Love from a soldier

A professional soldier on leave visits his uncle with the intention of teaching his aunt a few sexual techniques.

The story that I am about to tell you is real and exciting, let me tell you before I start, recommend that people who suffer from over arousal read this story twice as it is the best experience I have had and you do not think you have the right same luck. It turns out that thanks to training in the armed forces, I have an exceptional physique, not that I want to show off but I am 1.87 meters. I have a 21.3 cm penis, blue eyes, dark brown hair and I am a lieutenant in the best elite group of paratroopers. While I was as a cadet in high school, I had many lovers thanks to my physical attributes, especially, the wife of my colonel Jarrín, and the daughter of the same colonel, but when I learned that while I was taking my command and jungle course, which lasted 12 months, my uncle Alfonso had married a girl who, according to my parents, was very pretty but not very intelligent, Then a lot of nostalgia for my uncle was born in me since I spent a large part of my childhood with him, before he moved to the city of Guayaquil, it was then that I decided to visit him in August since I had, five days of franc as a reward for obtaining the first seniority in the two courses I took. My anxiety to meet my new aunt was so great that I called her on the phone, she had a very sweet and tender voice and the instant she answered it shocked me, but astutely I began to seduce her without first asking about my uncle, then she was startled and She told me that it was Mrs. Cruz and that I should be her nephew, so I apologized and told her you couldn’t know what could happen between a man and a beautiful woman, so she hung up the phone angrily. As I had to report to the II Army Division, it was not a problem for me to spend three days at my uncle’s house, so I got to the bus terminal and when I got off the bus, my uncle Alfonso was there with two women, the first was his wife named Anita and the second was her sister named Carolina, the latter was about fifteen years old, but some small tits with nipples that pointed to the high sky, a medium but round ass, the shorts that she was wearing gave her a it forms the shell that looked like two hemispheres ready to be explored. But my aunt had on a dress from the ankles to the neck, without any match and with a look of surprise when she saw me, but unfortunately the little tight that the dress had, only let me see that she had such big and round tits But with some brushed nipples that seemed to be virginal, the ass, why speak of the ass, this was beautiful in a large but well-formed way, also my experience told me that I was still a virgin because of the anus and the mission was to deflower that work of art, in front of the damn dress you could see a small slice in the shape of a fruit, that is, ready to eat, since only when walking did she eat the dress that was on, when I greeted him secretly I lowered my hand all over her abdomen until he almost reached the butt and told me in my ear that nothing can be known and kissed me on the cheek. A short time later we went to the apartment where they lived, but to a surprise they had only two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen-dining room and a living room, but since Carolina was visiting, Alfonso asked me to sleep in the living room and then he went out to her work, leaving me alone with those two dolls that I wanted to fuck until I couldn’t breathe, so I started the conquest operation, first Carolina and then me “aunt”, since for more than six years I had not seen Alfonso, and thanks to my work, I won’t see him again for a long time. I don’t think it bothers him that Anita teaches him the art of sex. So I took off the shirt I was wearing and went to the kitchen where the two of them were talking, before opening the door, I asked to borrow the shower and when they saw me half naked, the two of them answered as a chorus, it’s all yours, when I entered the bathroom I was struck by the type of door, since it was divided into two parts, the first lower one was made of wood and the second was made of glass that had figures that did not allow to see through, but did reveal a silhouette, when starting to Undressing I noticed that someone was behind the bathroom door, so I put the maso at a thousand per hour and began to jerk off very slowly, when suddenly I heard some moans that became like screams then of pure damn I entered the shower. After showering, I covered myself only with a towel and went out to the living room, there was only Anita since Carolina had gone for a walk and she was sitting in an armchair and to my surprise I realized that they could not take their eyes out of the package that was under my towel, so I asked where I could change and he immediately answered that in his bedroom. -And I said, does no one know what can happen? Out of pure disgrace, I took off the towel and she began to scream like crazy, thanks to the experience I approached her I took her by the waist and since she is not very tall I raised her until her pussy was tight to my penis, I kissed her while He caressed her tits and shook him so that he feels the big package almost inside her vagina. She told me to respect her quality as a married woman, but this opposition did not last long because suddenly I felt that she had a hand on my cock and I was masturbating, this action was the drop that spilled the glass of water, with fury I broke the damn long dress, until she was only in panties and with her tits exposed, I immediately leaned her on the edge of the sofa and proceeded to suck that little pussy and masturbate her tits, each insertion of the tongue said: -Why my husband does not know how to do this, while I ate that tasty juice since it is so natural and sexual, that special smell that makes real men feel arousal and desire to destroy their insides with the cock that is so erect and hot, a Once she came for the first time I raised her again and with fury I took her to the wall and penetrated her with all the strength I had, to this day I can feel the warm interior of that woman, to be honest she had a narrow vagina , but very lubricated, This allowed me to feel the best sensation with the rise and fall of my glans, inside it, I can feel that I had a diaphragm in the cervix because in each penetration I could feel resistance to my penis entering and also the cries of The pleasure that she emitted made my arousal, delay the act of finishing him, leaving all my semen to live inside him forever. ¡¡¡ Ahhhhhhyyyy , ohh ‘re the best !!! Ahahahahahah , it was the only thing I heard while doing the best job I know how to do which is satisfying a woman with slow and deep movements, I run my love I run inside of you, to which she replied that she did not fear and to be honest it was the best, because all the freedom I had to run made me feel like a family, then she came a second time, so I took advantage that liquid sauce to coat my penis with lubricant, this was the best time to fuck him in the anus, my dream was about to come true but of course, I had to work on it because as I said before I was a virgin, first I started kissing that third eye It was so closed and rigid that it only made me even more excited, with all the courage in the world I laid her on the floor and in a perfect 69 pose I started to lubricate that little ass, first I sent her a finger. Put it in and out, then I sent him another finger, until I could feel the heat that that ass had, then with the semen with which I stained Anita I passed it around the contour of the anus. And I told him that from now on, I only wanted anal, and that was because I put him in a doggy pose and started to ride him, as soon as I put my glans in the entrance I felt how he shuddered. After a scream that was between the border of pain and pleasure, I stabbed her whole cock until I felt her cry, she was the first woman to cry from pleasure, it was the best excitement I could have since with that my penis arrived to the biggest size and I started to fuck her with beastly that I couldn’t feel that somehow to avoid anal penetration, she took out my cock and put it all in her mouth, to be honest I don’t like oral sex very much but I couldn’t To believe that my aunt was the best sucker I had ever met up to that point, after a short while I ran for the third time and she was in charge of choking and cleaning all the material that I expelled. After all this, we were both totally surrendered, soon we got dressed and waited for Carolina to arrive, of course I was the most anxious, but I still had two days to fuck that young woman who had me dreaming.

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