Flor’s cute butt

A young man is very horny after trying to take advantage of his girlfriend without success. So he fixes his attention on his sister who he starts to bully

This story happened to me a year ago. Turns out I was 20 years old by then and my sister about 18 years old. The truth is that she very suddenly began to form as a woman developing her beautiful body, her tits, her ass, let’s say everything. She was made a real female. From one day to the next I began to excite with her movements and see her so attractive even if she was my sister. It all started on a Saturday when I was with my girlfriend, it turns out that she had got angry when I tried to take advantage of her in my car. The damn thing left me and I was still at the post. Arriving at my house at around 11:00 pm my sister Florencia opens the door for me. How cute the girl was, she was prettier than my girlfriend, wearing a T-shirt close to her tits and a tight miniskirt. You could see all the curves perfectly. And it excited me more when she turned around going to the kitchen showing me her little ass. I told him where he came from , answering me that of dancing with her friends and who had just arrived. I with the fever that my girlfriend had left me, I did not know thatdo. I was crazy. I asked him where our parents were, which he replied that they had gone to the movies half an hour ago. We were talking in the kitchen for a long time when suddenly the power went out in the whole house. That was common in my neighborhood. At that she went to look for candles in a drawer, then I approached her and asked her if she had found them. Refusing her, I was with the idea of ​​possessing her right there, so pretending to trip me I threw myself against her body resting my belly on her ass, she immediately told me to be careful, but I began to finger her tits on her shirt and rubbing my bulge on her tail. He resisted at first, but after my insistence he got carried away moaning slightly. When I was about to raise her miniskirt I heard the doorbell of the house, it was my parents. They had ruined everything. So she broke away from me and went to open the door for them. After what happened, the days passed but different from always since my little sister looked at me differently, until two weeks later the best thing happened. I went to the pool, a not so big one that we have on the patio, and there she was sunbathing face down wearing her red one-piece and tight bathing suit. Approaching there I sat on a deck chair to sunbathe, and not only for that, hehe . A minute later my parents appear telling me that they were going to the supermarket that it would take a while to return. The moment they left my sister told me if I would not put cream on her back, of course I accepted. I began to pass all over her back very slowly until at one point I suggested that we go bathe in the pool, she accepted, I told her that I would go change. When she returned she was already inside doing a few laps. After submerging, we began to compete for a little while until she submerged me under the shorts from which my erect member quickly emerged, it was full. She was laughing in a very naughty way when I took her in my arms and began to kiss her until I brought her closer to the edge of the sink in the lower area. He was fondling her tits with one hand and her ass with the other. You have me crazy little sister, I want to fuck you now, he told her while he rubbed her whole body. He took my cock with one hand and began to jerk it up and down, by God what a feeling, it drove me crazy and that’s why I took it by the neck and lowered it until its head was in front of my member. Opening her mouth she put it all inside, she sucked wonderfully, like an expert. I picked her up by the arms telling her that I wanted to fuck her, so I turned her standing up, leaning her over the edge of the sink, thus running her swimsuit to the side and placing my cock in her shell I slowly penetrated her. His moans began to come out of his mouth as my thrusts increased. It was about to end but I didn’t want to end there, but on her ass. That had been my dream for so long, to give it to him from behind. I pulled my cock out of her and positioned it at the entrance of her anus, but her reaction was sudden pushing me back. He told me he was a dirty degenerate, or something. Then he left inside the house. All day he did not speak to me. At night while I was in bed I still went through the images of the pool and I still wanted to fulfill my dream, give it to him from behind. So I went to the kitchen to get some water when I heard someone come down the stairs and to my surprise it was Florence who was coming here. When he saw me, he was amazed and made an angry face. Then he asked me why I had done that in the pool. I told him that it had occurred to me at the time. It is also what I like the most about you. A giggle came out of her mouth and turning around, leaning over the table, she told me what she expected to subdue her. By God, that position and his words left me beside myself. I told him if I was sure, replying that he was thinking of trying it. Without further ado, I took her from her butt, lowered her lycra shorts, then her panties to her knees. I told him to spread his buttocks with his bare hands and thus facilitate sodomization . I positioned my device already well erect on her ass. With one hand I covered her mouth and with one, two, three and even four attempts I pierced her pretty butt. Screams of pure pain tried to escape his mouth, but my hand prevented it. I sodomized that little ass as much as I could, penetrating him wildly while my balls bounced off his perfect buttocks. I felt in glory, it was the best for me, my sister offering me her little ass to sodomize in the kitchen. With my free hand I took her hair tightly pulling it back as she pulled my other hand out of her mouth moaning with pleasure. Her moans were light since my parents were sleeping. I completely leaned on her back and so the penetration became more pleasant, and when I put her in, she began to moan louder so I had to cover her mouth again. As I told her that she was my dog ​​and that we would do it every day, she shook her head affirmatively. The movements became more rhythmic until I couldn’t take it anymore and kissing her neck, I discharged all my semen, which was quite a lot, inside her, feeling then a sigh of satisfaction from her. At last I had fulfilled my dream, of deflowering my sister’s ass, sealing it with my semen. From that day on, the following days were different, we did it on the terrace, in our parents’ room, the bathroom, the attic, the basement, etc. As long as my parents weren’t there. Ah, I already left my girlfriend, hehe .

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