Alone with Rebeca’s Boyfriend

I had loved the threesome with Rebbeca, although I wanted to drink her boyfriend’s semen, she told Rebecca the next day when we were talking on the phone. I told her how surprised I was by swallowing her boyfriend’s semen by taking it from my mouth, she didn’t take long to invite me to a new threesome the next day, that is, Sunday, but I made excuses. Now I had been left with the desire to fuck her boyfriend, I was not thinking of another threesome but of her boyfriend fucking me in the ass and filling my mouth with milk, alone in my apartment. The problem was how to contact him without raising suspicions of my friend Rebecca, as much as he wanted to throw it at me, he did not intend to damage a relationship and lose a friendship so I thought that the only possible way to propose to Enrique a solo fuck was to go back to have a threesome with him and Rebecca. On Thursday of the following week I unexpectedly bumped into him on the subway. Fate was once again in my favor, it was as if nature were in harmony with me in this being a sovereign whore takes other people’s men (laughs). The car was almost empty and when she saw me and recognized me, she soon asked me to sit next to her. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and while we talked I planned the way I would tell him to fuck but without Rebecca. We were talking for like two or three minutes about anything until I told him about what happened the week before. “And …” I paused briefly, “what did you think of Friday?” “Very good” and she looked at me with a knowing smile. “Hmm …” I replied, pausing again. And … would you like to fuck me again? “Sure, Rebecca told me she invited you but … “Just you and me, in my apartment I stared into his eyes, making it clear that I wanted to fuck it. “I don’t know,” he replied. -You do not want? Alone for you “Yes, but Rebecca …” “You don’t have to know,” I said, stroking her leg over her clothes and bringing my hand to her genital area. I had not noticed that an old woman was a few meters from us and she stared at me in amazement but I did not care. “Make up an excuse and I’ll meet you at my apartment in two hours.” The subway arrived at my station so I got up and handed him a piece of paper with my phone number written on it. “Be discreet, please.” I’ll wait for you, then? He accentuated with his head and then said: —Yes, yes, yes, sure If he accepted, it’s because he’s a dog and I love dog men. I got to the apartment and cleaned up the mess a bit although it wasn’t much, I’m very tidy and a lover of hygiene. I took a shower, had an anal wash, I masturbated reaching orgasm and went out to get dressed, if Enrique looked bad I was going to kill him (laughs). I had left my phone on the bed, when I checked it I had a missed call “Damn, it was him,” I said. But it was three minutes after the call so I thought I would call again and it was. It didn’t take a minute for my phone to vibrate and ring again. -Yes? I answered “It’s me, Enrique.” Tell me the direction When I hung up I hurried to get dressed, he would be here soon, maybe 20 or 30 minutes at the most. I put on a white babydoll and a tiny thong, why so much? I just wanted to break my ass and drink milk. I was left barefoot. The concierge called, Enrique had arrived. I received him with the door of my apartment open and I kissed him, wishing someone from the same floor would pass but it didn’t happen so we went in and closed the door. I laid him on the door and pulled his blue jeans down just a little bit, bent down and put my penis in my mouth. Enrique looks Arab. He is nosy, his hair is curly and he has beautiful eyebrows, he had a full, long beard attached to his side, his lips were thick and I loved his penis, I think it is a little bigger than Diego’s. While she was sucking him I thought about Rebecca, well, it made me morbid to be bent over fucking her boyfriend, making him unfaithful; just thinking about it excited me. I sucked him for a long time, wanting him to come in my mouth, Enrique just gasped and said how good his güevo (penis) sucked him, a hairy dick, because he wasn’t shaved. I choked on purpose, I put his penis all the way down making me gag and my eyes filled with tears. “I love it,” I told him during one of the pauses for air. Enrique just gasped, didn’t say anything, just watched as I swallowed his penis with difficulty until I got what I wanted. “I’m going to come,” he said, as if he were worried about filling my face with milk. “Do it,” I said and continued sucking his penis this time harder. Suddenly he began to pant with more intensity, he was coming in my mouth and I continued sucking his cock without stopping, receiving one after another the jets of semen. I saw him stagger a bit, for he seemed to be suffering from the utmost pleasure. I stayed there receiving the last drop in my mouth, sucking. When his penis stopped beating I opened my mouth so he could see all the milk that

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