3 Wonderful nights with my cousin

Sharing a room for study needs leads these horny cousins ​​to share a bed and not just to sleep.

For a long time I wanted to write this, but I had not done it for any reason, but now I was encouraged and because I am going to tell you one of the most exciting things that has happened to me. To begin with, I tell you that a cousin came to live in my house because her career was in my city, she is a little short in stature, not very pretty in the face, but yes, when I saw her again (ago already several years, since many years passed for us to see each other again), she was very hot and although there was not much approach that time, I was left with the thorn of doing various horny things with her, since at that time she counted With hairy tits, and she had a beautiful butt, but since she was my cousin, I respected that. After several years of getting along and talking for a while every time we saw each other, we became best friends but it didn’t happen any more. And now that I was coming home, I had to leave the city, since I would also study in a northern city. The first time I came back from vacation, she received me in a very horny way (since she had a few drinks on her), I hid since my mother was watching us, but at night alone, I was sailing, when she arrived and I She said what I was doing, I opened a porn video and I told her I saw that, instead of leaving she stayed and told me she wanted to see more, I showed her others more, after a while, she became disinterested and went to her The fourth, which in itself, was mine but she stayed in it while I studied abroad, so I also went there and we went to bed, she was already sleeping and I had been excited by watching the videos with her, but she was not She seemed to care about nothing, she got into bed and fell asleep I did the same but in bed I started to hug her and she didn’t say anything, then I kissed her but she didn’t want to, but after a while she agreed and we started kissing each other. a passionate way, but every moment our excitement continued, I could tell that her breathing It was getting deeper and deeper and I started to touch her legs and when I was going to her vagina she stopped me and said no, after a while she told me that she no longer wanted anything and left me with great excitement, I was wrong mode I accepted. The next day everything happened normal until the night when we slept almost together again since she had put a mattress in the same room as mine so that my mother would not say anything, she put on shorts and wore a blouse that highlighted her tits, I noticed that, we watched TV for a while and to sleep we locked the room and I told her that instead of sleeping on the mattress, to do it with me, she accepted and we started kissing and I again I started to touch her, and now she was touching her whole body, already a little excited I told her to take off her shorts and she accepted I was a bit surprised since I thought she was going to do the same thing the day before (send me to the rubber band), But it was not like that, she was in a white thong that she was wearing and that looked good on her, I could contemplate her legs that were beautiful, after warming each other for a while I began to suck her tits and then I took off my pants. After taking off my pants and putting on underpants, I climbed on top of her and began to touch her vagina and put a finger in her, but like the previous times at first she didn’t let me until she finally accepted, with my finger already inside her She began to kiss me in a passionate way, and I understood that it was time to penetrate her, but when I was taking off her thong she stopped me and told me that we’d better fall asleep and she ignored me and was going to go to her mattress, but I kept kissing her and let her have more confidence and that happened about half an hour later, she was very lubricated, since for this I had already put two fingers in her and she was very wet, I got on her again and kissing her and putting her My fingers, I began to slowly lower the thong I was wearing, this time she did not say anything and I understood that she was ready to be penetrated, immediately I took off the boxer she was wearing and my erect penis searched for her vagina, and before that of putting it in, I grabbed my penis and I rubbed her vagina from top to bottom, in that she saw that I had not put a condom on, she told me that when I was about to come I would come out, I said yes, but I already wanted to penetrate her, I opened my legs and I let her go in one go, she moaned a little since the room across the street was my parents’ room, since I knew she was no longer a virgin, I knew it wouldn’t hurt. She was extremely soaked with her vaginal juices (which I love) and I started to move little by little, and she did the same so we were practicing various positions and trying not to make noise so as not to wake my parents, that excited us more, until at the end I was about to come, I felt that she was coming and interlaced her legs with mine and I accelerated the rhythm and when I came I got out of her so that there would not be any problem, that day we ended up exhausted and she stayed with me in the bed until dawn. The next night it was almost the same but this time there was not much preamble, she was wearing pants that I quickly took off and she was naked and we started kissing and I penetrated her (this time with a condom on to avoid taking risks) , I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and I put her inside she only moaned and when I heard her moan I kissed her so that she would not be heard, we began to move in a way that my penis went inside while She with her movements squeezed my penis with her muscles and this excited me a lot and I moved much stronger she came at that moment, after a while, we changed position and she put my penis in and she started to move madly. I could not take much longer and I came inside her, she accelerated the movements and did the same. He fell asleep with me again. On the third day I just kissed her a little and she quickly took off her clothes and I did the same, that day we really enjoyed our meeting at the end she stayed to sleep with me. On the fourth day she had to go to her village, and we could no longer repeat what we did every night. To this day I keep fucking it, but only the two of us know this relationship, but every time we see each other and we have time and apart we stay alone we do it until we are exhausted. We write to each other almost every day and the letters are very horny, and this makes each time we see each other more exciting. Well that’s all, I have other stories with my cousin, but I think that another day I will tell you more about our adventures.

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