Mom’s House

Try on some bikinis, ask the opinion of the son. So far everything is normal, but when he asks to caress her breasts the mother melts and in the end they end up fucking like savages.

The story I am going to tell is totally real and despite the fact that several days have passed since the event, I still have a trace of guilt and excitement within me . As I said, this happened a few days ago when I was at my mother’s house. I am going to tell a little about my situation. I am the second of three siblings, I am 28 years old, my parents have been separated for fifteen years and both I and my brothers stay at my father’s house. My mother is a 50-year-old woman, she has a few extra kilos, but she still has the firmness of her flesh, her very good curves and a pair of tits of those that anyone turns to look at. Many times I have seen friends of mine drool looking at that beautiful pair. When my parents separated, my mother went to live with a man who died after two years and left him a couple of properties and a small income that allow him to live quite comfortably. We usually visit her weekly and sometimes we stay with her for several days. It turned out that I had gone to spend a week at her house since I was going to adapt to the house because my mother was going away for a few days and I was going to stay in charge of the house. My mother was going on vacation to Brazil and despite the fact that she had invited me to accompany her, I did not care to go with her because although the beaches are beautiful, going with my mother was boring. So we were at his house when my mother showed me the bathing suits that she had bought for the trip. Among them was one that was two-piece that fit him very, very well. Her rounded ass was marked to perfection and her two huge and luscious tits almost slipped out of her underwear . In my situation I liked and started to excite me. At first I did not want to pay attention to this fact since it was about my mother and to think of her as a woman was something totally forbidden for me. After the private fashion show my mother gave me, she sat next to me to talk. I must confess that my mind was on something else, that I was just thinking about that pair of tits that were openly offered to me and that were within reach of my hand and which I could not touch since they were (until that moment) forbidden to me. The truth is that the conversation derived, or rather I led it to the fact that on the beaches of Brazil topless is practiced with total naturalness. After talking about it a bit, my mother asked if I thought she could do it without being ashamed. To this I answered yes. That she had spectacular breasts for her age and that she would in no way be ashamed. She was not very convinced by my words. She said that she was quite old, that the place would surely be full of young women and that her breasts were not up to the level of those of the young women. I insisted and she asked me again and to make it clear I told her: “Look, if I had you and someone else in front of me, I would surely be delighted to see you and not another.” You say that because you are my son, my mother said. I insisted and said: “look, I’m enjoying them now with what you can see, so how much more would I see them totally naked”. My mother smiled and blushed. I took advantage and launched my request: “Why don’t you dare and show me? I promise to give you an honest opinion and if it doesn’t suit you, I’ll let you know”, My mother was surprised by my request and said, “I am a bit embarrassed to be practically naked in front of my son.” “Pretend that you are on the beach and that you meet me by chance.” My mother smiled again and said “since you are so excited, I am going to go to my room and take off my clothes and if I look good, I cheer up and I come walking here as if I were on the beach.” Very well I said. I remember that the two minutes it took seemed like a lifetime. My heart was beating a thousand and ideas passed through my head about the woman I would see, not that she was my mother. At last my mother returned to the living room and very calmly said: How are you? How about? She was simply divine, she had put on another bikini that she had that was a little smaller than the previous one and her breasts looked formidable and more than desirable. I took a while to answer and she asked again “What’s wrong with you, are they so bad ? There luckily I reacted. “Not on the contrary they are very good. I never imagined that my mother was such a desirable woman.” Her breasts were whole, huge as always and with a detail that I did not know, very large nipples that were beginning to get erect. “Look at the things you say, remember I am your mother. ¿ Perhaps you never have seen a woman?”. “I have seen several women, but none with breasts like yours and with a body as exciting as yours,” I replied. It had been a couple of weeks since I had sex and my mind had already been fired up for anything. My cock started to grow and grow and tighten me inside my pants. My mother noticed it and said: “well, well, I see that you really liked them and that you are no longer the baby that I fed with them.” At this point I couldn’t take it anymore and asked him to let me touch them with the excuse of knowing how they were to the touch. My mother seemed a bit confused by my request but agreed. I started with a gentle caress, she smiled and I put the caress aside to move on to a rather shameless fondling. She turned red and her nipples were huge. He said “what are you doing? You’re making me weird. A man hasn’t touched me for a long time.” Hearing this, I brought her a little closer to me and began to kiss them, little by little and slowly, until I put a nipple in my mouth and sucked it desperately. My mother had started to moan and sigh. With both of her hands she pressed my head against her breasts and asked me to continue. I continued and began to run my hands all over her body. She placed one of her hands on my cock and squeezed it tightly. It was there that I opened the zipper I took out my cock and asked him to suck it on me. She said “this is not right”, to which I replied kissing and squeezing her breasts even more. Then I said “we are a man and a woman on a beach, who want to enjoy their bodies”. She smiled and said ” you are divine”. And after this he went down to my cock and slowly began to kiss her and then put it in his mouth. He started giving me a spectacular blowjob. I couldn’t believe my mother sucked on it like that. He sucked her like it was the last thing he was going to do in his life. I put it in his mouth until he swallowed it all, then he took it out, kissed me and nibbled on the head and then inside again. At one point he stopped and asked me: “Do you like it? I want you to enjoy it to the fullest, as much as I do.” This opened the way for me to ask her to stop to remove all my clothes and to remove her bikini. He agreed without qualms. Now we were no longer mother and son, we were two lovers who wanted and wanted to enjoy each other. Once my clothes were off I threw myself on the couch to make myself more comfortable while she blowjobs off. My mother returned to my cock and her mouth to do wonders with her. At one point he stopped and licked my eggs and said “when you’re going to finish let me know.” It didn’t take long for this moment to come, and while I wanted him to continue sucking me for a long time, I also wanted to finish. So I said “almost mom”. At that moment, she stopped, put a finger in her mouth and put it in my ass and started with the blowjob again. In a few seconds I discharged all my milk accumulated for several days in his mouth. She took it all and told me: “let’s go to the room, I want to finish too.” It was the most beautiful finish I had in my life, nothing compares to this. We didn’t get up from the couch and walked to the bedroom, she grabbed my cock like it was my hand and led me into the bedroom. On the way he told me: “You never thought you had such a hot and slutty mom. I hope you can keep up with me, because when someone warms me up it takes a long time to get the fever out.” “I hope I can please you as much as I can” I said. We entered the room and she threw herself on the bed, I got on top of her and began to kiss her breasts slowly, I went down to her pussy and started with a full blowjob. I nibbled on her clit, licked her lips, and thrust my tongue and fingers into her soaked pussy. First one, then another, and finally three plus my tongue. She moaned, pressed me head against her shell. You could tell he was enjoying himself a lot. Suddenly a sweet liquid flooded my mouth, it was accompanied by a long and relieved sigh. “Now I want you inside” he said. I without hesitation placed my cock at the entrance of her shell and with a single push I buried it deeply in her wet vagina. I started pumping and kissing her. The most intimate flavors of the two mixed in our mouths . She sighed and fidgeted. Almost immediately he screamed and his body went limp again. For me it was wonderful to be able to make my mother have those orgasms. At a certain point she told me to stop, she told me to lie down on the bed and she mounted on me with unusual agility. She put my cock in her shell and dropped down, started riding me and pulled back. With my two hands I squeezed and rubbed her beautiful tits that had triggered everything. Suddenly he began to stir even more and I felt his juices on my cock. It was certainly over again. It was then that he told me: “now you ride me .” She got off me and positioned herself with all of her beautiful ass in my sight. I moved back and buried my cock in its shell again. Just after doing this she had another orgasm. I started swinging faster and faster and each time she asked me harder and harder, until I couldn’t take it anymore and I was done. As soon as I finished she came and began to suck my cock and the remains of my finish and pass it between her tits. We both lay on the bed in silence. After a while she started laughing and said “I never thought that I would end up fucking with one of my children. It is that abstinence leads you to do anything. I would not want our relationship to change from now on. You will continue to be my son and I your mother. But when you come to stay you will do it in this bed and next to me. I want you to be my man too and I will be your female and we will be able to do whatever you want. I think that as lovers we understand each other and very good.” I only managed to say yes. We spend the rest of the day and the following days until his trip catching like animals. She even told me to go with her on the trip as if it were our honeymoon. She also invited me to go live with her, but it would be necessary to give a lot of explanations. Now I’m a bit sorry for what happened. Especially for what may happen upon his return. What we did is not good but I liked it and I want to repeat it. We will see what happens when you return from your trip.

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