Love in the family

A woman tells of the feelings that seeing her daughter in a lesbian relationship with her sister causes her. Aunt and niece are lovers. Our protagonist hopes to access her daughter’s favors in the future.

My name is Silvana, I already sent you a story before, now the story I send you is not mine, but from a friend of my mother who did not dare to send it, so I send it to you on her behalf. The story is 100 \% real, it is written as she tells it to me as I write it. Hope you like. My family always to been united and affectionate. Juan, my husband, just adores his daughter and I think that’s beautiful. The two of them have been so close their whole lives that when one of them went somewhere, they had to kiss. When she got pregnant in her teens, I was sure it was Juan’s, although they always denied it. Family relationships, intimate ones, have always been part of my life. Mariana, my older sister, and my two cousins, Gonzalo and Ezequiel, grew up feeling a lot of affection for each other. Mariana and I grew up sleeping together. Mariana has beautiful tits and thisvery proud of them. The clothes you wear enhance them and you love doing it. Since her boobs were always so much bigger than mine, she wasn’t selfish and let me caress them and suck her nipples. Many nights in bed we would play with our breasts and masturbate each other. To my loved and apretuj├írselos touch them, they were so round and hard !, who liked to caress my nipples to duritos wear them and then nibbled and sucked with great pleasure. Whenever I could, when we were alone at home, I asked my sister: Mariana, can you give me the tit ?, and Mariana never denied me. When our cousin Sara stayed to sleep with us, we felt that we should take care of ourselves, until we realized that she liked to play in the same way and we even discovered that Sara felt the same adoration for Mariana’s tits as I did. Then Marina would let her play with them too. By the time my own daughter reached 18 she was very well developed in the right places, which made her look very inviting. He made me and makes me remember Mariana on many occasions. Many times I had fantasies with her but she rejected them. Surely, she would not feel the same about sex as her aunt Mariana. Then one Sunday my sister came to eat with her husband and son. I was tidying things up after lunch and went into one of the bedrooms just to see my daughter with Mariana, lying on the bed. Juana raised her head when I entered. From her near total nudity, I knew they weren’t exactly chatting, but rather that Juana was kissing her aunt, and she must have had one of her hands in the folds of my sister’s unbuttoned dress between her wonderful tits. My heart stopped beating for a few seconds. Later Juana and Mariana decided to go for a walk. I was looking at them. Mariana had an arm around my daughter’s shoulders. Juana’s hand rested on Mariana’s hip. His head was resting on her shoulder as they walked through the courtyard, like two lovers. I ran after them and hurried to a broken window. When I got there, I saw that indeed, as I had thought, they were in the old servants’ house that we still keep in the garden, and they both had their blouses unbuttoned, and they were standing and holding hands. My daughter looked at Mariana’s breasts, with those wonderful pink nipples that I knew so well. They began to kiss on the mouth, and despite the distance I could see their tongues brush and link over and over again. Suddenly their mouths parted and Juana lowered her head and began to touch Mariana’s nipples with the tip of her tongue. For a moment I saw myself, a long time ago, sucking those nipples in the same way and with the same devotion and heat that Juana did. Then I heard Mariana say: Darling, we don’t have much time, we’d better get to that. Then Juana stopped sucking and leaned back on an old chair and Mariana took off her skirt. My daughter spread her legs while Mariana leaned down until she had her head between Juana’s legs. I could not see what was happening but it was not necessary, I knew that Mariana would be licking my daughter’s shell and maybe even penetrating it with her fingers. But he could see Juana’s features totally twitching with pleasure and moving her head very slowly from side to side to show the ecstasy she was feeling. Suddenly Mariana got up and went to sit on Juana’s knees and began to ride her pubis against pubis. They both moved desperately, until I saw my daughter’s hands twitch on her aunt’s shoulders and in a few more minutes my daughter reached orgasm and Mariana said: We better go. It was too much to bear alone. I had to go while they got dressed. It was a fascinating thing to see for me. Now I know that I can make love to my daughter. I have to wait for the right time, place and circumstances. Many people will think that my thoughts are wrong, but I like things with love in the family, and I hope that my daughter grows up in the same way: with the same feelings.

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