsa was nervous and uncomfortable being alone with that old pervert, what the hell would he want from her?
For his part, Don Gabriel lingered to the girl’s bewilderment made him wait a long time without saying anything and without even looking at her.
Finally and after a few interminable minutes, Don Gabriel finished what he was doing, leaned back in his chair, and looked to Elsa. Up and down with a rigid and expressionless gesture. At first, she didn’t look him in the eye but ran over her body with an expression of poorly disguised lust. The girl wore black shoes, white socks, a red kilt, and a perfect white blouse. This time she hadn’t had time to grab more clothes, so her round breasts and prickly nipples were correctly marked on the thin white fabric. At that moment, Elsa felt as if she was taking an X-ray. As if that pig imagined her already naked, and that is why her colours began to rise. The girl was not mistaken in her perception because that was precisely what was going through Don Gabriel’s mind, that and other thoughts of a more sadistic nature. Finally, he stared into her eyes sternly, and she had to lower her gaze in shame.
– I thought she was a good girl, Elsa, what has happened to make this change happen?
The young woman was stunned without understanding anything.
– No, I don’t know what you mean, she said in a low voice and puzzled.
– Oh, no? Can you tell me what the school’s uniform rules are?
– I don’t understand, what do you mean?
– I ask you if you know how you should be dressed.
– The rules say how the uniform should be, sir, but I don’t understand … I have not broken any restrictions that I know of.
– Are you sure?
– Yes, … I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, Elsa said, looking at herself and opening her arms.
– What do the regulations say about underwear?
This time Elsa reddened even more and looked down.
– What’s wrong? Won’t you answer me?
– It’s just … I’m ashamed to talk about it with you.
– Oh yeah? I don’t think you are as embarrassed as you are, but never mind, I’ll jog your memory.
Faced with the girl’s bewilderment, Don Gabriel took a booklet and, looking for the corresponding page, began to read.
– “The students must wear a white shirt, bra, and panties under the uniform, any breach of this rule will be severely punished”. Don Gabriel closed the booklet with a dismissive gesture. Tell me, Elsa, are you wearing a shirt and a bra right now?
She was filled with the courage to lie.
– Of course, who do you take me for?
Don Gabriel smiled as if waiting for the answer.
– Very well, then you won’t mind opening your blouse, right? He said with a cruel smile.
– What? She asked alarmed.
– I say take off your blouse right now to show me you’re wearing underwear.
– Nnno, no.
– Why not?
– You cannot force me to undress in your presence.
– She will not be naked if as she says she has her shirt on. I told you to take off your blouse, obey.
– I don’t want to, you can’t, … I’ll report you if you force me.
– And I’ll talk to his parents and kick him out of school if he doesn’t.
– Can not do that. Elsa said this without conviction, desperately.
– Let’s see, are you wearing underwear or not?
– No. Elsa lowered her head and said it almost to herself.
– I knew it, said Don Gabriel, impatient to see the beautiful girl naked. The disgusting old man had been observing how the young woman’s breasts moved more than necessary under her blouse for several days. He drew the correct deduction—the very idea of ​​seeing her naked had made him hard for a long time.
– And can you tell why she’s not wearing a bra? You are indecent.
– It’s just that, it’s that it hurts me.
– How it hurts?
– Women’s things, you know, it hurts me.
– Look, young lady, don’t play with me, I know more about women than you, so don’t try to go overboard. Why does your bra hurt?
– I can’t tell you. Elsa didn’t know how to get out of this one.
– That’s an excuse, tell me why.
– It is that… it is that I have the skin marked.
– How marked?
– Let me go, please, I’ll put the bra on right now.
– You don’t move from here. Why is your skin marked?
She hesitated for a moment calculating how far she could go.
– Answer!
– I have burned.
– Burns? Has he burned there?
– It wasn’t me, me, they burned me with a cigarette. Don Gabriel’s jaw dropped.
– What, how did they burn him with a cigarette? Explain.
Elsa did not want to but had no choice but to sing like a bird.
– They were my roommates. It was just a game, we didn’t do anything wrong. The girl began to sob as she was forced to snitch.
– Let’s see Elsa, this is all very weird. You say that your roommates have burned you with a cigarette …. Don Gabriel swallowed before asking the question. In the breasts perhaps?
Elsa nodded with tears in her eyes and dead with shame.
– In a besieged more ?. The man felt his cock grow inside his pants.
– I’m humiliated to talk about this, please let me go.
– Answer my question, or it will be worse. Did they burn it somewhere else?
– Yes, in the belly and on the sides, everywhere, it was horrible, it hurt a lot, I want to go, leave me.
– You are leaving me stunned. Now I am more interested than before in taking off your blouse, undress and show me those marks.
– But but.
– Come on, listen to me, if you take off your blouse right now I’ll forget about your underwear, and this time I won’t punish you.
Elsa made a move to unbutton her blouse, but after removing the first button, she refused to go on.
– I just can’t believe it, I’m here naked with you in front of you, no, I can’t.
Don Gabriel changed his tone and became conciliatory.
– Don’t be a girl, you are almost a woman, and I am your teacher. Someone needs to see those burns, it could be severe. And since she doubted, Don Gabriel became intense again. Elsa, take off your blouse, or I’ll be forced to clear up this situation with your parents right now!
The young woman had no other choice, so she took off the buttons one by one, red with shame before Don Gabriel’s avid gaze. The beautiful girl was unbuttoning them, and her white skin was already naked under the fabric. At the same time, she lowered her gaze and blushed herself. Finally, she took off the tails of her shirt and parted it just enough to reveal her breasts briefly. Indeed, he was not wearing anything underneath, and the man was doing his best to see something. By now, Don Gabriel was stiff and drooling, but he still wanted more.
– So I don’t see anything, take it off entirely and throw it on the ground, now!
Elsa was about to reply but did not dare, she opened her shirt entirely and let it fall to the ground, covering her breasts with both hands. To Don Gabriel at that moment, the girl undressing in front of him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, with a long slim back, round and stiff breasts, and skin that could be guessed very soft. Modestly, Elsa crossed one arm in front of her breasts while showing him with her other hand the small reddish burns that the young woman had here and there. Don Gabriel was put like a stake with a half-naked schoolgirl in his presence, few girls her age had similar breasts, projected upwards, and with nipples with perky haloes. He longed to caress them with his fingers. In fact, when he got up from the table to approach her, Elsa gasped at the sight of his massive erection.
Don Gabriel approached her and gently took her arms, placing them behind his back and holding both wrists with one hand. Perhaps she could have freed herself from the key, but Elsa didn’t do it but let herself be done while she felt her crotch get wet. By projecting her breasts forward, Don Gabriel could see correctly how she would get goosebumps, and her nipples would rise them more if possible. Indeed, they were marked with small reddish dots that revealed the tremendous torment that girl had had to endure. The certainty of that twisted his sadistic mind and the man lost control. In this way, with his free hand and to her surprise, Don Gabriel began to caress her chest, fingering the burns.
– What, what is he doing? Please don’t touch me.
Of course, Don Gabriel did not stop doing it. Still, he continued to caress her less and less shyly, putting his whole hand on her chest and checking its hardness and softness with the tips of his fingers.
– Does it hurt? He asked her as if that mattered to him.
– A bit. Elsa trembled at being touched by that pig but let him continue to rub her without protest.
– Her nipples are also red and marked as if they had been pinched, he said, stroking the areola of her nipples with his thumbs.
– I twisted them with a pair of pliers sir, she said brokenly and closing her eyes for that pleasant tickle.
– What beasts, poor thing, he said, pinching her nipples slightly and suppressing his desire to suck them. I want you to tell me how it happened. It was difficult for Don Gabriel to stop rubbing that young woman’s tits. Still, finally, he crossed his arms, waiting for the morbid confession.
Elsa bent down to pick up her blouse, but Don Gabriel ripped it from her hands.
– I still haven’t given him permission to dress. Tell me everything and don’t lie to me. Elsa covered her breasts with her hands again, ashamed of being horny in front of that dirty old man.
– As I already told you, it all started with a game. It was late at night, and someone suggested playing strip poker. There were no boys with us, and many times we’ve seen each other naked, so I didn’t think we were doing anything wrong. The fact is that after a few hands we were all half-naked and I lost my bra and my panties. I felt that staying naked would be game over, but then Carla …
– Carla, Carla … oh now, Carla. A few weeks ago he stopped by and tried the riding crop, it is an undesirable company. ¿ Who has done this time ?.
– Carla proposed that it be necessary to give him more emotion, the one who lost the next hand, would be the slave of the others that night. Should let the others do whatever they wanted.
– And you accepted? Don Gabriel said stunned to know the things that were happening at school.
– Yes, I don’t know what happened to me, I was very excited and confused, and I didn’t know what I was doing. The fact is that I lost again and had to accept being his slave. First, they forced me to do harmless nonsense, and we all laughed, you know, they forced me to walk like a dog, to pick up the slippers in my mouth and lick one of your feet. We all laughed, but then things got older, and Carla told me I had to suck her pussy. At first, I thought it was a joke, but he said he was serious. Of course, I refused, so they told me that if I did not do it for good, I would be punished as a disobedient slave. I kept denying myself. They subsequently caught me, tied me to the bed, and gagged me with my own panties and electrical tape.
– Was it then that they burned you with the cigarette?
– Yes, suddenly it seemed that they had gone crazy. They too undressed utterly. First, they started touching me all over the place, then they started clawing and pinching me while telling me I was a disgusting nerd. Then Carla lit a cigarette and started burning my tits with it. She did it slowly and with a sadistic face. The burns were horrible, I screamed and screamed. Still, they continued to torture me mercilessly, they burned me at least twenty times, ignoring my screams. Later, when they got tired of the cigarette thing, they brought a pair of pliers and twisted my nipples. I thought they were going to rip them off and I yelled for help, but no one could hear me with the gag on.
– And then what happened? Asked Don Gabriel swallowing saliva and making efforts not to masturbate right there. For a while, it seemed that Elsa had passed the embarrassment. She was telling such rugged things with all naturalness.
– They still continued for a while, after the pliers brought a spike comb and they passed it between my thighs scratching me with all their strength, that was the worst. Finally, when I couldn’t take it anymore, Carla put her face between my legs and got, got to … well, you know, I’m ashamed to say it.
– Did she suck you there?
Elsa nodded.
– Did you have an orgasm?
– Yes
– Sows. Your roommates will be severely punished for this. Each of them will receive forty lashes and that Carla will receive sixty. You won’t be able to sit for a month. Is that okay?
– Yes, sir, but you won’t tell them that I told you, right?
– Do not worry about that. Don Gabriel went to a corner and, picking up a flexible rod, he slanted the air a couple of times and then stuck it on the palm of his hand. The hiss and thump surprised Elsa.
– Well dear, he said, threatening her with the whip. And now take off your panties and rest your torso on my table.
– No, I don’t understand, what are you going to do? She said as she felt her sphincters loosen.
– What do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to hit him twenty times on the buttocks with this, half as much as his companions.
– He told me he wasn’t going to punish me.
– I told you that I was not going to punish you for the underwear, but those games you play are indecency, obey and remove your panties.
– No, not that, please, don’t punish me, I beg you.
– Do what I tell you, either obey me or I’ll hit you with forty whips.
– Please, it’s horrible, don’t punish me with that. I can’t stand the pain, Elsa kept pleading with tears in her eyes, but at the same time, she began to remove her panties without exerting much more resistance.
– Bring that over here. Elsa looked disgusted at Don Gabriel who was asking her to give him the panties with his arm extended. The man took the panties in his fingers and began to finger them. They’re wet, he said, what exactly is turning him on now, little bitch?
Elsa lowered her head wholly flushed.
– I don’t know what you mean, she lied looking again in disgust at how he smelled her panties.
– Yes, you know, you’re horny as a bitch in heat. Do you like to be naked in front of men?
– No, please, leave me, do not say those things to me, it disgusts me.
– Yes, you like it. You also want to know what I’m going to do with the whip. Don Gabriel said. Lifting Elsa’s skirt with the end of the instrument of torture. Did she also get wet the other day while her roommates tortured her?
Elsa turned her face to the side as she protected her chest with her arms crossed, Don Gabriel was right, deep down she liked him.
– So?
She continued without answering.
– Who is silent grants, young lady. Well, if what you need is to be unbroken, I’ll take care of it myself. Come here and lean your torso on the table.
– Excuse me, please, I ask, do not spank me.
– Do what I order you! Don Gabriel took her arm violently and led her to the table.
Elsa had no choice but to obey and, crying, leaned her torso on the table.
– Now grab your skirt with your hands and lift it, I want to see that ass well.
Elsa grabbed her skirt and shyly lifted it, revealing the lower part of her butt.
– More, lift it more.
– Please don’t.
Don Gabriel grew impatient and violently raised his hands so that Elsa’s rear was completely exposed.
– Keep the skirt up and do not let it go under any circumstances, said Don Gabriel. Admiring the stiff and round ass of the young woman. The anus and the lips of the vagina were stiff and tight, but between the lips, you could make out the skin of the pussy pink and shiny with moisture and a white drop threatening to spill. Don Gabriel had enough experience to know that he had a horny girl in front of him who was more than willing to do almost anything to him.
– All right, darling. Are you ready?
– No, please don’t hit me.
– Count the twenty blows up, if you make a mistake or lower your hands we will start over.
Don Gabriel pulled the whip away, brought it close to her pussy, and with a quick movement gave her the first blow.
– Aaaahy. Elsa reacted instinctively and got up putting her hands on her butt.
Don Gabriel was excited by that reaction, as she looked at him with a face of hatred and fury.
The director slammed the table.
– Return to the position immediately!
– I don’t want to, it hurts me.
Don Gabriel lost his patience and grabbed her hair.
– You’re going to bow like it or not, bitch. He pushed her back onto the table, and Elsa returned to position. The skirt, now, come on little girl.
Elsa grabbed the top of her skirt again angrily and pulled it up. In the middle of her buttocks, she now had a reddish line.
– The first has not been valid, count the blows, and do not move again or we will have to repeat it.
Again the whip whistled through the air hitting Elsa’s ass. It gave a loud scream that sounded like heavenly music to Don Gabriel.
– Count.
-“ONE!” She shouted, trembling, and holding back her anger and pain.
The answer was immediate, and another whip hit the same spot as the previous one with diabolical precision.
– Aaah, nooo, please, no! Elsa made a move to put her hands on her butt, but held back and gripped the skirt tighter. -TWO! She screamed with tears in her eyes.
Zas !. The whip hit her upper thighs this time, and Elsa trembled in pain as she screamed number three, barely enduring the punishment.
– Four ….., five …., six ……. Elsa was saying the numbers. Already crying while Don Gabriel whipped her more and more forcefully. Viciously, the whip cracked against her pussy with blows that were dry and loud.
Finally, on the seventh whip, Elsa gave up and crying, put both hands on her butt.
– I can’t take it anymore, please don’t spank me, I can’t take it anymore.
Don Gabriel smiled sadistically.
– He lowered his hands, you know what that means.
“And what do you want me to do if I can’t bear it?” She protested, crying.
– Okay, I see I will have to tie you up during the punishment, bitch.
– Tie me up, are you crazy?
– You will see, but if not, we will have to start over and over again.
– But, tied up and naked, that’s humiliating …
– You decide, said Don Gabriel, taking a rope from a drawer, and it wouldn’t be the first time.
– This well, he said Elsa extending his wrists together forward after wiping away tears.
Don Gabriel had tied them with a noose in a split second, and he brutally took her to a chair. There he forced her to support the torso on the back and tilting it forward, he tied her hands to the legs with skill and speed that amazed the girl. Then he did the same with his ankles. Once immobilized, Don Gabriel untied her plaid skirt and took it off, leaving her completely naked. Apart from the fact that the red marks on the whip were getting irritated, Don Gabriel found some wet drops slipping down the inside of her legs and were not precisely urine.
– Give me your glasses, they could break. Don Gabriel took off her glasses, and she looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes.
– Have mercy don’t hit me too hard
Now Elsa was completely naked, she remained tied in a ridiculous position, crouched, bent over herself, and with her ass in pomp.
Seeing her thus defenceless, Don Gabriel took pity on her. He decided to change the whip for a leather belt, mostly so as not to mark her more than necessary.
– Remember to count the lashes.
Don Gabriel began to whip the girl much faster than before, and poor Elsa received the blows with screams of pain, counting the impacts as best she could. One, two, three, he screamed, the leather belt scratching his skin with sharp, insistent blows. As Don Gabriel whipped her, the red marks followed one another so that the girl’s butt, legs, and back were now real fire.
Ten, eleven, twelve lashes. Faced with the terrible punishment, Elsa no longer stopped crying for a moment trying to count the numbers as best she could. However, his endurance reached the limit.
– Stop, please, stop, I can’t anymore, stop.
That new interruption meant that they had to start over from scratch and Elsa knew it, so she began to cry.
– Forgive me, do whatever you want, but don’t whip me any more, I can’t stand it, it hurts a lot, God.
– Would you do anything, bitch?
– Yes, whatever you want, I promise you.
Don Gabriel approached her and began to caress her, he couldn’t take it anymore.
– Do you like me to touch you, precious?
Elsa held her disgust as best she could.
– Yes … yes, touch me if you want, whatever you want, everything but that.
Don Gabriel put down the belt and began to weigh and touch one of the tits with one hand and the injured ass with the other.
– Mmmmh, how beautiful you are, you’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you?
– No, I don’t promise.
– If you don’t, you already know what will happen, he said, digging his nails into one of her nipples and drawing a cry from the girl.
– Aaay, no, I won’t say anything, fuck me if you want, but don’t do that to me.
– I like it that way, precious if I’m not mistaken you have wanted it since you entered here. And saying this, he began to caress her vagina, checking that she was all wet. And without saying much more, Don Gabriel got behind Elsa and stooping began to eat her pussy.
First, Don Gabriel smelled her pussy nicely. Then he separated her lips from her vagina to caress her inside with his tongue. He did it softly and slowly, delighting in the moan of pleasure that his prisoner released. Don Gabriel sucked him calmly and deliberately, savouring the girl’s juices and enjoying her softness. Elsa was hot and juicy, her clitoris was on edge, and her lips were stiff, ready to come if Don Gabriel kept eating it. In fact, when she was about to, he interrupted the cunnilingus on purpose and taking advantage of her excitement, he stood a few inches from her face.
– Do you like what I do to you, bitch?
– Yes, I like it a lot, why has it stopped?
– Tell me, do you have a boyfriend?
– yes
– Have you ever sucked his cock?
– It does not disgust me.
– I do not believe it, it sure is an excuse to make him horny.
– I’m really telling you, it disgusts me.
– We are going to check that right now. Don Gabriel removed the member and put it in front of his face.
Elsa’s face changed when she smelt that.
– No, not that, everything but that, it disgusts me.
Don Gabriel did not give up but began to touch her face with his penis and grab her hair. The seminal fluid was already coming out, so he smeared his own semen on his face.
Elsa resisted as much as she could.
– No, I’m going to vomit, leave me.
– Come on, open your mouth, and stop being fussy.
But try as she might, Elsa didn’t open her mouth.
– You don’t want to cooperate, right bitch? Now you’ll see.
Don Gabriel picked up the whip again and with all his lousy drool began to whip him on the rear.
– Oh, no, not again.
– Here, bitch, cocksucker.
– Stop it, please, stop it, I’ll suck it off, but stop.
– You’re going to have to beg me, he replied without stopping whipping her, let’s beg.
– I beg of you, let me suck it off
– Not like that, ask me, please.
– Please, I want to suck it off, let me suck it off, I beg you.
– That’s better. Don Gabriel put himself in front of her face again with his stiff cock.
Elsa had to overcome her disgust again and timidly stuck her tongue out to suck the tip. A strange, unexpected taste and the gelatinous feel of his penis made him frown and hold his tongue.
– I can’t, it’s disgusting, she said spitting.
– Come on, do it at once. Don Gabriel was impatient and gave him another lash.
Before the sting, Elsa swallowed her pride and was encouraged to suck it again. Little by little, he overcame his disgust and began to suck his member, first timidly, and each time a little more. First, she ran her tongue over the foreskin and then with her lips as if she were kissing him, dripping with semen. After a while, Elsa stopped getting sick and started sucking it like a professional blowjob. Without him insisting much more. The young woman found that it was much more pleasant than she had ever thought, she put it in her mouth, closing her eyes, continuing with the fellatio. Don Gabriel grabbed her hair to better direct the blowjob.
– Like this, yes, very well, you do it nicely, you have to do it to your boyfriend, he will love you more, you’ll see. Don Gabriel’s eyes were blank, and his mouth was ajar, and he spoke in fits and starts. It had been a long time since she had been able to get fellatio so quickly, so she wanted to fully enjoy the moment. Elsa continued to suck him for five more interminable minutes. He felt like he was going to come, then he took his cock out of her mouth and aimed at her face. He released one shot of cum after another. Don Gabriel roared loudly while Elsa averted her face trying to avoid the shots of such a disgusting brew without succeeding.
Finally, while Don Gabriel was relaxing, the girl spat out the drops of semen that had leaked into her mouth in disgust.
– Aaaah, how nice! You suck it like a whore. All right, where were we? Yes, twenty lashes.
– No, not again. I have sucked it as I wanted. Fuck me, fuck me and I won’t say anything but don’t spank me.
– Um, I don’t know. Don Gabriel said, looking at her face.
– I’m very horny and you have left me halfway, I want to feel your cock inside me, let’s put it in until I cum.
Don Gabriel could not believe the metamorphosis experienced by that girl. Elsa spoke to him now like a whore, her face wet with cum and a drop of semen still hanging from the tip of her nose.
– Come on, fuck me, please.
Don Gabriel suddenly realized that he was hard again and he did not make him repeat it, he went towards the girl’s rear and began to penetrate her. The penis entered very quickly lubricated by the vaginal juices of the girl. As he entered with a single push, Elsa shuddered and raised her head at the same time as she gave a moan of pleasure. She was no longer a virgin, but her boyfriend had never put her in that way.
Very aroused by her scream, Don Gabriel continued to fuck cheerfully while she moaned and screamed with pleasure at each thrust. The posture made the man’s penis go deep into her gut, and Elsa felt like she was going to come from the brutal shoves of her rapist. He didn’t even notice when Elsa had her orgasm screaming like crazy and shaking with pleasure. He kept pushing and thrusting until she was perfectly aware of how his penis believed him.
– Come inside, honey, don’t take it out.
Don Gabriel paid attention to her and, keeping his hips with his hands, he began to run inside the girl’s warm vagina.
– Aghh, aghhh! He cried out, feeling his legs give out and his cock sinking deep into her wet cavern. Then he leaned over the girl and let his penis experience its last spasms between the moist insides of Elsa’s pussy as he kissed her back and the wounds on her butt.
When he took out his penis, Don Gabriel took up the whip again, ready to resume the punishment where he had left it, but when he raised the whip, she interrupted him.
– Wait, listen to me for a moment.
Don Gabriel paid attention to him.
– Please, I liked it a lot, but don’t punish me, it really hurts. If you forgive me, I will be your slave, I will come whenever you want, and I will do whatever you want.
Don Gabriel looked at her very unconvinced.
– I will let you tie me and I will endure some lashes, …. not many, … for you.
– Do you promise?
Don Gabriel thought about the prospect. That beautiful young woman, his sex slave, was too good, but he believed it.
– Okay, but I hope you keep your word; otherwise, I will really punish you, and this time there will be no mercy. Do you swear?
Elsa nodded.
Don Gabriel then began to loosen the knots of his ties. Once free, Elsa wiped the sperm from her face and began to finger the wounds on her bottom. When he saw her naked and unconcerned, Don Gabriel gave him an outburst, and taking her by the waist he hugged her and planted a snog while with one hand he loosed her hair. Elsa was surprised but closed her eyes and kissed passionately with the director as her blonde hair fell to her shoulders.
After the kiss, Don Gabriel looked at her.
– See? You’re much better that way, and change your glasses, he said as he gave them back, they don’t favour you at all.
Elsa took them and looked back at the ground.
– Can I get dressed now?
– Yes, he replied as he made a mess with the ropes with which he had tied her.
Elsa took a while to dress me between woes and gestures of displeasure as she brushed the wounds on my butt with her panties. Finally, he managed as best he could and wiped his face well with a little water and some tissues that the director offered him. Finally, he put on his glasses.
– Can I go?
– Yes, ah, and tell Carla to come, today I wanted to whip a whore.
– Yes, sir.
Elsa locked the principal’s office from the outside and headed down the hallways as she finished fixing her skirt. It was a bit difficult for him to walk and his butt hurt a lot, surely he would not be able to sit for several days.
At first, he continued with the severe and rueful gesture, however, after a few meters, an enigmatic smile appeared on his face.
– Hello, dog, how did it go? He heard when he entered his room.
Elsa stood in front of Carla, crossed her arms behind her back, and spread her legs, then with her head lowered, she replied.
– As you had anticipated.
– Did he hit you?
Has he raped you?
Has it come inside?
– Yes, I have asked as you have taught me.
– Perfect, if you think so, I’ll call, I’ll say you’re very nervous.
– Whatever you say.
Carla picked up her cell phone.
– The police? … I call to report a rape ….. at the San José boarding school …. no, no, not to me, to a colleague, … she is very nervous, already Can you imagine … who? … the director … no, I didn’t make it up, it was him, come and see for yourself, until now.
Carla turned off her cell phone and looked at Elsa.
– They will be here in ten minutes, I hope you do your role well. Mmmh, rape of a schoolgirl, that motherfucker is going to take fifteen years, he won’t touch another girl as long as he lives, Carla said scornfully.
Elsa continued in a submissive position, then Carla noticed her, changed her attitude, and caressed her face.
– My poor dog, has she hurt you a lot? He said while unbuttoning her blouse.
– Yes, but I don’t care, I would do anything for you.
Carla half-opened her blouse and opened it until her torso and shoulders were exposed, after which she began to put her hand on him while she searched for her lips.
– How I like your little piggy tits. Would you really do anything for me?
– You know that yes, Elsa was already panting when she noticed how Carla played with her breasts.
– Tell me what that pig has done to you while the cops arrive, it makes me very morbid.
– He made me suck it off.
– Yes? And did you like it? The two young women spoke with narrowed eyes, interrupting each other with brief kisses on the lips and short licks.
– Yes, Elsa said in a sigh.
So you liked to suck the old bastard, what a whore I have laid as a slave. And what else?
He has also eaten my pussy, and I liked it a lot.
Of course not, the foal only eats it to you, Carla said this angrily while she grabbed him by both nipples at the same time and twisted them, sinking her nails well.
Elsa gasped in pain, closing her eyes and twisting her head upward as an electric current ran through her body.
– Tonight when the police leave I’m going to settle the score, bitch, Carla said with a sadistic face and without letting go of her nipples.
– Yes, Carla, whatever you want.
Carla calmed down, and with a smile, she put her shirt back on and tied the buttons.

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