Cutie in a thong

With her husband asleep next to her, his wife lets himself be fucked and swallows her brother-in-law’s semen like a puppy.

Chapter 1 My name is Pamela, 27 years old, married without children, I want to tell you how I became the whore of Alejandro and Esteban, brothers of my husband Andrés. It was around midnight on March 30, 2000, I was sleeping together with Andrés, the relationship with Andrés has always been good, in bed he is a good lover and has not suspected anything of the relationship between his brothers and I, that day she arrived late without wanting anything, after bathing she went to bed and slept like a bear, I was eager to make love but her fatigue left me wanting, although more than her fatigue I am sure that It was one of his occasional lovers who left him like that, I had a hard time falling asleep because of the excitement I hadAs I don’t like masturbating, I started to think about the immortality of the crab until I got sleepy, I always locked the bedroom door with a lock, because my husband’s brother came to live with us for a while, while he found a department, his room is next to ours and therefore every time he enters or leaves his room he looks inside ours, that is why we keep it closed, that day it was so hot and since Alejandro still had not returned I left it a little open to let air in, trying to fall asleep I forgot to close it, Andrés and I slept on the bed, he in slip and I only in my tiny transparent thong with all my breasts exposed, awake on aroused, I see Alejandro dressed just in his boxer with his hand playing on my crotch, I look into his eyes and ask him what are you doing, he answers me with a smile, you know, I also answer him with a smile and say you are a bandit, I caress his crotch, the man He had me very excited, his hand caressed my pussy in an incredible way I was about to have an orgasm, I signal him to go to his room because his brother could wake up and he points out that it is more exciting that way, I take out his boxer and I notice his cock, really beautiful, it was a real stick, it had a much bigger penis than Andrés’s, which is not a boy either, it is 20 cm but it was between 23 and 24 cm and a really big head, I lift my legs to take out my thong and I open them to him, while he was doing that he told him eat me, he says you are a whore like all women, I tell him you don’t like it and he answers of course, after that small and interesting conversation, he made himself comfortable in bed as he could and we started one of the best sixty-nine that I remember, my excitement was so great, that that immense cock devoured me like the most delicious delicacy and he with his tongue in my pussy made me touch the stars, we will have been about fifteen minutes in that position, I will have come about three times before he filled my mouth with all his milk, I had never drunk a man’s semen, nor had my husband’s, although several times he wanted me to do it, it was the first that he did and I I liked it, it was so hot that it burned my mouth, it was thick and it came out with a force from that cock that I thought was going to pierce my throat, I drink all its milk which was a large amount and after finishing giving me the origin of his life, I clean it and prepare it to penetrate my pussy, I can’t say what I was feeling when that man was penetrating me, I enjoyed every inch of that cock, I never thought I could have all his cock inside me, I had 24 cm of meat embedded in me x 6 cm in diameter, I felt his eggs collide with my anus, when he began to come in and out he drove me crazy I wanted to scream to tell him that he was making me the happiest woman and if that was being a whore I wanted to be, Alejandro was giving me one of the The best fucks, with each penetrated he made me see the stars, I kissed him like a girl, I felt like a whore although I think that term is a boy for what Alejandro really made me feel, because he was a real bitch in heat being satisfied by the most powerful tool and excellently handled by my husband’s brother, who was sleeping next to me while his wife was being fucked hard non-stop, all that atmosphere produced great orgasms, Alejandro has been grinding me inside, for more than forty minutes that He had penetrated me and he would not stop, playing with his penis in my source of pleasure, entering and taking it out fast then slow, he turned it like a whirlwind from one side to the other, it was the real delight, he kneaded my breasts, he squeezed my nipples until take away pain, we gave each other long kisses until we were drowned, I don’t know how manySometimes I will have come before he reached his second orgasm, as powerful as the first, after filling my pussy with his nectar he puts it in my mouth to clean it, I found that taste of his milk and my juices exquisite, I let him totally clean almost new, after that we kissed and said goodbye, not before warning him that tomorrow we had to talk about what happened and that he had to leave the house, before he left, he tells me your thong is beautiful and puts it all in his mouth, I liked that so much that I had a new orgasm. I will have been making love until about two in the morning, my husband I do not know how he did not wake up despite the sacrifice he made so as not to moan, the loudest moans escaped me, before I went to sleep I had to spray a little of environmental deodorant to the room because I was past sex and put some towels on the bed because it was too wet, after that I fall asleep, happy and calm because of the great unexpected night that I had thanks to Alejandro. I woke up at 10 in the morning, there was no one at home, Andrés had gone to work, I called him to ask him how he had slept, he tells me that he slept super well, he was so tired that he had not felt anything all night, He woke up like lettuce, had a bath, had breakfast and left, and that he did not want to wake me up because he saw me happy sleeping, he asked me why the towel on the bed and I answered how it was so hot I had sprinkled him a little water and I I put it on top to take off the heat, after that he said goodbye and told me that we would meet at night. Alejandro had left early, he left me a note about my tiny thong that turned me on and made me remember everything we had done that night. Which said “if the chocolates come with this small package, I would like to eat one every night.” Since that night we make love every day and since he now arrives 2 or 3 hours before Andrés, I wait for him like his hottie only in a tiny thong. Chapter 2 I hope you remember me, I am Pamela the girl who is waiting for her husband’s (Andrés) brother (Alejandro) in a thong. Now I’m going to tell you how Esteban came into my life. As I told you, after that night in which Alejandro made love to me in my bed while my husband slept, we do it now every day although rather almost every day and generally I wait for Alejandro as his hottie just dressed in a tiny thong. Andrés had to travel, the first weekend of May 2000, to my happiness he did not take me, because I had to accompany the owners of the company where he works, I had all that weekend to be with Alejandro, those The days were crazy we did everything and in every corner of the house, we slept together in my bed, we went to bed making love and we got up doing it, on Saturday Alejandro put all his member in my anus, he screamed like crazy when I I would penetrate, I would tell him to stop and the damned, he only told me bitch, you don’t like me to put it on you, now you will know what culiar is , he put everything to the bottom when I couldn’t get in anymore, he stopped for a moment so that the great pain I had passed, while he was doing that he began to play with my breasts and clitoris, his massage began to have its effect, they relaxed me and made me enter a tremendous fever, Alejandro handled his hand like nobody else, he made me moan deep, with all your piece in my c ulo, he began to take it out and go in smooth, very smooth until I got used to supporting it, I started to like that, then he did it faster until he made me moan in an incredible way, he treated me as a bitch, bitch, whore and others, he gave me A spanking that increased my excitement more, they had never treated me like this and I was liking that, I really felt like a bitch, I wanted him to break me in two, my tears I don’t know if they were from pain or from the immense pleasure that that man gave me, He must have been fucking me for about thirty minutes before he came inside me, what I felt was out of this world, I felt that his milk was burning inside me, those jets were endless, I was drowning with so much pleasure that he gave me and feel how it ran into my anus was a real and delicious madness, when it was completely finished, he took it out and told me to clean it with my mouth, I was a little reluctant to do it but since I had already done everything with him I cleaned it I can’t say I liked it but I will not say otherwise, I can only say that it had a different and interesting taste. After that night I got used to having sex all over the holes in my body, I have become a fanatic of sex I do it almost every day, both with Andrés and Alejandro on the same day and I didn’t get tired of doing it, really now I enjoy sex in every way. Andrés couldn’t believe it when I told him to put it up my anus the first time, since he had asked me several times, as I said before, his cock is not as big as his brother’s, although it measures a good twenty centimeters but the man left me dumb that night and hit one of the best downloads that I have felt in my all my boy. Andrés and Alejandro have a brother named Esteban, he is married, has two children and lives in another country. My husband invited him to spend a few days in our house before leaving the country, he had come to give an international conference on administration. He stayed at home for about fifteen days, this happened in August of this year (year 2000), as on the fifth day that he was home, Alejandro arrived around seven in the afternoon, during all these days that Esteban has been at home She hadn’t been able to shoot with Alejandro and she had a tremendous desire to be skewered on his cock. We were waiting for Andrés to arrive to eat when the phone rings, he was the one who announced that he was going to be late, he was going to eat with the owners, those meals end around one to two in the morning, we decided to eat the three of them, we finished close to At ten o’clock at night, after that, Alejandro and Esteban had a few drinks and they went to talk to the living room, I met with them after cleaning the table and washing the dishes, they had turned on the TV and were giving a conversation program that dealt with the infidelity of the woman in the couple, both had a little discussion when I arrived, Esteban asks me what he thinks about the infidelity of the couple, I did not know what to answer, I had Alejandro in front of me who is my lover and Esteban who wanted to know my opinion, I tell him that in part the infidelity is mainly caused by the man not taking care of his wife and I tell him that my husband at least knows how to take care of me very well and that I would never do that, Alejandro laughs d And what I said, Esteban tells him, you see, there are few women who think like that and recognize that their husbands fully satisfy them. Alejandro tells him look and says Pamela come, look at Esteban and raise your arms, don’t lower them for nothing, I look Esteban in the eyes and Alejandro pulls the knot of my dress and it falls to the ground, I just stay in my little thong red and says to Esteban, look, I arrive before Andrés most of the time and this bitch waits for me like this, in her tiny thong, I make love to her until I’m tired and then the bitch fucks Andrés, I didn’t know what do I turned red as tomato, again Alejandro tells Esteban look, he runs my thong with one hand and with the other he puts it in my pussy, he made some movements so fast that he generated a current throughout my body of pure pleasure, look The bitch how she enjoys it and does not say anything, if she were faithful she would be claiming what I did to her but on the contrary, look at how she enjoys it and again she does the same in my pussy there I lost the balance of the current that came to me, Esteban was with his mouth open and he was not able to say something, I told Alejandro what e was his little whore and that he could do whatever he wanted with me, that said Alejandro ordered me to kneel in front of Esteban and give him a good blowjob and from that moment I began to be Alejandro and Esteban’s toy until today, he sucked one of them later to the other alternately, Esteban had a member as big as Alejandro’s, they both made me drink their milk afterwards they made me clean it and leave it ready for them to visit my other orifices, Esteban sits on the carpet and tells me to fit it in my anus , I could not believe it, I was going to be skewered with two big cocks at the same time, I inserted Esteban’s member as best I could, a few go up – down to get used to it, Alejandro raises my legs and fits his device in my pussy, I can’t tell them what I felt, orgasms came with every movement of both dicks, crying because she could not contain much pleasure in my body Alejandro kneaded my breasts and kissed me, meanwhile I Esteban me to strip my anus and my c litoris with one of their hands, they must have been pounding me for about twenty minutes, they both came in unison inside me, two jets came out of those beautiful cocks that I adore so much, they drowned me with their pelvic blows and cumshots, when they finished they took them out of my orifices and I in gratitude for what they had given me, I cleaned them with my mouth before they ordered it, it was exquisite to know that those two cocks had given me the greatest of pleasures, while I cleaned their cocks, I They made them promise that I would be “the little whore of both of them, that they would use me whenever they wanted and with whoever they wanted and also I should always wear a thong” I was subjugated by those two beautiful cocks that said yes to everything, when I asked them about Andrés they told me that I did not worry about him because they were not going to force me when I was with him, as long as I obeyed or he would know everything, I promised him that on my part there was no problem, why tell them what happened to the others? Now, in the house I only walked in a thong, which lasted less than drinking water with my hand because Esteban gave me hard all morning, in the afternoon he gave me together with Alejandro they left me a shit and at night he gave it to me My husband, it was ten days of pure sex, although you may not believe me, I liked it because I felt happy giving pleasure and receiving it, apart from considering myself the owner of those three huge cocks. The day before Esteban left, he and Alejandro, the damn thing, did not go to work, they gave me hard all day, they did everything they could do to a woman, they did it to me in my bed, in Esteban’s , in the Alejandro, in the living room, in the dining room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the study room, in the patio, where they came to think of me, I don’t know what those men had taken because since Ten days ago they gave it to me without stopping and they were still the same, the only thing I asked them was to rest for a while but it seems that that excited them the most because they began to penetrate me again without compassion and at night to finish it my husband arrived with a tremendous desire of making love to me that had me until about two in the morning doing it. After Esteban left, I told Andrés that I was going for a few days to my parents’ house to visit them, the truth was to rest from all that orgy that I had had those days and especially the one the day before, while I was resting at home of my parents, I reflected on everything that had happened in this last time and I came to the conclusion that I had become a nympho or whore, I do not know which of the two terms is valid, only that despite how hard they gave me Alejandro, Esteban and Andrés during those ten days, I still wanted to be with them and hopefully with all three. When I returned home on September 30, I found a package that came from abroad, it was a gift from Esteban, it contained about two dozen thongs, of different colors, models, fabrics and shapes, with a message that He left thinking and I came to the conclusion that I had become Alejandro and Esteban’s little whore. And that same day, Alejandro arrived around seven in the afternoon, I was watching television, he greeted me and asked me about the promise I had sworn to him and Esteban. Well I told them; I promised to do my part, I am the whore of both, so he tells me and your clothes. He forces me to change or rather to stay alone in a thong and he begins to make love to me, I wanted so much to feel his machine inside me and enjoy his juices, that I did it until I left him dry, at night I also did it with my husband with a tremendous excitement because Alejandro told me that he wanted to introduce me to some friends and just think what that presentation means made my body boil. But that later I will tell you how it was, for now I will tell you two things, first that this happened recently, on October 15, 2000 and secondly being with three men in all your orifices is a pleasure that all women should do it at least Once in life. After that, Alejandro makes love to me every day and promised to participate in other of his orgies I hope it will be later, with Andrés we do it two to three times a week, Esteban promised to visit us later but he sends me some hyper emails horns which Alejandro reads to me while I blow his cock and apart from these three lovers I have managed to be with other men, as I told them I have become a real whore and all thanks to Alejandro’s expertise, If one day they come to my house and find me in a thong or recognize me on the street, I promise that we will make love.

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