Something real

What begins as a relationship by email materialized in a lovers’ meeting ends up being a curious triangle of passion and jealousy with the man’s sister who in turn becomes the woman’s lover.

Chapter 1 First of all I want to express that everything I am going to narrate is true, although sometimes I have wished it were not true, but I have changed names so that the innocent do not harm themselves and so that the guilty can fully enjoy it. As I have done when writing it. Until two years ago my life as a woman could have been presented as an example of the aspirations of many of my peers and to some extent I have been and still am, for those who do not know my true recent history, an enviable woman. And this with apparently well-needed reasons. I am not particularly handsome physically, neither in body nor in face, nor am I the type by which men could go crazy, that is to say, I am an ordinary woman, like most of those who read these stories, which are certainly not all maddeningly beautiful. But I am a real woman. I can prove it, I can send whoever requests it to the address that I will give at the end, photographs of me in different places, in that I have no problems, I rescue my breasts from my physique. My breasts are well formed, young, resistant, firm with “beautiful and seductive” nipples, as Julio tells me that he has enjoyed them at will. Psychologically I am a woman with a rather tough character, who tries to be kind, I think I am intelligent, but not brilliant. I write to this section because I believe that here there is a group, not all, that could understand what is happening to me. That will give me the feeling of sharing with someone what I am living, because face to face I do not dare to share it with anyone. In my family they would die and in my work I would destroy all my prestige. I am the head of a personnel department in an important company in the capital of a Latin American country. Good.- It all started one afternoon in December 1998. I was in my office after a hard day at work and for the first time I dared to enter with my PC one of those emails where friendship and opportunities to interact are offered. So it was that I made contact with Julio, a man in his fifties from a neighboring country who seemed reliable to me. All our first messages were very formal and very nice and the truth is that I became somewhat dependent on those messages. Thus a few weeks passed and the communication became more and more committed, rather intimate, with details that were no longer simply friendly but frankly audacious. Communication with Julio had drastically taken me out of my schemes and I was unaware of myself because we talked as if we were more than friends, as if we were lovers, we kissed, caressed each other and said things in the bedroom, until a moment came when that we decided to meet. Julio had told me that he was married, but I no longer cared about anything. We agreed to meet in a neutral place and we both had to travel three hours each by plane to meet in the capital of another country. We would not be in the same hotel but we would meet in a bar to get to know each other and find out if we really liked each other physically. We had exchanged pictures but this was different. I was breaking all my family and cultural schemes for my environment. I was a virgin and I was willing to give that up, but fighting to the end even if it was no longer like a salute to the flag. We met at my hotel loby , I liked him since I saw him, we drank a couple of cocktails at the bar and while we talked I knew I had lost the fight, because I didn’t listen to what he was saying, I just wanted to drag him to my room and kiss him everywhere. I shivered under my clothes and felt damp everything that was possible for me to get wet. Then he told me that he was registered in the same hotel on the floor above mine but we still went to my room. I undressed myself and undressed him and gave myself in the most casual way you can imagine. I did everything I had heard, thought and read for years and I did not know at what moment it penetrated me because I was burning whole like a beast, like a mare like a whore, give it the adjective that you like the most, because that will be the adequate, and it had not been two hours since I had known him in the present body when I rolled in bed with him like a consummate lover and I was happy to do so. Sex came to me like a torrent and took over my body and my mind in an absolute way. I did not want to get out of that bed for any reason and I wanted that real man, of flesh and bones that beat along with me, to teach me everything he knew and for him to realize that I would be his female, without any kind of renunciation , no modesty, because they had all run out at that very moment. We had a wonderful three days and three nights . We only got out of bed for dinner and to compose ourselves a bit and start over. Back in my country, on the plane, I slept the entire flight and the traces of passion in my intimacies as a woman caused me rhythmic pains that I received with unusual pleasure because I seemed to feel Julio inside me again. Ten days later, once again reincorporated to my world, to my family, and to my work, I suddenly felt like an unworthy and dirty woman, a lover of a married man and without respect for any of the principles that had guided my life. Faithful to this thought and denying everything I had experienced with Julio, I wrote to him saying that everything was over. Julio didn’t answer me, but that weekend was hell for me. My mind seemed to be quiet with my decision, but my body at night not to but a burning desire and insomnia kept beating me until dawn. On Monday morning I sent him an e-mail first thing in the morning asking him to forgive me and that I wanted to see him as soon as possible. Three weeks later, Julio flew to my city to see me. I waited for him at the airport invaded by an uncontrollable desire and I hugged him with my body close to his, as if to allow him to feel my passion through my clothes. At the airport bar we drank a couple of cocktails and I hugged him and kissed him shamelessly, not caring about anything. I couldn’t spend the night with him, because I wouldn’t have known what to say to my parents at home, but practically the entire day was spent in his hotel, rather in his bed, making love in all the ways he could. I wanted, giving him all my conduits and drinking all his juices with my mouth, just as he drank mine, so that after those days sex in all its forms had no secrets from me and I was fascinated and demonized. I liked to use profanity in the climactic moments, and I even asked him to punch me in the face because it gave me extreme pleasure and repetitive orgasms and I felt more his than I ever thought I would feel from someone. When I said goodbye to him at the airport for the first time I cried, without him realizing it, because I wanted to remain united with that man whom I thought I loved with all my soul, the owner of my body and my desires, for which I I would leave everything, to give myself only to the pleasures that he gave me. After those days our messages only had one theme, our privacy, we dedicated ourselves to telling each other what we were feeling, how we wanted each other and he urged me to masturbate thinking about him, talking to him, so that I would not accumulate so much physical tension in myself. body and could do my job with ease. He would tell me that he did too and we had some wonderful sessions waiting for the time when we could meet again. But again, one afternoon when he sent me a particularly intimate message, my old self betrayed me and I suddenly felt terribly “dirty.” Dirty to write to him the way we wrote to each other and I told him so and stopped writing to him for ten days. By the time I was four I was sorry, because the desire was higher than all my convictions, however I did not dare to ask him for forgiveness again because he had told me that he had no patience with my famous escapes. I was really suffering when I received a loving message from him and all the love and passion came back to me with more strength than before. July then told me things about his childhood and adolescence and their early sex and all that lit me a lot and it all came to a head when he told me to tell me a secret and the secret was that the had sex with a sister of his. The confession, instead of frightening me, turned me on even more. I found that this was like a forbidden novel and I asked him to please tell me in details and he was telling me in repeated messages, that I read caressing myself everywhere and burning with passion, how those loves with his sister had been realized . Weeks after that, when my nights were spent imagining those super forbidden loves, I received an email in which she told me that her sister, who is called Celia, was occasionally at her house and that if I wanted to, I could communicate with her via mail The situation of being able to write a few sentences with her excited me greatly because it showed me that Julio was telling the truth and that apparently he had nothing to hide about it and he was not in any way afraid of a negative reaction from me. We communicated without problems with Celia and she confirmed everything Julio had told me and both women understood each other very well because Celia seemed to rest from her secret when she told me about her love affairs with her brother who was my lover. Celia was a seductive, cheerful, smooth and even funny woman. He was a few years older than me but physically he was very well preserved, according to the photographs she sent me. Julio made our communication easier because, apparently, he also seemed relieved that someone shared his secret. The truth is that our communication with Celia was acquiring a very intimate character, especially when we talked about my relationship and hers with Julio and we exchanged women’s secrets about how Julio had made love to her and me. In these confessions there was no jealousy, because in any case Celia was his sister and it was clear that she accepted that I was the one who had the preference in Julio’s heart. However, my relationship with her took an unexpected turn. Suddenly I saw myself thinking night after night about Julio and his sister’s relationships and in my images it was Celia’s body that excited me the most, until one night, in a message, I told her that I was sexually aroused with her to which she replied that the same thing happened to her. That night we told each other that we wanted each other, that we loved each other and wanted to be lovers. Knowing both of the arts of love, taught by the same man, it was easy to exchange the most fiery erotic messages , that if one or some of you want to know I can send them if you ask me personally to the address that I will give in the end Night after night, for more than a month, we carried out with Celia, an exchange of fiery messages in which we both masturbated intensely. During the day I kept in regular communication with Julio. The relationship with Celia reached such a point of erotic tension that one day we frankly told each other that we wanted to meet physically and that was how we agreed to meet in a border town between the two countries and I traveled four hours by bus to meet her, which in turn he had traveled three hours by plane During that trip my sexual arousal by a woman was so intense that as I could change my clothes should intimate because it was too wet. She was actually a woman, beautiful with a very attractive physique and I must confess that she captivated me from the first moment. We checked in as sisters in a double room in the elegant Hosteria and as soon as we got to the room we threw ourselves into each other’s arms and we kissed passionately while we laughed almost without speaking. There were no preambles, we did not even pass the latch of the room, when I looked under her blouse for her pronounced breasts and she lifted my skirt to go over my buttocks under my panties. In a few moments we were hugging naked on the bed and we were looking for each other in every way, because we wanted not an inch of our skin to go unrecognized and we tried to verify now about our respective bodies, that everything that we did to each other was a wonderful truth. we had written by mail. I have to confess that I never imagined that a physical relationship with a woman would be so intoxicating and pleasant. Her body seemed captivatingly soft to me, her curves her hairs, her dampness. Her nipples drove me crazy and she experienced the same ravishing sensations with me. We told each other that we loved each other, that we would never part, that we would go everywhere together, that we would only be each other. We had repeated orgasms that we described each other in great detail, which turned us on even more than we already were and in this way we fell back into the vertigo of desire that kept us together for the rest of the night. The next day, already a little more serene, we went out to visit the commercial center of the city and stopped for lunch at a luxury restaurant. We looked at each other in the mirrors and we found each other beautiful, we held hands, we touched under the table and on the dresser we kissed like crazy and we had to restrain ourselves from making love in that place. At the Hosteria at midnight and amid the laughter that filled the room we made mutual masturbation demonstrations, we exchanged secrets about how we produced special pleasures in different areas, and then we looked for each other. When fatigue gave up, we hugged each other and in a low voice we told each other things and established differences about how we had both made love with Julio, without the least situation of jealousy occurring between us because the only thing that mattered to us was the relationship between us two. They were wonderful days and when we had to separate, to return to each of our cities, we said goodbye crying and swearing that we would do everything we could to get back together as soon as possible. Back in my world and in my work I felt that I was cheating on Julio without having stopped loving him. The truth was that my situation turned out to be something that I had never imagined because I was in love and was the lover of a man and a woman, who in addition to that were brothers and they lovers each other . I don’t know what this could be called and the name was what interested me the least, I only cared what I was experiencing and that seemed wonderful to me. I just wanted Julio to know, I wanted to inform him of our love affairs with his sister, because I felt bad hiding what was happening between us. In the end we agreed that Celia would be she who would put it to the power of our love and then I lit it only confirmed. We also agreed that Celia would raise it from the point of view that we both felt like her lovers and that ours was nothing more than an erotic projection of our love for him. I found it great and I confirmed it to Julio in a later email- Julio did not answer me immediately nor had he contacted Celia until one day he raised the possibility of the three of us meeting directly . Celia and I were somewhat fearful of this meeting because we both feared that the charm of our relationship could somehow be broken, with the intervention of the possessive male and that a relationship of jealousy could be established in any direction. Notwithstanding the above, we talked via e-mail with Celia that at the same time a meeting between the three of us could be an extraordinary experience, which we could enjoy to the fullest and with this idea we were motivating each other night after night in our messages until a moment came when we set a date for the meeting which took place a few weeks ago in the capital of the country where they live. When I got to the airport they were waiting for me and when I saw the two of them together a very particular feeling invaded me. I immediately felt in an environment in which it seemed to me to be mutually required by a man and a woman, which produced a strange sensation in certain parts of my body. We had booked two adjoining rooms and I and Julio showed up as a married couple, however we never occupied the other room the two days and nights we were there. Julio developed with an extraordinary naturalness, caressing each other tenderly without depriving himself of any kind of caresses and during dinner our conversation was frankly erotic, referring to Julio’s experience with each one of us and at no time was sexual experiences discussed between us the two women. Julio never touched on the subject and neither did we. When we got to the room, the two women undressed in a hurry and got into bed while Julio undressed. In quick caresses we could realize that both Celia and I were fully lubricated and our nipples were dilated and hard. Julio got into bed and immediately penetrated me with extraordinary ease as he passionately kissed Celia. Then he switched to penetrate Celia while he kissed me. This practice turned us on a lot for the two women that we began to caress each other while Julio penetrated us. These caresses became more intense until in a moment of high passion Celia told Julio to leave us alone. At first Julio seemed surprised, but immediately he got out of bed and was able to watch how the two of us made love to each other with the various variants that we had discovered in our previous sessions. I perceived that the fact that Julio was observing us produced an added effect of excitement and in that way I gave myself to Celia with ardor and I realized that she required me with unusual passion. Then I think that we both stopped worrying about Julio and we gave ourselves to each other as we had not done, looking for prolonged and violent orgasms. When tiredness arrived, we saw that Julio was standing next to the bed and pointed his enlarged member in his hand at us, bathing it with his semen so that it looked shiny when the massage was provided … They were two unforgettable nights during which I experienced something that I had never imagined possible in reality, but only in erotic cinema, and somehow I felt that now I was a definitely different woman When I returned to my city, from this only two weeks ago, I felt frankly different, more woman, more female, more secure and more beautiful. I was willing to keep what I had and so I let Celia and Julio know through email. Julio told me that he had separated from his wife and that news filled Celia and me with joy because we glimpsed something that seemed wonderful to us, but neither of us dared to say it A week ago, on Saturday morning, suddenly, I was struck by the doubt that Julio and Celia would be together making love without my knowing it. I immediately contacted Celia and asked her directly. She replied that she had not had contact with Julio for months and that the two days we spent together was the only time I know she had slept with him in the last five years. That reassured me but only temporarily. At night I have tortured myself with jealousy that I rationally understand is totally ridiculous since we are sharing everything, however I have not been able to fight against it and I have told Julio that I do not want to continue the relationship with him at the same time that I have Purposely chilled my relationship with Celia. This has brought me as a consequence that at night I sleep very little, that I wake up drenched in sweat with a full excitement of the images of what I experienced and I masturbate almost until I hurt myself. I dare not raise my problem with anyone because no one would understand. The truth is that I am scared to live what I have lived, but nobody forced me to that and I have really been happy. It has been ten days since I have written to either of them, nor do I answer their messages, but although my mind aims to get away from them, my body claims Celia with an intensity that I cannot control and somehow I perceive that Julio controls my behavior from a distance. Chapter 2 The first thing I have to say is that the experience of recounting what happens to me has been more exciting than I had thought. I have discovered that this page has managed to create, at least in my case, an instance of communication between real people in a field in which it is particularly difficult to communicate. I have received many messages from those who read the first part of my story and although I have not been able to respond particularly to each one of them, I thank you all for contacting me and I must tell you that your opinions, advice and wishes are all very significant. for me in this instance. I hope that the continuation of my experience has a similar receptivity in you. .- The attacks of jealousy that invaded me regarding the relationship between Celia and her brother gradually diminished. I could see that the relationship between them was pre-existing to my appearance and that I was unfair in appreciating it. On the other hand, intense work in my company, did not give rise to very tortuous reflections and gradually the desire to live the experience intensely instead of delving into an analysis that could destroy it was imposed on me . On the other hand, it was important to appreciate the way the other two protagonists lived this since the relationship was not a matter that depended solely on me. Celia has shown herself to be a woman in love and I should say that, apparently for her, our relationship goes beyond the passionate aspect, which in itself is intense between the two, but she also says that she has found the partner in me and friend. I have realized that this represents a danger for the relationship because it seems easier to me to handle a passion than a love, but I have not wanted to delve into that. But yes, we have both noticed that as the relationship between the two deepens, my feelings for Julio, who at first had the typical characteristics of great love, have been noticeably spoiled. An easy interpretation of what was happening to me would have been to admit calmly that my true condition was that of a clear lesbian tendency or, at least, that my attitude was being defined with characteristics of bisexuality. However, reality has shown me that the facts are taking these insights from the level of semantic definitions to place them in a reality that defines them more simply. We had talked with Celia, as well as dreaming, about the possibility of the three of us living together. I hinted at this to Celia in our late-night e-mail, and it was a suggestion that she welcomed. On this topic we exchanged fiery messages in which we gave flight to our fantasy inventing various situations in which erotic passion enveloped us and every night the situation seemed more attractive and more possible, since both she and I were free women and Julio in a sense it was also, since he had separated from his wife. But Julio had to be informed of the plans that both women had developed. We were both sure that he would accept since from a man’s point of view it seemed like a very privileged situation for him, but I must admit that neither of us dared to raise it . What happened was that Julio was unaware of the degree of intensity that the relationship between Celia and me had reached. We decided that Celia would travel to my city to be able to discuss this calmly. Celia is a successful merchant and can travel with ease without having to explain herself to her family. The mere fact that Celia came to meet me put me in an intense erotic state of alert. I had decided that Celia would be at my house, it didn’t make any sense to her that she was in a hotel and that we planned our meetings on the sly. My parents knew that I had a friend in the neighboring country, who was a merchant and that she might develop some kind of operation with our company. Putting things like this, Celia came to my house at noon on a Thursday and immediately the sympathy of my parents was captured. I have already said that Celia is a beautiful woman with a captivating simplicity. The challenge in this meeting was for me, more than for her, to be able to maintain the true nature of our relationship without anything being captured by my parents. Yet there was something captivating and dangerously attractive about this environment that I myself had sought. Seeing Celia walk through my home, share my daily intimacy, sit at my table, it was something very audacious since this situation, at least in my country, would have been unanimously and almost violently rejected. I did not feel bad about my parents because their world was so far from mine that they could never touch. Celia spent three days at my house and the experiences we lived have brought us closer than the previous ones. I would say that what has captivated us is the naturalness with which we assume our reality as lovers. Seeing Celia there in my room sitting in front of the PC from which I write to her every night dreaming of her presence and having her now there, within the reach of my caresses that I lavished on her with renewed passion, was something superior to anything imagined. It was intoxicating to have us in my bed and perceive her real warmth, the presence of her body where night after night she had dreamed it, and her sweet words comparing this reality with my descriptions. We talked and showed each other whole nights without depriving ourselves of any detail and we felt more and more that we had built a new world without destroying any, a world that was beyond the obligations and daily routines that we both continued to fulfill as modern women. We hardly slept. Everything was whispers, confessions, muffled laughter, secret wishes that were fulfilled as soon as posed, explorations that long before would have seemed forbidden to each of us, but that were now allowed by the desire not to keep any secrets or to hide any corner of the territory of our bodies and we got to know each other so much that we hardly realized if the light was on or off because touch, taste and smell had created between us a multisensory world that allowed us complete knowledge. I realized, in an unavoidable analysis, that I do not know if it will have general validity but at least it is my perception, that the relationship with man is transcended from a hint of surrender. I wanted to give myself to Julio and for him to have me. I wanted to be possessed, to belong to him and through that surrender, also in some way to possess him. What I mean is that I understood the relationship between man and woman as a form of struggle in which one of the two had to win in order to be happy both. In other words, it was a hierarchical relationship. On the other hand, my relationship with Celia has always been a happy relationship, it was from the beginning, we both perceive it as a beautiful game, almost innocent and that is why we could play it anywhere, it was all participation, everything belonged to both of us, my body and his body and my desires and hers there was almost no need to manifest them, we thought them in unison and that was why our orgasms were simultaneous, there was no need to wait for each other, we downloaded at the same time and our erotic desire was like a melody that we interpreted together. That is why I felt sinful when I thought that when we did it with Celia, I had a different and immensely greater happiness than with Julio and I thought that it was abnormal simply because my culture told me that there should be a man and not a woman. I now think that this fact is what makes many women refuse these pleasures or that they always have to tie this to a man and give him the initiative. I think that almost all the charm of a relationship with a woman is lost there, when doing it in a threesome. However, a large part of the conversations I had with Celia the four nights we spent together at my house were about her relationships with her brother. I find that relationship really fascinating because I find it a non-possessive relationship. I did not care as she had been generated and which was the background, only knew that there had been no violence and was transcended feeling. In other words, they loved each other apart from desiring each other and that seemed unrepeatable in any other couple, even in mine with Julio. When they had made love that time the three of us got together, I looked at them more with the eyes of the soul than with those of the face and the thought that they were brothers and were loving each other, with their bodies, produced in me an almost joy sublime because I imagined that they were at that moment crossing almost all the limits that society had imposed on us and when I saw that relationship so natural and so full of joy, I realized that it was impossible to reproduce that situation in another couple and that my relationship with Julio she looked clumsy and animal compared to theirs. However, this reflection did not last long in my brain, because again reality would teach me that we should never take away from the world the opportunity to show us that our ghosts are always haunted by the light of day. That Sunday there was a family lunch at my house that I made suitable to invite my brother and his wife and that at the same time I wanted to turn into a kind of farewell for Celia who was leaving the next day. Skillfully I wanted to create an environment in which Celia fit into my group as a friendly and prudent friend to whom it was impossible to attribute anything similar to the reality we were living. I think the impact that Celia had on my brother Oscar was noticed by everyone except by Celia herself, who, ignorant of the effects she was producing, behaved with a naturalness that only multiplied her charm. On the other hand, my brother proved to have a personality almost specially designed for conquest, an attribute that I didn’t really know about him. In any case, everything happened within the normal limits of a formal meeting in a family of principles. However, that night, in the intimacy of the bed we shared with Celia, our caresses and our words were given within a dangerously captivating environment. I have already said that part of our conversations as lovers took place in relation to the man who had united us, Julio, but we both knew, without saying so, that the male figure in Celia’s evocation that night was my brother Oscar. Little by little we became more explicit in the references to the man and I noticed that Celia’s body responded with intensity to that stimulus and therefore I used it repeatedly because deep down I really liked to excite her to the maximum to make her happy. Without stopping caressing each other, we talked to each other in whispers, as always, inventing transgressive situations of which Oscar was the center. Celia flew home on Monday morning. I have communicated with her regularly by email at night. Everything is normal for my company work with my office work efficiency always is my house my parents are happy, Celia is doing wonderfully in business and Julio asked me to get together the most soon as possible because I wonder. He is in N. York now. The idea that we were going to discuss of being able to live together with Julio was not mentioned again. It was simply erased by the facts. Celia often asks me about Oscar. He has not forgotten our nocturnal fantasies of which he was the center. I have talked to my brother several times and I feel disturbingly uneasy. However, the normality of the whole environment reassures me, especially when I realize that everything that happens to me is surprisingly real and captivating .

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