My sister’s thank you

An executive hires a cousin of his for a while, who proves to be an efficient worker and a horny bitch who “thanks” him for the powder.

I will start by saying that I am married to a beautiful woman and that despite the fact that in my single days I was quite a womanizer, the responsibilities of marriage and above all the love I have for my partner coupled with my work, I had said “cured” of those customs, until what I will tell you next happened to me … I work in a company and I am in charge of a systems area, one day I received a call from my cousin Erika (whom I will call that for obvious reasons) who was about to finish her administration degree, and she asked me if there would be a chance for her to do an internship in the company to be able to carry out her thesis, something that in years ago I had offered her myself, without hesitation I told her that in a few days I would have the answer and so it was, there was no problem for her to enter the department of administration as an accounting assistant. But before I continue let me tell you a little Erika, she is 22 but looks 19 or less and honestly has a great body besides being very cute, which although I had already noticed, not to with the classic morbidity of us men because when she saw her it was in family gatherings and she used to dress, let’s say in a normal and non-provocative way, but now when she got her first job, she took who knows where from extremely provocative clothes, miniskirts, tight pants, blouses low-cut, well you know … The days passed in a normal way, the co-workers noticed that this girl was extremely sexy and there was no shortage of someone who even called me cousin, there were plenty of gallants, but the truth was that the situation did not affect me, although I must admit that she began to be born in my an attraction to that woman totally forgetting the family kinship that existed. The time that an audit of the company and many administrative data had to be captured and Erika was responsible for it, and approached came pipe to be in my office, where I have 2 teams designed precisely for these urgent cases. At the beginning of the week, 4 in the afternoon she arrived, there were still colleagues who began to withdraw at around 5 o’clock leaving us alone, because I had to train her in the capture of information, being alone we entered into family trust, we talked trivia While we were doing our work, I could not stop admiring without her realizing those legs that were perfect, that waist and those overflowing and big tits, little by little we began to relax more as the days passed. At the end of the week around 6:30 in the afternoon the work was finished, I told her that if she wanted me to take her home to what she said immediately yes, when we got in the car we did not stop talking and that talk was going up from tone because we talk about the classic gossip of any company in terms of couples, bosses and their lovers etc , etc , that sincerely began to warm me and I asked her (and I don’t know how I did it) if she was still a virgin, she turned to see me with A look that I will not forget, it seemed that she expected me to ask her that question, she said no and that for her sex was the best and she loved it and without taking her eyes off me she crossed her leg … I know You can imagine how my cock got on me … we were silent for a few seconds I didn’t know what to say although I did know what to do, I had to fuck my cousin, because I know she was hinting at me, but how? At that moment he told me wait, I forgot my cell phone in your office! We have to go back because tomorrow Saturday I ‘m going to occupy it … without further ado I turned around, we were more than halfway there … at that moment I thought that was my chance to at least give him a good strip and boy Later I would be surprised because this little whore already had everything planned, we arrived at the office around 7 o’clock the last employees were leaving so it was easy for us to enter unnoticed. As I went ahead of me up the stairs, her buttocks almost in my face noticed my stick that was starting to get firm again, when I arrived I closed the door, turned on the light, she leaned against a table and looked at me and said: ” Well cousin, it’s time for me to thank you for how well you’ve treated me and how much you’ve helped me. ” At that time there was nothing more to say, I had it for myself. I approached her, took her by the waist and began to kiss her, taking her in my arms I could feel the exquisiteness of her body, her aroma, that woman was about to fuck me, she took off my jacket and tie, while I was her I unbuttoned the little blouse she was wearing, I had in front of me her tits placed in a short bra that revealed almost all of her pink nipples, her breathing became faster and faster, and she did not say a single word, just little moans of excitement, at that moment I couldn’t stand it anymore and I took off my belt myself, unbuttoned my pants, immediately my stick jumped in all its magnitude, when she felt it she took it in her hand and began to play with it, she separated a little from me to see him and then see me in the eyes with that very challenging look of hers, a few steps from where we were there was a chair, where she sat me, looked at me, still without saying anything, she took off the miniskirt that she was wearing that fell until the floor, where he completely removed it by lifting his feet s, was in front of me with her white thong, knelt before me and began to suck my dick … he was an expert his tongue ran my stick up and down as his hands squeezed my balls with a masterful delicacy, then He began to dip the tip of my cock and with the tip of his tongue he gave me licks that looked like electric shocks, he went back down to my balls where he began to suck them mercilessly, my hands on his head raised the hair on his forehead which It allowed me to have a spectacular perspective of the work that I was doing, when she finished she got up and took off her little thong, the bastard was shaved with only a little pubic hair on the top of her shell, she sat on the table, just to the side of the computer monitor where rested his one arm and I said, “your turn”; At the moment I turned my chair where I was and still sitting I began to lick her pussy, she placed her feet on my knee and her legs were fully open, they gave all the freedom she could wish for, that flavor was incredible, her juices were delicious, she began to moan more and more as my tongue entered her vagina … mmmm ahhh , ahhh !!! He said while his back and head were thrown back giving him space to breathe and shake his waist, his thighs suddenly pressed my head, to which for the third time this happened he said: take me now, put it in! She did not move from her place and thus sitting on the table I stood up, took my cock and pointed it on her clitoris where I placed it to touch her even more, to which she ordered me: put it bastard !!! And just like that, and with a single thrust I nailed it to the bottom, his eyes closed tightly as he moaned: like this, like this !!! How rich, how rich you fuck me, more, more !!! I was like crazy grabbing her by the buttocks that was pushing them towards me, the arm that was on the monitor removed it and placed that hand on my neck from where it grabbed to be able to have more support … I knew at any moment I was going to I came, it was a matter of seconds, so the fear of getting my own cousin pregnant flashed through my mind, to which I only thought of asking her: do you want me to come inside of you? She between cut words and with her gaze fixed on me said yes … so I just closed my eyes and let all my semen come inside her … what a fuck … I felt that she was throwing liters of semen inside her At the end, I only fell on her breasts while she stroked my back, it was fantastic, that fucking had been a fantasy, I never imagined that my cousin was such a whore, even my stick was inside her, I retired and I could see how her juices and the My mixed ones dripped to the edge of the table, I took my penis all shaken in semen without knowing what to do so I just sat back on the chair, she got up from the table and gave me a delicate kiss on the cheek as if nothing had last, in the environment the unmistakable smell of sex was still perceived, I looked at my watch 7:35 I thought it was time to clean up and go home, because the “thank you” was given. How wrong I was, my cousin remained motionless still next to me smiling, when we looked at us we laughed when we saw the state we were in, I with the shirt above my navel and the pants at the ankles and she with her crotch still draining from me semen and a tit from outside, there were a few seconds in which we were looking like two fools in love to which I only said: How great are you, Erika, you are so delicious … she replied: Do you know how long I wanted to do this with you? His question puzzled me, I never imagined that that girl I grew up with in my childhood and now a whole woman wanted me even knowing that I was already married, I was speechless, a lot of thoughts rolled in my head. He continued saying “for a long time and I don’t know when I’m going to see another opportunity so we’re not moving from here until you leave me completely” -Wow, my cousin was a bitch I thought and at the same time I expected a good job to do but she was not going to miss out on that monument in front of her, besides having entered with her, what else did we both like to do … – Okay. But not here because it doesn’t take long for the guard to pass by and make his rounds and it would be dangerous, and here he is very uncomfortable, don’t you think ? – -Are you going to take me to a hotel ? -Yes. – – She gave a cry of excitement as if a teenager had seen her favorite artist, which made me laugh, we began to dress, when she put on her thong I could admire her ass for the first time in its entirety, what a great ass my cousin had ! much better than I had imagined when I touched him a moment before because he never turned his back on me, he was standing firm and with a porcelain skin with a small mole on the right buttock which made him more appetizing … once dressed I He asked what I was cleaning the table with and what had drained on the floor, I told him that there was a cloth in my drawer to do it, meanwhile, I called home to tell my wife that I would be arriving later because I was having a drink with some friends , and I must confess that it was the first time after 4 years of marriage that I cheated on my wife, and you know what, for some strange reason I did not feel bad, not even the slightest feeling of guilt invaded me, I want to think that because of him The fact that she was my cousin didn’t take it that seriously after all she was family. – – She stared at me while I was talking on the phone, she said absolutely nothing about it, she took her bag and of course the aforementioned cell phone … after finally checking that there was no trace of what was done there, we started the way to the hotel in where I know this would get better … much better …

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