You don’t play with desire

In response, almost more like a jerky gesture than a voluntary one, Alex’s body turned a few inches on itself causing one of my hands to collide with his crotch. That movement and the hardness that I felt between my fingers caught me so off guard that it disturbed me a bit …

He stared gloomily through the windows covered by small raindrops, the same in which the lights of the cars driving down the main street were reflected. The huge picture window had been one of the main reasons I insisted we keep that hotel room. For weeks the longing to be able to wake up in a room bathed in the light of the first rays of the sun had been the only thing that occupied my mind. Little did I expect that a sudden bad weather would put an end to my reveries, bringing with it a gigantic grayish cloud that seemed to spread throughout the sky and had almost completely swallowed up any glimmer of light. Due to the rain the activities planned for the trip had been totally ruled out. I couldn’t believe that so much work and months of waiting were fading away due to an unexpected torrential that didn’t seem to be abating. “You won’t get it to stop raining no matter how much you stand there puffing.” Alex was lying down, his long legs crossed on the bed. He fiddled with his cell phone as he spoke, though he deigned to give me a quick glance at the end of the sentence, so I would know he was addressing me. “Not that there is much more to do,” I complained. He placed his cell phone on the bed and sat up to sit on one of the corners, letting out a sigh as he gently pinched the bridge of his nose. I knew that was one of his many gestures of despair, we had been friends for too long to ignore those little details. “Come on, don’t be discouraged.” Surely with so many leaks in the corridor at this rate we end up having an indoor pool –Emilio’s voice was heard somewhat distorted from the bathroom despite having the door ajar. From my position I could see his reflection in the mirror, fogged up by the steam from the shower. With his back to us, he was carelessly drying his hair with one of the hotel towels, while small drops of water trickled down his neck to his broad bare shoulders. A used pair of pants was all the clothing he was wearing. “Very funny,” Alex commented sarcastically, although a subtle, lopsided smile had formed on his lips. -What have you said? I can’t hear you well from here. Alex shook his head, shaking his short brown curls and almost jumped out of bed, causing a dry squeak from the mattress springs. Wrapping up as he walked down the hall, I could also see his figure, bathed in a warm and beautiful orange light from the lamps in the room. His body was worked enough to say that he had a good type but not so much that you paid too much attention to him. And so he found me, replaying me in him, when he turned around to wink at me and turned toward the small kitchen part, crouching in front of the minibar. – I say that since they are going to have to return the money for the activities that have been canceled, we can invest it in some alcohol, what can you say to a couple of beers? This time he had raised his voice a little more so that we could hear him without problems. A smiling Emilio peeked through the bathroom door, looking in his direction. – I say that for those great ideas of yours we are friends. I laughed at his answer, nodding myself in front of Alex’s questioning gaze. It’s never a bad time for a beer. I got up to take the one he offered me, leaving Emilio’s on the table. It didn’t take long for him to appear, still with wet hair, to rummage through his suitcase for a clean T-shirt to wear. So we had a good time, the three of us sitting on the same bed, feeling the warmth of the proximity of our bodies while we talked and rambled on our lives and projects, just as we had done years ago. One of the reasons for the trip had been to be able to meet again, due to work and studies, the occasions on which this happened were rare. In the end, one beer led to another and before we knew it the effects of alcohol began to pay off. “Hey, there’s something we haven’t talked about yet.” We had ended up stretched out on the bed, I felt Emilio’s breath caress the skin on my neck as he spoke. “Enlighten us with your wisdom,” I replied, a little louder than I intended. Emilio got up in response and tried to bring his suitcase closer with his foot. Before I could ask him what he was doing, he reached down to pull a small cloth bag out of his clothes. “I had brought it to entertain us on the plane but halfway through I realized I had the wrong game.” He looked at us with a strange glint in his eyes, a mixture of embarrassment and amusement. Monica, my previous partner, and I came up with writing spicy questions in the pieces, to make it more interesting. After his words, silence reigned in the small room for a few seconds. Emilio looked at us expectantly, his gaze jumping from mine to Alex’s. “Well, we can always play in the traditional way,” he added, looking away as he smoothed the hair at the back of his neck in a nervous gesture, “but with enough blood alcohol to prove it’s not missing, right?” Also, they are quite harmless. I took a quick glance at Alex, who was looking at the pieces curiously, and began to laugh without quite knowing why. “Since there’s nothing better to do,” I said, sitting up too and shrugging my shoulders. In fact, I was somewhat curious to know what they had written. And from what my friends will answer. “You’re kinky,” Alex added, sitting up and crossing his legs just like us. “As if you were left behind.” Emilio had begun to place the pieces in the space between us. It is quite easy. It is about taking out pieces carefully not to collapse the structure and answering the questions that are on the back. I propose that Alex do the honors as the last one has been added. He gave her a gesture of false thanks and carefully removed one of the upper pieces. – Have you felt sexually attracted to any of those present? He read aloud. “Uh, we started strong,” Emilio snapped in the middle of a loud laugh. “Harmless huh?” Alex muttered, raising an eyebrow at Emilio. He licked his lower lip before meeting my eyes with his for a few seconds and pulling them away almost immediately. Yes, “he answered dryly, and then gave me a lopsided smile. I think that was never a secret. ”He raised his beer with a jovial gesture before taking a drink of it, without giving it much importance. Something inside me stirred, although that answer hadn’t caught me off guard. Having met each other in full hormonal effervescence, sexual desire and tension was the order of the day at that time. But it had been some time since that. “I’m going to pretend that I don’t know that that answer was for Emilio.” Taking my hand to my chest, I feigned a gesture of surprise, looking at him with disbelief. Our laughter filled the room and Emilio smiled at us, his beer also in hand, winking at me. “Hey, no questions or assumptions, that’s what the pieces are for.” Rules of the game –Emilio rubbed his hands together before indicating that I should take a piece. Your turn pretty. I snorted in mock outrage before mimicking Alex and pulling out one of the top ones. –This is easy, last time you masturbated? I put the piece on one side and looked at my companions, amused. Last night, when you two were asleep and calm in the rooms. Do not look at me with that face, you know that there is not much to do so I decided to give myself a gift, during the shower, to release tension. You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed it. Emilio raised his bushy eyebrows at my last words and a familiar glint appeared in Alex’s eyes, causing me to look away this time. I felt his gaze on my lips, moving down my chin to my neck, electric, almost as if he were touching me. I shook my head a bit and took a long swig of my drink. –What excites you the most? –Emilio had taken out one of the pieces and did not hesitate in the answer– Wait with their mouths open for me to come while they do not lose detail. His voice had grown huskier and his eyes had been fixed on me mischievously as he said it. Causing an intense heat to begin to run through my entire body. Before he finished he smiled, clicking his tongue and carelessly ruffling his hair with one hand as he set the token aside. Alex took a deep breath, second round. “Didn’t you say they were just questions?” He frowned with his eyes fixed on the small block of the structure that he held between his hands, before showing it to Emilio. “To be true, there are also a few challenges just as harmless,” He clarified, with an apologetic smile but with a look that said something very different. “The player to your left must remove an item of clothing from you,” Alex concluded, shrugging before looking back at me as she remained seated to his left. I smiled when I heard his words and, with a nod of the head, indicated that we should sit up. Emilio clapped his hands and stood expectantly while I made our friend face him, a few steps ahead of me. “Take it all off!” –He exclaimed, completely amused and given to the show that we were about to give him. I smiled back. “We’re going to have to let you down, dear friend.” The rules are the rules and only one item of clothing is allowed to be removed. I began to slip my hands carelessly over Alex’s shoulders, who tried to remain serene despite a smile beginning to peek out of his right corner, visibly amused. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play a bit. I wrapped my arms around Alex, pulling my body behind his back to bring my hands up to his chest. I stayed like this for a few seconds, completely still and hugging him, feeling my hands accompany the slow rise and fall of his chest and the faint light of his skin on the shirt. Little by little I let my fingers go down him, running down his arms and torso, down to his lower abdomen. I stopped again for a few seconds to recreate myself in him, as if my hands were shaping his body, while I noticed how my friend began to tense as his breaths became deeper and deeper. I took a quick look over my friend’s shoulder to see Emilio, who still sitting on the bed did not lose any detail of the scene and followed the movement of my hands with his eyes, looking away only from time to time to contemplate , for a few seconds, Alex’s face. A detail that was alien to me due to the pose we were in. –So what do you say to me? Should we take off his shirt? With a quick movement I let my fingers slip under the edge of Alex’s shirt, causing him to jump a little in surprise. Little by little I let my hands caress and fondle his bare skin. I increased my friction by making the shirt pull up a bit and reveal the lower part of his abdomen. I heard how Emilio let out a small sigh before returning to my initial position, amused. I decided not to stop there and continue to lower myself a little more, allowing myself to rest my hands on his thighs this time. Or should we take off his pants? In response, almost more like a jerky gesture than a voluntary one, Alex’s body turned a few inches on itself causing one of my hands to collide with his crotch. That movement and the hardness that I felt between my fingers caught me so off guard that it disturbed me a bit, making me think that perhaps we were taking the situation a bit far. Without waiting for an answer, I repositioned my posture and, forcing Alex to raise his shapely arms, I took off his shirt, pulling it over his head. As I left his side, I tossed him onto the end of the bed before sitting back down on him, barely looking at my friend. For years I had gotten used to seeing him exactly like this, with just one garment that covered him from the waist down. But for some reason this time was different, maybe because it had been a long time since the last time, maybe because of the alcohol or because of the moment, but it had made something in me wake up. Without realizing it, the desire to get closer to him began to grow, to feel the familiar warmth of his skin against mine, his bare chest against mine. I bit my lower lip when he sat down on the bed next to me and met his eyes. To my surprise, losing me is its brown color immediately relaxed me, his gaze returned the same calm and serenity to which I was so used. It reminded me that this was a game and I had no reason to be so alarmed, we were among friends. I held his gaze for a few seconds before returning to the game. “Wow,” I mumbled, I had decided to venture out and remove one of the pieces closest to the base. His inscription surprised me. Lick a part of another player’s body. By now the excitement of the challenge had begun to cloud my reason and enhance all my senses, so I did not beg. A heavy tension was already beginning to be noticed in the person, little by little the three of us had acquired the characteristic flame of desire in our eyes. I knew it, I could feel how they fidgeted and looked at my cleavage secretly, increasing the heat that hit my body. Brushing my lips with the tip of my tongue, this time I approached Emilio, keeping my eyes fixed on his. I did it until our faces were barely a few inches apart, I had to lean a bit on my knees to be at his height. I could feel his breathing brushing my lips, as fast as mine. When he made to move closer to end the little space that separated us, I smiled and slid towards his cheek, depositing a soft kiss before beginning to descend on his chin. I breathed in the sweet scent of his skin, of sun and soap, as I made my way to his neck. I let my lips brush against him before stopping. And, unable to help it, I began to play with my tongue on his skin, kissing him right in the hollow where his shoulders began. I could hear my friend’s moan of surprise and pleasure in my ear as my tongue pushed through. I knew Alex was watching so I lifted my butt a bit, tucking it in his direction. The shorts I was wearing adjusted to my figure as I had planned, revealing the shape of my buttocks with total clarity. I delicately moved my waist to the rhythm of my kisses. I separated after a couple of minutes, with a complaint from Emilio in response, and feigning a composure that I did not have, I sat back in my place with total normality, raising the beer to my lips. My whole body burned with excitement from what I had just done, from the version of me I was showing my friends. I didn’t even have time to assimilate what had just happened when Emilio read the back of his piece. –Combo: Secret and challenge –his breath hitched so he took a deep breath, pretending to be thinking his answer as he dropped back, leaning on his elbows. From that position I could see with total clarity a huge bulge in his crotch that threatened to slip out of his pants at any moment and that left me speechless. My secret: seeing how he groped Alex you have already turned me on but with what you just did to me you have made me very hard. He was looking at me with a bruised face and I realized that he had placed himself that way on purpose, so that I could see his visible warmth with my own eyes. By the looks of it, the desired effect had emerged, as I couldn’t take my gaze away from his crotch as he licked me inside. “Do you want to see it better?” Without waiting for an answer, he got up just enough to unbutton his pants and take them off with quick movements, throwing them over the back of one of the chairs in the room. Now the only thing that covered him from the waist down were thin boxers. I knew that had been the challenge. We were so close that I could almost observe it in great detail. His erection having been incorporated was at eye level and I had to suppress the urge to get closer to also get rid of the only piece of cloth that still kept his member hidden. “Challenge another player.” Alex’s voice had taken on a lower and harsher tone. He looked up to look at me with eyes shining with lust. We already know that you lick well, how do you bite? He concluded, indicating me to approach with a nod. I didn’t think twice when I realized that I had a free hand to carry out my wish. I leaned my body carefully, bringing one of my hands to the level of his chest and pushing him until he was completely lying on the bed. I met his gaze with mine and, without taking my eyes off his, I moved dangerously close to his crotch to begin nibbling the lower part of his bare abdomen. Pressing his erection against my breasts on the fabric to feel how hard and hot it was getting her a loud moan from Alex as a gift. He knew that Emilio was watching, a tent that had become increasingly difficult to contain in his boxers. That gave me an idea, in the game nothing was said that only two players could enjoy. –Come on Emilio, place yourself like Alex –I separated just enough to tell Emilio to come closer. Re-wondering for a fleeting second if maybe we were taking the game too far. Although my friends didn’t seem to put up the slightest resistance. To my surprise, he did so without question, moving to my left. Unlike Alex, he was not wearing pants and being able to see closely how my kisses had put him made him turn off his reason again. I decided that I wanted to also want to check in more detail how horny my other friend was. With quick, deft movements I unhooked the belt Alex was wearing and dropped his pants to the floor, making a cold metallic sound of the buckle hitting the marble. That left me with two limbs still hidden by a fine cloth a few inches from my face. Prey of desire I pounced on the one on my left, biting him on the fabric to be able to feel his hardness in my mouth. An intense tremor broke through the owner’s body, who brought his hips closer to me with a loud moan. The tip of his cock had begun to protrude from the hem of the boxer, pressing outward. With my free hand I began to caress the member that was to my right and quickly I felt a hand that pressed mine with more force against his erection and rubbed it between my fingers. I could feel its eggs in the palm and along its entire trunk as my hand moved up it. Until, suddenly, my fingers disappeared under the fabric. I couldn’t take it anymore and biting the edge of the boxer I stretched him down, doing the same with my other hand, causing my friends’ cocks to shoot upwards like a spring. Free and fully exposed. I was stunned kneeling in the middle of them, contemplating in ecstasy their pink tips and the slight movement, almost spasmodic, that one of the penises tipped in my direction, gently hitting my cheek. That slight touch was enough to force me out of my daydreams and return to reality: my two best friends were naked in front of me, Emilio partially and Alex completely. A nudity that I had caused. It was clear that this situation excited me more than it would have been convenient for a simple erotic game between friends, perhaps due to the influence of alcohol. By now I didn’t know how far my lack of control could take me. “Hey guys, maybe we’re taking this too far.” Despite my words it was impossible for me to look away from their erections for more than half a second, enjoying the sway of their bodies as they tried to control their accelerated breaths. I felt the humidity that began to lubricate my vaginal lips on the fabric of my underwear. Every part of my body boiled in a mixture of unbridled desire and a morbid excitement, hot and solid, as if my blood had been replaced by her. I wanted to feel the hardness of their cocks in my mouth, play with them at my pleasure. Pass my tongue around every corner to taste them, suck them and suck them until I feel them deep in my throat. But I didn’t do any of that and, using what little control I had left, I gritted my teeth as I moved a few inches away to sit up without our bodies touching. “It’s just a game,” Alex replied, shrugging and sitting up as well. But her casual and confident pose contrasted with the thin voice she’d used to speak, more like a reminder than a conviction. I was so absorbed in Alex that I did not realize that Emilio had moved around me and was now behind me. Causing me to jump a little in surprise when her hand came to rest on my belly, circling my waist from behind. Before I could make any protest or push it away, I felt hot, wet lips gently brush the top of my neck, brushing my hair to one side with my free hand so I could gain more access to my neck. I closed my eyes to the sudden wave of electricity that that small point of contact generated throughout my being, emitting a small sigh. After a few seconds, in which I continued to enjoy his caresses, Emilio moved the hand that rested on my belly for the first time. Climbing up it until I reached my breasts to take them between his fingers, emitting a slight pressure and pinching the nipple that was marked under the fabric. I moaned loudly, making his words reach me with difficulty. “And letting go is part of the fun of every game.” Her hand lowered itself back to its initial position, slipping under my shirt and stroking my skin with the tips of her fingers. Also, you have broken a rule and that deserves its punishment. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, he pulled it up, passing it over my head and sliding it down my arms. He continued as he watched her fall to the ground: –The freedoms that a player takes, doing things that his card has not indicated, apply to him too. The dense fog produced by physical pleasure once again clouded my reason and a mischievous smile crossed my face when I understood what he meant. I had undressed them with nothing to tell me, so now it was my turn. I opened my eyes again to look at Alex, who hadn’t moved from his position without losing detail, letting Emilio’s hands unzip my pants. I observed how my friend’s erection had not diminished at any time. She encircled the shaft of his cock with one hand and, from time to time, slid it in slow movements along the entire shaft, masturbating. I bit my lip as my pants hit the floor and I kicked them away. Emilio had bent down to be able to slide them down my legs, caressing them while he got back up and giving a gentle bite to my butt and then giving him a loud spanking. I shuddered with surprise and pleasure. I tilted my head back slightly, parting my mouth to let out a moan as my friend’s soft hands came up, slipping down to my crotch and pressing my vaginal lips to the fabric of my underwear, feeling how wet I was before climbing up to me. ass and continue his caresses on my back. Alex’s face of delight at my reaction was wonderful. I could feel Emilio’s skilled hands loosely unzipping the closure of my bra to let it fall to the ground without further difficulty, causing my hard white breasts, with nipples wrapped in pink aureoles, to be fully visible. Alex began to jerk off harder as he ogled me, emitting soft, ragged gasps. Seeing him like this drove me crazy and, unable to bear it anymore, I leaned over to get rid of the panties myself, the only garment that still covered my body. I did it in careful and calculated movements, without taking my eyes off Alex and knowing that Emilio had a very good close-up of my naked rear. When I got back up, I held out a hand for Alex to come closer and he accepted it without words being necessary to understand us. When I had him close enough I brought one of his fingers to my lips, kissing him gently before running my tongue along its entire length to put it in my mouth and suck it hard, just as I wanted to do with his cock. I kept keeping my gaze fixed on his face allowing me to see the pleasure that surfaced in him as his eyes traveled every movement of my lips. When I pulled it out of my mouth he slid his hand down my neck, exerting a soft, delicious pressure on it that took my breath away before he pounced on my bare breasts, licking and biting them hard. In that position, his erection just brushed the beginning of my pussy, exactly where my clitoris was hidden. I got a little closer to him, determined to match the brush of that body with mine, making its tip work its way between my vaginal lips and begin to brush against them, rubbing our sexes. At the same time Emilio, still behind me, held my waist and pressed his erection against my ass, opening it and sinking his cock between my buttocks. With movements of his hips he deepened the caresses and rammed my rear with force, making a large part of his cock protrude from between my buttocks before sinking it back into them. I was melting with pleasure in loud but hushed screams, moving with desperate emphasis, making my breasts bounce in time with the thrusts of my two friends. Alex was pressing his sex against mine more and more, brushing his tip with my entrance in each thrust. Dangerously close to penetrating me. “Take care…” Before I could finish my warning, and standing there, Alex’s cock charged me in a strong thrust, penetrating me completely with ease. I felt his balls crash against my cunt and their moans filled the room, even though I was out of breath. He stayed like this for a few seconds, motionless, before leaving me. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, still gasping for air. “Ala, I want to too,” Emilio complained, placing himself next to Alex, in front of me, and pouting. I didn’t need to think about it much because, as I had said, the freedoms in the game apply to all players. I gently pushed Emilio by the shoulders, forcing him to sit on the bed, with his legs spread wide to place me between them. In a sensual gesture I pushed my hair to one side as I leaned down to be at eye level. His cock pointed to the ceiling, engulfed in swollen veins that began to peek up his entire shaft to a bright pink tip. Giving him a gleeful smile, I leaned in a few more inches and wrapped my tongue around the glans, giving it a brief but pleasant lick. I had wanted to do it so much that for a few seconds I was delighted with its flavor, before letting my lips wrap around its trunk from the side and go down to its eggs. I bit into one of them very gently, in a mixture of desire and mischief, before putting it in my mouth to suck it hard. When I got up again, still with its taste in my mouth, disappointment was drawn on my friend’s face so I didn’t wait any longer. Turning around to face my back to him, I carefully sat on his lap, causing much of his cock to press against my pussy. I lifted my hips enough to feel his tip found the entrance and penetrating me very subtly. I wanted so much to feel him completely inside me that I slumped unceremoniously onto him, until my buttocks collided with his hips. Emilio yelled loudly and pulled me even closer to him, pressing his chest to my back. Feeling him so close, with his skin burning as much as mine and our sweat mixing, made my senses explode and I completely forgot where I was or with whom. I began to move desperately, at first making my hips dance in circles to fully feel the swollen and huge cock that penetrated me, to finish riding on it at a frantic pace. I pulled her out of me until almost leaving only the tip inside me and carried over her again, to the bottom, eagerly. Screaming with the same force, until I felt the touch of something hitting my cheek. The sinking of the mattress under a new weight made me open my eyes and see that the cause of my sweet spanking had been a cock as swollen as the one that was fucking me. If I thought about it, I opened my mouth to swallow it, massaging the base and its eggs with my hands. I sucked him with the same desire as a girl with her favorite lollipop and her thrusts did not take long to appear, entering my mouth with the same eagerness. The hands of one of my friends wrapped my hair into a fist and pulled it tight. Our screams and moans mingled, mine drowned out, mingling with each other in delightful delight. I felt my breasts rock and collide with each thrust. Without warning, hands grabbed my waist, forcing me to stop at my astonishment, and the member in my mouth disappeared. I flopped forward, complaining as I caught some air and tried to clear my mind. When I was calm enough I noticed new hands gripping my buttocks and a familiar cock pushing its way into me. I turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw that Emilio and Alex had positioned themselves behind me, this time Alex being the one who penetrated me while Emilio watched while masturbating at a frantic pace. I stifled the groan that rose from my throat at that image, reminding myself that it was just a game. It was stupid, but suddenly I didn’t want my friends to see how much I was enjoying them. I bit my lip as Alex started to move faster. I gripped the sheets with both hands until my knuckles turned white, letting him fuck me without making a sound. It seemed that my silence made him grow in the purpose of thrusting myself with more and more force and soon I could not bear it anymore. When I finally let myself scream, he took three more thrusts, satisfied, and his cock came out of me for Emilio to take his place. They were taking turns fucking me. I screamed like a cat in heat until she touched Alex again. I felt the spasms of my own orgasm approaching and I couldn’t hold it any longer. “You don’t know how good this feels,” I said, my voice broken by an unexpected thrust from my friend, who thrust his cock into me without any care. It was so lubricated and open that it met no resistance. He pulled it out all the way back in with the same brutality a couple more times before answering without bothering to slow down. “So you want me to stop?” I made a strange sound of denial that mixed with the moans that came from my throat. She could hardly speak. Alex picked up his pace even more as he understood. And so, unintentionally, I was being officially fucked by my best friends. When Alex lessened the thrusts for a few seconds, I signaled Emilio to stand in front of me. His cock, like me, was about to explode and I wanted him to do it in my mouth, while he sucked it dry. It didn’t take long for me to feel the familiar surge of electricity rush up my thighs, warning that orgasm was approaching. I started to move, moaning and screaming non-stop, sucking hard on Emilio’s hard and swollen cock and playing with his balls in my mouth, licking them. When I felt the start of his run I separated a few inches and, looking into his eyes with excitement and mischief, I left my mouth open so that he ended up on her while I masturbated him with desire. At the same time a devastating orgasm began to make its way through my body in strong spasms of deep pleasure, pressing my vaginal walls and feeling even more the cock that continued to penetrate me from Alex. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he came out of me and I felt a hot, slimy substance fall on my lower back and on my buttocks. So we continue much of that day and during the night, making small stops to clean up in the bathroom and catch our breath. I let them explore parts of my body that no one had accessed, making me discover points of pleasure unknown to me. And I gave myself to them with the same desire, between sweat, caresses and shouts of satisfaction.

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