Cousin’s weekend

One time my cousin Lucero came to stay at my house for a weekend since my uncles were going out and

One time my cousin Lucero came to stay at my house for a weekend since my uncles were going out and they didn’t want me to stay alone in their house. On Friday afternoon my uncles came to drop off Lucero. They stayed for a moment and then said goodbye. My cousin stayed talking for a while with my mother and I went up to my room to accommodate a bit since my mother had told me that she would lend Lucero my bed and I would have to spread blankets on the floor to sleep, (I thought it’s fine I just isn’t the same as always). Besides that it is hot season and we should take advantage of the air conditioning. Suddenly Lucero knocks on the door. -I help you with something cousin. -It’s not good, I’m done, but bring your suitcase now so you can leave it here. When my cousin came back she asked me if we could hang out in the pool for a while. -If of course it’s very hot, let’s go. In that I went downstairs while my cousin stayed to change and I got into the clothes she was wearing. When Lucero came down she had put on shorts and a blouse, I immediately noticed the legs that stood out with her shorts. My cousin is chubby about 1.60 m. I did not say anything and I continued in the water, Lucero immediately entered the water, I was surprised by her wet clothes, it stuck to her body, revealing Lucero’s nalgotas at the same time that her blouse showed some chichotas with her nipple well marked. My cock was so hard under the water that I no longer wanted to go outside for fear of being seen like that. We took a bath for a while and at every opportunity I tried to sneakily look at her. Until we decided to go out, I asked her to go out first (so she wouldn’t see me.) She went and took a bath and when she came out I went up to bathe. When I entered the shower I noticed that Lucero had left her clothes lying on the floor, I took them and took out her underwear, I hung them on the faucets while I bathed imagining my cousin with her she would stop my cock, she began to touch me to masturbate when I heard that someone came up and I better left the clothes where they were and got out. At bedtime because my cousin would lie on my bed and I would lie on the floor, already lying down we spent a while watching television and talking, suddenly I spoke to Lucero and he did not answer, I got up and was already well asleep with the light from The television and her flannel-type shorts showed some very rich nalgotas, I was for a moment watching her ass. Until I turned everything off and went to sleep with the image of those nalgotas. The next morning I woke up and Lucero was watching me from the edge of the bed, he immediately hid and moved to his place, it was then that I noticed that I had a big erection under my clothes, I felt a little embarrassed, I took the blanket and covered myself. That day my parents, Lucero and I went to visit with the grandparents, we spent most of the day there, and on the way back I couldn’t stop thinking about Lucero seeing me in the morning with his cock standing and what she would think. I anxiously waited for the night so I could see her in my room sleeping. That night I went and went to bed before, Lucero went to take a bath before going to the room, suddenly she entered the room she had a very rich aroma she stood in front of the mirror combing her hair while I looked at her from behind she looked beautiful, which caused me to cover me to hide my erection. I couldn’t sleep so I watched TV at low volume hoping Lucero would fall asleep.

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