My brother knows everything about me

The love of brothers is the purest and most sincere, I don’t see why I can’t give my body to my brother

Hello my name is Ana Laura, but my friends tell me Lauris, have 20 to ñ os, I’m thin, I measure 1.67m, hair caste ñ or white skin, 32B bra and a pair buttocks to ditas. My story begins when my parents decided to start their own small ñ a company, my father carrying matters t é technicians and mother administrative, again this ambitious project charged them prior bill for them to leave home early and return late at night, the closest to our family home were those of my father but with these we never LLEV to bamos good about it Oued to bamos all d í a responsibility to my brother Jose. My relationship or n with was always very good because as always I hab í to defended those who for being a woman I pushed or simply quer í an do evil, also é n to being children ú nicos he played with me ” the food “or” to the cars. On one occasion he or No, as I ba ñ aba I realized that my small breasts were no longer “flat” if not my nipples were getting sharp and slightly bulging at that occasion or n take longer to shower as I was intrigued by the situation he or No, my play brother the door and asked if they already finished, what I said “almost” as normally to salt í to my room or n wrapped in a towel and again in my room or n I Segu í looking, spent several minutes and my brother comes. – You haven’t started dressing yet? Only one came out of my mouth. – Estee … My brother noticed my change f í sico and just said. – At night when you get mam to tell him that (it ñ Alando my nipples) and tell him that you buy sostensitos. Nodding and voice ani ñ ada answer un. – Yep. At night I wanted to do what my brother asked me or but my mother was with my dad to busy with some accounts, as í I let it go for the d í following but it was the same thing happened a third d í oh my brother asked me for sostencitos and said the situation or n, the only took my hand and after é s to ensure the home I’ve been to a mall and bought me my first corpi ñ os the one which bulged what a grapes, spent several months and my life was as normal until a new change came into my life, I was undressing for ba ñ arme , and in my calzonsito saw a yellowish stain as í as a viscous liquid of the same color, this I get a little scared it seemed í that hab í to come out of my sex, as í that finishing ba ñ arme and dress enters the room he or n my brother, I started é to talk with and between one another said subject. – Hey, can I ask you something? but do you answer me? – Tell me, if I tell you, if not, I’ll help you find the answer. – Is that a while when I was going to ba ñ ar my calzonsito hab í a yellow liquid that came out of me ah í and is not, I got a little scared My brother stared at me until he said. – If it is, but this will have í as to talk to mam to . – But if I Rega ñ a. – will not have í to that, the liquid you say is s u per natural and in any case I say and talk to her. Again passed d í as unable to speak with my mother and my brother and I wonder if hab í to spoken, which I said no. My brother turned me or look and said. – Okay I’ll tell you , just because I do not want you to stay with the doubt that fences or ask someone else and fence to take advantage of you, as í that if you have a question you ask me. – Yes. Empez or dici é ndome were vaginal fluids that serv í an to clean inside my vagina, a good explanation or n worthy of a boy who liked to read him on any subject, until he mentioned that also é n serv í to for lubricate. – How to lubricate? Without much tapujos my brother gave me examples of how a penis entering í to me and the “liquid” help í to that I would not hurt to ñ by adding that leave me not penetrate if I do not “wet” as they burn me í to horrors. Hab í to a month of this event last and ba ñ andome I happened or what any girl happens just that the realizing that on the floor of the shower hab í blood and this proven í to my crotch me entr it or p to nico and shout sharply. As never before, my brother ran into the shower to find me naked. – What happened? – I do not know, cu to NDO April í eyes saw me bleeding ah í . Gradually my brother recovered and I began or calm saying it was normal, nothing was wrong, he gave me higi role é nico and asked me or I cleaned, I got the towel and said he expected to , not take í a, April í an last about ten minutes and returned with a packet of sanitary towels and begins to explain how I put them in my underwear. After é s dressing my brother I emphasize to talk to my mam to , but this time to answer. – When if she’s always busy, I can never talk to her. Very understanding my brother told me any questions you have him pod í to ask with confidence to the and clear after é s what I just happened and how well I saw that hab í to handled the situation or n you I had the confidence to ask my questions. In the d í to next after é s of school classes my brother turned me me or to a mall take this time I bought my first bra because my breasts and bulged what a peach, gets very excited home to use my first brassieres but I realized one thing, do not know how to put é rmelo, as í that say t leave my room or n only with a fitted bodice, and passing through the kitchen, where my brother was heated food to eat, see me and notices how noticeable my nipples are. – And the bra? – It’s just … I didn’t know how to put it on. Off the stove and take me to my room or n, to the arrival I begin to remove her blouse cheekily, (do not see it í aa bad and not simply was the body of his sister, for me, I was undressing to someone D í to with d í to be was gaining more my confidence, in addition to s being my brother, who took care of me), take the bra and put the glasses on my breasts and was mentioning the steps of deb í to continue to put e r it alone. Things were giving themselves in such a natural way, I think brother that my reasoning was more mature why I returned or talk to me was about my sexuality, that pod í to become pregnant if someone to me “little things” about as a woman deb í to value and give my body to someone special and not to anyone, as this again I í to any one, someone f to easy to obtain and therefore only a toy. Step one A ñ or m to s and I arrived or curiosity to wear thongs and let them know that my brother who told me. – it shares some, uses and if you like how you feel follow us to ndolas, if not, since you no longer use, as í not you stay with curiosity. – It makes me sad to go buy thongs. That d í to afternoon arrived or and left a bag on my bed, to the open saw that there were five tangas different design ñ or happily embrace d to Ndole thank evening we went dancing, as one of the things I enjoyed most was dancing, as í that hab í to order me ense ñ ara. My body already developed is í to beautiful in a dress and notching or at least that’s what I commented friends of my brother the same as gradually were becoming mine, with the thong I felt í all a woman layers attract any man but even if suced í a, gave me a respect for education or n I hab í to as my brother. I had a talk with me while Enjoy your stay in to bamos of the landscape of a park, confessed an occasion or n where I had my first boyfriend í demand to have sex with my brother told me no surprise. – It is normal to be asked to have sex, are one or ñ a very beautiful and I assure you that will not be the last ped í rtelo nor would the ú nico in quererte in his bed, but this in you give to respect, I can ensure that some of ñ os you also é n will want to s you the mess if not already want, why do you think so many chavas leave the pregnant school, but it is very normal that you feel like and desires that you get, but also é n you must be aware of when or whether and with whom and with whom if not. My brother had raz it or n, perhaps to at the time did not have many sexual desires but you get t my time and this began or when on one occasion he or n reaches school and thinking that no hab í anyone I was almost running to the toilet for ten í many urination, to the open door I saw my brother naked as it was ba ñ I walk, I could not help but look at his body well trained and above all his semi – erect cock, cerr é the door and red headed í to my room it or No, No pod í to leave my amazement at what he had just seen, because if my brother I hab í to seen her naked many times and he even hab í to modeling thoes I hab í to purchased and I even had í to hit at the request or n m t a, I never had í to see naked and now I hab í to troubled her naked image was very rare sensation or n, everything was shaking me and sent í to like my calzonsito is damp soft í to as never hab í a sense, unconsciously I lay on my bed and instinctively take my right hand where flames burning desire me, the frenes í invad me t up to hear my brother approaching s or so as í react down r to quickly school skirt and sitting up . – Already you arrived? – Yes. – You opened the door to the bathroom ñ o? – Yes, I just wanted to pee – Well, princess is already unoccupied. – Yes. After é s of that scene changed the way I see it, and after é s that d í to I started é to show even more inter é s in, which was no extra ñ o. First I agreed to exercise with him, because the sports leggings were a good excuse to show him my body even more or to rub myself in it with impudence pretending that he had to help me do my exercises, as you can see that I did the bar, when I bent over I brought my buttocks to feel his cock, also é n the heat was a pretext, as I took off the top showing my tits, this time with malice so that watching them enjoy it I already wise woman, but this transcended or more to longer want my brother will notice me as such, a woman. On one occasion he or n after é s of the antrum were to continue the party at the home of one of our friends, that d í to knew my beer made me dizzy r to ask as í that like other girls I went to sleep , to this I was wearing an A-cut miniskirt, with a tight blouse with a little cleavage, you only looked at the gutter of my breasts, to this I open after an hour, when I begin to feel that someone caress my legs and little by little sub í up to reach my tanguita, also é n my breasts were massaged over her blouse, suddenly listened or un. – Let go of my sister, son of your fucking mother. As I could in April í eyes, my brother was holding one of our friends and hit him hard, until the dem to s grabbed him, but unlucky the other guy the others to s also é n beat him. Followed her life or relatively normally until my 19 ñ os, because at this age my libido hab í to increased and my desire to cock, like my brother hab í said were growing, was my é rcoles memory, when my boyfriend told me that instead of entering fu classes é ramos home because no April í anyone, I accept trying to convince me that only platicariamos and much we give í kisses masters, but were only ome ñ os to myself what I wanted í really was someone to give me cock and that was the opportunity. At the arriving home asks me to wait in his room, he headed or his room he or n, taking nervous my cell and start to look at anything, this I get a WhatsApp message with a screenshot of messages my boyfriend with someone else where you dec í they just wanted me í to to catch me but after é s of metérmela the I send í to fly, angry and salt sad í of the house and diriji the m í a, on the way he sent me a message. – “Where are you Ana?” – Fuck off and don’t bother me again! – Try to calm down because quer not í to my brother realized anything, but it was not as í , the call conoc í to enough to know that something was wrong in me, he not only conoc í the form of my vaginal or lunar aside my fish lips or n right or liked having me well kept the ways of my bracieres, the also é n me conoc í to every gesture and in addition to n. As í that you cont é only message that I received , I embrace with great love and kissed my forehead. That night we went dancing and baby t quite the d í next step something that had never í to last 7 to ñ os, he left home without me kiss me good d í ace in the front, that made me very rare, both as dream ñ or I had and also é n that dream ñ or made me question myself about what I was going to make the d t before. afternoon when my brother came PIDI me or that accompany ñ ara to make a purchase, my mother was at home. Is desv í the way to the city center and take a road or in a lonely place depopulated stopped and told me. – Who left you wanting to fuck? Incr left é cord of your question. – Why? – Because in the ma ñ ana when going to give you your kiss good d í as you were still asleep, but you were moaning in pleasure. It was true or I think, but it was so ñ ando me that cog í an, in my dream ñ or a special little person gave me cock and I enjoyed it .. – And who so ñ abas? I quer í to make small ñ to each question, but take forces and desicion. – You, was so ñ ando were giving me your cock, raz tapeworms it or n when you told me ALG ú n d t a would want to give me crazy cock and you who want me to. My brother might regret having asked me just stare at and after é s said. – No, you’re crazy, you’re my sister and I can’t do that to you. – Please, every time I want to be caught. – You are not crazy. – Okay, if you do not quietes will tell é someone from my friends that my goal, and know that they are not plowed for praying. – … – If I’m still a virgin is for you, why not quer í to disappoint you , because I love you, but if you do not want to take, then you do another. My brother angrily started the car, but barely had í masters advanced one kilometer or meter when turned or stop I take cheek and lunged at me, I began or kissing passionately, my hunger delayed Verga I did look for hands and went to his pants it or n to tactar that cock I wanted me t eat. – have yours me Jose, you me yours My love, I want you to be the first to eat my juices, you nor ñ a longer grew or and wants you to do women want you to stay with my virginity, you deserve for having taken care of me so much, I love you. Paresis that hab í to speechless, sun or concentrated on kissing me everywhere. School unbuttoned blouse, remove my braser, began or to lick and suck m í to breasts. – Yes my love, eat them, they are all yours, you saw them grow, they are for you my love, enjoy them because they are yours. In the opinion my brother was very hungry because immediately charge me against the door and went up or my skirt, took the thong and my sack leaving my vulva at your disposal or n, was METI or between my legs and I started é to feel the pleasure his tongue knew this was a lot of give and suddenly felt í as a stream the é ctrica me and left floating sensation or n tensing my body that I walked or completely. just t é The term my orgasm and my brother took putting me what I craved a cent í meters from me, it was big and thick, hab í to see other penises, boyfriends I hab í an sent photos of his, but that of my brother was superior to anyone and it was for me, I gradually approaching the lips into contact, the engui to all metérmela to his mouth, but it was impossible, I began é one puts and takes, as he did so spent seven to ñ os of my life in front of me, he was doing a blow job man I hab í to care, I hab í a defended and nurtured, who bought me thongs and bras, who cares not pass sentences to buy my first feminine pads, not if it was my desire to cock gratitude or love, but I put a lot empe ñ or the blowjob, quer í to that feel all the pleasure of the world and created or it succeeds because with a groan of pleasure just in my mouth , sent í much curiosity and a little bit disgusted, escup í out the window and debris me the tra gue. – Put on your clothes. I really hoped that losing virginity d í to, but I had a breakthrough.

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