The two minutes

A clever boy manages to cajole his mother and, in addition to fucking her, make sure that she will keep quiet and be her lover in the future.

That day arrived earlier than usual home, and always said hello as to : Mom! Dad !, But this time there was no answer. A bit puzzled, I went straight to my room where I left my books, and then I walked to my parents’ room, where the door was ajar. What I saw changed my life forever. Well, not that a single 17-year-old had lived long, but that was incredible: My parents were naked and at that moment my father was about to nail my mother! I rubbed my eyes, as if to see if it was true, and I settled next to the door, so that I could see without being seen, in case any of them saw again where I was. My father would suck her tits in a frenzy, and my mother would say to him, come on please, screw it into me now, don’t keep me waiting! I was in shock, to see my mother naked for the first time (I had seen her before, but not in a situation like that), and second, to see her as anybody, begging for a cock, that was too much. However, the morbidness was too much, at my 17 years old, you don’t have the opportunity every day to see live sex and live, and only a few steps away, even if it were my parents, the situation was too morbid for anyone. The fact is that I decided to stay to see the show. After my mother had asked my father to nail her, he pleased her. Unceremoniously I skewered completely, the eyes of my mother widened and began to moan more strong, then circled my father with his legs and tempo for the rhythm of the attacks ( it was obvious that the years of fucking made them immediately understand), everything was going very well, until after no more than 2 minutes, my father began to snort louder, his thrusts became faster and more energetic, and suddenly it was all over. He collapsed on top of my mother, and she said: no, no, no, why is it always like that, you always leave me horny, you only think of you! To which my father replied: I’m sorry, I’m very tired, what do you want me to do? My mother then pushed him to the side and got up quickly, at that moment, I shot to the front of the house, and pretending I was entering at that moment, I shouted my usual greetings. Mom answered me from her room, let’s go! I went to my room and didn’t come out until they called me for dinner. I had too much on my head. By now, the few sexual experiences she’d had hadn’t been as pleasurable as she’d wanted, plus the daddy problem seemed hereditary. So I decided to take revenge on both of them: on Dad for having inherited that uselessness in sex, and on Mom for all the times she had scolded me. He already had a plan and was planning to put it into practice that week. Dad would work on Saturday mornings at the office, and would come back until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, which is why I had enough time to complete my goal: FUCK MY MOTHER ! Although we used to have breakfast together on Saturday, that day I did not get out of bed. I waited for Dad to leave and when I heard the sound of the car drive away, I stripped myself completely and covered myself only with the sheet, and I waited. About twenty minutes later (as I had imagined), my mother appeared, freshly bathed and perfumed and a simple robe that she uses to be more comfortable in the house. He asked me if I was okay, why I hadn’t gone to breakfast with them. I told him that I felt very bad, but that I could not tell him what it was about, because I was very ashamed. -Come on, I’m your mother and we’ve always spoken frankly, tell me what you have. -But, promise me you’re not going to laugh. -Promised! he said, raising his right hand. -Well, what happens is that (I paused, took a deep breath) what happens is that I (I sighed again, what a son of a bitch I am!) And I blurted it out to her all at once: Mom, I think I have problems with sex, because the times I have done it, I have lasted so long to come, that my partner comes several times, and sometimes I don’t have time to finish, because I’m still spliced ​​and my partner says that is not natural, you what Do you think, mama, do you think I’m some kind of weirdo? (and when saying bug, I moaned a little, as if wanting to cry). My mother didn’t know what to say, but after a while she reacted and asked me: hey son, and how long do you last, you know, doing it. I tried to answer him with the greatest naturalness in the world (like someone who tells the news): Mom, it lasted an average of 2 hours. Sometimes I have lasted less, but on average 2 hours. -2 HOURS! asked my mother, and put a hand to her mouth, as if covering it. -Yes, mom, is that bad. -Son, I don’t think you have anything to worry about! At that moment I noticed that there was a certain sparkle in her eyes, which I had never seen before, and when I looked down, I noticed that her nipples were fully marked in her robe, my mom was excited! And it was for me ! I decided to go to the all for the all and added: -Yes, Mom, even that brings me problems, because sometimes when I get up I’m hard-hitched and because it lasts so long, I have to wait a long time to be able to go down with you. “Right now … are you excited?” he told me with a mixture of confusion and excitement that I made up my mind. -Yes, mom, look at me ! Saying this, I pushed aside the sheet that covered me and exposed my penis that was excited to the maximum, imposing, majestic, even had the glans moistened with precum . When I saw my mother again, she was fondling one of her breasts. Gently I directed her free hand towards my penis, she did not object, I think the idea of ​​spending 2 hours making love, even with her son, excited her. Slowly he began to raise and lower his hand along my penis, staring at him, with pleasure. For my part, in a two-by-three, I took off the robe she was wearing, and without giving her time to react I began to suck her tits. What tits more rich my mother ‘s ! And she began to moan, I squeezed her tits, rubbed them, sucked them, and when she bit them a little, I realized that it made her a thousand. But I didn’t want to linger any longer in the preliminaries, I had to possess my mother once and for all, I didn’t want to let her think and risk her regret. I lowered my head even more and kissed her belly, while when I lowered my body I spread her legs, I settled back on top, as if to continue sucking her tits, but in reality what I was doing was making myself better to penetrate her, while I sucked her breasts with more force and gave her small bites, with my hands I spread her legs, she did not notice this movement (or did not want to notice) and with my right hand I guided the tip of my glans towards that heat source calling me, asking to be filled, and when I stopped playing with her breasts, I looked into her eyes, she opened her eyes and looked at me, surprised, why I had stopped, and at that moment I pushed hard, all the way down, as if my life was leaving me in that effort. She opened her eyes wider (just like I saw him do it with Dad) and hugged me, and started kissing me all over my face. At last he was inside his warm and humid cave, how long had he waited for this wonderful moment! There was fire in my mother’s eyes, she licked her lips, thinking about the feast that was going to be given. You could finally unleash all your pent-up desires and feel free, at last. I took advantage and started the goal , first very fast (I was very excited) and then a little slower, trying to control and maximize the pleasure of penetration. After two minutes, (I even think they didn’t even come to pass), I gave him two violent thrusts, and I spilled all my milk inside him. She, who was beginning to enjoy herself, looked at me puzzled, and demanded: What is this? Didn’t you last 2 hours? to which I replied as I pulled my dripping penis out of its cozy grotto: – I’m sorry mom, I think it’s an inheritance problem. And unless you want Dad to realize this, I think you have no choice but to accept me as your lover, even if it is only me who enjoys it! I love you mama! – You’re a son of a bitch , she said resignedly.

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