I just want one kiss from you

What good harmony is established between these hot cousins, when the call of sex awakens their bodies and desires.

– ¡¡¡ Aleeeeeex ….. levántateeeee !!! My mother was already giving the pain … uffff … that if you get up, that if you go shopping, that if you take out the bitch, and a thousand other things. He told me to take the motorcycle and go to my aunt’s house to pick up the sewing machine. Fuck the things your mother sends you … I left my house, got on the bike and … shit !!! It wouldn’t start !!! Fuck, I started giving him and nothing, so I kept going. After 12 or 13 attempts, the condemned woman started making a noise of a thousand demons. I got on and on the sidewalk in front I spotted an aunt. Damn how hot she was, and how she dressed … with her miniminimini skirt and tight top. Between the heat of summer and the one that aunt gave me, she was roasting me. She directed her gaze towards me and giggled (I suppose it would be when she saw me, a normal height boy, 17 years old, with ramshackle clothes, thin, dark and with the hairs that I was wearing and on top with my motorcycle-gadget), to which I smiled. After 20 minutes in the heat of the burning sun, I managed to get to my aunt’s house. I called a couple of times and my cousin opened it, half asleep. It took about 5 seconds, after opening the door, to look at my face, and another 5 to react. -Ah, it’s you. -Yes, stupid, I’m coming for the sewing machine. -Ah … well it happens. I went in with my helmet in hand and went straight to the fridge for a drink while my cousin went to get the sewing machine. I assumed that there was no one, since only my 2 cousins ​​and my aunt lived, and my older cousin (16 years old) was in one of those courses to go to England and my aunt worked in a factory almost all day. The living room was a mess: clothes thrown everywhere, the TV on but not loud, a pizza box from the night before, … -Laura, how can you live like this ? -As well as? – She told me from my aunt’s room. -So, with all this disorder, what happened? -Nothing, there were problems in the factory and my mother was there all night. Easy, now I collect everything. I went to my aunt’s room with a coke in hand and opened the door while I opened the door to tell her that it was totally disgusting to enter and find that panorama when I saw my cousin bent forward, but only bending her hips, exposing her panties and her cute little ass, since she was only wearing a T-shirt. I was left with my mouth open contemplating that wonder without being able to say anything. She turned her head as she said: -Hey, I don’t see anything here – and she caught me gaping at her, so she got up all red -. You better spend another day when my mother is here and you ask her. I stunned goodbye and left. On the way, remembering her little ass, I almost ate a car, but nothing happened. I returned in the afternoon to pick up the happy sewing machine and I only met my aunt, who gave it to me and I left. It took me a couple of weeks to get back to that house. My parents and I had a meal at their house, since it was more suitable than ours for barbecues and all those things because it had a pool and a garden, and it is very good in summer. We arrived at his house at approximately 12. We all said hello and went to the patio to sit down and chat. I was surprised that my cousin was not there, so I asked my aunt where she was. She told me that she was going to wake her up, that she was sleeping, which I objected to saying that I would go. When I got to my cousin’s room the door was ajar and something crossed my mind, so I went in slowly and being careful not to make noise. When I was inside I looked around me … the blinds almost down, which allowed enough light for what I needed; the closed curtains and windows, which overlooked the courtyard, and in that state no one from the outside could look inside; the room totally untidy; my cousin half covered with the blanket (it was always very cold), with her long blonde hair resting on her back (she was face down), with her shirt half raised and that allowed to see the end of one of her breasts (this spliced ​​me exceedingly), with her little white panties, with her thin legs, with her upturned ass, standing still, perfect, well, with her perfect body. I moved closer to her body, watched her closely, and moved closer to her face. I could feel his hot breath next to my face. I ran my hand down her back until I reached her ass. I stroked him tenderly and began to lower his panties, gently. I lowered them just a few inches (it wasn’t a question of her taking them off, she was going to wake up and I don’t know what she was going to think), I ran my hand over her smooth little ass, carefully, and I went down … then I heard My aunt who was approaching, I got up, covered Laura and began to wake her up. Luckily, when my aunt arrived, she had managed to make my cousin open her eyes (if not, my aunt was going to wonder what she had done there for 3 minutes without waking her up). My aunt made jokes about how sleepy she was and we both left. As soon as I left I remembered that … I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PUT THE PANTIES ON THEIR PLACE !!! The meal proceeded normally and I kept turning my head with that panties. On several occasions they made fun of me because I seemed to be in another world ( ho , I say that I was), to which I responded with a smile, while looking at my cousin trying to know if she had noticed me curiosity. After lunch my parents and my aunt told my cousin and me to go inside the house, that now it was time for the grown-ups to be alone. When we entered my cousin and I played the Monopoly and play , then she said she was going to shower. After a few minutes his head was still spinning. So I went over to the bathroom to open the door to see my cousin with the door ajar, but the very clever woman had bolted the door, so it occurred to me to spy on her through the garden window that led to the bathroom. I went out through the kitchen so that my family wouldn’t see me and went slowly to the window. I peeked out as little as I could until I saw something. What I saw left me frozen … my cousin … completely naked … caressing herself and moaning very softly … I tried to see better, and in one of those attempts I stepped on a branch that made a loud CRACK !!!, so I bent down as fast as I could without knowing if my cousin saw me, but I think she did, because she immediately turned off the water tap and took a towel to go out. I had about 10 seconds to run quietly, walk through the kitchen, turn on the TV, and lay down on the couch. My cousin left very quickly and headed to the living room (I guess to see if I was there or was in the garden spying on her). So you are here, huh? – She half yelled. Sure, was it supposed to be somewhere else? I said still panting. Uh … this … no, of course. She went to put a towel on her head and sat on the sofa next to the chair where I was. He lay down and began to watch television. In a careless moment I took to looking at her. I could see her impressive legs, barely covered by the towel. Then she looked up and saw me there, looking at her. He made a face of surprised and anger at the same time. But what do you think …? she asked me. Hey, Alex, let’s go – my parents yelled from the garden. UFFF … just in time. I said goodbye to my cousin and my aunt giving them a kiss. Heh heh , my cousin still had her face screwed up. After this little scene, I didn’t see my cousin again until 1 week later, when I decided to gamble everything twice or nothing. If I got something I was really going to get it all, but if, on the contrary, she got angry, I was going to get nothing. That day my aunt had to be absent again, due to the same work problems as always. After hours of intense thought, I decided to call my cousin with the excuse that my friends were on vacation and I was lonely and bored. Yes? -I heard on the phone. Hey Laura, this … I’m Alex, what, you see, my friends have gone on vacation and … Yes, tell me. Well, I’ve thought about stopping by your house, if you don’t have anything to do, of course. Yes, of course, come over, but in 40 minutes, I’m going to a friend’s house to pick up clothes that she owes me, okay? Okay, I’ll drop by later then. Come on, see ya- and I got to hear him hang up. Heh, heh, heh … that of going 40 minutes later nothing … I took the bike as fast as I could and arrived at 30 minutes, that day the traffic was very intense. I got home very hot , and knowing that they kept an emergency key in a flowerpot, I went into the house. Once there, I had no time to waste, I went to his closet and looked and smelled all his underwear and then I started to read the newspaper. The padlock is one of those very bad that does not need a key to open it, just a clip or a few blows. Opening it, I read that she had noticed my sudden interest in her. The last thing I got to read was “There is something I feel but I shouldn’t feel, and that is …” OH NO, MY COUSIN HAD COME IN THE HOUSE. I closed the journal, put it in the drawer, and went out the window just as she entered the room. I went around the house and knocked on the door. My cousin opened, I gave her two kisses and went inside. We talked for a long time until it started to get dark. Hey, Alex, do you understand computers? – She asked me then. Yes, yes, of course, why? Because my computer CRAKed the other day and I don’t know how to fix it. You have to see, cousin … come on, let’s go – and I offered her my hand to help her up, to which she responded with a smile. We got to the room and, after kicking away a few things that had been thrown away, I sat down at the orderly, ready to help her. I spent 40 minutes fixing it, little thing, 15 viruses, faulty software and hardware and some other little thing. Oh, thank you, cousin, you are a sun – then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Eehhhh … heh heh, yes … hey, what … I want to take a shower … can I? – I asked, still stunned. Yes, of course – he got up and returned shortly after. Here you have fresh towels, the heater is already on. Thank you, cousin, you are a sun – and I patted him on the ass – heh heh. She was somewhat impressed and I went to take that shower. As I got out of the bathtub, I heard my cousin running through the garden, a sign that she had been spying on me. I was scratched and not knowing what to do, but in the end I came out of the bathroom completely naturally. Well, Laura, I have to go. Now??? No, nothing of that, now you’re going to stay for dinner, I’m going to make a meal that not even the Arguiñano is . Yes, now, now … but let me call my house to say that I’m staying for dinner and, incidentally, I call the fire department to notify them of the fire that is coming soon, ha ha. She smiled and patted my ass. Now the one who was impressed was me. Dinner passed normally and, after that, we went to talk in front of the TV. We stayed for about an hour, until I realized it was too late. Ops , I’m going to have to go. How? No, nothing of that. But look how late it is, and tomorrow I have to … No – she interrupted me – no and no, you stay here to sleep, there is room, it is too late to take the motorcycle. But what will my parents say? Leave that to me. My cousin called my parents, getting me to stay. Meanwhile, I was nervous … what could happen that night ??? After the call we sat back on the couch and resumed the conversation. This time I decided to take another step again, since his desire for me to stay had given me the strength to do so. I started to turn the conversation to sex. Without realizing it, we were already totally talking about sex. Well, what turns me on is putting on a little schoolgirl skirt, you know, the ones with red squares and stuff, and for someone to caress me without taking it off – she was saying -. Well, and have you ever … ahem … what if you … had sex … kind of sleeping with another girl ??? – and turned completely red. Well … no … not with girls … but with boys, yes. ¿ Eeeeeehhehehehe ??? SERIOUSLY??? I DIDN’T THINK YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE. No, man, ha ha ha, that’s a joke, ha ha ha . Whew , thank goodness . And why less bad ??? Because I wouldn’t want a boy like you to be wasted – and then he winked at me. Hala, I’m going to clear the table. I was thinking for a long time what to do. So I decided that nothing would happen if I went to her and tried the ultimate. If he accepted it, he would have won, there would be no going back. I went to the kitchen and stood behind her, who was washing the dishes, and began to lift her skirt to caress her divine ass that I wanted so much, as she had told me (now that I think about it, maybe she tried to tell me what she had what to do). She stood still, doing nothing after 10 seconds, which seemed like 1000 to me, then she turned around, her eyes wild. I was already expecting a good host to the face, but no, instead, she climbed on the counter, pulled me towards her and kissed me. We were kissing for about 5 minutes, after which I got ready to see those wonders of boobs that I knew I had, believing that she would agree, but instead, when I was kissing her boobs above the T-shirt, he said “Stop … stop, stop, STOP !!!”. What we are doing is not right. But don’t you like it? Yes, but it is not right for 2 cousins ​​to have relationships – what I thought, was the classic cousin who did not want anything with the family because it was “immoral”, pffff -, the best thing is that we go to bed. Okay – I said rather moody -, whatever you want … He made my bed and I tried to sleep. It was 2 in the morning and I still couldn’t sleep. At 2:30 I heard bed noises and got up quietly. I thought I heard something in my cousin’s room, and indeed … PRIZE … my cousin was jerking off thinking about me and what had happened. He moaned and moved wildly until he came. I arrived at my bed with a supernatural heat. At 3 I was still sitting on my bed thinking about what I had seen, and I decided to go into her room, but not yet, maybe I was still awake, I would come in at 3:30 or 4, so I grabbed a few magazines and got to read so as not to fall asleep. When it was 3:40, I left my room and went to his. Just thinking about what could happen to me was splicing me. I went in very slowly and watched her: she was wearing only a T-shirt and briefs, perhaps, knowing that I was going to browse. Phew … how I was getting. I walked over and sat on his bed. I was looking at it for 10 minutes, until I decided to touch it. I started at her waist, grabbed her breasts tightly, something I wanted to madness, and went down to her panties, which I slowly lowered until they were off. I felt it move, so I decided to be very careful. When I took them off I saw that wonder of God. I spent 5 minutes contemplating it. After those 5 minutes I went into action. I approached her pussy, which still had a few hairs on it and began to stroke it slowly in circles, then I began to run my finger across her lips, from her clitoris to her delicious ass, until it started to get a little wet, after which I decided bring my mouth closer to kiss him and lick him gently. Her pussy was starting to drip and I took one of my fingers and put it in her entrance, to begin to insert it shortly. There I felt like a boat hit, I got scared and looked at his face … I WAS AWAKE … I was looking up at the ceiling. There was no going back, so I continued with my work, although I was somewhat nervous. I continued with my playful finger inserting it faster and faster, and when I felt that he began to moan very softly I put another one and there I gave him very very fast and licked her clitoris, as I saw that there she let out a louder moan than the previous ones, I started to suck it frantically. I continued like this for a couple of minutes until she started having little spasms, she grabbed my head and pressed against her pussy and was moving wildly, a sign that she had come. When it was all over I went to her face, and she pretended to be asleep, so I kissed her. Immediately she opened her eyes and hit me with a host and said: BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? DIDN’T I TELL YOU THAT THE INCEST ROLL FITS ME ??? But … but I thought you liked it … Gustado what ??? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was sleeping. And after this conversation I went to bed, but it was not the end of the story. The next day I woke up around 9 in the morning, there was my cousin watching TV lying face down on my uncles’ bed, but what was she watching ??? WAO, A PORN MOVIE. He was watching a porn movie, he was just wearing a big t-shirt and panties and he was stroking himself. Oops, what a dirty little cousin I have – I said, surprising her. Well, what’s up, everyone watches porn movies, right? Well, yeah, I guess … May I? – I asked pointing to the bed. Oh yeah sure, it will be interesting to watch a porn movie with my cousin. I started watching the movie and there was a certain tension, so I decided to take the first step: I started to jerk off. She looked puzzled, but after looking at her for a while, she decided to join the party, and it seemed to me that she was looking more at me than at TV. After both of us moaning for a while (she much more than me, although very sneakily), I started to get closer to her and did what I wanted since I started to feel sexually attracted to her, give her a kiss, and … PAF … another host. BUT YOU DON’T KNOW EITHER THREE? – She screamed still excited. But cousin, I just want a kiss, come on – and I put my hand on her thigh. What … no, damn it. So I started stroking her thigh, reaching for her unexplored treasure, where she began to moan. As I saw her so excited, I tried to kiss her again, and I received again. THAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, FUCK, THAT NOOOOOOOOO. Not? – I now tried a maneuver that I do not know how I was able to undertake – Well, you like this – and I began to massage her clitoris very gently -. Come on, just a kiss. Nnnnn … uffff … hooooo … noooà – he said between gasps. I went down to his most intimate part and tried to pleasure him with my tongue. Ahhhhhh … yeah … don’t stop, cousin … Not??? Nooooo … Well, I stop, and I stop because … – and she didn’t let me finish the sentence, she pushed me towards her pussy and I almost suffocated. DO NOT PAREEEEEES … AAAHHHHHHHHH … UFFFFFFF … I was there for a couple of minutes, but I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to, so I detached myself from her. THAT NOOOOO … – she said very excited, trying to grab my face. If you don’t give me a kiss right now, I won’t go on. Is that what you want? Only that? You are right. BRING HERE. Then he pulled me to his face and kissed me with a passion that until then had not drunk from any other girl, and I, for my part, now continued to put two fingers into him. When I saw that she was already on point, I pulled her away from me, pulled down my pants and said, “You have to do something for me.” She, like a frenzy, took off my boxers and started giving me one of the wildest blowjobs they have ever given me. I explain the situation to you, she lying on her back on my uncles’ bed, I sitting almost on her neck, with his cock in her mouth and my fingers (now 3) in her pussy. It was fantastic. I told him I was about to come and he took his cock out of me and jerked me even harder until I came on the bed. For my part, I rewarded her as she had done me, with a blowjob. When she came screaming, I let her rest and went up to her face to kiss her. Oh no, what we have done is very wrong – he said turning my face away from his. FUCK, YOU’RE ALREADY SAD And I kissed her. I kissed her with a force as to remove her liver and I took her hands so that she would not stop me I put them as far as possible above her head and I placed myself on top of her. Nooo … stop . I was very tired of always hearing the same thing, and of having me horny until I wanted, so I started to lick her neck, go over her breasts and stop for a while sucking hard on her nipples, which were already getting hard, just like my cock. I stepped towards her navel and reached down to her pussy and gently poked a finger. Well, he didn’t complain, he just whimpered for a while, that meant his bunny had gotten enough rest. After that test, I sipped a little of the few juices that remained and climbed up, it was time to finish what I started. I looked into her eyes and said, “I just want a kiss from you.” And she smiled at me and gave me what I wanted, a kiss. I looked at her and kissed her again and she responded by putting her tongue in my mouth, which left me a free trail, with which I began to do mine. I continued kissing him and I turned her around, put her on top of me and massaged her tits without any qualms, licked her nipples, sucked them, bit them, pinched them, made circumferences with my tongue in her areolas. Then I lowered my hand and masturbated him for a while. You like? MMMM … yeah … don’t stop … Okay, but tell me. What? Tell me that you want me … I wish you … mmmmm … There the sentimentality was broken, we began to kiss even more frantically and I to masturbate her quickly and strongly with two of my fingers, while she did the same with my penis. Ahhhh … yeahiiiiii … vamooooossss … mmmmm … uh, Alex. … mmm … tell me – I said between groans. Ahhh … fuck me … What? Are you sure? YES, LET’S GO, FUCK ME, I WANT YOU TO DRILL ME, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARD, LET’S GO BASTARD, FUCK ME THE FUCK Okay, you command. I got ready, placed her under me , spread her legs, caressed her clitoris at the same time she moaned, grabbed my cock, placed her in her bunny and made force. As it was very wet, it was easy for me to get in, until I got to the virginity test and I looked at her, and she nodded as if to say “go ahead”, so I pushed, and she complained. You’re good? Yes, it hurt a bit, but it doesn’t matter, give me a good time. And that I did, I began to put it more and more inside and to take it out very slowly, but faster and faster, that while sucking her nipples. MMMMM … LET’S GO … PUMP … USE ALL YOUR FORCES … That cheered me up and turned me on, and I did exactly what she wanted. I turned her over, put her on all fours, and tucked her from behind as I stroked her clit and grabbed her ass. Now he was putting it with all the strength that I kept. YESIIIIII … VAMOOOOOOOOOOOOSSS … FIRST … DON’T STOP … YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK ME … COME … DEEPER … Every time I put it in, I did it by unloading all my strength, so that everything I could of my 17/18 cm long and 4 cm thick meat entered. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I turned her around as best I could, I threw myself on top of her and did what I’ve wanted to do since I noticed her, just when I came and she too: I kissed her.

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